Russia Warns US Against "Illegal" Ukraine Bailout; Ukraine Commences Live-Fire "Drill" With Tanks

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The tit-for-tat sabre-rattling and rhetoric continues to build ahead of this weekend's planned referendum in Ukraine's Crimea region. This morning has seen 3 new threads beginning with Ukraine's "live-fire" exercises involving T-64B tanks. This was then followed by warnings from Russia of "consequences" of "unconditionally indulging radical elements" in Ukraine calling US financial aid "illegal" which was swiftly responded to by the State Department exclaiming it "unacceptable" that Russian forces take matters into their own hands and "do not create the right environment for diplomacy." Not positive...


Ukraine did its own sabre-rattling:



The Russians are not happy

Russia says planned US financial aid to Ukraine is illegal


Russia's Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that planned U.S. financial aid to Ukraine is illegal and outside American legal norms since it would be funding an illegitimate regime.


"By all criteria, issuing funding to an illegitimate regime that seized power by force is unlawful and goes beyond the framework of the American legal system," the ministry said in a statement.


The statement echoed assertions made earlier in the day by ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich. The ministry also warned Washington about the consequences of "unconditionally indulging radical elements" in Ukraine.

And Kerry has his own perspective:



Kerry told Lavrov it is unacceptable that Russian forces and irregulars continue to take matters into their own hands in Ukraine

Of course, this remains a constant distraction from the fact that Russian boots are on the ground in Crimea and the US (and the West) are stuck with how to "off-ramp" the escalating Russian threats without sanctions that would blow-back on to their own economies.

And then Merkel chipped in...


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Russian Paratroopers (Central Russia airborne) Hold Massive Drills as Crimea Vote Nears

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"Beware the Ides of March." —Bill Fucking Shakespeare

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He was the fishing pole guy, right?  The one with the middle name Fucking.

And he was from Kalamazoo.  Got his middle name because he always bitched about; "There's nothing to Fucking do in Kalamazoo"

Or was I thinking about Massachusetts?  Then that'd be John Fucking Kohn. 
Must be Kalamazoo

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It's that "humanitarian" thing that causes Kerry to fly to the Ukraine, you know, all those innocent women and children being murdered.  This has nothing to do with the decline of the petro dollar, Gazprom, or LNG.


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Beware of the Idiots in March.

And every other month.

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This is still a monumental clusterf@ck.  Nobody I know - however smart they appear to themselves - has a clue on what's really happening in the Cremia.  They don't understand the political implications of the US funding an unelected armed coup and they certainly don't understand the military ramifications of this event where the Russians are conserned.

The MSM has everyone's heads spinning.  And say what you want about Zerohdge, Tarpley, Dan Carlin, Alex Jones, and others.  Say how you feel about them, but they are reporting this event openly and are sharing their sources and material quickly.  Thank god for Zero Hedge.

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ides of march this year, happen to fall on Purim.  look out brown people.

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Imagine a financial collapse that should have happened 5 years ago, but was held up - and barely I might add - with a wall of paper IOUs that will never come due.  Imagine how the levy breaks now, with 5 more years of pent up energy - in the form of debt and obligation - to be unleashed on the world.

Paper is done for.  Fiat money and fiat debt - defined as "by decree of the governments" - is done for.  It's dead in the water.  Just because the status quos attention is on which Hollywood star is prettier, or some false flag event, does not mean that fiat's bloated body is not floating helplessly in the river.  All it means is there is still time to help yourselves, your families, and your communities, because not enough people have noticed how the system was rigged.  And it was rigged by promoting the meme that "gold is not money".  That's a lie.  Gold is money.

Help this community and donate some fiat while it still has value.  Zero Hedge will turn that paper into literary gold.

Donate to Zero Hedge:

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As far as Russia is concerned they never lost the Crimea in the first place. They were just happy to let Ukraine pretend it owned it as long as they had their naval bases to freely use.

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In the age of the internet these guys (all sides) look so ridiculous, in real-time!

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Yes, I suppose the argument could be made that Crimea was 'gifted' by a Ukrainian-born Russian leader by the name of Nikita Khrushchev.

Who liked the Jimmy Buffet motto "Let's get drunk and screw" before there was a Jimmy Buffet.  Don't forget that before him, Russia had a Georgian-born leader by the name of Stalin, who starved Ukraine into submission. 

So it is no exaggeration to say the both moved (appointing Khrushchev and 'gifting' Crimea to Ukraine for administrative and logistical ease) was No Surprise.  It also does not come as a surprise, that had the old Soviets known about its future breakup and that Ukraine was going to be independent, that they would NOT have gifted its rule to Ukraine in the first place.

Things would have gone along nicely with the Status Quo, had the US and its NATO lackeys not been pushing to "annex" it officially into its sphere.  Heck, if you recall from a few months ago, Putin was even prepared to make them a "sweetheart economic deal" -- which then resulted in the US and the EU taking its Fifth Column (of Infiltrators and Agent Provocateurs) to the streets of Kiev.

So, fuck you Obama and your Neocon and GS handlers!  You over-played your hand, and you lost.  Sell your Fed/GS paperware elsewhere.

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"Things would have gone along nicely with the Status Quo, had the US and its NATO lackeys not been pushing to "annex" it officially into its sphere."

But there's oil.

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Look, Germany has to tell the Fed that they were only fooling about the gold. Otherwise grandma Janet will have to find another stash to plunder.


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It turns out, that in spite of organised smear campaigns against the Russians and attempts at fear-mongering with the Crimean Tatars (of Turko-Muslim origin), these Tatars/Muslims are getting RIGHTS that they do not get even in the US and certainly not in Israel*.  Per RT: "Crimean parliament guarantees broader rights to Tatar minority"

RT, 3/11/2104: "A resolution passed by the Crimean parliament guarantees proportional representation in the republic’s legislative and executive bodies for the Crimean Tatar ethnic minority and grants their language official status, among other things.  The resolution provides for constitutional reform that would amend several key provisions of Crimea’s basic law. Under the amended constitution, the Crimean Tatar language would be granted official status, on a par with Russian and Ukrainian in Crimea."

When are these rights coming to Zion-Central, where having an Apartheid state is... "kosher"?


* Israel = Is Ra El = Corporate merger of 3 gods (Isis, Ra, Elohim) that ancient Hebrew tribes used to worship in Egypt and Canaan -- among others (Baal) -- until the Elohim guy (aka 'Yahweh') won.  Search for "Isis Ra Elohim Israel" to get results.  BTW, prior to the 1700s, the Menorah (7-candle candelabra) was the symbol of Judaism.  In the 1700 the "Star/Shield of David" become quite popular, and got its dominance with which we are now familiar.  Note that it has its roots in ancient Hinduism, where the overlapping Triangle and Inverted Triangle represented the Divine Male and Divine Female gods.  That's good Branding and a Marketing logo for you: "A simple shape that lends itself to a story".

This kind of "Evolution of religion" or its "merger of gods" was later repeated in Saudi Arabia, where the hundreds of tribes each worshipped their "own god" - literally ~ 500 gods.  Muhammad succeeded in wiping them all out and fusing them into one deity for all Arabs:  'Al-lah' (The sole Deity).  Who, like Elohim before him, also did not tolerate competition or contrarian worldviews.  <-- These guys/deities sound like a Klingon to Kirk.

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+1,000,000 you are on Phaser set to Kill tonight captain'

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what about poligamy? is a natural right of every male tartar too.

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Try this:

Read down...among other, notice Kadrov vows to send Chechens to Crimea against "the devils"

Know this...08/08/08 the Georgia forces attacking South Ossetians fled in absolute terror when learned Russian aligned Vostok and Zapad Chechen Battalions had arrived on battlefield.

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Mostly one-sided or half assed incomplete analysis. It will either be political or simplistic economic explanation, and both leaving out the shadow gov't influence. All sides are taking full advantage of the information clusterfuck around it to make gains or deflect attention from other problems. Meanwhile, the "entity" will tear Ukraine apart.

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I had a conversation on this very topic with a native Ukrainian over the weekend. He said basically the same thing, the West has no idea what they are doing, and no idea how dangerous a game that they are playing with Russia. Bringing this shit right to Russia's doorstep is a big mistake. They won't back down, and if pushed, they will go all in.

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"The US State Dept. gave 5 billion to Ukrainian neo-Nazis who used some of the money to hire mass murderers who massacred protesters, policemen and bystanders in order to provide a rationale for overthrowing the democratically elected government of Ukraine and installing an anti-Russian puppet government."

From a posting on Dimitry Orlov's site, one that has repeatedly been deleted from HuffPo..


Yoki's picture

Not only that, but the same unelected government just commenced LIVE fire with toy Tanks, what could possibly go wrong? lol - oh wait its the same unelected official who vowed to privatize entire Gas industry in Ukraine, the only source of income. Oh yeah, Nukraine will need the B word and lots of it..... Greece x 10

Most people don't relaize what the USA is trying to acomplish, with Tatar population(at 25%) wanting a seprate state, pro EU support is less then media would want you to belive. Still Nukraine is a hard country to live in by any means. There;s just nothing there... Russia doesn't really want it ether, it carries too much cost, so the solution if you can't have your cake and eat it, what do you do?


Welcome the People's Republic of Nucrimera, supported by justice oppsed by EVERYONE.

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Amen to that brother, I can't imagine my life without ZH either. I stopped looking at any other news outlets long time ago.

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Everyone is excusing US foreign policy as "stupid", "reckeless", "quagmire".

Guess what, that IS the policy.   The policy of instability around the borders of potential geopolitical threats is the end goal here.

And there are people who are and will make a killing on this, and they won't be ukrainians.

Belive me, there won't be a marshall plan, there will be austerity plan.


Only way out of this is a coup at IMF & World Bank.   If China and Russia are smart, they should realize that those entities perpetuate and manage instability and aid in the flow of USD around the globe.

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OT: Why does it seem like ZH is keeping quiet about what is going on in Venezuela?

ApollyonDestroy's picture

Because nobody cares about a bunch of Mexicans

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Man, I hope you're here all week because that shit was hilarious!

Well done, sir.  Well done.

V in PA's picture

Thats what I thought. It's only news when whitey does it. ;)

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You got my Support V, I agree Venzuela is Ukraine 2.0 I said in my previous posts pretty girls have a tendency to be shot dead by the same snipers in all these Western style democratic movements.....

here is that medic girl in Ukraine that was shot in the neckd

nothing gets the crowds more angry when they think the govt killed a pretty young girl....

How about the protests in Iran

And babushkas never get shot, like I said before the sniper must of been turned down by pretty girls all his life, and he must love his grandmother.  Or maybe just maybe its a Woman CIA agent doing the killing :)

Here is the video of the Iranian girl Neda, I guess the Israeli operatives were there to film it just like they were with their white van making sure 9/11 was filmed


WTFRLY's picture

It's been hard to get consistent reliable info out of the country between the web censorship and the journalist purge.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

OT: Why does it seem like ZH is keeping quiet about what is going on in Venezuela?

First of all, ZH has had a few stories on Venezuela. What matters most is this though:

1) Venezuela, poor 3rd world nation with no real military

2) Russia, relatively well-to-do with a strong army and most importantly, NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

Joe Davola's picture

To be fair, there was the spike in coverage surrounding the beauty queen's death.

Hey, with the cheap sob's lurking here (raises hand), Tyler's gotta drive click thru's somehow!

ILLILLILLI's picture

I always click on the Snorg t-shirt girls...

The Tylers just gots to learn to play to their audience, ya know.

Lore's picture

@ V in PA:  What strikes you as particularly noteworthy for the ZH audience?  Paste a link.  Far as I can tell, Vampyroteuthis-infernalis sums it up nicely. We're seeing symptoms of the same puppet-installation tactics all over the world -- Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, South Korea, Vietnam, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. -- except in Ukraine the stakes are somewhat higher. Russians will never suffer Nazis in their back yard.

James_Cole's picture

Venezuela is less exciting for the MSM, just another run of the mill US-working-to-overthrow-a-democracy and install dictator type deal. Same thing for decades. 

Venezuela more important to American interests long term though I'd think.

Check page 126 for the (pertinent) comedy:


Venezuela ($5 million):  The FY 2014 request will help strengthen Venezuelan civil society and democratic institutions and support political competition-building efforts that will protect democratic space and seek to serve the interests and needs of the Venezuelan people.  Funding will assist civil society and human rights organizations.


Ifigenia's picture

What is "support political competition-building efforts"? it means puppets creations?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Venezuela does NOT have nukes.  Chavez made some noise about getting a nuke-program, but it was just noise.

Cygnus Nigri's picture

Because they don't have ICBM's?

giggler321's picture


>>Beware of the Idiots in March.

>>And every other month.

It's March of boots not the month

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I hope Russia sticks a cruise missile right up that ass Kerry's big white ass

BlackChicken's picture

If you really want to hurt that man, just have Terresa revoke his allowance; that kept bitch will have a melt-down.

Winston Churchill's picture

The usual method for putting down his species is a shot to the head before

dispatch to the knackers yard.

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John Kerry is a jew.

jews are not White.

The Origin of Palestinians and Their Genetic Relatedness With Other Mediterranean Populations

"The comparison with other Mediterranean populations by using neighbor-joining dendrograms and correspondence analyses reveal that Palestinians are genetically very close to Jews..." (p. 889).

"Archaeologic and genetic data support that both Jews and Palestinians came from the ancient Canaanites, who extensively mixed with Egyptians, Mesopotamian and Anatolian peoples in ancient times" (p. 889).

"The Palestinian population reveals the closest genetic distance with Jews (generic DR-DQ typing), Cretans (using DRB1-DQB1) or Algerians (using DRB1) (see Table 3) and no discontinuity is observed between eastern and western Mediterranean populations reflecting the genetic similarity among all these populations. It is evidenced that Palestinians/Greeks distance is high and confirms the different genetic background of the Greeks, who have received a substantial sub-Saharan gene flow [3,20]" (p. 893).

"Both Jews and Palestinians share a very similar HLA genetic pool (Table 3, Figures 4, 5 and 6) that support a common ancient Canaanite origin. Therefore, the origin of the long-lasting Jewish-Palestinian hostility is the fight for land in ancient times" (p. 897).

Genetic affinities of Jewish populations

"Our results consistently show lower distances among J [jewish] populations than with their NJ [non-jewish] neighbors, most simply explained by the common origin of the former."

Affinities between contemporary and skeletal Jewish and non-Jewish groups based on tooth morphology.

"The results demonstrated relative proximity of the Jewish groups (with one exception), despite the fact that they came from a wide geographical area. In particular, the sample from Mount Zion showed greater affinity with three of the four living Jewish populations than with most non-Jewish groups."

Genetic composition of Jewish populations: diversity and inbreeding.

"Because the heterogeneity and relative proportion of diversity were less between Jewish populations than between non-Jewish ones, we conclude that genetic similarity between Jews is higher than between Gentiles. The findings are in agreement with our previously obtained calculations of genetic distances (Kobyliansky, Micle, Goldschmidt-Nathan, Arensburg and Nathan 1982)."

vic and blood's picture

Tim, have you read anything by Cavalli-Sforza? And what is that Algerian connection? Phoenician settlements? Carthaginians?

     I had understood that all Caucasians emerged from ice age refuges in Europe and the Black Sea Refugium. Since you are following the Jewish genetic history, you may have something on the Berbers, since the Jews use the Berber haplogroup to trace their wanderings. The Berbers were definitely once Caucasian. I know the Berbers migrated across North Africa from the east! Which ice age refuge was their origin or is it possible that a group of Caucasians remained south of the ice sheets during the last ice age?

By the way, I believe I read that Ted Cruz has some Berber ancestry and read that Hitler did as well! The article was sensationalist in that they stated "African" ancestry. Technically true but a bit disingenuous.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Interesting info and digression.  But while we are digressing...

Are a large percentage of Jews now not racially more mixed with European and Anglo-American genes?  E.g. that X-Files guy (David Duchovny), that Indiana Jones guy (Harrison Ford), or that Capt. Kirk guy (William Shatner), aren't they half-Yids, as are many others? 

For the sake of being "intellectually curious" or "academically argumentative", if this trend continues, could it not be argued that their gene pool will continue to mix and morph – as will their Worldview?  E.g.  Could it not be argued that…

   1. "Judaism" (which branch?) and Zionism are being used as a Pot & Lid for a particular worldview -- a worldview that is both globalist (adaptive) and imperialist (domineering) in nature?  And if they are group that is both Adaptive and Domineering, do they not lend themselves automatically as a population subset that is mostly about wealth and power? 

   2. Whenever Space Aliens ('gods' or 'God') appears, is not natural for them to insinuate themselves as Middlemen -- since it is the ultimate in power and job security, to be the Liason between humans and the gods/God?  IOW, WHEN Space Aliens make contact with Earth (may argue that they already have), you can be certain that it will be the Jews and Zionists who will be Front & Center -- ready to... "Do God's work".

Could/Should we not ask these questions -- If we are "To explore, and to boldy go where 'none' (few) have gone before."  :-)