The Complete Annotated Price History Of Bitcoin

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News about Bitcoin suddenly seems to be everywhere. The severe technological and security problems that have led to the outright collapse of Mt. Gox – the largest bitcoin exchange globally - on top of the stunning spike in bitcoin prices by more than five-fold late last year and spectacular collapse (then some rebound!) since, some high-profile arrests in the Bitcoin universe, and a swath of regulators and government officials beginning to weigh in on the subject have pushed Bitcoin and digital currencies into the headlines enough to warrant Goldman Sachs discussing it.



In context, as Bitcoin prices rise...


And Goldman's full Top Of Mind report on Bitcoin...

Goldman All About Bitcoin by zerohedge

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Bitcoin Bitchez . Jewellery (Gold n Silver) is for chicks !

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Gold & Silver gets you chicks.


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Yawn ... haven't we made Max Keiser and the Winkelvii rich enough in fiat terms?

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Moar REAL CASH for WinkelFucks, and FoneyStar, and Karpeles, ... once these sharks tasted blood they want it all, and they will never stop until the MSM is told to STFU.

When will that happen? GUBMINT likes BITCOIN,... ejoy the show, and look, but do NOT TOUCH.


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Like Icarus, Bitcoin flew too close to the sun.  Now they are toast.  Bastards.

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Jesus thinks your blog sucks.

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I reposted this up near the beginning of the comments because I think that this is something that should be implemented.

ZH should have an "Ignore" toggle like Napster did in the beginning.  If someone was obnoxious and offered nothing relevant to the discussion, you could hit the ignore button & you no longer saw any of their comments any more.  Quite effective. "Fonestar" would quickly change his asshole behavior if no one was actually responding to his comments because they were not even seeing them.

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fonestar did not come here to be an asshole but responded in kind to the insults and general idiocy displayed.

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They can't ignore it now, one of their masters is writing analysis and coverage. But of course, when it was mentioned to the ZH unwashed years ago, nobody gave two shits - being the forward-looking entrepreneurs they are.

Funny as hell, isn't it?

Hope you're ready for the summer mega-rally, its going to be a fun one. Gold Parity, hell, its going to punch up like a Saturn V rocket off the launchpad. But keep calling it "dead", you barking seal trolls, you really make me laugh when I refresh my balance.

Take care man, get ready for the fun!

frenzic's picture

Let me repeat the question you failed to answer in the other thread

How's that parity working out for you NOW asshole

Mike Hunt III's picture

Care to make an end of year bitcoin price prediction? Here is mine: bitcoin will be over $3000 or under $50.

ElvisDog's picture

Look at that price action chart and tell me how it's ready to "head to the moon" or whatever. Looks like a descending wedge pattern to me.

fonestar's picture

What type of idiot are you?  From $0 to $650 in five years?

frenzic's picture

from 0 to around 1200 in a couple of years

cries of parity ensue (that's you dickhead mendes and some other bitkids too)

1200 to 700 in no time at all

parity crybaby suddenly forgets all about his sure fire paritiy predictions (eh mendes)

700 to I don't know 850 or so

partiy cries ensue

Oops now we go down to what 600

more hiding from the parity bitch

After a long sideways but mostly downward sloping skid shit gets pumped once more we hit about 640 and one more time the parity crying sissy comes out of hiding

because this summer MAN we are locked and loaded



Why don't you stop pretending there is any stability going on with these nonsense "coins", 0 to 650 is not true and you know it.

nmewn's picture

Oh, they'll think of something else to suck in peoples saved labor, of that I have no

centerline's picture

I'm thinking they are going to pull something funny with healthcare...  oh, wait.  Well, next it has to be IRA's and such... hmmmm.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

From Goldman-Sachs?  Sure read it if you want, I won´t bother.

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"*Assumes gold price of $1270/oz."


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fonestar owes much thanks to Max Keiser for getting him into Bitcoins at $16.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Tip Max Keiser then.  I am sure that he would appreciate it.

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fonestar has donated to the show before.

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Lets start a trend right here, tonight. Nobody respond to fonestar from now on.

Also Akak come backak. 

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Que regrese, akak!  A gringo now in Peru misses your remarks.


I´ll say it for you R.O.R: Stack On

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akak pretty much single-handedly kept AnAnonymous at bay. A valiant warrior!

fonestar's picture

...but couldn't deal with the RSBT.

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I proposed doing this very thing of ignoring pests in another thread a few minutes ago.

I lost my mind earlier in the day and got caught up in the undertow of BaloneyStar.

Best way to deal with pests is to put on pest repellent in this case, don't respond.


edit: Free F_S!!!!!

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The best way to deal with pests is to get them in the same place and exterminate them!

free F_S!  (fonestar).

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Free Francis_Sawyer!!!

Some pests aren't worthy to carry his jockstrap!


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So why do you come to a Bitcoin thread if you don't want to deal with radical Bitcoinism?

Ralph Spoilsport's picture


akak pretty much single-handedly kept AnAnonymous at bay.

Don't forget the FourthStooge-ing who provided enfilading fire. Funny as hell when the two of them got going.

frenzic's picture

I had no problem with those AnAnonymous posts. I thought they were quite funny.

centerline's picture

Yeah. AKAK.  Come back and have some fun.  There's only one way out... banishment.  Don't wuss out.  Die like a man... ha ha ha.

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Be a real virtual man like fonestar.  Come and fight!

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Well, "real men and "virtual" generally are mutually exclusive but I will say many here have dispensed that prejudice I had.


fonestar's picture

Most people here believe that only things they can touch are "real", which puts their mentality somewhere back in the dark ages when people were just beginning to learn about infectious diseases and such.  fonestar works with virtual technologies everyday, built a career around them and they are very much real.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Tangible reality does have its place fonestar. Virtual reality as well. But I can attest to the fact when reality insists, you will listen whether you wish to or not. Speaking as a professional who have witnessed many a gaped face in this regard.


daemon's picture

" Tangible reality does have its place fonestar. VIRTUAL REALITY as well. "  

Finally, what could be reality ?

The Hindus talk about Maya. "It's real simply because it has some effect on me."


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ 1 for the self-declared virtual warrior.

Hey, maybe fonestar IS a virtual warrior!

Any of you who are really good at programming might come up with a worthy opponent for fonestar, but, it better be a really good bot!

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A Bitcoin dialogue without Fonestar is like a horse without Putin.

fonestar's picture

They are angry that fonestar is here to break up their Bitcoin-bashing tripe.

fonestar's picture

Lets start a trend right here, tonight. Nobody respond to fonestar from now on.

Also Akak come backak.


You will respond!

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Not responding to fonestar is literally the best thing that could happen to civil discourse on the subject of bitcoin.

Note to fonestar: shut the fuck up, you are hurting your own position with your bullshit.  Let other people who aren't assholes talk about and defend BTC from the haters.

CognacAndMencken's picture



You're pretending to be an advocate of civil discourse?? YOU - of all people??!!

First you pump silver on its way to $50 with all sorts of ridiculous hyperbole and nonsense....... then it crashes.

Then you obnoxiously pump BTC, only to watch it crash, too.

You're 0-2 Mosley. It would be difficult to find anyone on the internet who has lost more wealth than YOU, during a period when anyone could have converted their fiat into almost anything and seen huge gains.  It takes some pretty unbelievable ignorance to pick the two biggest LOSER trades in the past few years to pour all your money into.  I mean, seriously, Mosley.... both your recommendations are basically the two biggest CRASHES the market has seen in the past 5 years.  *LOL*  Two picks, and two spectacular crashes.  That's some bad pickin'....

All you've done is chase two momentum trades straight into the ditch.  You're EXAMPLE A for "MARKET LEMMING."  God only knows how much money was lost on your recommendations.  Perhaps it is YOU who should remain quiet.