Isn't It Ironic: Mt.Gox Hacker Demands Ransom From Exchange Users To Not Reveal Their Personal Data

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The bankruptcy of the once largest Bitcoin exchange may be history, but now the real drama begins.

First, over the weekend, allegations surfaced that not the whole truth may have been revealed during the heartfelt announcement by Mt. Gox CEO, Mark Karpeles, who claimed that $400 million in Bitcoin were stolen by hackers. As Forbes reported, hackers took over the Reddit account and personal blog of Mark Karpeles, to reveal that the exchange he ran had actually kept at least some of the bitcoins that the company had said were stolen from users.

"It’s time that MTGOX got the bitcoin communities wrath instead of [the] Bitcoin Community getting Goxed,” wrote the unidentified hackers, referring to the multiple occasions over its three year history when Mt. Gox has gone offline, delayed trades or suspended withdrawals, events so common that Bitcoin users coined the phrase to be “goxed”–to suffer from Mt. Gox’s technical glitches.

In addition to merely allege, however, the hackers provided proof:

The hackers also posted a 716 megabyte file to Karpeles’ personal website that they said comprised stolen data from Mt. Gox’s servers. It appears to include an Excel spreadsheet of over a million trades, a file that purports to show the company’s balances in eighteen difference currencies, the backoffice application for some sort of administrative access to the databases of Mt. Gox’s parent company Tibanne Limited, a screenshot of the hackers’ access to those databases, a list of Mark Karpeles’ home addresses and Karpeles’ personal CV.



In the hackers’ summary of Mt. Gox’s balances in various currencies, they point to a claimed balance of 951,116 bitcoins, which they take as evidence that Mark Karpeles’ claim to have lost users’ digital currency to hackers is fraudulent. “That fat fuck has been lying!!” a note in the file reads.

It remains unclear at this early stage in the MtGox bankruptcy if indeed Karpeles ended up Madoffing some or all of the Bitcoin entrusted to him: Forbes notes that "the Bitcoin community has been puzzled by the apparent lack of movement of Mt. Gox’s bitcoins since the company declared bankruptcy last month. Despite stating that it lost 850,000 bitcoins in total in its bankruptcy filing, Bitcoin experts haven’t seen the movement of those coins in the Bitcoin blockchain, the public ledger of transactions that prevents fraud and forgery in the Bitcoin economy."

But second, and far more important, "a user on the BitcoinTalk forum posted a message–since deleted by the forum’s moderators–claiming to be offering for sale a 20 gigabyte stolen database from Mt. Gox, including the personal details of all its users and even scans of their passports. “This document will never be elsewhere published by us,” wrote the user, who went by the name nanashi____. “Selling it one or two times to make up personal loses from gox closure.” The hacker asked for a price of 100 bitcoins for the database, about $63,600 at current exchange rates."

An updated announcement by user "nanashi" can be found in the following pastebin, in which he explains just how much it will cost naive Bitcoin traders to retain their anonymity. The price to put this entire gruesome episide behind them: 0.25 bitcoin, or a little over $150.

Mt. Gox database sale: steps to remove yourself from dump before sales.


Most around here know we are selling gox customer info. Many have contact us requesting to pay to have their data removed before we sell. We are doing this for a cost of 0.25 BTC per person removed. We have already sold and release 20% of data to 2 buyers, so if you are apart of that it's too late for you.


We are release the rest of this data to our buyers sometime this week, so after that happens it is too late for everyone who has not been removed already.


1) Email with the email you used with mtgox.


2) I will check file already sold, if you are not part of that I will send you unique bitcoin address. If you don't get response it means your data has already been sold in first batch or we have finalized sale of all data.


3) After you have sent .25 bitcoin payment, email us again to inform us of this.


4) Thats all, we will delete your personal data and passport scan from all copies of database.


DO NOT email asking to do this for cheaper unless you are doing 10+ accounts at once. Also do not email us asking to confirm what information we have about you. If gox had it, we have it, and as you can read on boards we have confirmed possession of this dump for many people. We let you use our same email for this as all other gox hack communication so you know we are same people. Doing this things will cause us to ignore all further message from you.



And to think - the whole point of Bitcoin once upon a time (long, long ago) was to preserve the anonymity of the users... Oh, and the "money" was safe and unhackable...

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funnystar should be proud

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Why moron?  fonestar never used Gox.

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I feel all itchy and scratchy today.  Bastards.

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anonymous my arse.

Next thing, block chain. Who did what and when, and an eternity to find out...

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No evil state controlling anything. Libertarians paradise.

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Hey at least this shit is getting stolen out in the open, where we can see it.

Or you can get it stolen 3% per year, every year, until its all gone.

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I never understood why Bank Guy From Brussels got axed.

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I didn't realize he got banned.  

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Any idea the bullshit reason given for said banning?

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Are you actually chained to a computer or have you just lost your sense of self to the point where you do this?

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Ha! Maybe now we'll get to find out what porn websites phoney-star frequents!

Because that's surely the only life he has away from ZH. How sad...

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My, my...  look at all the shitoshi here.  It's enough to make a virtual man cry.

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I thought fonesex was safe even without a condom.

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Bank Guy from Brussels is gone?

Without doubt that poster was a player and knew some serious shit.

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$1 = 1 satoshi


Seems like everyone is just jealous. During 100 fold price increase last year, the only thing  that got attention was Fonestar's hype.

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It's like advice from a goldbug that you just didn't take.


Who would've thought... it figures


Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you.


And isn't it ironic...don't you think.


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Kind of ironic that the whole reason behind Bitcoin was anonymity.  If a hacker knows all of this shit, you can bet your friendly .gov does too.

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Pretty sure if you buy a bitcoin your DNA map is instantly on file with the NSA.

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The whole reason was decentralization, not anonymity. You wouldn't have a public block chain if you wanted anonymity, but then of course you wouldn't have decentralization if you didn't. You can have decentralization or some degree of privacy, not both.

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BTC/XAU chart has made me dump gold positions 2 years ago and put it into btc. Can't complain. Now I have 3 times more gold than 2 years ago, and much more $.

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Relevant quote:

If your bitcoins get stolen, you're out of luck. What's more, if your bitcoins get stolen, the cops aren't going to go after the bad guys. In fact, it's not even clear that, if the bad guys confessed to the theft the next day that it would be possible to prosecute them... If you can steal seven percent of the total circulation of a currency with total impunity, then that currency will always represent an intolerable security risk for most people.

The speculators [Fonebone] may not realize it yet, but you can stick a fork in bitcoin. It's done.


Jonathan Last at

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Why has fonestar never been hacked?  Is it possible he is not as dumb as some of these Gox users and posters here?

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My sentiments exactly! I usually NEVER downvote anyone, but tonight is an exception. I never have seen any member here be so mother fucking negative and insulting to the entire community. Tyler, if you're reading this, please get rid of this cocksucker. I mean seriously, this place is awesome and I love coming here and reading the news, and of course the comments, but this guy is outta control. I know its fucking fight club and all, but Jesus Harold Christ, there has got to be a limit, hasn't there?


(shaking my head wondering how someone like this lives with themself)


You must be a really lonely, negative prick in real life dicksmack fonestar whatever.... Thats for damn sure.

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The first rule of Fight Club: don't be racist.

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fonestar reported them to the VHDL.

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The first rule of Fight Club: don't be racist.

really???   'cause a lot of Obama comments seem to mention his color (raised all-white btw) like it matters. 

I think banning requires a special talent - hopefully Tylers can at least ban .gov computers - frankly it seems better lately than a couple of months' ago, troll-wise.

re: phonestar - put anything to do with BTC and he's there, always, relentlessly.  Guy lives in his mom's basement?  He's neither funny nor ironic nor insightful.  Can't one be banned for uselessness?


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fonestar has contributed more to this community than the lot of you ever will dipshit.

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Yes, and a great steaming pile it is too.

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frankly it seems better lately than a couple of months' ago, troll-wise.

Seriously man, you believe this??? It's a lot lot WORSE imho. The place practically crawls with Putin fans and Bitcornholes like dickless FoneBone. At least MDB gives us an occasional laff but gone are the days of Harry Wanger (replaced with numerous knockoffs that people even treat as the 'original' nowadays) and there's far too much of this faux racism claptrap spread by pseudoliberals as disinfo cover.

Place has gone to the PC police.

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It is worse. And good people are leaving voluntarily, cancelling their accounts. Ponder the implications of that.

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I already did. And although I don't come out with the sharpest analysis in the filecupboard - I felt like doing the same as them.

But that just lets them "win" and that would be counterproductive. This had all the previously mentioned hallmarks of a professional hit as previously outlined by one of the Durdens. There were more posters wanting to gag on Putin's dick than made any sense. At the time - Crimea was being occupied and the new UKR guv dissed. And it came about 2 weeks after the "infiltration post" by TD.

In four days Russia gets its way

I'm of the opinion that some here were more than shocked to realise the magnitude of what was underway. I hope they come back in one incarnation or another, but that's probably naïve thinking.

They're outta here. We're not. Now let's get this pimpledick Phoney out of our faces...

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I mentioned elsewhere that maybe we should take a page from fonestar and vd's playbook and start reporting his posts as abusive. Maybe we can play the get-people-banned game. I hate to do crap like that but it's getting hard to talk about anything but him on a lot of threads. Now that he and VD are bragging about getting people banned, nobody knows where they stand.

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Sure we know where we stand. It can't be rayciss to go after the rays of Trolls bc there is no race of trolls. I stipulate that any huumaan (Ferengispeak) who throws in with the trollbrigade loses his huumaanity and thereby his right to be treated as a webizen...and therefore his a/c should be proscribed.

(How about it TD?)

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So why are any of you on a Bitcoin thread if you don't want to experience the raging Bitcoin zealotry?

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Some enjoy watching the "raging zealotry" alienate people who might have been interested in crypto but who won't go near it now thanks to you.

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fonestar, you are such a douchebag ! Get a life.

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your contributions are shit

your complicity in gox ain't a hit

you're an idiot dude

and terribly rude

and your IQ don't equal a byte.


If you got Akak kacked, all I have to say is Fuck You, you neotard worthless moron.

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Can't take the RSBT eh?  The algo trading of ZH commentary.

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I've got it! You and your venereal disease friend are actually Dianne Feinstein's little turdbots, hidden deeply in the Utah NSA servers where nobody can see you...too bad they can "hear" you. You and VD are just digital smegma. Go ban yourselves, shifferbrains.

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akak and i believe dick cheney's ghost along with f_s were banned for good reason....

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So you and fonestar are the morality cops on ZH now?

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We've all read it. So, do you have a badge that says "Official ZH Minister of Decency and Compliance"?

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this is a community. and just because 'all' or some read it, didn't mean that they abided by or complied with it. get it?

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Get what? I see that you like being a tattletale, a snitch, and to what end? Who do you serve vastdom?

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Ah yes... "A community"


Where you start off as FIGHT CLUB & slowly devolve into THE Drudge Report... Your [D]evolution is then hastened by invaluable purification techniques and progresses thru MSNBC-CNBC~dom, & GOOD MORNING AMERICA, until one day you wake up & find yourself in THE VIEW, with V'Whoopi Goldberg'D as ringleader...

At that point it becomes a 'subscription' service ~ whereby the annual fee is payable only in bitcoins...

Because... [insert Obama metaphor here]

Congratulations! You've finally made it to the big time!