PLUG Unplugged

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The US equity market summarized in one chart...



... soars on momentum, panic buying and FOMO euphoria, and then promptly crashes when even one conflicted, semi-credible micro-cap short-seller dares to speak out against the herd.

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It's best not to watch anything but the FED's balance sheet.

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whoever invested in this must've been a real PLUG

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Nothing saves this company but cocaine smuggling.  In fact, nothing saves most companies but cocaine smuggling.

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It worked so well for DeLorean huh?

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Fuel cell powered vibrators is a much better idea!

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Looks like a classic pump-and-dump to me. It has the pattern of a Timothy Sykes operation.

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Plugged up the ass! Bitchez!!!

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dow jones 20000


A company I have carefully for over two years is Molycorp (MCP, a rare earth mine in California, a "story stock"), partly owned by (who else?) Goldman Sachs when they IPO´d.

IPO price 14.  Ran to almost 100 (hype!).  Now down to about 5.

GS really played their muppets well here !!


<--- How is it that in Peru I get ads like that in HUNGARIAN ???

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Thanks to Citron for the buying op.

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I think we should be watching everything we can.  The Fed´s balance sheet may be the SINGLE biggest thing to monitor, but there are PLENTY of other worries and indicators that may matter as well.  Gold, geopolitical (Ukraine, China, Venezuela), commodity prices, FX, so so much...

"Dame el oro, pezez!"

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 The Fed´s balance sheet may be the SINGLE biggest thing to monitor, but there are PLENTY of other worries and indicators that may matter as well.  Gold, geopolitical (Ukraine, China, Venezuela), commodity prices, FX, so so much...

Nah, looking at anything else just muddies the picture. 

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That's my line of thinking.

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Nothing to really look at regaridng hte Fed's balance sheet.  We all know what direction the trend is going on that...

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Good day, James.

I look at lots...  For me, even the phony-baloney price of (paper) gold is relevant.  I would further guess that hardly ANYBODY looks JUST looks at the Fed´s balance sheet.  And the Fed can play dirty pool with their stats, something you and I would go to jail for.

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I would further guess that hardly ANYBODY looks JUST looks at the Fed´s balance sheet.

Yeah but I would think only as proxies for what the fed is up to. A lot of people seemed to get slaughtered in 2009 because they couldn't know that the fed was dumping unlimited money into garbage. Now seems better to just assume that's always the case. 

One day that'll change, but the timing seems arbitrary. 

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You are correct, I was just regurgitating the the obvious. I have no interest or investment in stocks.

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Yeah, but we have big oceans on either side of our country.  We get our oil and nat gas from Canada, not a grumpy former Soviet state.  If I was a furriner and didn't know much about the world, I might make the assumption that the US is equity heaven since the only thing you need to worry about is what the Fed does, which is pretty easy to predict the last five years.


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Smart bearings do not argue with nail guns, which can irreparably harm a bearing, oww!


Instead, I offer up an interesting current statistic: the eBay/24hGold gold widget (measuring eBay offer price for a 1 oz Gold Eagle vs. current spot price of gold) is now (2:25 PM US ET) shows a very high 30% price premium for Eagles!

That widget jumps around a lot, and so is not that useful, but it is an indicator of some preference for physical gold vs. paper gold.  This is one of many things I look at during the course of a day or a week.

The widget is at the bottom of that page link.

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It jumps like that because it can't discern the asking price of a "generic/nothing special" coin from one that's got big numismatic value above and beyond it's metal weight worth.  At least that's what I think is going on after I played with it some.

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Sure; if you want to see how PINKO COMMIES do finance...Execute those losers...

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unplug Amazon already while you're at it.  

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Not too soon, I'm still waiting for my Lee .308 dies and case length gauges to come in.

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UQM is another one.....its up 100% in a few days on no news..just following the Fuel cell mania...

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Easy come, easy go.

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I did this dance in 2000:

From National Post circa Nov 2000:



Plug Power Inc.





US$928.6-million, US$156~




US$16~, US$21%6, aptly illustrates

why investors need strong

nerves and skepticism about optimistic

company forecasts. The

company generated controversy

earlier this year after drastically

cutting its production forecast and

saying a commerci




l unit will not

be ready until 2002, leading to numerous

class lawsuits in the U.S.

and the resignation of its then

chief executive.


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Nothing like going round-trip on a trade in less than a week.

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JPM made money with their nonexistant prop trading desk both on the way up and down. 

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I know.  That's why Jamie Dimon is richer than I am.  His rent-seeking Fed-backed skimming operation is a lot more effective than mine.

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LOL there really should be more of this type of factual reporting.  I really admire Sharyl Adkisson for quitting CBS need more people with balls like her.

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What are you trying to do?  Crash the markets?

Terrorist!  We got a terrorist here!  Sombody call the authorities before he hurts somebody ('s stock porfolio)!

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Same will happen to the house of straw markets one day.

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Interesting. It says the company buys stuff from Ballard Power. That grabs my attention because Ballard is one of the companies I'm predicting will go to zero due to negative cash flow, shrinking assets, growing debt. Since putting Ballard Power on my watch list, it has gone UP 58%. This is crazy. I'm happy for the people who are making money, but some people are going to get destroyed when this meth party ends.

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Ballard and Fuel Cell also getting slaughtered.

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beautiful to put holders

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They can be made into pot holders, very beautiful.

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Some asshat 'options' trader on the twitter was pumping this thing at $11.  So many sheeple so little time to fleece!

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Sadly for the amateurs who bought this at $11 today, there are still gap-ups to be filled all the way down to the $0.80 level.

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How is that the U.S equity market summarized in one chart? Is ZH predicting an imminent crash?

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Order! Order! Order in the Casino, another outburst like this and VIX will be held in contempt of the Ponzi.

Ride Your Painted Pony


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some day $SPX will PLUG

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"GULP!" - PLUG owners.

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So how are Volt sales doing? /s

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Hey at least it's 'off the lows' 



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It's OK, they make it up in volume.