A Russian Explains The Real Stakes In The Fight For Crimea (And Ukraine)

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By Sergei Markov, posted in The Moscow Times,

Today, as a result of the Ukrainian crisis, U.S.-Russian relations have hit their lowest point since the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 or of Czechoslovakia in 1969 — or perhaps even since they bottomed out during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Crimean crisis, which began as a power struggle between the ruling authorities in Kiev and opposition forces, transformed in to an attempt to overthrow Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych by pro-Western and nationalist opposition forces with the support of the U.S. and European Union.

The crisis escalated into a conflict between the U.S. and Russia after the West supported a coup, then lied by violating the Feb. 21 agreement when it recognized the formation of a new and illegitimate government of extremists.

This conflict has the potential of sparking a new Cold War — something I never thought could happen in modern times since I believed it would have to be rooted in ideological differences. Instead, Moscow and Washington have billions of dollars of economic interests at stake, making this a geopolitical rather than an ideological Cold War.

Moscow does not see the revolution in Ukraine as an attempt to create a more democratic or law-based society. Instead, it sees the events in Kiev as an attempt to make Ukraine as anti-Russian as possible. The new government represents a minority of the Ukrainian population. It wants to suppress the Russian-speaking majority and violate their right to representation by holding unfair elections on May 25.

Moreover, U.S. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel deceived President Vladimir Putin when they pursuaded him to convince Yanukovych to refrain from using force to quell the Maidan, and then to sign the Feb. 21 agreement — which they refused to uphold. Instead, they told Russia to accept the new reality in Ukraine. But why should Moscow accept that reality when it is directed against Russia, democracy and human rights?

What did Russia do to become the focus of so much animosity? Is it because it prevented the West from bombing Syria? Because it persuaded Yanukovych not to sign the Association Agreement — a treaty of little real importance to the EU? Those are trivial reasons for starting a new Cold War.

It seems that the West simply does not like Putin. He is a huge obstacle who prevents them from achieving global hegemony. For this reason alone he must be broken. Nobody in Moscow has any doubt that what happened in Ukraine will be repeated in Moscow in two or three years. Without Putin, there will be few world leaders left who have the power or courage to stand up to Washington. When this happens, the entire world will have to quickly accept the new reality.

Russia is not in Crimea to expand its territory but to oppose the immense power of West and its financial institutions in New York and London. Washington wants to characterize this as a conflict between Moscow and Kiev, thereby forcing Russia to negotiate with an illegitimate regime determined to destroy everything Russian in Ukraine.

However, everyone understands that this is a conflict between Moscow and Washington and that these countries should negotiate a solution. The question here is not Crimea but which reality the two sides are prepared to accept.

Should Moscow allow Washington to force it into humiliating submission and accept the possibility of a violent overthrow of the Putin regime? Or should Washington acknowledge that it can no longer impose its will on others? Both sides are unwilling to admit their weakness, thus making a geopolitical Cold War likely.

The West will hit Russia with economic sanctions to pressure Russian oligarchs into forming a fifth column, just as it did in Ukraine. To avoid this, Moscow will have to force oligarchs to bring their overseas assets back to Russia.

If Washington wins this geopolitical Cold War, it will install a pro-Western government in Moscow which could lead to the breakup of Russia. Siberia, the Caucasus and the Far East will demand autonomy, and the country's oil and gas resources will be transferred from the government to multinational corporations.

However, it is possible that Russia can resist, thereby fulfilling its historical mission of foiling the designs of those who long for world domination. Just as Russia stopped Hitler in the 20th century, Napoleon in the 19th century and Frederick the Great in the 18th century, it will stop Washington in the 21st century. This is nothing personal, just business. Russia has its historical mission to fulfill.

If a geopolitical Cold War erupts, it very well may morph into an ideological one since a Western attack would force Putin to rely heavily on conservative forces in the country's so-called "moral majority" in order to bolster his support. Additionally, Moscow will attempt to relieve pressure and find support abroad by stepping up its information campaign among the hundreds of millions of EU residents who sympathize not only with Putin's stance against Washington, but also his support of the traditional values that have been rejected by the EU elite.

Recent polls show that 80 percent of Germany's population sympathizes with Russian policy in Ukraine and only 8 percent favor sanctions. The online social networks in the West constitute an intellectual revolt against the bias of the mainstream media — all of which demonize Putin without any objectivity. Social network users clearly sympathize with Putin and their support will only grow.

Washington once transformed Cesar Chavez from a minor U.S. activist into a major political figure. Now Washington will transform Putin from his role as the man that lifted Russia off its knees into a global leader in the struggle against the global domination of Washington and the new values of postmodernism.

However, I would like to believe that the current crisis will not develop into a full-fledged geopolitical Cold War. After all, Obama thinks in 21st century terms, not 19th century. For his part, Putin holds many Western convictions. What's more, a geopolitical Cold War would hit Europe the hardest, robbing it of the balanced economic growth it needs and preventing it from consolidating its resources for something more useful. It is now the time for every responsible European leader to speak out against a new Cold War since they have the most to lose.

The way to end this standoff is clear: Ukraine must become a neutral state with a democratic government. It must grant full equality to both its Ukrainian and Russian-speaking citizens, adopt the policy of federalism and make both Ukrainian and Russian official state languages.

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Jim in MN's picture

Oligarchs v. Banksters, bitchez!


Everybody duck, then light their pants on fire.

booboo's picture

If I have to choose sides I pick "line" and saving my blood, powder and resources to beat back the local jack boots on my own soil. They stole this country right out from under our feet and I aim to be buried in free soil and not in some distant land one strata above Bonaparte's 18th century troops. Fuck their war and the Senators it rode in on.

knukles's picture

Why is it that I'm getting the impression that everybody's just going through the necessary motions at this juncture?

mvsjcl's picture

And without a whole lot of conviction. Even the excuses seem lame. There's a lot being hidden, including the reasons for all the chessboard drama. Hard to whip the populace into a frenzy when they know everything is lies anyway.

Occident Mortal's picture

It's all about SudStream.

Gerhard Schroeder waved through NordStream (he is now chairman of NordStream's board!!)

Now Russia is building SudStream after Nabucco collapsed and TANAP is in chaos with Erdogen seemingly clinging to power amidst another quasi-revolt.

The entire Arab Spring is a cover for a Pipeline War that has been raging for 3 years now. The US is trying to disrupt pipelines linking Europe to MENA so that the US can begin exporting LNG to the EU from 2015/16.

Seems the CIA didn't count on Putin's tactical supremacy in the face of a shrinking and vacant Obama.

CIA soft power is no match for Russian boots and it seems the CIA crept too close to Moscow and the Russian supramafia.

CIA is now suffering a little blow back from their over ambition.

JoeSexPack's picture

Energy battle is proxy for clash of civilizations.


Given that Rothschilds funded Lenin/Trotsky, that most Bolsheviks & USSR's worst killers were born Jews, most Russians see this Zionist-assault for what it is.


Lazar Kaganovich engineered famine that killed 7 million Ukrainian Christians (Holomodor).



Genrikh Yagoda was instrumental in the NKVD, Holomodor, White-Sea Canal & Moscow-Volga Canal disasters,



Naftaly Frenkel's 'work for 3 months of food' policy killed over 2 million in Kolyma's gold mines, often digging with fingernails.



Matvei Berman engineered the GULAG system, & directly killed perhaps 25000 building the White-Sea Canal.



Zio-MSM won't touch this to save their lives.

National Blessing's picture

Here are the real stakes.  Putin wants a new Soviet empire.  A republic just doesn't cut the mustard for an asshat like him.  Bastards.

Troll Magnet's picture

Thanks for that, JoeSexPack.
Kinda makes alleged 6 million Jews killed under Hitler look palein comparison, eh?
And for that bullshit they made 60 million Holocaust movies.


weburke's picture

god/king -with advisors and court. and our children -taken care of-. but the track record doesnt look kindly, and if you check, elites consistantly say earth should have 500 million people. bush with his 1000 points of light probably means 1000 cities. best to prep.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

please stop linking this bullshit blog. you're very annoying.

Invinciblehandaxe's picture

@National Blessing

pull you head out of that zionazi ass


that coming from former Czechoslovakia

"occupied" by russian slavic brothers

so go fuck yourself ziobitch

FreedomGuy's picture

Did the CIA block Keystone, too?

SWRichmond's picture

It should be apparent by now that TPTB want to break up all large political organisms, including the US, leaving only multinational corporations large and organized enough to exert power.

shovelhead's picture

My thoughts run toward TPTB using up the military might of nations and bankrupting them all so they can simply step in and start writing the military paychecks themselves.

That lasts as long as it takes to get Robo-Cop up and running.

Then the culling can begin in earnest.

The perfect technocratic colonization society. Bees without wings...and voices.

I used to think that I had a slight excess of imagination. I don't anymore.

Freddie's picture
Ron Paul: US has no right to lecture on Ukraine


I could cry that this man is not the President and never will be. 

devnickle's picture

"Then the culling can begin in earnest"


Bring on Robo-Cop. Invested heavily in the most precious of metals. Brass and lead.


Bring it bitches.

zionhead101's picture

Your balls' drop off BITCH name the TPTB, or otherwise get the fuck out of fight club.


zionhead101's picture

I agree with you 100% but I will name name(s).

The Zio's (AZC) that have been running the USA since 1910, and earlier, but let use the 100 year anniversary of anal fucking the US public as our datum in time.


Look at SNOWDEN the ultimate man whore, and he's the new leader given to us by AIPAC to set us free from the very machine that AIPAC built (CIA/NSA).

The NSA will be privatized, I agree all country's will be NEUTERED in their power, accept the CHOSEN 'Country',ISRAEL there women will still and forever be treated like dog's. ( Women can't divorce in Israel, funny in the USA the ZIO's gave the women all the power, but in ZIO-LAND just the fucking opposite ).


So all the CORPORATIONS, and NSA will be privatized, but HELD by TEL-AVIV power brokers.

What stand's in OPPOSITION? IRAN, NO-KOREA, SYRIA, UKRAINE,... RUSSIA, LIBYA,... most have been taken out. Soon nothing can stand up against the ZIO-SKYNET bitch.

Libya, done, Syria done, Ukraine Done, Putin will be done if he reacts, and so will China,...


Also look closely at how the CHINA/RUSSIA are provoked, the CIA has shitten on PUTINS front porch. THe CIA killed beijing tourists in KUNMING, and now the CIA has stolen and killed 250+ Chinese citizens coming back from MALAY. The CIA ( LURCH/NETANYAHU) and McCain are trying harder than fuck to get CHINA/RUSSIA to hit back.

It's going to be a HOT summer bitches. Just saying, ... love you all.

zhandax's picture

World stage or home; amazing how everyone gets all pissy after they have already bet on one side?

Independent's picture

Why stay married when the gentile sex slave is much better in bed

There are an estimated 20,000 female sex slaves forced into prostitution in Tel-Aviv each year. According to a report released in 2005 by the Knesset Subcommittee on Trafficking in Women, between 10,000 and 15,000 women had been smuggled into Israel over the previous four years to work as prostitutes. According to the report, the women, who were mostly from the former Soviet Union, were sold at public auction for as much as $10,000 and forced to work up to 18 hours a day. On average, the women received only three percent of the money they earned from prostitution, and many were raped and beaten. Most of the women had been smuggled over the Egyptian border and lured from Russia and Eastern Europe on false promises of secretarial jobs.






They are acknowledging it because of international pressure but you can be sure the laws wont be enforced, the cops are clients and get a cut of the action.


But then its no surprise this is happening in Israel where one of the leading Rabbis, known as Rabbi Ovadia Yosef said....

"Goyim (gentiles, non-Jews) were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel," he said, according to the Jerusalem Post. "Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created." An "effendi" is a lord, or a master, in Arabic.


Yeah Goyim you are supposed to work the fields and factories our oligarchs have stolen while we screw your women cause that is what a master does to his slaves suckaz...

I guess the Russian dude forgot to mention this is at stake also, being a Slave to the JEWs or a free and independent country, we all know about the Russian Oligarchs, there are tons of Jewish ones also in Ukraine, pretty much all of them are Jews (why are the Jews anti-Gentile and why do they steal so much and so often, is it because of a proverb in the Torah that says "Always Take", now I know not all Jews do this but there sure is a lot of scum that floats to the top)


Look its simple Russias Jewish oligarchs were running the country into the ground and Putin stopped them and turned it around, In Ukraine and the USA they havent been stopped and are Running both countries into the ground.  What about all the proxy wars for Israel in the trillions of dollars and millions dead, they are in charge of the FED and print dollars ad nauseum, plus putting us in a possible confrontation with Russia because the World Jewish Congress and AIPAC wants to protect its members who donate some of the stolen proceeds to Jewish charities and Jewish Old Age Homes.  Hey and who doesnt like to screw so nice looking Ukrainian, Russian, or Moldovan sex slave girl on their trip to explore their Jewish spiritual side in Israel.

Now look I know I am a little hard on the Jews, and I know some very nice Jews, I just think that if you consider yourself a people of the God you need to aspire to higher standards and ostracize people in your community that are criminals and part of a worldwide Jewish Mafia, that utilizes the Jewish diaspora, instead of letting them hide in your community because they corrupt you with donations.  This is no different than what had transpired with the Italian Mafia.  Organized crime is organized crime and it needs to be stopped, Shalom.

fockewulf190's picture

One side drinks whisky, the other side drinks vodka...and they are both drinking heavily, playing poker for keeps, and clouding up their ability to think.  Both sides are also pissed off, packing serious heat, with a wide assay of weapons to use...some lethal, some not.  Problem is, both of these drunken idiots have long ago lost their health insurances, so when they both end up shooting themselves, they are going to end up being permenantly disabled and sacked with medical bills that will bankrupt them both.  Or, they both end up dead.

"Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the face."

Mike Tyson

Independent's picture

Unfortunately we are all in the room and stuck looking at the table

Pure Evil's picture

Wow, Obama thinks in 21st century terms?

Must be a misprint.

If spending all your time on the golf course or on vacation is the new 21st century man than I'm all in.

mvsjcl's picture

Yeah. This guy is like a Russian version of our MSM talkinghead. Especially when he spews crap like, "I believed it would have to be rooted in ideological differences." When has war ever not been economic?

FreedomGuy's picture

It's a bunch of self justifying garbage. There is this interesting assertion that Russia owns anyone of Russian descent or who even speaks Russian. This then gives them the right to intervene.

I think the British would be interested in this concept.

El Vaquero's picture

While it is certainly possible that protecting ethnic Russians in Crimea played a role, everybody knows that it is just a secondary reason, if not a flat out excuse, to keep Russia's naval base and act as a roadblock to the US.  IMO, the more interesting statement was that he believes that Russia is next on the CIA/State Department's list.  I actually do think that the Russians might believe this, one, because they're Russian, and thus paranoid when it comes to foreign powers on their front doorstep, and two, because it might actually be true. 

FreedomGuy's picture

Well, Putin is KGB and he knows the CIA better than anyone.

Putin and the KGB have had plenty of people on their lists.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

The IRS is way ahead of all of them.

Urban Redneck's picture

The British have already validated the concept - during the War of 1812, the start of the Anglo reconquista.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

This is all so leightweight. Listen up. The Zionista's are going forward guns blazing and total global hedgemony is the requirement. You can debate what exactly THEY want or what that will look like (I can tell you what I think is coming), but that is what this is all about. The plan to weaken all Countries to the point of not resisting eventual global Government. That said, they need Putin out and they actually need him hanging from a rafter like Saddam. This is how THEY play the game (Kennedy, Saddam, Gaddafi, probably many more US Presidents). They need the Russian Orthodox church taken out. They need THEIR people in power in all places and THEY NEED ALL THIS VERY QUICKLY as time is running out. This isn't about oil it's about destroying the Christian Church and having their people in place.

They need an Arab Spring in Moscow and it isn't going to happen so get out of the way.

Itch's picture

"You can debate what exactly THEY want or what that will look like (I can tell you what I think is coming), but that is what this is all about. "


Yeah thats right, you can't tell, and you probably cant tell your kid how to tie his shoe laces either, yet here you are trying to tell people that you are clued up on Jew plans for world domination. Blame it on the Jew, everything in it's right place. That way you can channel all your brain cell into optimal hate mode. Nice one, tell me when you have bitten your tongue off and i'll send an ambulance.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Nice try, no cigar. This is not about "Jews", as you and many misinformed souls or agenda-driven Neocons proclaim.

This is about a SUBSET of Globalists and IMPERIAL-Zionists (not national-Zionists) who have hijacked the rest, the way our Manifest-Destiny Neocons have hijacked the rest of the US. And as the US goes, so do its lackeys, known as Allies.

Picture a model of a "Series of leveraged power bases". The "flags of convenience" are interchangeable, but the Goal and Agenda remains the same: One-World Government, via a group of CBs 'financing' everything.

Itch's picture

Ok mate, you gather the evidence and we'll discuss how we go forward over lunch.


FreedomGuy's picture

Well, if all your Zionist conspiracy theories are correct, then I have to assume they are the true master race.

A Zionist behind every curtain and world event and guys like Putin are really the good guys. Who knew?

Anusocracy's picture

Rulers are psychopaths.

If you think that's what a 'master race' consists of, that's your problem.

FreedomGuy's picture

They're not all psychopaths and as long as we are dumb enough to believe in the goodness and superiority of government "leaders" they will be a problem for all of us.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Sometimes a Master Race is just a well-organized, cohesive and homogeneous race with the best Master Plan.

Nothing crazy or fantastic about that. It works for corporations all the time.

StychoKiller's picture

You either read "Lame Cherry" or you are "Lame Cherry!"

LMAOLORI's picture



This portion below gives me chills its history repeating itself but this time the outcome may be far different.


"It seems that the West simply does not like Putin. He is a huge obstacle who prevents them from achieving global hegemony."

Our insane leaders are risking war with another nuclear power who is not going to want to give up Crimea.

At the same time the U.S. has people talking like this.

"Stephen Blank, a senior fellow with the American Foreign Policy Council  proposed long-term actions, suggesting the installation of a permanent Nato fleet in the Black Sea, and American missile defences in the Baltic states.

“If Russia tears up arms treaty, I’d say: ‘Be my guest. We’re prepared to spend you into the ground,’” Blank said."

kchrisc's picture

Here! Here! Best comment ever.

The enemy are here, and not over there. They are not in Tehran, Moscow or Damascus. They are not worshipers of Allah or Buddha. They are here in buildings and cars of the DC US government and their local affiliations.

Here where they produce grandiose schemes and lies to perpetrate (EDIT: perpetuate)themselves: Sandy Hoax, Boston "Boom," Weekend at Bin Laden's, etc.

The enemy are here, and now. They are the criminals of the DC US who are rampaging and killing throughout the world and imprisoning the American people behind their Unconstitutional and treasonous government.

The enemy are here shooting people in their homes, on the street, taking people's wealth, violating people.

The enemy are here and are here now.

The Four Rs
Rejection: Quit paying, quit obeying , quit playing
Revolution: It is inevitable, so prepare, as they are.
Retribution: Is there really any place for these sociopaths and criminals in a restored civil and Constitutional society?!
Restoration: Restore the Constitutional republic.


"There's a guillotine for that."

0b1knob's picture

To hell with all this liberal moral relativism.   Of course the US and Russia are both pursuing their own narrow economic and political interests. What do you expect them to do?

I hope America wins because I'm American and I don't like Russia because I'm not a Russian.  My country, right or wrong.   

But then its all hypothetical since President stampy feet mommy-pants will give the whole thing away and then go golfing.  I've read that he's binge watching Game of Thrones right now.   Because that's what's REALLY important.

The_Prisoner's picture

It's not your country anymore. If you are an American living in the US you are living under occupation. You are chattel.

Putin's Russia is the only thing standing against a Fourth Reich. And before you get all patriotic, I am not talking about American Reich.

BKbroiler's picture

My country, right or wrong. 

Well that stament is enough to get you downvoted 20 to 1 on the new and improved Zerohedge, your first stop for commie idolatry, apparently.

Fuck these clowns, nobody was saying this nonsense when Bush was destroying the world, but now that it's Obama they're all turning bright... RED.

You don't like Obama? Vote him out. get off your ass, campaign for someone you support, stop sucking Putin's dick because you need some macho asshole as a leader.  Russia has propaganda too and it's not any cooler to fall for that than our own.

Winston Churchill's picture


In case you hadn't noticed the evil empire controls both red, and blue teams so

your vote is meaningless.

zionhead101's picture

Bush liked it in the ARSE just like Obama, going back to Bushes college days he was a coke and man-whore, just like Clinton, Just like Bush, just like Obama.

Funny that TEL-AVIV has made are US-MIL go full queer, and only gives us leadership that loves other men to fuck them in the arse, and then fills the TV and minds of youth that taking it the ARSE is freedom.

US PATRIOTS your all taking in the arse, and only a ZIONIST mother could be enjoying this collapse of the USA.

The_Prisoner's picture

No, cunt.

Communism does not exist. What exist is Bolshevism and Trotskyism. Which have been the policy under Obama and Bush.

The fact you do not recognise it can only mean you are too dumb, in denial, or think you will benefit from the Fourth Reich. You wouldn't happen to be one of the chosen, would you? Either way, you sound like a cunt.