Russian Neighbor Belarus Asks To Host Another 15 Russian Fighter Jets In Response To NATO Escalation

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With NATO actively building up its airforce support in Poland and the Baltic states in recent days in a flashback to cold war military escalation and deterrence, and even launching AWACS planes over Poland and Romania to monitor the Ukraine crisis and "enhance the alliance's situational awareness," the inevitable has finally happened, and other Russian neighbor states, ones not alligned with the military treaty, have escalated in turn only this time the are showing their allegiance not to the west but to Russia.

Moments ago RIA reported that Minsk will "adequately react to the strengthening of NATO forces near the borders of Belarus, and will offer to host up to an additional 15 Russian aircraft, according to the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on Wednesday at a meeting of the Security Council of Belarus.

"Belarus is adequately reacting to the strengthen the forces of NATO near the borders of Belarus" - the president said. He added that "Belarus will offer to host up to an additional 15 Russian Federation aircraft in connection with the activity of NATO."

Which, it goes without saying, plays precisely into Putin's intentions all along: force all of Russia's neighbors to reveal their allegiance, and since virtually all would have to pick Moscow (see what happened in Ukraine), set the stage for the grand reincarnation of the Soviet Union.

In the meantime, while the G-7 and everyone with a microphone, continues to warn Russia not to annex Crimea, which now seems a done deal, Ukraine's PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk, whose cash-strapped nation needs as much as $15 billion in loans, will meet President Barack Obama later today. And as if to aid Putin's plans even further, First Deputy Premier Vitaliy Yarema told the government in Kiev that Russian forces continue to be deployed along Ukraine’s eastern border and are “constantly increasing their presence,”

Logically, the western response will be to beef up NATO forces even more, which in turn will force nations like Belarus to self-annex themselves to Russia by demanding even more Russian troops in their nations, allowing Putin to serially, and peacefully, to takeover the former USSR nations one by one until the empire rebuilding effort is complete.

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Maybe Russia's stooge client state leaders can rattle their sabers but our stooge client state leaders can rattle theirs just as loud.


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Like a good neighbor.....Belarus is there.'s what's for breakfast.
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"This business will get out of control.  It will get out of control and we be lucky to live through it."

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I would have liked to have seen montana

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This feels oddly like the mid-80's, before the USSR went bankrupt.  Only this time, I think we are the USSR...

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We bankrupted them.....and then WE forgot to stop spending money...oops.


We will send subs to their shores and listen to their Pussy Riot rock and roll!

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I don’t think anyone is supportive of Vladimir Putin’s actions to press Moscow’s power and influence West, it’s more a case of frustration and alarm at the utter weakness of our own leadership in the West.


It seems that having made countless gestures and empty threats, we are entirely impotent in the face of Vladimir Putin. He is strategically kicking us in the nuts again and again and again and all we do is beg that he stop. Oh how the mighty fall.


It’s embarrassing. We have been bluffing for 50 years and this guy has finally called us out.


This is what it looks like when the coolest kid at school finally gets the living shit kicked out of him by the overweight nerd he’s been bullying since second grade.


Suddenly everybody’s belief system gets a wake up call, everybody realises they don’t need to take shit of anyone, and nothing will ever be the same again.


Syria, Crimea… This is that school day being played out in geopolitics.

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Should Texans logically support Crimean independence?

If the region of Texas can secede from Mexico,

declare independence,

then later vote to be annexed by the US ...

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Obama, taking it up the ass repeatedly?

Boy, who coulda seen that coming?

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You sure got the narrative. Both countries have a goal of seeing their ISM destroy the other ISM as proof of what? Both countries have deep faith in a end of the world hatched from a made up religion centered around red letters being more important than the other 90% black letters in some Gothic fairytale?

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Oh, you anti-Christite!  You bad, very, very bad man...  Jesus will beat you with a rod of iron as soon as the Jews have reconstructed the "3rd" temple. \sarc

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What Russia wants is not to have Nato forces and especially missiles along its border. Russia has been invaded across the plains many times and feels the need to have a buffer zone, previously this meant Nato would have to fight their way across Poland.

The US has two great oceans on either side so cannot realistically be invaded.

It is clear that having missiles on the border allows the US to launch a first strike to reduce the number of Russian missiles thereby removing MAD.

What do you think the reaction would be if there were missiles in say Cuba, Mexico & Canada.


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"The US has two great oceans on either side so cannot realistically be invaded."

Other than by the 11.5million illegal immigrants currently in-country, it seems.

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We bankrupted them with 240 billion in fake securities ginned up by G. Bush senior and his cabal of bankers/agents in project Hammer. Those bonds came due on 9/11 and were strangely enough destroyed in the 9/11 attack.

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Blue jeans and the Walkman (remember the Walkman?) brought down the Soviet Empire. Today, there is Pussy Riot.

And, oh, was there ever any intent to stop spending, Sea Man Jones?

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They will not harass Finland as the country has camouflaged as CCCP. Finland is the last bastion of old fashioned DDR in Europe.

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"They will not harass Soumi/Finland because they were the last/only country to kick CCCP ass on the battlefield". Ref. Winter War. There, fixed it for you.

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Sorry, EU would be the new holder of the title of CCCP and Great Britain as the DDR with all the surveillance cameras and police state tactics.

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Yes, but so are they.  That's probably why a cold war could be the best senario. 

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Montana is beautiful. The Adirondacks would suffice for you. 

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Welcome to the new normal, sir.

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Yah, let's look at the bright side.......

Maybe we'll finally get a chance to see how all of this modern warfighting equipement performs in real wartime conditions.


Will we all get a bang for our bucks, or were all those nukes made for nothing?  


Sadly we may get what we paid for.


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I always get a laugh out of that. Nationalists on both sides will wave the flag at 'our' stooges and 'jeer' theirs.

<It's almost like a video game....only better blood and guts.>  /sarc

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I think that the MORONS calling the insane money and military shots in the west VASTLY underestimate the blowback they are going to get from the rabble.

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I think you vastly underestimate how important it is that the Baltic States are reassured that their membership in the NATO is meant seriously. which rabble are you talking about, btw?

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NATO, Schmato.. we are all rabble now and I just think they are about to put that last disrupting straw on the camel. Don’t be surprised if you see a non-aggression pact between Germany and Russia.

It can happen.

.. and keep in mind that Germany would love a way out of the Euro and their butts are still a little sore from a lousy 37 tons of gold.

.. and, and which two European or Eurasian leaders speak both German and Russian?

..just thinking outside the crazy box.

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In a world of possibilities nothing is impossible. I have been trying to convince my countrymen for years now that we need to arm the civilian population ala Switzerland, remove ourselves from NATO and distance ourselves from the UN in general. Make trade with all and live peacefully - have no alliances and carry as big a stick as possible. My rants ar usually met with raised eyebrows and "buts". I'm not looking so crazy now me thinks.... Canada is ripe for the picking. I wonder who will annex us?

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Give me a break,  Canada, do you even know what national defense is?  You've been nessled up to the US defense tit since Great Britain couldn't afford to protect you and the rest of the free world.  Canada is like the scrawny little brother.  It takes resources and know how to be strong.  You need to exercise to have strength.  Go ahead, we could use more backup.  Yes I know this is the cost, as opposed to the benefits, of having the dominate world curency.  And yes we have abused that, but deal with it and the benefits that you have derived from it.  You probably speak french. 

Jreb's picture

You should reread my post instead of just trying to pick a fight. LOL. Typical of too many who post here. BTW - almost everyone in this country under the age of about 50 speaks french to some degree or another. Some better than others. It is mandatory in most school districts even in the west. But I digress.

You are correect we are small (though large geographically). With a poulation of just over 30 million (less than the state of California) and being the second largest political land mass in the world we are sitting ducks physically here. We are too dependent on alliances to defend ourselves properly - our military is well trained but tiny (good and bad thing I suppose) . The only answer for us at this stage is to go to a Swiss style system of defense. There are about 3 to 4 million relatively well armed civilians here but they are not organized and could not mount an effective defense against an invading army. Our government seems to care very little about this and as the rest of the world destabalizes we are left sitting on massive resources with no real way of defending them.

On our northern border is the Bear who has been poked and prodded to the point where it is now wide awake and pissed. Our northern flank is completely and utterly exposed and impossible to defend because of its distance from our population and its climate. And on our southern border is the largest most advanced and most indebted military empire in the history of the world. It is run by arrogant psychopaths with fascist leanings and is in its death throes - it is as dangerous domestically as it is internationally and it is exchanging barbs with the Bear. And some how my countryment think this will all end well..... lol. I am not so optimistic. I am not sure if I should begin to learn Russian or start speaking english with a drawl.... Living in Canada in 2014 - a bit like being in Poland in 1936? The question I cannot seem to answer is if we are Poland who is Germany? Food for thought "eh"?




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hey u guys wanna be annexed ?

do a popular vote, tell Queen, and 5 eyez becomes 4

what of it?

I don't think they'd care much if it became the USNA.

2 requests:

-- Quebec leaves, or lets people wear whatever

-- We call em States, not provinces, and they're supreme no matter what Marshall sayid

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Do we have to enroll in Obamacare? If so I think I will pass. I'd rather learn Russian...

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I hear Vancouver has some good deals on real estate...

if you are Chinese.

Jreb's picture

You mean Hongcouver?

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Maybe we'll send Texas, ah, the upper penisula could probably handle it.

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ghordius, how about estimate of how important it is to russia to keep the baltic states out of nato? gold today is higher by a good measure, per haps russia is pushing this to show how weak the $ is and how they can exact a price for the west's sticking an unwanted nose in their home turf.

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baltic states are full Nato members. you are hinting about Putin keeping Ukraine out of NATO

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I don't know why you were voted down for that, it's merely the truth.

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It appears to be the "I can call my daughter/wife/girl friend a whore....but you can't" mentality at play.

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Belarus has also extended an olive branch to Venezuela and offered to send them all their currency to help alleviate the toilet paper shortage. Who knows where this goes next. Stay tuned!

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Compare Belarus debt to US/Western nations

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But, it can't be. All of Putin's actions so far reveal weakness and desperation. Da press told me so.

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Putin wins again!

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This Bullshit is pure WW2....Hitler (Putin) is retaking Crimea, after it was gifted to Ukraine?


Alsace, where my family comes from, is the same way...French? German? French? German?


Back and forth....

Putin is the new Hitler.

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Get your facts straight bitch

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He might be wrong about Putin, he's (She?) right about the Elzas.

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nah, always Hitler, Hitler, Hitler... how about Napoleon, or Caesar, or Catherine the Great? in fact, I like that: Putin is the new Catherine


orangedrinkandchips's picture

I have tried, but couldnt care less about this sitch over there or if who you like etc....wait....nah....couldnt care less...



I mention Hitler because he took back land that was taken from Germany after ww1, if I am not mistaken.