Where The Russian Troops Are - The Full "Pre-Takeover" Infographic

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As we reported yesterday, Crimea is last week's story. Now it is all about east Ukraine. In that vein, moments ago John Kerry's latest stand up comedy routine hit the tape which contained, besides the usual laugh lines, this particular pearl:


Is that so? We provide this map showing the latest distribution of Russian military forces on the Ukraine borders so that readers can make up their own mind.


And here is another map compiled by Dmitry Tymchuk, a former Ukrainian military officer, who has established an organization, the Center of Military and Political Research on Kiev, to effectively collect and gather data about military-related facts.

Kerry concluded:


We'll know just what those are by Sunday night. The only question: will Referendum Sunday be the new Lehman Sunday...

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But evidently, the neocons did.

Bet Putin and the over.

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80,000 soldiers
380 artillery pieces
270 tanks
180 armoured vehicles
140 military aircraft
90 helicopters
19 ships

With a cherry-nuke on top?

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Looks like the neocon cast of retards is planning some fake "Russian" attacks before Sunday's Crimean referendum. Your tax dollars at work:


A GoogleNSA  search of the term

"Jason P. Gresh"

(with the quotes) turns up a lot of very recent hits on sites which use the Cyrillic alphabet, so the Russians know what's going on.

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Kerry is right, no matter what Tyler says. 80,000 soldiers is vastly insufficient to invade and control a country the size of Ukraine. How many soldiers did it take to invade Irak initially? and what happened next?

Thinking that the west would not supply large quantities of all kinds of weapons to the Ukrainians to make this country Russia's Irak is very naive...

I know most here have some idiotic admiration for Putin, but that shows ignorance more than anything...

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Pedo-midget Putin hungrily eyes a whole new country of young boys to conquer.

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If Russia would want to invade Ukraine, they already had. At this point of time it doesn't make sense anymore.

No, I believe Russia is going to keep the Krim and leaves the rest of Ukraine - with their multiple problems - to the EU. "With kind regards!" from Putin. ;-)

Ukraine is going to be an expensive investment for the West. It is not just an investment into gasfields and -pipelines. Somebody has to rescue their finances. Good luck with that.

Now, why in the world would the US want to go to war with Russia? 

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The most important story surrounding unfolding events in the Ukraine is not the violent overthrow of the freely-elected Ukrainian government. It is not the American participation in that overthrow or the Russian reaction to it. No, the big story is much more ominous. The big story is that all major U.S. politicians, regardless of party, and all "news" media outlets, electronic and print, are deliberately lying to the American people about this event. How can this be?

Euripides is often wrongly credited with saying, "Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad!" Psychosis has been described as a mental state involving a "loss of contact with reality". That perfectly describes the Washington establishment's demonstrated state of mind with regard to events in the Ukraine. Both the "Democrat" (socialist) wing and the "Republican" (neo-Fascist) wing of the U.S. political apparatus and their respective propaganda arms are frantically hammering out the same fantastic and utterly false version of events in the Ukraine.

The effort to paint Russia as the aggressor and Putin as an incipient Hitler has reached a fever pitch. Unfortunately for the U.S. and its allies, the facts on the ground are simple, indisputable, and well known to all credible observers. The Ukraine rejected a proposed trade agreement with the European Union in favor of a competing (and superior) agreement with Russia. In retaliation, the United States organized, funded, and directed the overthrow of the freely-elected government of Viktor Yanukovich and stood up an unconstitutional and completely illegal government" in its place, killing dozens of people in the process. That Mr. Yanukovich is corrupt may well be true. Whether he is any more corrupt than the gang of professional thieves and liars that infests the halls of power in Washington is at least arguable.

In any case, Washington's Putsch employed a mix of anti-Russian Ukranian ultra-nationalists (the "Right Sector"), local neo-Nazis (Svoboda), CIA operatives, American Blackwater/Xe/Academi mercenaries, and NGO staffers from the National Endowment for Democracy (including the execrable John McCain's "International Republican Institute") as boots on the ground to get the job done. The bottom line: it is the government of the United States that is and has been nterfering in the internal affairs of the Ukraine and it is the government of the United States that bears direct responsibility for igniting the current "crisis".

The importance of what is happening goes beyond events in the Ukraine and should send a chill of apprehension down the spines of all who love liberty. Two aspects in particular should capture the attention of the observer:

1. The absolute unanimity on the "official" and totally false narrative that is being drummed incessantly into the public consciousness. Despite the "Left" vs, "Right" division that supposedly defines the American political landscape, news outlets from Fox News to CNN to MSNBC to the old line broadcast networks and print media organs from the Washington Times and the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal to The Washington Post and The New York Times are frantically pushing the same false "Russian aggression" line in lock step.

2. The transparent and blatant falseness of the narrative. Why persist in this obvious lie when anyone who pays the slightest attention to current events knows
that the "official narrative" is false? The casual display of contemptuous arrogance is stunning.

The answer is simple. The West's Welfare/Warfare states are collapsing before our eyes. The establishment is losing its grip on power and filled with fear. A serious new diversion is required to maintain power. The prospect of World War looms, a war that will serve as justification for the totalitarian dictatorship which is but a pen stroke away. The structural groundwork has long since been laid. All that is required is a suitable ignition point.

We must be prepared.

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My guess is the Ruskies are preparing for any blowback from the Ukrainians north of the Crimea.  However, if the Russians head into the north, this could be some serious shit.  I'm sure the satellite images have a complete run-down on the Russian preparedness along the border.  Not looking too good.

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stormcloudsgathering put out an excellent informative video on the ukraine situation, anyone interested may want to watch it:

Ukraine Crisis - What You're Not Being Told


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I agree to your analysis, but Russia and China have nukes and going to war with them is not an option. There are lots of other countries which can and will be messed with. It kind of reminds me of the subprime-crisis just on a greater scale - today the EM fail first... chaos ahead, but hopefully not a full blown out war with a nuclear power.

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Since the Ukraine's IMF debt-slavery deal has failed, and the survival of the current government there looks dismal, the US decided to go for the twofer.  Outright destroy as much of Ukraine and Russia as possible by turning Ukraine against Russia.  One way or another, it’s more loans and interest payments for the worldwide banking cartel.  The real goal of US and EU is to prevent their monetary collapse by destroying whole countries and then forcing them to borrow and pay interest to rebuild.  In other words, the cartel exports its monetary collapse.  This is why Afghanistan, IRAQ, Libya, Syria, Egypt, and now Venezuela, Ukraine and Russia.  And the list will continue to grow.

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Looks like the NSB and the CIA have entered the ZH Thunderdome death match.


Place your bets!

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A link with story about Ukraine Oil and Natural Gas rserves,

mostly in Crimea offshore Black Sea area,

Western drilling investment in Ukraine from Exxon and Rothschild, and other Ukrainian oligarchs,

but drilling not yet implemented.


Blood for Oil again.

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I love the smell of napalm in the air in the morning!

Oh and might I add, Quantico is firing the hell out of their 155mm Howitzers right now!!!!

I don't see a fight unless they invade Ukraine proper, Crimea was Russian until 1954 anyway.  They may decide to go into the east Ukraine, then it will get interesting, so to speak!?

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I don't see a fight unless they invade Ukraine proper, Crimea was Russian until 1954 anyway.

Agree with this totally. Russia got Crimea back, doneski gorgeous.  If they press this further into the Ukraine not sure what purpose that will serve other than to make the Russians look bad, potentially really bad. As I understand they have controlled the port at Sevastopol since the time of Catherine the Great. Understandable they would want to keep a tight grip on their warm water port there. If this thing gets escalated into full blown conflict in Ukraine then Big Fat Harry has officially showed up on the scene.  In time the Ukaine can decide what allegiance is to their benefit. The economy in the Crimea after the smoke clears will be the tell on which way they go.

Disclosure: Big supporter of the right of self determination, not so much support for control via monetary shenanigans by global elites. Support Scotland in their bid for self determination as well.

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I think Russia should give the Crimean Peninsula to me.  I'd make a great fearless leader.  Bitches.

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Good pick.

Highlights the important parts of what's going on and who the players are for those who rarely venture beyond the MSM and the 'canned heat'.

This goes on my cc. list to people I spam that I have hopes for them to look behind the curtain.

Funny how lately I don't get anyone castigating me for sending them 'fringey conspiracy theories' anymore. Most of them do their own digging now and send me stuff too.

I think the Syria debacle started waking a few people up to how far they'll go.

Bit by bit.

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No doubt.  The proof of what you say can be seen in John McCain heading to the Ukrain today on a bi-partisan fact-finding tour.  Fuck John McCain.  He is Uncle Fester's evil twin.

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Didn't both Senators Lugar (R) and Obama (D) spearhead passage of removal conventional weapons from Ukraine in 2005 ?   Why all the confusion ?   Defenseless territory.  Checkout how they all voted in 2005 and 1993 ?

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They also took all the public firearms, for their safety I'm sure

GetZeeGold's picture





Can we please do something about John McCain?

Perhaps force him to fly the plane over there himself....he'll never make it.


P.S.....send Lindsey Graham with with him....transmit that to Boehner bitch.

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I think what Kerry meant to say is that NATO has no troops ready to counter any advancement by the Russians into Ukraine.

By trying to point out the holes in your advesaries armor Kerry fails to point out the holes in NATO's armor.

It took approximately six months or more to build up troops and supplies for each Gulf and Iraq war. Can't wait to see what divisions Germany and France much less Poland come up with to counter the Russians.

Reality is a bitch, but logistics are even bitchier. The Russians have been planning for this for quite a few years. Especially ever since NATO has been sticking its nose into Ukrainian business since the Orange Revolution.

I'm no Putin/Russian fan, but at the same time I'm not heading over to fight and die for Ukrainian freedom when we have our own Dictator/Police state oppressing us at home. Let's see if the Europeans pick up any of the slack when it comes to doing any heavy lifting (fighting), I sincerely doubt it. When we see the German, French, and Polish armored divisions lining up outside the frontiers of Ukraine, then you'll know its on. And, I don't expect or want any other Americans fighting and dying for something they can no longer attain at home.

The US government has been stealing the liberties and Constitutional Rights of US citizens for the past couple of decades and now were supposed to go die for some other people's freedom we no longer enjoy.

Fuck Off D.C.

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Ukrainians can beef up their forces easily.


Greece's Riot Dog is looking for some work.

Balanced Integer's picture

"Ukrainians can beef up their forces easily."

Not exactly. While they can call up their reserves, their military equipment is antiquated and poorly maintained. Not to mention the fact that even their active duty have not exactly been on a grueling training regimen.

No, Ukraine is in no way a match for Russia's military. T-64s en mass will never match up well with a few brigades of T-90 MBTs, no matter how many of them you have..

Abi Normal's picture

Ummm, we have military all around that area...Germany would be the spearhead...then ME forces, and so on.  Don't think we are naked.

DanDaley's picture

Reality is a bitch, but logistics are even bitchier.


Armchair generals think strategy; real generals think logistics.

Balanced Integer's picture


The best NATO could do at this point is embed a few special forces into the Ukrainian military to act as a force multiplier: lasing targets for the Ukrainian air force, providing intel, maybe operating a few attack helicopters to blunt the Russian columns as the encroach into Ukrainian territory.

It could be effective in making any Russian push into Ukraine a costly endeavor. Maybe even costly enough to convince the Russian people that the cost-benefit analysis of trying to occupy eastern Ukraine is too far into the red for them to proceed. But if they really want eastern Ukraine, they'll be able to take it.

TSTM's picture

There is nothing more dangerous to liberty in America than bi-partisanship. The disagreements of the the Democrats and Republicans are of no consequence in the struggle for liberty. It is there complete agreement that liberty must be crushed that makes both parties the enemy.

Ifigenia's picture

two much credit on 2 party. The masters behind are the same people. It is just like a house with two doors.

Karl von Bahnhof's picture

I see poorly prepared two ppt slides with arrows and some sucked up numbers by crazy idiots ( are they even ukis?) rooted for starting ww3.

With this kind of argument I would not buy even new fridge for my pharmacy.

Sorry you fuckers. Truth is not on your side.

Soul Glow's picture

The Annexation of Crimea may be yesterday's news, but it is one for the history books.

Following the 2014 Olympics, a dicate from the United States of America's State Department was made from one Victoria Nuland - Assistant Secretary of State - to back, if not sponser, a coup on the elected government in Ukraine.  The coup was successful in running out the elected officials, but retaliation came from Russia with very little effort to annex the Crimea.

HardlyZero's picture

Putin' on the Ritz.


Putin put.  Shortin' DOW, Russell, S&Pee stawks.

BlackMagician's picture

“You can fool all the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.”  ~Lincoln

Miss Expectations's picture

And contributing to the false narrative are Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

Yes_Questions's picture



The wet dog and wet blanket





RSloane's picture

Excellent post, Chupa, thank you.

Seize Mars's picture


Excellent post, thanks for that. To this:

"In any case, Washington's Putsch employed a mix of anti-Russian Ukranian ultra-nationalists (the "Right Sector"), local neo-Nazis (Svoboda), CIA operatives, American Blackwater/Xe/Academi mercenaries, and NGO staffers from the National Endowment for Democracy (including the execrable John McCain's "International Republican Institute") as boots on the ground to get the job done."

...I would add that the fact that the Mossad was fighting front and center in the square protests is also a well known fact. So we have a full spectrum Washington DC assault.


emersonreturn's picture


succint outline, thank you

Chupacabra-322's picture

You're all welcome. Just a quick outline/timeline of the developments which have transpired thus far. Criminal False Narraives aside.

PT's picture

Relax, its all good.  Globalism and free trade means there will be no more wars.  MSM told me this many, many times so it must be true.





On an unrelated note, it took my one year old computer 40 minutes to turn on today.  What could it possibly be doing for FORTY FUCKING MINUTES that is so important that it needs complete attention and can't do anything else?  Fucking?    Sending copies of my hard drive to the NSA?  Twice?

Windows8 is the biggest heap of shit ever.  I don't think I'll ever buy a new computer again.  Just try and find an old computer with an old OS THAT WORKS.  Where's all that consumer choice that keeps competitors honest???

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

All of our computers here at Ameru use Windows XP.  They all work great.

Balanced Integer's picture

XP is awesome. Too bad that MS will stop supporting it next month.

For WIn7 and later, I use a hybrid SSD with 8 Gb of solid-state drive. It loads Win7 Ultimate from the the SSD portion of the drive, so it boots up in under 7 seconds. Really loving it, and far less expensive than a fully solid state HDD.

Disenchanted's picture

re: "XP is awesome. Too bad that MS will stop supporting it next month."

I'm thinking the end of "support" could be a good thing. Yup, I'm still using XP too.

Husk-Erzulie's picture

More choice than you can believe... absolutely free through global human voluntaryist cooperation


To learn it, to know it, is to love, love love it :-)