It Has Been A Horrible Week For The Secretariat Of State

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If anyone ever said John Kerry - arguably the worst Secretariat of State in recent US history - didn't know how to look regal in photo ops of failure after epic failure, they obviously have never this picture. Such majesty, such posture, such a shiny coat. Just don't look him in the mouth.


And just in case the SoS felt bad about abusing taxpayer funds for a completely meaningless, if quite luxurious, trip to London where the Russians once again schooled the US Department of State, here comes Venezuela's foreign minister who just called Kerry a "murderer." From Reuters:

Venezuela's foreign minister lambasted U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday as a "murderer" fomenting unrest that has killed 28 people in the South American OPEC member nation.


"Mr. Kerry, we denounce to the whole world, you encourage the violence in Venezuela ... We denounce you as a murderer of the Venezuelan people."


"In Guatemala, you said to me 'you have to lower the tone'," Jaua added in his speech. "We are not going to lower the tone to any empire until you order your lackeys in Venezuela to cease the violence against the people."


"Every time we're about to isolate and reduce the violence, Mr. Kerry comes out with a declaration and immediately the street protests are activated."

Probably a good, if blunt, way to summarize Kerry's job performance. The good news: after a week like this, things can only get better for the Swift botox expert. Unless they don't.

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"I decided to look like an asshat after initially deciding against it."

John Kerry

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Such a long week for Kerry....oh well, time to go to the Bahamas on a yacht, drinking some nice tequila and relax for the weekend! Might see some fireworks also! (Just over in Ukraine)

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He's always sticking out his tongue after every sentence spoken, and it drives me nuts.  In this pic, is he crying?  Looks to me like a picture of defeat / regret / obligation / apathy / loss.  Very telling.


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We're coming down the homestretch of the Great Ponzi and Kerry pulled up lame. Up next: the glue factory.

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The picture in the article looks like Kerry is actually soiling himself.

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Secretariat =/= secretary.     Or is it a humorous reference to the famous race horse?

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it has been a horrible week for the world.

America, look what you have done to yourself. Look what you have done to everyone else.


We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.

Benjamin Franklin

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Kimberly Marten (CFR) thinks it's all a jolly good laugh
toecurling talk on prime time tv

Stackers's picture

I'm sorry, I dont have any Grey Poupon

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If the Republicons don't take back the Senate from these inept Decepticrats, they're all braindead!

Element's picture

er ... but the Democraps and Republicunts both are brain dead.

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It is a humorous reference one that I can't stop laughing about.

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"Just don't look him in the mouth."  LMFAO!!!

You only inspect the horse's teeth if you're about to buy it.

LMAOLORI's picture



Neigh that's not a horse I would want in my stable (tears in my eyes now from laughing)

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Hey John you look overworked,fancy going for a curry later.

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Who would want to grab those lips to open the mouth...ostensibly to look at the teeth. Eeew! Nasty!
Secretariat of State !
I love it!

pigs-n-space's picture

You mean horses ass. Thats the way I see it.

MarsInScorpio's picture



The horse, obviously, when everyone is calling you "horse face."


NotApplicable's picture

Well played, Tyler!

Anybody seen this comedy piece about our friend, Andrew Ross Foreskin?

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Lavrov:  "Get your hand off my chest you spineless weasel."

Kerry:  "Sorry...didn't get my oats this morning."

HardlyZero's picture

Lavrov: "Did you just cut a fart ?"

Kerry: "They can't Putin' back in the bottle ! "   the Genie is out.

Lavrov: "you stink"

Kerry: "I'm going to cry !"

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Or, up next:  the Great False Flag uniting all bootlickers and I mean, Democrips and Rebloodlicans

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Thank goodness all my assets fell out of my neighbors boat.

Unknown User's picture

Oh, look it's Forbes, they gone brain-dead some years ago. Their twists of logic are truly nauseating. So I only read it when I feel a need to vomit.

Element's picture

And if the Ukraine joins the Euro club that schwine will definitely seize their assets. 'Tis ok though, as 'assets' is a fancy double-think  which means 'debt liabilities', so they'll integrate perfectly with that system.

kaiserhoff's picture

Well, when you decide to bluff, holding a pair of deuces...

RafterManFMJ's picture

So where's the betting thread about the coming false flag?

I'm calling a mysterious 777 loaded with radioactives and Semtex, detonating 2000 feet above Austin, TX.

Talleyrand's picture

Good riddance South by So What.

Freddie's picture

Mary Celeste 777 zombie plane will show up in one of Larry Silverstein's builidngs after the thermite is installed.

Israeli movers will be junping up and down in Hoboken again.

Arius's picture

we all know about digital pictures ... pictures as proof, yeah whats next you read it on the internet?

Kerry lavrov is still the best hope for peace! these guys are the only ones who can convince their bosses to come to the table!

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Kerry lavrov is still the best hope for peace! these guys are the only ones who can convince their bosses to come to the table!

"We're freakin' doomed."
The Mogambo Guru

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What is wrong for Amerika!? How is "government for people, by people" so full of idiot!? Incompetency like is happen today is cannot possibly happen by mistake!

Arius's picture

why idiots amigo?  dont like democrats?

FlipFlop's picture

Well, leaders are a reflection of electorate?

But no reason to fell ashame, similar idiots occupy similar positions everywhere you look.

I am kind of tired of this Putin is the crook discussion. He is acting very peacefully and just doing what he is expected to do. How quickly did everyone forget the basic facts of how this thing started?

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture


Obomba at the top, community organizer and one-term State Senator

Then Biden, ceritifed village idiot

Kerry, do-nothing patrician empty suiter

Sibelius, never saw a bureaucratic fuckup she didn't like

Susan Rice, clueless liberal Berkeley, coined the term "humanitarian bombing"

Samantha Powers, equally clueless bureaucrat who never held a real job in her life

Jack Lew, butt-boy for the global banking masters

Eric Holder, criminal negligence in action

I mean you couldn't find a weaker team if you tried

grgy's picture

@OpenthepodbaydoorHAL  You are absolutely correct in not being able to find a weaker team. Throw Yellen in there too and you've got all Obama's top picks.  But what could one expect from probably the most incompetent president in history?  I mean seriously...

newbie vampire's picture

Look at what is to come, Hitlery Clinton POTUS 2016.  Its not raining, its a flood.

HardlyZero's picture

2016 Coven of four: Yellen, Hillary, K. Sebelius, Christine Lagarde. 

Brewin' some Putin in the Ukraine cauldron.

Pee Wee's picture

No way.  When Fascism needs the unconstitutional or illegal they turn to the Bush house of the damned -- been doing the bidding of Fascism since 1912.

Jeb installed 2016.

(mark this post)

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Well said, Open...  I'd give you twenty up votes if I could. Let me add two points to strengthen yours.

1. Liberals of the leftist type perennial go for weak minded morons. The most important quality is that they SAY the right things and bite their lips with emotion at the right times. Competency is considered suspicious.

2. Arrogant wannabee autocrats always have to pick people dumber than themselves. They MUST be the smartest person in the room and actual intelligence and competence is a real threat. Obama is a true "empty suit" with a generally empty head except for leftist doctrine, platitudes and even anger. To get dumber than Obama you have to have a Biden, Kerry and Hillary...all true morons. You need an enabler like Holder who can sort of block for you and is thoroughly corrupted. Ask Marc Rich how much his favoritism costs.

Welcome to America where perhaps we are electing the idiots that represent at least 51% of who we have become...dependent, weak minded, lazy serfs.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

"A people hire A people. B people hire C people." -- Steve Jobs

"C people hire F people"-- B. Banzai

FreedomGuy's picture

I did not realize Jobs wrote that. It is absolutely true and fits into my theory of why virtually all companies fail over time. However, that is another discussion.

The good thing about companies is that the damage is self limiting. With government we get to spread the failure around.

HardlyZero's picture

and....Kerry makes Love, not War.  Kerry quit fighting 40 years ago and don't think he has fought for anything since Vietnam.

Zadok's picture

Then why are they still actively exercising their incompetence?

Pee Wee's picture

So, what makes anyone think Team Weak is not the goal?!

Hard to fabricate the future with spines in your nominees.

If this wasn't all "by accident" then someone would see something coming, which means culpability