Complete Breakdown Of Financial Controls In US Government, Says Austin Fitts

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Submitted by Casey Research's Sound Money blog,

Complete Breakdown of Financial Controls in US Government, Says Austin Fitts

Former HUD Assistant Housing Secretary and investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts reveals her thoughts on the ever-rising debt ceiling… what Obamacare is really about (and that’s not socialized healthcare)… why over $4 trillion missing from federal programs may not be incompetence, but a covert strategy… how to protect yourself from the constant devaluation of the US dollar… and what exactly the Popsicle Index measures and why it matters.

Here are a few excerpts:

“I don’t see Obamacare as something designed to offer healthcare. … I think the question comes down to a bigger one, which is, are we going to create a society where one hundred percent of everything is digitized and under central control?”


“Who is the governance system, and why are they behaving the way they are behaving? What we see is literally a psychopathic effort and intensity—whether it is in the energy area, whether it is in the currency area, whether it is in the food area, whether it is in the healthcare area—to get 100% central control and to use digital means to do it, and the question is why?”


“Well, you have a complete breakdown of internal financial controls in the US government. … You had over $4 trillion of what is called undocumentable adjustments and to this day, [these agencies] have never, as required by law, produced audited financial statements.”


“In my experience, government is not incompetent at all. … Gridlock is a cover story, incompetence is a cover story. There is a plan, you just can’t see what it is.”

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Argos's picture

She's smart and makes great sense.  Just don't ask her about the alien cities deep underground.

Skateboarder's picture

Blink-182 - Aliens Exist

Cash brings you back to reality. Society breaks down when cash doesn't work as everyone is used to how it works.

Crash Overide's picture

When will they let us play with the antigrav and teleportation stuff?

Oh right they are still playing the banker-oil-power game... :(

National Blessing's picture

I've been listening to the same crap for six years.  So when will this implosion happen?  I feel like Linus in the pumpkin patch.  Bastards.

NoDebt's picture

Of what purpose are financial controls when you can just print whatever money you need?  Not trying to be snarky, but when you debase a currency what point is there in using fixed yardsticks to measure rubber bands?

The systemic corruption is not some "skimming off the top" scheme any more.  It IS the system.  A bare minimum of half of everything you think is real, isn't.  (And I'm probably being kind with that estimate).

Manthong's picture

I don’t understand where all this crazy talk is coming from..

TBTF, TBTJ, Congressional insider trading, HFT, LIBOR rigging, Forex Rigging, Gold Fixing, waterfall selling of synthetic metal, a quadrillion dollars of un-collateralized derivatives, collusion and conspiracy at every level, election fraud, a zillion special interest lobbyists, crony under the table deals with business, unions and socialist special interests, a mosque on every block, LGBT UVWXYZ in grade schools and the military and all at the bargain price of a government and financial sector that is not sustainable.

Isn’t this the promise of freedom envisioned by the founders?

Oh, and speaking of digitization…

SafelyGraze's picture

"Just don't ask her about nasa's moon-landing stages deep underground."


please elaborate. 

the apollo don't-ask-don't-tell trust fund 

old naughty's picture

Can I ask her about MH370 then?

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Boris is theory of Government Incompetence...

Why is government always incompetent...? Government agent is only citizen, no? But is consistent to make more idiot mistake than is average citizenry. Money is always spend more than is budget. Is almost surprise if project is under budget, but is never happen so why is Boris even to discuss...? What is make average person working government more idiot stupid than is average person working private...?

Answer, accountability.

When person can be fire, or put in jail, there is less incompetence. When is own money, person is spend wise, use wise, keep within budget. When other person money is use, who is give ass of rodent!?

Pumpkin's picture

Don't mistake criminal genius for incompetence.  This is what leads people into believing that they can change things by pulling a lever on a voting machine.

Ms No's picture

Safely,  the comment above is referring to Catheryn's belief in Aliens.  I have actually heard her talk about it on an interview once.  It's strange because she is brilliant and dead on about so many things then will switch right over to talk about Dulce New Mexico bases where the US gov experiments with Aliens.  What?  Then she said something about the US government trading human lives for technology.  I had to pause the program to see if I was listening to the same person.

El Vaquero's picture

Dulce?  There's an indian casino in the area and lots and lots of trees, and a bunch of deer and elk.  It's been a while, but I've actually driven through that town. 

detached.amusement's picture

cmon man, faked moon landing crap?  you missed the article detailing how we had the technology to do it, but not the technology to fake it back then.

sessinpo's picture

NoDebt    "Of what purpose are financial controls when you can just print whatever money you need"


You answered yourself, but better yet, the first quote answered it.

"we going to create a society where one hundred percent of everything is digitized and under central control?”

Control of the population. Not control of the government

Radical Marijuana's picture

National Blessing, the basic theory of the implosion is that it starts at the edges, and then works towards the center. Clearly, on the edges, there is already significant evidence of implosions. The most protected environments feel the consequences last. That includes within core countries, where the people living on the margins of those core countries are also feeling the implosion, despite those with assets and income doing even better. Polarization snapping is an aspect of the implosions. Millions of previous middle class Americans, have lost their job, and their house, and so, for them, there has been an implosion! On the other hand, there are people and places to which the money is still flowing, and they do not yet notice anything untoward.

You have it backwards! "The Great Pumpkin" is the State Religion Monetary System, and it is never coming to save anyone, although it will pretend to save those with the most of its faith-based tokens of value first, everything it did was based on force backed frauds, which necessarily must eventually implode, because everything was built on that foundation of fraud.

Personally, I would like collapsing into chaos to be postponed as long as possible, because inside of my little life, so far, nothing significant has changed. However, from an intellectual point of view there is no reasonable doubt that everything important is getting worse faster.

DaddyO's picture

RM, your observation is to profound for National Pimping.

He's just here trying to drive traffic to his little blog.


National Blessing's picture

Might as well let it burn.  Maybe America can become a republic again.  Peace.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Your little naval gazing blog exercise, promoted by a Hensonesque stable of sock puppet characters, never fails to elicit a reliable response. Rejection. You just don't have anything to say that is worth perusing. Quit. Do it now.

SMG's picture

I'd rather ask her about the real problem, the corrupt HUMAN Oligarchs at the top of the pyramid.

Confused's picture

Her question is/was 'why' are we moving towards all digital 'everything.'


Your statement most likely has the answer. Perhaps she doesn't want to have a toaster dropped into her bath tub.  



john39's picture

she is asking the right questions, and probably knows a lot more than she is saying.  there is a cult that runs the world.  she has been threatened in the past.

HardAssets's picture

Shes said she has tried to figure out who the ultimate controllers are, but hasn't been able to do so.

That seems to be a reasonable response from her. She was at HUD and there was corruption, but she wasn't at a level extremely high in the pyramid (such as Kissinger, George HW Bush, Brzezinski, Rockefeller, etc)

adr's picture

Remember the Simpson's episode with the stonecutters. There has never been a more accurate portrayal of the top of the pyramid.

TheReplacement's picture

There are probably rival factions of controllers and various other groups.  In each group are individuals.  Any group is probably willing to turn on another if they can get away with it and take more power/wealth.  Any individual, outside of the Sheila Jackson Lee true-believer useful-idiot types, is willing to act similarily within their groups.  It has to be that way because it is the nature of the beast.

Even when/if the current crop of tyrants and theives are hunted down and served justice there will always be more to take their place.  It is human nature.  It is also human nature to struggle against them.  Let's hope we win.

layman_please's picture

wall street is pretty high in the pyramid, though not the tip for sure, so she has seen both sides. check out her online book. she is naming quite a few names.

Dillon Read & the Aristocracy of Stock Profits

o2sd's picture

"There is a plan." she says. ROFLMFAO. There is no fucking plan. Government is a system of plunder. It is a protection racket that kills the goose that lays it's eggs.

Most governments plunder the population before their society has any prosperity or resilience, the economy collapses, and they become a feudal basket case for a few centuries.

Some governments restrain their plunder of the own population long enough to build some prosperity, build some armies, and go off plundering OTHER countries and people. Some are hugely successful at this and become empires. But no matter how successful, eventually those on the game outnumber those on the outside, and from that point on it is just a mad scramble to extract as much out of the system as possible before the inevitable collapse.


oldschool's picture

"Government is a system of plunder."

Dude, that's the plan.

HowardBeale's picture

" that the popsicle index and the Dow Jones could go up together? Yes. I would say they can..."


She obviously doesn't get out much. Whatever her insights into the oligarchic mafia, she seems to have no real grasp on who and what the average American is, at this point in the moral/educational/financial collapse of the latest empire to die. "This sucker is going down."

Babaloo's picture

Ahh yes, one of the original 9/11 truthers who claimed as far back as '09 that she was being poisoned.

Yeah, she's a rocket scientist she is. Just the kind of person who lends great credibility to ZH.

UnpatrioticHoarder's picture

Amazing the coincidence theorists at Casey Research are publishing her. Doug Casey is in denial about gold manipulation.

Obese-Redneck's picture

Yes she believes in chemtrails whatever the hell they are ,

But...would you boink her? I'd boink 'er.

Yes_Questions's picture





Good to see her here on ZH.

Zymurguy's picture

Drone strike in 5... 4... 3... 2...

underman's picture

Her name is Austin Fitts.  Her name is Austin Fitts.

sessinpo's picture

She would have been offed a long time ago. She has been doing interviews for years now.

Anyway, I haven't found she has revealed anything stunning that people don't already suspect.

Gee, government is corrupt. Breaking news!

Duc888's picture



It's always been about control and coercion, now it's just blatantly in your face.  A good cattle man controls his herd.




Dollarmedes's picture

Kinda tin-foily for a former Fed.

Josh Randall's picture

She's in the know more than you know, you know?

Seer's picture

Paul Craig Roberts.  No nut-job is he.

DirkDiggler11's picture

Lock, load, aim, fire, and repeat....

The only means left for the citizens of the US to break free our country from the grasp of tyranny currently imposed by our Fed and State governments.

JLee2027's picture

No need. Wait for the dollar to collapse, and they may all hang themselves.

Spitzer's picture

She is a closet socialist

JLee2027's picture

Most women are by nature.

Charles Wilson's picture

"Come and keep your comrade warm,

I'm back in the USSR...

You don't know how lucky you are, boy,

Back in the USSR...."

Spitzer's picture

This is true..


women are fuct

prains's picture are an embarassment to turds in my bowl

Seer's picture

Yeah, he's a real work of art...

zhandax's picture

A five-day hooker and blow binge will do that to ya.  Hey Spitzer, when the guy in the mirror starts looking yellow, head to the emergency room.  It's the onset of jaundice.