German Stocks Collapse To 3-Month Lows As Russia Nears Bear Market

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With Russia's MICEX down another 2% today back at May 2010 lows (and Russian govt bond yields up to 9.41%), it appears investors are anything but confident that the worst is behind us in Ukraine. Russian stocks are -18% in the last 3 weeks. Perhaps the biggest tell is the German stock market which is now the worst-performing European stock market this year and back to lows seen in mid-December. Even the glorious safety of Portuguese stocks is fading in the last few days. Europe's VIX broke 22% - its highest in 5 weeks; and Europe's high-yield credit markets (which are rumored to be heavily biased long) are squeezing wider playing catch-up to stocks. Peripheral sovereigns don't give a crap in their manipulated illiquid way but Bund yields have sluped to 1.54% (lowest since July) - its tightest to US TSYs since 2006!


Russia in freefall...


Germany hits 3-month lows - underperforming Europe (as even the safety of Portuguese stocks is ebbing)


And EU HY Credit is crashing back to stocks...


Europe is totally disconnected from US stocks (for now)...


And Bunds are the richest to Treasuries in 8 years...


Charts: Bloomberg

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Shit. Germany is my neighbour.

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Well, well, the MICEX may be a good test of my friend Ralph´s observation that "There ain´t no such thing a quadruple bottom."

Ralph is the best Technical Analyst I personally know.

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Putin is take off shirt and wrestle bear market, cook on open pit fire and give scrap to member of press.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Putin drop pants and tell west, "suck my dick!!"

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Gold just went through what would have been a quad. top.  Quads do not exist.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Tecnical Analysis never was my forté...  Ever.


Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

When the sh*t storm gets rolling everything will get caught up in the stink. Think of the enormous debt load, rehypothecation and derivatives blowing all at once!

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All this because the USA wants to play hanki panki in Kiev instead of sports in Sochi.

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Putin, adobting the US method to boost stocks by starting a war.

HRamos_3's picture







German Stocks Raise To 3-Month Highs As Russia Nears Bull Market

There, fixed it for you.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Daimler Benz: "Sales of armored Mercedes Benzes to Russia fall sharply, bur rise sharply in Kiev."

jubber's picture

someone sure is stopping Gold or Silver spike here..

drinkin koolaid's picture

It's the weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anyone familiar with the battle of Stalingrad?  Does anyone other that the twittering cunts on CNBC, MSCBSNBCABCFAX really believe that the typicall Russian cares more about their stock market or territorial power.  These people are used to dealing with privation they have been for over 100 years, you are not going to get their attention with sanctions and the Americn public is never going to support a shooting war with Russia.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture



Great observations.

War with Russia?  No way.  In modern history anyone who has invaded Russia lost big.

highly debtful's picture

Exactly. To put it bluntly: either you nuke Russia into oblivion in a first strike attack BEFORE they have any chance of retaliation (impossible, what with the subs and all the fancy advanced alert systems) or you simply stay the hell out of that country. What you don't wanna do is fight a Russian soldier who is fighting on or near his native soil. He'll eat you alive.

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The 900 day siege of Leningrad may be more appropos.  Cannabalism and all that.

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Right now the red phone on Janet's desk is ringing.

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Real estate is much more important than central bank inflated cotton candy stock markets.

Roll the tanks Vlad!  Roll the tanks!


Seasmoke's picture

If Germany isn't producing , then how the fuck is anyone else !!!

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Who do they think they are dealing with, Cuba?

orangegeek's picture

it's been literally five days of bears signals


but once again, we need follow through - tomorrow will be interesting

Frank N. Beans's picture

fuck, the bottom just dropped out

Frank N. Beans's picture

sorry, didn't mean to call the bottom there, just got a little excited

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Doesn't matter what the markets do before the last hour. Al they need are a few minutes of hammering VIX down to get this market back to green

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I respectfully spit in Dr. Copper's eye. There's a New sheriff in town; Dr. B. He got all the medicine ya worries when we got Dr. btfd.

There's a Jamaican hit here somewhere, might throw something together while market melts back up to 1950ish by mid April/June at the latest.