"It's The Weather's Fault"

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...but the second half of the year is going to be great... (or 3rd or 4th)


h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer


Of course, even if one believes that the weather is responsible for this - how worried should we be when cold weather in winter removes over 30% of the growth in US GDP!! Sustainable recovery or fragile and painful truth?


Oh and for some context on this collapse in the US, here is Russia - and everyone is up in arms how bad this has been...


Charts: Bloomberg

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Tom Waits - Strange Weather (Acoustic Demo)

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Or worse. But hey, a good bloody populatoin reducing conflict is BULLISH! Don't believe me, ask Soros.

World War Panic Grips Financial Markets
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It is the weather's fault.  I'm sitting here freezing my yarbles off.  Who else should I blame it on?  Bitches.

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cold war reignition over Ukraine should fix both charts

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Yes, but US GDP is based on bullshit.  

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i thought it was based on burgers, beers and boob jobs but if you say it's bullshit then i'll go with that

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Can this affect the price of my stocks?

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No, only the living god Mr. Yellen has anything meaningful to say about stock prices.

Holy Shit.  That doesn't even need an  /sarc marker.  We are well and truly fucked.

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Such nonsense. When it is cold I spend more by stocking up on food,  supplies, chains,  studs, rent movies,  shop for shit online,  Etc. 

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Many times stated... a race to the bottom. Why? Corruption, as simple as that. FED, ECB, KGB...

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"It's The Weather's Fault"

Maybe so. Killington in VT just got two fecking feet of snow today.

Blow off Friday guys. Go north :)

I am, and I'm in the Caribbean for Pete's sake.


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To Help Crash Gold, as zh inadvertently (or perhaps vertently!) does when they mention gold's moves I'd like to stop this move in gold and the miners with the following positive observation:

Has anyone noticed the slightest of formations of a head and shoulders pattern with miners?  


perhaps even a cup and handle as well...

And now back to crashing, and BTFWWWIIIATHD

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No worries about winter slowdowns. In the future Global Warming will create a year 'round boom!


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July 14, 2014 - NEW YORK - Analysts blame disappointing Q2 retail numbers on unusually mild weather. As a result of the unexpectedly beautiful temperatures, which climate scientists are referring to as a "balmy vortex" that has gripped much of the U.S., consumers are frolicking and gallivanting in the sunshine and eschewing shopping malls and big box stores....


October 8, 2014 - NEW YORK - Analysts are blaming disappointing retail numbers on what climate scientists are referring to as the "frondescent vortex" that has gripped much of the Northeast, in which leaves are falling off trees causing harsh travel conditions....

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2013/2014 Winter snow & Ice freezes GDP. Followed by Spring Rain and Snow Melt causes massive flooding and swamps GDP. Followed by Spring Tornados and Thunderstorms devestate crops and communities, destroying GDP. Followed by Summer Drought devestates crops and communities, drying up GDP. Followed by Fall Hurricanes blow away GDP recovery and threaten to cause double dip recession. Followed by 2014/2015 Winter Snow & Ice.... repeat as above.