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A series of crises, the latest being the ominous developments in the Ukraine and further evidence of disappointing growth in China, have rattled financial markets. Of course, with all major central banks at amazingly easy policy stances, the bet continues to be that the latest uncertainties will also pass. That may be true once again. But, as Abe Gulkowitz lays out in the inimitable style of his The Punch Line letter, one must recognize that many of the serious flaws uncovered in each of the predicaments will linger for years to come and that the policy remedies have at best covered up the fundamental issues without completely resolving them.

Even in the U.S., the best of all major economies, the economy and financial markets still suffer from "lasting effects" of the Great Recession and seem yet to be able to muster up enough momentum to get back up to previous robust growth rates, especially for job growth. And the massive easing itself is likely to have its own potential for unintended consequences.

Serious and surprising weakness in emerging economies may also jeopardize growth trajectories for global recovery. The exposure emanates out of the greater vulnerability that world trade and growth have today from these super performing emerging economies.

This is particularly true for China, which by now has a stronger impact on the world’s economy, supply chains, commodity markets and world currencies. China is a key issue. Weaker growth, a complexity of debt issues, and awkward demographics, all combine to raise issues regarding the outlook. China’s debts are troubling – and not just because they’re alarmingly big. Amplifying the concerns is the complexity of those debts. That’s the trouble with China’s lengthening “credit chains”.

And in Europe, markets roared back as the euro crisis seemed to recede in the face of policy support. Yet basic job growth seems to be far behind. Unemployment is undermining many countries in the EU, not just massive debt levels. The unemployment is particularly severe for most of the younger age groups. Fertility rates are very low, and life expectancy keeps rising -- trends that underpin the conundrum of demographic ageing. Even those countries performing relatively well are retaining a cautious stance about future prospects, and those performing poorly are still short of new ideas -- and, in many cases, the adequate financial wherewithal -- to alleviate weak growth prospects.


Full letter below in all its chartapalooza glory...


TPL Mar 13 14

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navy62802's picture

The only people who are going to make a fortune through the Russian adventure are the Russian oligarchs. Sorry Wall Street. You are not the insiders on this one.

knukles's picture

Just print more and it'll all be fine say my über liberal pals.
We can borrow and spend our way out of this with the goobermint creating jobs, tackling global warming and social injustice

What could go wrong
Fuckers are gonna get us all killed

DanDaley's picture

Hey, it's not what überlib-statish people think, it's what they feel...and they feel ever so much more than you do. Remember that.

pies_lancuchowy's picture

It's the TRIBE which constitutes 'insiders' , whether it's NY or Moscow.

Passport doesn't matter , if you are one of the tribesmen

Deacon Frost's picture

Strange that 'oligarchs' is a term only reserved for the Russians, no oligarchs here in the USSA?

messymerry's picture

Nope, no oligarchs here in Good 'Ol Amerika. Except maybe Eric Schmidt who got 100 mill last year for what? Figuring out how to digitally analyze the skidmarks in people's underpants. Get the fuck out of my underpants Google!

Nuthin' to see here folks, move on, move on...

duo's picture

Yup.  A "peaceful solution" will be floated on Sun/Mon, the Dow goes up 200+ points and gold down $30, then on Tue or Wed they move the tanks.  Guess who goes short on Monday?

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

It'll be interesting to see. They have been declining due to the possibility of conflict and trade problems, if everything just returns to 'the new normal' it probably will send everything soaring, and gold crashing down. Gold and silver tend to drop right after I make a purchase, and I am buying Monday, so that would lend more credibility (at least in my warped mind) to your theory.

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Is that still legal in your neck of the woods?  

TheReplacement's picture

You might get rousted out for washing your car in your driveway but you can drive it down to Times Square, pee on it, and not be bothered.

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Funny all this NSA bashing, then ZH continues to use tracking sw (SCRIBD) for graphics, rather than dumb JPG's.

A honey pot by any other name, would still be a honey pot.

i_call_you_my_base's picture

Right, the NSA is going to suicide us all for reading a scribd document of economic charts

zionhead101's picture

SCRIBD is a trojan horse.

You let a trojan horse into your home  (computer), and you invite the assholes to give you a full colonoscopy.

You have been warned.

Never click on anything other than a JPEG  ZH, ... never

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Howzabout a tinyurl?  They may not be exactly be what you're looking for or fearing, but THIS one will at least take you south of the Equator.  A Saturday down here in Lima, Peru while we are on a visit.

Lunch with "the Lolos" (he's 93).  

Starbucks for me after (?, yep, it's hot here).

My wife and her sister go to see The Met (see how that's done).

Tai Chi in the park.

"A Pretty Good Day in Lima"

Pullmyfinger's picture

Thanks for the pleasant diversion. I've been thinking of relocating to Costa Rica, but it's nice to have a personal, daily view of potential, alternative venues.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture


Use Linux & firefox. No danger. Use noscript & enable scripts for sites only as needed.

zionhead101's picture




Fuck face I firefox with every blocker on the earth, and if I want to see the above graphic, I would have to enable googel, and I never enable SKYNET on any of my computers.

Same with BANZAI images you have to enable googl

I use google-disconnect besides all the other blockers,

Tell us fuck face do you let use google? Do you use scribd.com and let them spy on you?

Keyser's picture

Someone either has skipped their meds of has an overinflated sense of self-worth. I vote for number one. 

jagercali's picture

go with a chromebook.....no problems ever......no viruses.....of course google can grab my docs on their cloud but just don't put anything out there for NSA or public consumption...

zionhead101's picture

Scribd.com is going to use your ZH google login information as a stamp.

Scribd.com is going to place a DEEP-COOKIE on your computer and track what kind of photo's (ZH PORN) you look at,...

Scribd.com is for GLassHoles, and not for real libertarians.


trader1's picture

what do you fear and why?

zionhead101's picture

The EURO is now pushing 1.40, I would say that EUROPE is winning, and all is good. Either way they got to buy heating oil.


ZH told you they would give you Lists & Chart's, they said they would take you places, they never said they would be good places.

NoDebt's picture

I have one word for you.  Are you listening?


AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Too bad we'll all starve to death before we use this abundant source of highly concentrated energy ever again.  

It's EVIL.  It's got like pollutants and shit in it.  It emits tremendous amounts of CO2.  You're better off freezing to death than picking a chunk of it off the ground in western Pennsylvania or West Virginia (which you can still do to this day) to heat your home or cook your food.

It's EVIL, I tell you.  Pure, concentrated EVIL.  NEVER use it.  Ever.

prains's picture

the skies in Bejing ring with the bells of 'clean' coal. It's clean, it's easy, burn all you want, Bejing is the clean air capital of the world


they're proof coal is kkkleen

Bonapartist's picture

thanks to haters like you and Obammy and the greenies I've been picking up BTU, WLT and ANR on the cheap.

prains's picture

HoLee Fuk says get some GAS and MASK on the cheep too!! who fucking cares what your grandkids have left to breath as long as you're making points hey fuck bubble!!


hope your kkkoal lobbying pays at least 5 cents a letter to make up for your bad investing

Element's picture

The dirty air problem is not coal, at least not per-sec. Firstly there's a widespread lack of emissions control in general in China (they even widely use asbestos still), plus most urban photochemical smog comes out of cars, trucks and buses - not from coal burning industries.

The deeper problem is this:


Population   1,344,130,000 (2012 estimation) (1st)
Birth rate     11.93 births/1,000 population (2011 est.)
Death rate   7.14 deaths/1,000 population (2011 est.)


And given they just eliminated the one child family law both these wee issues, and the widespread use of coal, is not going away any time this century.

But clearly the smog must go, so strict particle emissions controls are essential in China (yeah, I know, stateism), plus private petrol powered autos will have to go, or else the photochemical smog definitely wont.

Will they do that soon?


logicalman's picture

The dirty air problem is too many humans burning anything they can suck out of the ground so we can have more humans burning anything they can suck out of the ground.........

All so that a few psychopathic greedy fucks can steal their production and tax the fuck out of them for their own ends.

The planet can only sustain so many - a lot less than there are now, at current rates of consumption/waste.


Element's picture

We are on the same wavelength a lot more than you probably think logical man, I just face the realities of the situation without trying to say it should be something other than it is, or can be. I'm basically OK with how things are, only because my angst can't alter any of those trends a damn.

A woman with a new baby is never going to listen to some wanker on the internet who has all the 'answers'. She's instead going to do what she has to, and to hell with high-minded 'solutions'. And that's the real PRIMARY driver of the human social dynamics, not the clever policy develoment of elites, or 'enlightened' (yeah right) progressive reformers. They aren't in control, they are along for the ride too, they can't admit it - the show must go on.

One day, probably fairly soon, there will be some event or series of events in which all Chinese urban industry stops for a few weeks, and the urbanites will finally see a beautiful and perfectly clear sky once again (if they ever have) and finally realize what they've sold their soul for, mere road-going debt-slavery inducing machines called cars that were sold to them as the essence of personal freedom and progress. Maybe that will trigger the necessary changes, because cutting population, and waiting for coal imports and domestic coal mining to slump is not going to be what does that.


MeelionDollerBogus's picture

You ever heard of blacklung? The reason no one cooks with coal anymore is because it was killing people.

At the very least use the conversion for syngas. Use your head.

Find a way to contain the pollutants or you won't have any air to breathe. Within months, not years, you'd be as able to breathe as a common 90 year old on an oxygen tank.

Element's picture

Ever heard of a super advanced technology called a chimney? Back-lung was a disease caused in coal miners, caused by them breathing in large amounts of fine coal DUST, for years on end, while removing the stuff manually in cramped confines. One of my grandads died of it. It has nothing to do with combustion of coal, or the products of that combustion. It also has nothing to do with cooking using coal, you utterly deluded tool.

Got some other cute propaganda lies and completely delusional bullshit you want dispelled?

Bearwagon's picture

There also is a not so advanced technology, called stovepipe, which would fairly do the trick, too. Modern stoves don't emit as much respirable dust as older constructions and the combustion can in fact be quite clean, if properly used. This winter I heated the home with wood and coal, additionally, and it is a very comfortable warmth. After watching the fire for a few weeks (the stove has a window) I noticed that I saved heating oil big time. You are right, that black lung does come from dust, not smoke. And anyone who is worried about that, should think about modern high-pressure injection diesel-engines, especially common-rail diesels. The higher the injection pressure - the more really fine respirable dust ... much finer than anything from a stove. Keep warm!  ;-)

Element's picture

I know you guys had a really rough winter in the US this year, much like in the 1970s. FYI, in the mid 1970s Australia also had freaking bitterly cold winters right up into the tropics. At school every child had a quilted 'parka', if you didn't have one you shivered and were miserable - a lot! Today no one even knows what a parka is, let alone can they comprehend that you actually needed one in tropical winters in the mid-1970s. Those really bitterly cold winters ease off around 1978 here. So given you guys are having such a 1970s style cold snap again I would not be surprised if we get it as well. I hope we don't see another decadal spate of winters like that from here. As I remember there were a heck of a lot of famines and failed monsoons in the 1970s due to that cold. Almost everyone has forgotten those events, but if it gets that cold again for several years mass starvation will again return with vengeance.

headhunt's picture

Knock-knock... EPA - open up

zionhead101's picture

Google is PURE EVIL


Best is to pick large junks of said coal, and throw them at the Google Buses in SF, buses full of GlassHoles.

Best use of USA coal again is to manage and corral glassholes.


Friends don't let friends use GOOGLE, yet all graphics on ZH require enabling Google, ... again just be EVIL.

q99x2's picture

Counting the seconds left to live. You know I was dead a lot longer than I've been alive.

22winmag's picture

In a word... raunchy.

q99x2's picture

Right around the corner. 6.4 juan for a dollah. 

mt paul's picture

8.1 yuan

summer 2005


prains's picture

hey didn't you hear coal is kkkleen. carbon + heat = kkkkleen......we're saved. everbody can go home and stop worrying, there's no impendig energy crisis without consequence because kkkoal is the answer. Bejing swears it's ALL true.

Tall Tom's picture

Beijing needs to install Stainless Steel Precipitators on their Coal Fired Power Plants, Spray Water on the Stainless, and collect the H2SO4. They still do not know how to construct Clean Coal Fired Power Plants? (sarcasm...They know how.) 


Of course that is expensive. But it was EPA mandated in the USA. I used to help build those...back in the day.


There is a way of removing the Sulfides from Coal Fired Power Plants. It is expensive. They do not spend the MONEY. 


Hell you can catalyze the CO Emissions and Hydrocarbon emissions with enough Platinum and Palladium suspended in Ceramic. Hell automobiles spewed CO and other HxCx and NOx before the requirement of the Catalytic Converter. They spewed much more pollutants than the Power Plants. They still do.


Pollution is not just a matter of the fuel used as all combustion will produce CO2. It does not matter if a Power Plant is Coal Fired, Oil Fired, or NatGas Fired. But incomplete combustion produces nasty exhausts. Now these can be cleaned up. But it is at a significant expense.


Now the problem with automobiles is Ozone. Every single Alternator generates an abundance of Ozone. It is a major pollutant. It is kind of funny actually as it exposes the Environmentalist Hypocrisy.


They banned R-12 in the USA because it somehow destroys the Stratospheric Ozone Layer. I have a problem with that.


Ozone, O3, has a M.W.= 48. CFCs are much heavier and tend to hug the Ground. Freon, CCl2F2 has a MW = 120.91 It is quite a bit more massive than Ozone 


Yet the EnviroNUTS will have me believe that it is far more likely that the Freon will reach the Stratosphere before any of the Ground Ozone will reach the Stratosphere. Ozone is a major pollutant.


If the CFCs are so damned effective at destroying the Stratospheric Ozone Layer then please tell me why it does not destroy the Ozone Pollution at Ground Level first. We get UV light at Ground Level...not as much...but we get it.


Fucking HYPOCRISY. And the Enviromentalists have lost a lot of credibility with that. Then Al Gore was the icing on the cake with his fucking Tax scheme of Carbon Credits.


If the Climate is changing that is one thing. But it is the outright whoring for Taxes, using that as the reason, that is the real problem. And he destroys the credibility by attempting to use a Problem or a Non Problem to collect those taxes.


(If it been presented without the Carbon Credit then it may have been something to be taken seriously by many whom have rejected it because of the tax. But no...the jerk destroys any chnace of that.)


Yet I digressed on two issues...


To close on the Ozone bullshit...


So here is the inconvinent truth. In fact what is destroying Stratosperic Ozone is JET AIRLINERS. The engins suck in the Ozone and use it to oxidize the Kerosene. At rarified elevations those engines are sucking in anything that resembles Oxygen to oxidize the fuel.


As the jet engines became more efficient in recent years and as the amount of air travel has decreased with the Economic Slump the levels of Ozone in the Stratosphere has been improving in the past few years.


Of course no Government wants to hear that truth. You probably do not either. The EnviroNUTS have politicized the Science because they believed a correlation was a causation. They had another agenda which was to shut down DuPont's production of Freon.


It has only cost their CREDIBILITY. (And now we have Fukushima...WHICH IS A REALPROBLEM,,,and nobody will pay attention because the CREDIBILITY was BURNED, the Political Capital has been exhausted.)


That is what is very sad.


And finally to close on the issue of Beijing's pollution...


The problem is that the Power Companies in Beijing are not required to spend the Capital and build the precipitators to catalyze the emissions. That is why the skies of Beijing are smoggy. MONEY.

bdub2's picture

What...no bonus chart?

eddiebe's picture

We really don't need growth at all anymore especially since it is mostly growing in the wrong direction. What we really need is for those in power to apply themselves to be good stewards of our finite resources and to quit being such greedy bastards.

Chuck Knoblauch's picture

Did you know Tritium is used as a source of energy in EXIT signs?

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of Hydrogen.

It has a half-life of only 12 years.

I wonder what other uses it could have in society.