Dot-Com 2.0 Visualized (Or Peak Greater Fool)

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While central bankers, asset-gatherers, and TV 'personalities' remain nonchalant of stocks being in a bubble, some are positively vociferous over the manipulated mania US investors are currently re-experiencing. Until the last few months, the new dot-com bubble had been quietly hidden behind the walls of the private equity world (as we noted here), but as the following chart shows, the bankers have found a willing audience for 'stories' and 'spin' as the percentage of firms IPOing with negative earnings soars to its highest since Feb 2000... that didn't end well and we suspect "peak-greater-fool" won't this time either.



h/t Bloomberg and Sentiment Trader

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Loss is Gain.

Up is Down.

Assholes are Eyeballs.

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Bitcoin is a stock.  The world is ending and people are never going to invent anything again.  Technology is responsible for those dang kids today.


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"There are no nations. There are no peoples. There is no west"

    Arthur Jensen, Network

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Government is (ir)responsible for those dang kids. Women started voting themselves social programs the moment they got the vote, and we all felt guilty for having denied it to them, and rather than teaching them how to use it responsibly, we instead let them try to have our cake and eat it too. Neglect is due to the state making it extremely undesirable to be daddy so that they can promise to replace daddy in exchange for votes, and the kids, who suffer the most from all this, self medicate with technology.


I have heard a theory that this is all due to the WWII vets coming home and deciding they've had enough loud noises for a lifetime and just want to sit and watch some TV in peace and quiet, rather than remaining vigilant in fighting of the growth of the state, so the perverse incentives of the political world are slowly tearing everything apart.

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Assholes WITH Eyeballs (embedded)

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Well, yeah, but look at the money you could have made if you had 20/20 forward vision in 2009 and sold today...


Tulving (big gold dealer is dead):

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Website still up and running though.

Just called their 800 # and got a recorded message saying they were still taking orders online.

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Scoundrels!  You must be inspiring them!!  How could you, oh wait...

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Maybe I should clarify.

His phone message said you could email him with your request.

Didn't really test whether you could order online or not since I don't have a registered account with them.

Although he does have a shiiteload of customer testimonials praising him to High Heaven.

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Damn you DCRB, you got me all excited.  I thought Tulving off'ed himself.  Hope that cheating bastard goes to jail for the rest of his life.

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Who is John Galt?  He's a trader on YT that wants to keep you in dollars.  Oh wait, that's Josh Galt his brother...

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this is a whole different paradigm bitchez

buzzsaw99's picture

<-- We don't need no steenking earnings bitchez?

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"this is a whole different paradigm bitchez"


New paradigm!

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DoChen is that good or bad for gold?

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This Time Is Different 

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yeeees ! ...there's never been another 21st century AD in recorded history !

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Yes, if we ever get into another Financial Crisis...this time will be different in that we, the sheeple, will finally get a chance for retribution. So find the closest banker and give them a beating of their lives for depriving so many people of their hard working money. So what if a banker have all the money in the world when one of their eyes is busted up for good and they will be spending their entire life in a wheelchair.

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Untill scum like GS, JPM and the likes  will keep pushing  that crap on their clients this will repeat every decade! 

The great yield race has begun! Enjoy the show till the END!

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I thank goodness for ZH everyday - the absolute dog fucking shit that the mainstream media pumps out is a complete joke.


No mention of any dot bomb v2 - just goes to show that MSM is the pump for the banks to unload on bagholders - the retail investor.



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On just money losing IPO's alone it looks like an 8 year cycle from the bottom of one period to the bottom that both marks the end of one bubble and the beginning of the next.

Which, a rough back of the envelope calculation and eyeballing it, looks like we will hit the next bottom around 2017-2018.  Which means we should be topping out in 3....2....1....

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If memory serves, Kondratiev would have us in an economic 'winter' phase right now which is supposed to end around 2020 or so, before a new growth epoch begins. Might want to check our Kondratiev Waves.

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loaded up on ZNGA today they are gonna make a nickel next year, according to the anal-cysts... so only 115x that, I figure it's cheap?

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Publicly traded corporations have one foot in making products/services and one foot in the OPM biz.

The IT sector is one of the dwindling activities that create new markets, compete for market share. It's actually predictable there's an excess of animal spirits.

The incentives for mature sectors favor exploiting and extracting the money pumping. Debt, buybacks, dividend hikes, buying market share or when appropriate spin offs and sell offs. And yes if you are corp mgt and the Fed is throwing money around, you're supposed to grab it.

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Facebook and Twitter are the epitome of the dot-pump-and-dump crap. Both sites produce nothing of value except extremely distracted members.

Twitter is especially useless. Someone please explain to me how the inability to post more than a single incomplete sentence of content at a time is an asset to anyone.

But marketers think the social networks are brilliant. They don't generate any actual sales revenue, though. So, shareholders should beware.

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reminds me of dooshbag i-banker i had to deal with in 2000, kept talking about eyeballs and "sticky-ness" - same shit as today and it will end similarly  

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oh, i'm sure everything will be just fine ...

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I'm thinking a pretty sizeable market decline before Yellen comes out and announces QE-deathblow

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"announces QE-deathblow"

as in MOAR? just asking

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Yes, MOAR, but we are nearing the point where just one more line of monetery heroin could mean overdose.

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How do you get negative earnings with so much dollars being printed?