Chairman Of Joint Chiefs: US Ready For "Military Response" In Ukraine

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With diplomacy having failed miserably to resolve the Russian annexation of Crimea, and soon East Ukraine (and with John Kerry in charge of it, was there ever any doubt), the US is moving to the heavy artillery. First, moments ago, the US DOE announced in a shocking announcement that it would proceed with the first draw down and sale of crude from the US strategic petroleum reserve, the first since June 2011, in what it said was a "test sale to check the operational capabilities of system infrastructure", but is really just a shot across the bow at Putin for whom high commodity prices are orders of magnitude more important than how the Russian stock market performs. And now, as Bloomberg just reported, the US has escalated even further, citing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, who "has claimed that in the case of an escalation of unrest in Crimea, the U.S. Army is ready to back up Ukraine and its allies in Europe with military actions."

So much for those peaceful hour long phone calls between Obama and Putin.

From Bloomberg:

According to the Web site of the Atlantic Council, Dempsey said that "he's been talking to his military counterparts in Russia, but he's also sending a clear message to Ukraine and members of NATO that the U.S. military will respond militarily if necessary."


"We're trying to tell [Russia] not to escalate this thing further into Eastern Ukraine, and allow the conditions to be set for some kind of resolution in Crimea. We do have treaty obligations with our NATO allies. And I have assured them that if that treaty obligation is triggered [in Europe], we would respond," Dempsey said.


According to the General, the incursion of Russian troops into the Crimea creates risks for all the countries of Europe and NATO allies.


"If Russia is allowed to do this, which is to say move into a sovereign country under the guise of protecting ethnic Russians in Ukraine, it exposes Eastern Europe to some significant risk, because there are ethnic enclaves all over Eastern Europe and the Balkans," Dempsey said.

And with that, the USDJPY ramp takes the pair to overnight highs, and futures are set to go green. BTFWWIIID!

More seriously, the real question is how Putin will react to this quantum escalation in verbal hostilities: wild guess here, but somehow we doubt he will pick up and leave.

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My gold thanks you, yet my daughter and all of my progeny say a BIG FUCK YOU. Fuckin' warmongers....

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US Military Needs To Refuse to Fight!

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Sadly, that will never happen.  Automatrons follow orders.  A look at CT police and their intentions to kick down doors and grab a specific type of gun should make that clear to us all.  People don't think other than keeping their own gerbil wheel going.

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Nice, I can NOT wait to see boyz and galz die to protect my freedom in Ukraine. The more death the moe safer I will feel.

Putin we will get your ass. Please make it live on TV. Nothing better than watching real people that really dying.

flacon's picture

Meanwhile... a travel agency web site [PCLN] is worth more than UPS. I'm sure it's because of all those click-through ads and people using money they don't have to book holidays at Disney World to enjoy Mickey Mouse. 

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Blah, blahh, blah - just American chesse burger ratteling - the US wont do a fucking thing!

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"because there are ethnic enclaves all over Eastern Europe and the Balkans,"

What about Brighton Beach in NYC?

Pladizow's picture

Last time I checked, Putin wasnt brown and he has nukes - The US  will fuck off!

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HAve They Invented "GREEN BOMBS" Yet ??? $ $ $

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Let's get this party started!

johnQpublic's picture

how much further to 'full retard'?

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Brother, where you been?  It was right next to that Stuckey's we passed several years ago.

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Surprised they didn't say they needed more funding to be ready. Always a good excuse to ask for more money.

Anusocracy's picture

That stupid old fuck is not long from the grave so it looks like he wants to take 2-3 billion people with him.

john39's picture

and just look what zato's other hand is up to while everyone is watching the hand played in Ukraine:


Overfed's picture

Gawd I wish the Russians would directly intervene in Syria on behalf of Assad. Eject Al-CIA-duh once and for all.

nope-1004's picture

Putin sends in troops, Obama sends in Kerry.  Putin secures a military base, Obama sells oil.


The US govvy is a joke!  More PR bullshit about invasion.  Obama and the US military won't do anything, otherwise they would have already.  Incompetent and immobile.

Now ask yourself:  Why would Obama sell oil if this were truly about a sovereign Ukraine for the citizens of Ukraine?  WTF does oil have to do with it?  lmao....

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Will George HERBERT WALKER Bush just fuck off & die already!?


& while you're at it...

take BILLARY, the LIZARD FAMILY, & all other 'crypto's with you...

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Hello,  this is the governed calling ... where do I go to withdraw my consent?

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Translation of Dempsey's warmongering: Pretty please, let us keep the rest of Ukraine.

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"Translation of Dempsey's warmongering: Pretty please, let us keep the rest of Ukraine."


I thought it was:

"To those of you in NATO/South Korea/Japan/the-rest-of-the-world now calculating the cost of a crash A-bomb development program, due to how we just jacked/punked Ukraine with our apparently worthless security guarantee ---   Don't worry.   "Next time will be different."  

Really it will.   The country name in my prepared statements will have to change."

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Vee haff vays to make you buy Treasuries...

1000 splendid suns's picture

Hey CIA, your coup not going the way you planned?

Hey Kerry and Dempsy, the world can see through all of your huffle-puff.

kaa1016's picture

Scaremongerring. Not a damn thing is going to happen.

DaddyO's picture

With these nitwits at the helm, I wouldn't be too sure...

There is a lot more at stake than just the Ukraine.

Obama's pride being number one on the hit parade.

His pride is tied directly to the puppetmasters and their financiers.

Just look up thread at the reference to Exxon. Oil is a powerful motivation when the world's economy runs on it.


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West to accelerate proxy war on Syria: Report

"The West is planning a new push against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad through funding proxy war on the conflict-stricken country, a report suggests."

"The British daily The Guardian reported that a fresh clandestine effort is under way for opening up a 'southern front' against the Syrian president."

"A secret command center for international operations in Amman is monitoring preparations for the offensive. This center is staffed by military officials from the US, Britain, Israel and 11 Arab states opposed to Assad."

"Saudi Arabia has been the main supplier of weapons and funds to foreign-backed militants inside Syria."

"The United States is also constructing runways for reconnaissance aircraft near the border between Jordan and Syria to help with the operation against Syria."

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Thanks for that little tid bit.


Just in case anyone was wondering if the TPTB were trying to de-escelate things.


Nope.  Quite the opposite.


This should be a future history lesson on "how to pick a geo-political fight" on more than one front.


War is coming, that much is clear.  Because you can't reset things without using war as the scapegoat.

MarsInScorpio's picture



Your perspectives are amazingly perceptive.


new game's picture

christ almighty, the sheer madness will never end. pipelines again...

DaddyO's picture

With all due respect, I don't think Christ Almighty has any hand in this battle of egos.

This is Flesh v. Flesh and the battle royale that ensues.


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Indeed unbelievable.

"If Russia is allowed to do this, which is to say move into a sovereign country under the guise of protecting ethnic Russians in Ukraine, it exposes Eastern Europe to some significant risk, because there are ethnic enclaves all over Eastern Europe and the Balkans," Dempsey said.

Created by whom? Who destroyed Yugoslavia? Who recognized an independent Kosovo? Who bombed Serbia under the guise of protecting ethnic Albanians (and stood then idly by when they killed Serbs, Jews and Roma in Kosovo)?

This whole Crimea story reveals the West's hypocrisy by the day.

shovelhead's picture

Actually, Obama is pulling a Slobo here.

"You're gonna be united under my (bankster) rule whether you like it or not."

Then it turns into complete and total shit.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Actually, Slobo was a reaction to the KLA action.

McCain and the KLA connection

See how that ended up? Kosovo became The Empire's protectorate and in return The Empire got its largest military base and CIA center in SE Europe.

Manthong's picture

Now you know why all those Generals were dumped by the DC cabal.

And I wonder if the Snowman has a list of all the IP and MACs of a certain MIC...

where is he now anyways?

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Oh, this will look great for Obammy when a US carrier group is sunk. Leave them sort out their mess.

spine001's picture

I find most comments here incredibly disingenenuous and lacking in knowledge. Obama will have to work hard to not humiliate the Russians militarily, since such humilliation will create a second arms race. The USA secret weaponry is so far beyond what Russia even dreams of having that makes my mind blow.

I can speak because I don't know anything for a fact, but I can extrapolate really well from what is known from 30 something years ago, place weaponry sophistication in one axis and technological know how in the other. Then move the know how by several orders of magnitude and you can start guessing what the USA has today. And this is my area of expertize. WOW!


El Vaquero's picture

How'd those king tigers work out for Germany in WWII?

ILLILLILLI's picture

You're probably going to need medical attention after pulling that one out of your ass...

11b40's picture

Viet Nam = Pungi Stakes (no cost)

Iraq = IED's (low cost)

What else you got?

Or, maybe you have a list of glorious American victories over the past 30 years, against any foe with the ablity to fight back, that I don't know about.

We don't know why we are fighting and don't know what it means to win.....but we have some great whiz-bang techno shit, and man is it ever expensive.  We aren't worried though.  Just print up some fresh Janet Bucks when we start running low and spread 'em around the MIC.

Cheduba's picture

And American technology is powered by Chinese computer chips.  Hmmm, maybe the Chinese will just remotely shut down all the electronics in our military equipment...

J S Bach's picture

"The USA secret weaponry is so far beyond what Russia even dreams of having that makes my mind blow."

All that "secret weaponry" sure has brought about quick success in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I'm sure it'll be even easier for us when we confront a pushover adversary like the Russian Bear.

What lunacy. 

new game's picture

proxy in syria or nato in ukraine, either way, the madness begins; i fear not for i walk in the valley of darkness, well fear not these madmen want war as they head to the valley of death...

thinking out loud, if this issue over crimera goes hot, what's to stop putin from attacking the flank, which is...

this could get very interesting very fast; two battle fronts one enemy...

SunnyDD's picture

Hehe, I know.

WWIII we will be Obama vs UFO.

me waitting for de new ID4, hehehe...

MrPalladium's picture

Pure genius!!

The U.S. has provoked both Russia and China into massive increases in their defense spending just when the U.S. is descending into third world status!!

The United States of massive low IQ immigration and infinte working age welfare.

We shall see who comes out on top!