The Tanks Are Coming While Russia, US "Remain At Odds" Over Ukraine

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With Interfax reporting that Belarus has begun full-scale military drills in a "readiness check", images from Russia and Ukraine suggest the worst-case scenario - that Russia is making preparations to invade Ukraine, not just Crimea but perhaps as far west as Kharkiv, or even beyond - is more possible. Talks have broken down:


Russia now has a massive force of tanks, troops, artillery, aircraft, and naval forces in position to potentially invade mainland Ukraine from Crimea in the south, but also from positions east and north of Ukraine.

Lavrov adds:


And subtley poitning out the hypocrisy:


Then Lavrov said this:


Which seems to run counter to the following images pouring in from across Russia of even more firepower on the move.


And images suggest more to come...


And finally:


Which we suspect is why all the tanks are rolling

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good weekend to take stock of your preps

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This is bad, bad, bad. For those of you thinking this is exciting, you will be wrong. If this goes hot, every single one of us will be terrified. The world has gone mad.

Do not long for the days of destruction, for the destruction may well be our own.

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Nah, the West will back down. Hitler took a lot of the old Getman territories before things got hot. My guess is Poland would be the red line again, although I doubt Putin wants it

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Ah, those Rooskies are no match for our boys, girls and whatevers.

Just wait till they come up against our Special Force 55, the “Fighting Fairies”, 69th Battalion Battling Bull Dykes or the 10th Trannie Division.

Ivan is toast (with flavored lube spread on top).


The Brits have their contingent to send in as well.

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General Janet Napolitano is organizing a special dyke brigade of some of the finest fighting women ever assembled. They are planning on going into every city of Crimea to target women for "liberation"........if they don't want liberation then they'll be plundered with predjudice....

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Bloody hell, it looks cold out there.

Never mind, things should hot up soon enough eh...

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During the Potsdam Conference in August of 1945, Truman dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima to make Stalin “more reasonable” on how to divide the post-war world. Isn’t it time for Obama-Kerry team to drop ANOTHER nuke on Hiroshima, before the Crimean Referendum, to make Putin “more reasonable”? ;-)

Looney (I ain’t got no stinky <sarc> key on my Commodore 64)

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My biggest concern is that Russia and China see eye to eye and form an alliance.  That they then take down the dollar as reserve currency.  And a group of nations address the petrodollar.

IMO - our monetary policy as implemented by the FED solely for sociopathic banksters and the financial industry has already brought down the nation.  Just waiting for the death knoll.  And these banksters will not be treated kindly by the populace after the recent headlines about bonuses being higher than before the financial crisis that they caused.

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How dare they 'respect the will of the people.'

It's 2014. Who do they think they are?

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might as well go full nuclear

'what difference does it make'?

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Gonna be confusion and delay - they shunted Donald and his Coach to let the trucks and tanks past.

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Tanks for the warning, Russia.

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If the US thought about using drones in Ukraine the way they used them in Afghanistan, well, they'll have to think about it again...


From the French journal "Le Figaro" (via google translate):

Crimea: a U.S. drone was intercepted (Russia)

Russian arms Rostekhnologuii public group (Rostec) says a U.S. reconnaissance drone was intercepted at high altitude above the Crimea , in a statement released today. 

"The drone was flying at about 4,000 meters and was virtually invisible from the ground. It was possible to break the link with U.S. operators with complex radio-electronic AVTOBAZA fight," said Rostec. 

The unit raided and "fell almost intact in the hands of self-defense forces" Crimean added Rostec, which advises that the manufacturer of the electronic control used but does not specify who has used. "The UAV MQ-5B was, judging by its identification number, the 66th American military reconnaissance brigade, based in Bavaria," still indicates Rostec, which published a picture of the device on its website. 

The statement was, however, no longer available in the early evening.



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They are still using steam engines!

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Them thar is a lots o' tanks, trucks and apc's...hey, where ya'll headed fellas?

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BKbroiler sends his congratulations to all the



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LOL, perfect!!  Had to give you an up for that fella!

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This is a bullshit pissing contest.  We'll destory Russia economically.  Dumb bastards.

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lol at citing buzzfeed.

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Good call - EMF's don't stop steam.

Volkodav's picture is parked..a display

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Only the real dumbass takes the victory over the firearmed cavemen in kabul as a show of might! lol

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The US right now is making promises to the Ukrainian unelected poppet President just like they did to Saddam Hussein before invading Iraq. The plan is mind-numbingly simple. Ukraine will attack Russia and blame it for starting a war. Then when Putin takes Ukraine by force, prevent him from annexing it under the guise of a war of aggression. Thus without getting their own hands dirty they will achieve both spreading debt-slavery, and get to keep Ukraine which they can’t do right now in the South-East under the current government.

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Beware the Ides of March....

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Beware that the people with the nuclear bombs are fucking insane.

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I know you will think this is out there but I think this war will be started and the final goal will be the taking of the guns from the Americans , Russia ,China, and the American Government will work together to do this , all these idiots are working together for one common goal , a one world Government, out of the ashes will rise a new order . They cannot get that whilst Americans are armed to the teeth, so the easyest way of getting the guns is to kill us. There is 159 million households in america do you know how long it would take for serches on each one ,its a lot easyer to kill a million people than to control a million people . Russia will drop a nuke in America or some sort of bullshit and then the clensing will start.

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" There is 159 million households in america do you know how long it would take for serches on each one."

And many, many gardens too.


"It was easy. I shot them while they were digging."

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Dang, that Onion Revolt!

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Just waiting for the death knoll.

I believe the death knoll is located in Dallas.

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Is this not why we provoked this in the first place?  Either its time for the dollar to go and we know it so we need a "reason".  Or, we have to defend it to the death as USA is toast otherwise.

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"My biggest concern is that Russia and China see eye to eye and form an alliance."


Seems that if this report is true...the Chinese military might DO the right thing and take out the rothdchild/rockotfeller/mauricee strongg BANKSTER babylonians that have infected China. If this were to happen, it could be an example to the rest of the world militaries that have children and families they would like to go home to and maybe raise a garden, or do something they like to do instead of being ordered to kill and murder innocents all over the world so a few can profit and powermonger.



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I despise bankers as much as the next guy does so I won't defend them.  Maybe even more since I've had to deal with that industry in one form or another for over 35 years.  However, the total GDP of Russia and China put together is about $10 Trillion.  The total GDP of the U.S. + E.U. + U.K. is about $37 Trillion.  If you count other potential Western allies (Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, etc.) that goes up to about $50 Trillion.  I hope things cool down but if Putin throws a punch we'll soon see if he can take one too.  All the pain won't be on just one side of the equation.  I've seen some economic game planning done on computers by some damn smart people and the damage to Russia and China wouldn't be worth it.  And the West doesn't need a financial shit storm either.

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 I wanna add to this if I may. Russian companies rely far more on Western banks than the west relies on Russia. Huge deals to fund Russias largest companies are in limbo right now as banks aren't sure of loaning them money is such a good idea. The Russian market is in the shitter and Russian Bonds are fast becoming TP.... Lets see if ol Putty Pute has the long term vision, and the over all know how. Or is he a one trick military pony with no real brains....

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Invalid type reasoning, you fail to understand that energy underpins any economy, if you have gas and oil life moves on, Russia has diesel for its tractors and gasoline for its cars and oil for plastics and so on and so on.  It is very self reliant, Putin has done what the Chinese did, protect the local market by insisting on joint ventures with foreign companies.  All that equipment is in Russia and its not going out.  Maybe their economy wont grow or maybe it still will without the west.  Rest assured the world is a finite place and so are the resources, the WEST needs Russian oil and gas just as much as the other countries around the world.  The Euros are playing a dangerous game the USA has dragged them into, that is why Nuland was frustrated with the Euro reticence.  They know how easily Europeans can take to the streets without Nuland's cookies being handed out.

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 Russia will have nat gas for sure. Food not so much. The US doesn't need Russia for anything, Europe doesn't need Russia once the pipelines from Libya and other African points are finished. But food...

 The world does run on fuel, people do as well.

 This is why Putin is so angry. He knows the west has marginalized him. It's why Ukraine and Syria are such sticking points. It's why Putin will walk away from Iran long before Ukraine or Syria. A pipe line through Syria from the Mid East is the death of Russian leverage. The loss of control over the Ukraine pipeline cuts over half of Russian tranport. If Ukraine falls, Belarous may follow. The US has little to lose, the EU has slightly more, but still, Russian gas isn't as important to them as it was even a year ago. It'll be less important this winter coming.


 No, Russia lashed out with military force because it has no other leverage.

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Russia has a ton of arable land even without ukraine, yeah they wont have oranges and pineapple but they can grow, wheat, potatoes, tomatoes etc...

If they do get ukraine you can consider they got the breadbasket of Europe in hand.  Crimea is semitropical, lots of stuff can grow there, very good grapes also.  And pipelines underwater can be very susceptible to sub sabotage.

Regardless Euros are suffering pretty bad as it is, rampant unemployment etc, any more economic slowdown and price increases and you can be sure they will be on the streets and breaking parliment windows in Euro capitals demanding end to sanctions.

I have relatives in Europe and they are griping nonstop how bad it is there and so expensive, have an aunt that closed her house down cause she couldnt afford to keep it warm because of high gas prices and she moved in with other family to save money.  They can only take so much. While she was gone she had all her furniture stolen.  An economic slowdown because of USA's desire to destabilize Ukraine will not go down well and unlike the USA sheeple Euros know what is going on.

In the News in Eastern Europe there investigative journalists found out that US companies like Cargill, etc go around and buy up grain from farmers and then artificially create shortages to drive up pricing by warehousing a lot of the grain outside of the targeted country, then they trickle it back in.  People are really pissed up with America.

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 Most of Russia's arable land is already in use. What's not in use is in the middle of nowhere, without the needed infrastructure to make it useful. In the next 5-10 years Russia is dependent on others for food and there's no way around that. It wouldn't take that long for Russians to get pretty tired of being hungry. Hell, in 2008 (latest #s I can find) Russia imported 3 times more than it exported in food. Besides gas and oil what does Russia have to trade? (Brides don't count)

 There's no way NATO will allow Russia to take the rest of Ukraine. They don't care about Crimea enough to fight a war for it, but I'm willing to bet they'd fight for the rest of Ukraine. Strategic value of Ukraine is much higher than Crimea.


 If it's sabotage we're getting into, Russia isn't immune either is it? Bridges, subways, etc, and thousands of Ukrainian Russian speaking peoples that would blend right in? Terrorism is a dangerous game...

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Dont talk if you dont know what you are saying:

What are the key challenges facing Russian growers?

Our farming side predominantly operates in the Krasnodar region in southern Russia (see map, right) where the land bank totals 86,000ha. The Krasnodar region has been experiencing climate change for several years, moving from a moderate continental climate to a more extreme continental one.

We are experiencing an increase in our average temperature, uneven rainfall and in spring we frequently face hail storms, hot winds and dust storms. This has led to increased risk as it makes planning very difficult

Unfavourable weather in 2012 meant the Russian cereal crop declined by almost 25%. However, Russia’s sheer size and variety of climate zones means agricultural production can, to an extent, be future proofed. Production can relocate from the south to other regions in the event of significant climate change in the future.

What potential is there for raising Russian production?

Russia has the potential to double its grain harvest. The country has 115m hectares of agricultural land, of which 25m hectares are idle. I think we can reap between 150-170m tonnes of grain, compared with 85-90m tonnes in recent seasons, by putting it into use, introducing new production methods and better management systems.

By 2012, Russia had become the world’s fifth largest wheat exporter and our land availability means there is further room for growth.
Is there much overseas investment (buying of land) such as from the UK?

No, there is not, despite the fact it costs as little as €1,500-2,000/ha (£1,260-1,680/ha). There are only a few examples of foreign companies investing in Russian agriculture. However, thanks to the World Trade Organisation accession, we will start to see foreign companies entering the market with cutting edge technologies and investment.

Do you see Russia becoming the world’s number one cereal producer? And what role will it have in meeting rising global food demand?

Russia has 25m hectares of uncultivated agricultural land, giving it the potential to become the world’s number one cereal producer. This would allow Russia to help bridge the global gap between food supply and rising demand. 

Russia has many rivers, if it puts money into infrastructure and irrigation it can increase output considerably.  I see Russia has Crimea back and where are your Nato troops?

The rest of Ukraine is waiting for Russia to come in and guarantee the rights of Russians to have referendums in other parts of the country.  Nato can do nothing because public opinion in Nato countries is against interference and there are referendum movements in Scotland, Spain etc.

So even with a 25% decline they were still the fifth largest exporter.  That is grain though only, remember there are many other food crops

Look at USA drought and California, they have been severely affected and prices are going up in the USA, global weather affects everyone dummy.

Also Ukraine needs to sell grain for fuel. where are they going to get gas and oil?  From the Euros who are starving lol.

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 Read all of what you posted again. Russia has the potential to double it's production. That doesn't happen over night, it would take several years to make that a reality. With climate change Russia is currently having trouble with it's crops. Foreign companies will start to enter the market with cutting edge technologies and investment? You really think that's going to happen if Russia gets cut off because it wants to seize Crimea?

 You've just reenforced my main point. Russia has more to lose than to gain from this move. Putin feels marginalized on the world stage and is lashing out, like a child. In essence tipping the chess board onto the floor before the game is over....


 All in all, we will see what happens. Nothing you or I can do to change it anyway.


 EDIT: You added the bit about Ukraine needing oil and needing to sell food to buy oil. You then asked who they would sell it to, the starving Europeans?... Um... Yeah, that seems to make perfect sense to me. Ukraine has food and Europe needs food? Are you kidding? Even my children would understand this concept.

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USA is hit by drought also what part of global dont you understand.  I know what I put down.  I dont put rose glasses on, but even with things being bad the Russians have it better than USA or Europe.  Russia has the largest reserves of fresh water in the world.  Lake Baikal alone has 1/5 of worlds fresh water.

Droughts have hit Brazil hard and California really hard also.  Russia even though hit still has surplus and if they irrigate better with all their fresh water and rivers to supply it they stand better than anyone in world.

By 2012, Russia had become the world’s fifth largest wheat exporter and our land availability means there is further room for growth. 

This is even with their weather problems which are shared by USA

In 2012, much of the US had drought conditions develop through the late Winter and Spring months and lasting into the Summer, creating the 2012 North American drought. Meanwhile, severe to extreme drought developed in the lower Midwest and Ohio Valley as well as the southern and central Rockies. This led to large wildfires in Colorado including the record setting Waldo Canyon fire, the most destructive in Colorado history. Drought conditions have led to numerous firework show cancellations and voluntary water restrictions in much of the Ozarks, Mid Mississippi and Ohio River Valleys. Lagging effects of La Nina, Climate Change, and also a large persistent upper level ridge of high pressure present over much of North America since the late Winter have all contributed to the drought and above average temperatures since February 2012. The combination of high heat and severe drought has resulted in weather patterns not seen since 1988, 1954, and the Dust Bowl and Great Depression years of the 1930s to some areas, especially the lower Midwest. Because the drought conditions were forcing American farmers to sell off livestock, the Department of Defense sought to buy up meat at "fire sale" prices in order to stockpile meals for the lean times ahead.[47]

High wheat prices caused by the drought have discouraged farmers from investing in alternative drought-tolerant crops

The whole world is hurting but big countries like Russia and USA and Canada will fare the best, all the other places in the world will suffer.

Global warming has increased the growing season in Alaska by one month.  Much of Russia is at level of Alaskia, they benefit from global warming also, Russia is awash with many rivers, look up on a map rivers of Russia

Does the USA have 25m hectares sitting ildly that it can call into production?

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 If you're going to post something please stop going back and adding to it. It's hard to have a conversation with you when you add things after posting.


 Anyway. I do agree with you that much of the world is seeing climate troubles. This harsh winter will have made a large decline in the drought conditions in America, but we will have to see what kind of weather spring will bring. The weather could make it difficult to plant this spring if the ground stays very wet late into spring. But this is all long term talk. In the near term, America will produce all the food it needs and more while Russia will be forced to import food. 10 years from now? Who can say? We have to deal with the here and now though, next 2-3 years. (And WHY won't America stop with all the damned corn!? Less corn and more FOOD!)



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I cant edit my comments once someone reads and posts a reply to it so what is the problem

Ok Just look at a map and see how HUGE Russia is.  Tell me how are they going to have shortages of anything before anyone else on this Planet ??????????

InvalidID's picture


 It's difficult to reply to something if you add to it while I'm typing. I can't see when you've added something until after I've posted.

Independent's picture

Ok so back to our discussion, you are being rather negative on Russia and not acknowledging the facts.  Dont forget also that Russia has some of the best fishing rights waters in the world. Not to mention lots of deer :)

InvalidID's picture


 I agree on fishing but deer I don't think will feed the entire nation. Alaska has a lot of elk and other game but I don't think America would rely on it for sustanance.

 I'm not trying to be negative on Russia. I'm trying to point out that I don't think this was the best move for Russia, yet. More investment in infrastructure should have happened first. More of the arable land should have been brought into production first. Perhaps pipelines to send gas and oil to China as well. These things would have given Russia a lot more leverage, and a hedge against the west.

InvalidID's picture


 Look at a map of Australia, China, Africa, Antarctica and see how huge they are as well. All have shortages of something yes?

Independent's picture

Russia is the largest country in the world; it covers a vast amount of topographically varied territory, including much that is inaccessible by conventional modes of transportation. The traditional centers of economic activity are almost exclusively located in the more hospitable European part of Russia, which once offered considerable coal and natural gas to drive heavy industry (see fig. 7). But the European fuel base was largely depleted by the 1980s, forcing Russia to rely on Siberian deposits much farther from the industrial heartland.

Russia is one of the world's richest countries in raw materials, many of which are significant inputs for an industrial economy. Russia accounts for around 20 percent of the world's production of oil and natural gas and possesses large reserves of both fuels. This abundance has made Russia virtually self-sufficient in energy and a large-scale exporter of fuels. Oil and gas were primary hard-currency earners for the Soviet Union, and they remain so for the Russian Federation. Russia also is self-sufficient in nearly all major industrial raw materials and has at least some reserves of every industrially valuable nonfuel mineral--even after the productive mines of Ukraine, Kazakstan, and Uzbekistan no longer were directly accessible. Tin, tungsten, bauxite, and mercury were among the few natural materials imported in the Soviet period. Russia possesses rich reserves of iron ore, manganese, chromium, nickel, platinum, titanium, copper, tin, lead, tungsten, diamonds, phosphates, and gold, and the forests of Siberia contain an estimated one-fifth of the world's timber, mainly conifers (see fig. 8; Environmental Conditions, ch. 3).

The iron ore deposits of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, close to the Ukrainian border in the southwest, are believed to contain one-sixth of the world's total reserves. Intensive exploitation began there in the 1950s. Other large iron ore deposits are located in the Kola Peninsula, Karelia, south-central Siberia, and the Far East. The largest copper deposits are located in the Kola Peninsula and the Urals, and lead and zinc are found in North Ossetia.

I guess some do better than others, LOL

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This is why the Tribe and the USA have such a hard-on for Russia and why no country can ever succeed with a naval or economic blockade of Russia lol. The world needs Russia, Russia does not need the world !!!!

You said deer not enough, look at size of Russia, also in US yeah could be a lot more deer if there were less cattle.  Dont forget who is eating the grass