Maduro Warns Venezuelan Protesters "We Are Coming For You"; Calls John Kerry A "Murderer"

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As the daily street protests grow bloodier and bloodier, Venezuelan President Maduro has escalated his comments today, exclaiming that he "won't be bullied," and warning "prepare yourself, we are coming for you," if protesters don't "go home within hours."


With 28 dead in the last month of protests, things are very serious but as we warned previously, Maduro still enjoying the support of the poor - as EuroNews reports, it appears he is not going anywhere soon. John Kerry also came under fire as the foreign minister called him "a "murderer of the Venezuelan people," accusing him of encouraging the protests.



As Bloomberg reports,

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro says he will send armed forces to clear barricaded areas if "protesters don’t go home within hours."

"Prepare yourself, we are coming for you," Maduro tells soldiers at army event in Caracas

Plaza Altamira in eastern Caracas, the center of the protests, first to be “liberated,” Maduro says

As tensions with the US continue to rise:

The United States on Friday brushed aside "absurd" accusations by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro that it was meddling in the country's internal affairs by intervening in anti-government protests.


Venezuela's foreign minister Elias Jaua had earlier called top US diplomat John Kerry a "murderer of the Venezuelan people," accusing him of encouraging the protests that have killed 28 people in five weeks.


"The solution to Venezuela's problems lies in democratic dialogue among Venezuelans, not in repression or in hurling verbal brickbats at the United States," a state department official said on condition of anonymity.


"Venezuela's government needs to focus on solving its growing economic and social problems, not on making absurd allegations against the United States."


Maduro, however, charged that "the desperate government interventionism of the United States is clear."


"There's a slew of statements, threats of sanctions, threats of intervention. There has been lobbying by the highest officials in the US government," he said.


As Stratfor notes, these protests could mark a turning point as the economic situation deteriorates there is a chance that protests like this could begin to generate additional social momentum in rejection of the status quo...Perhaps things could be changing for Maduro...

Relatively large student-led opposition protests convened in Caracas, Valencia, Maracaibo and many other cities throughout the country. Rough Stratfor estimates put the crowd in Caracas at between 15,000-20,000 people based on aerial photos posted on social media. Venezuela's students are very politically active and protests are frequent. However, the relatively large turnout and widespread geographic distribution of this week's protests indicate that the movement may be gaining traction.


The challenge that the student movement will face is in finding a way to include Venezuela's laboring class, which for the most part still supports the government, and relies on its redistributive policies. Their inability to rouse broad support across Venezuela's social and economic classes was in part why previous student uprisings, including significant protests in 2007, failed to generate enough momentum to trigger a significant political shift.


But the situation has changed in Venezuela, and as the economic situation deteriorates there is a chance that protests like this could begin to generate additional social momentum in rejection of the status quo. President Nicolas Maduro has been in office for less than a year, and in that time the inflation rate has surged to over 50 percent and food shortages are a daily problem. Though firmly in power, the Chavista government is still struggling to address massive social and economic challenges. Massive government spending, years of nationalization and an overreliance on imports for basic consumer goods have radically deteriorated inflation levels, and undermined industrial production.


How the government responds will play a key role in the development of these protests going forward. The government cannot afford to crack down too hard without risking even worse unrest in the future. For its part, the mainstream opposition must walk a careful line between supporting the sentiment behind open unrest and being seen as destabilizing the country. Maduro retains the power to punish opposition politicians, and reaffirmed that Feb. 11 when he stated on national television that he intends to renew the law allowing him to outlaw political candidates who threaten the peace of the country. The statement was a clear shot over the bow of opposition leaders, and may foreshadow a more aggressive government policy designed to limit political opposition.

Perhaps it is the use of armed forces directly and aggressively that will roil the "poor"'s perspective - we will see

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Seer's picture
Venezuela Also Is Being Overthrown By The Criminal Regime In Washington — Paul Craig Roberts

I tend to trust PCR's assessment of things.

DeadFred's picture

Will anyone notice what Maduro does when the Russian and US nukes are flying?

Seer's picture

Maduro is reacting to US-backed aggitation.  Look up IRI.  NWO fucks.

Soul Glow's picture

The CIA loves to stir up trouble, as well as assassinate leaders.

flacon's picture

Maduro is proving yet again the abject failure of socialist/communist ideology. Why governments have to prove this over and over without learning from history is a mystery to me. 

Seer's picture

NO ideology works.  Period.

Go ahead, show me something that works with a government.   Waiting...

economics9698's picture

"With Chavez’s death, indigenous Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro became president. Maduro does not have Chavez’s charisma, which makes him an easier target for the tiny Spanish elite that owns the media."

What bull shit this is.  Chavez shut down several "elite" media outfits, including one my relative worked for.  Chavez was a thug who stole so he could pay Oppenhiemer 13% notes so he could stay in the good graces of the NYC bankers. 

Seer PCR does not have a fucking clue and you are full of shit.

The reason there are riots is these people cannot afford to eat.   

Seer's picture

So, you have a relative that's assisting the CIA?

"The reason there are riots is these people cannot afford to eat."

Obviously you are unable to actually read and comprehend what PCR wrote, you know, the part about D.C. fucking up Venezuela's currency to force it to be as fucked up as it is.

Thanks for showing your intellectual prowes by stating that I'm full of shit.  For a minute I thought you had some viable brain cells.

economics9698's picture

RCTV was shut down by Chavez.  Chavez paid the 13% notes.  No payment to NYC, no credit and the printing begins.

Finance 101. 

If your brainwashed dumb ass was ever there you would know the fucking media is nothing but one big Chavez’s love fest.

Seer's picture

And if you could actually read you'd have read that my position has been that you and your CIA relatives should stay the fuck out of the affairs of other nations.

Your hatred for socialism is overshadowing your ability to think.  I don't sign on to ideologies, in which case I don't suffer those sorts of blind spots.

CIA sponsored a coup before and LOST.  Maybe they pull it off this time.  Rejoice in getting more of the NWO in place!  And when it goes to shit, which it will, and when there are no "socialists" (or other such "thems") there to blame it on...

Thanks for playing!

economics9698's picture

The CIA coup shit is old, come up with something else, banker tool.

James_Cole's picture

The CIA coup shit is old

Yeah, a whole 12 years, distant past man, we way past that shit now. 

...and paying the Venezuelan 'student protestors'... IS IN THE US FEDERAL BUDGET for fucks sake. Venezuela has the largest proven reserves in the world, yes, America + friends be hellbent on installing a puppet regime. 

They're operating from the Chile script, have to be blind not to see it.

The CIA, as recounted in the Church Committee report, was involved in various plots designed to remove Allende and then let the Chileans vote in a new election where he would not be a candidate: It tried to buy off the Chilean Congress to prevent his appointment, worked to sway public opinion against him to prevent his election, and financed protests designed to bring the country to a stand-still and make him resign. The CIA, acting with the approval of the 40 Committee—the body charged with overseeing covert actions abroad—devised what in effect was a constitutional coup. The most expeditious way to prevent Allende from assuming office was somehow to convince the Chilean congress to confirm Jorge Alessandri as the winner of the election. 

The CIA's second approach, the Track II approach, was designed to encourage a military overthrow, by creating an atmosphere of crisis and disaster (a "coup climate") in the country. False flag operatives approached senior Chilean military officers, in "some two dozen contacts", with the message that "the United States intended to cut military assistance to Chile unless they moved against Allende, and that the U.S. desired, and would actively support, a coup."[36] The CIA also provided extensive support for black propaganda against Allende, funneled largely through El Mercurio, but also using other media outlets. Propaganda targeted both the people and the military. Financial support was also provided for anti-Allende political opponents and for organized strikes and unrest to destabilize his government.'%C3%A9tat

Richard Chesler's picture

Great. zh infiltrated by socialist, commie scum.


James_Cole's picture

Great. zh infiltrated by socialist, commie scum.

Don't worry too much, heavily indoctrinated braindead drones like you are still plentiful. 

Offthebeach's picture

I can't figure out if you are Joe Kennedy, Delahunt or Penn.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Some South American countries are working much better than Venezuela, like Peru.  Just today (Sat) my in-laws and I went and had a great day.  Lunch!  Starbucks (yes).  My wife and her sister went to see The Metropolitan Opera (see how that works).  Tai Chi in the park.

"A Pretty Good Day in Lima"
sessinpo's picture

Seer    "NO ideology works.  Period. Go ahead, show me something that works with a government.   Waiting..."


That in itself is an ideology.

ArrestBobRubin's picture

Yes, it would be so much more efficient for the Venezuelans to have their asses fucked in by the IMF and crony "capitalists" in the person of bankster whore crypto Jew Henrique Capriles Radonski. Just think of him as the local Yatsenyuk.

Yes, what a truly wonderful place Venezuela will be when they too face the same fate as you and I and the rest of the so-called "West": that of debt slaves on the global plantation, ruled over by local Satraps.

Israel's Man in Venezuela: Henrique Capriles Radonski ...

Any other "mysteries" you need cleared up?

TheReplacement's picture

Aw man, you didn't blame it on Jews.  You'll get red.

Seriously, when did ZH become a haven to supporters of socialism/dictators?  Maduro is just a another bird of the same feather - a thug and a thief.   Too many on ZH cannot see that his way is a bad way and people will be unhappy with it.  They will resist it, with or without US help.  Maduro is a piece of crap and if he's hanging from a lightpost tomorrow the world will be better off.  Same for those who support him and get rich off his rape of his country.

El Vaquero's picture

It wouldn't surprise me if people are rioting because their economy sucks and their government is corrupt.

It wouldn't surprise me if people are rioting because the CIA and the State Department have been in there meddling.

It wouldn't surprise me if it was both. 


Venezuela's government sucks, the US State Department sucks and the CIA sucks.  Fuck'em all. 

Seer's picture

And there it is!

No hypocrisy there!  No Party Pussy shit.  Just the flat-out truth from someone who actually can think like an adult.

BTW - Add in that TPTB suck.

economics9698's picture

A Big Mac is $30 fucking dollars, that's why they are rioting.

Seer's picture

Duly noted: supporter of CIA and McDonalds.

economics9698's picture

McDonalds fed more hungry people than all the ideology in the world.  Take the ideology and shove it.

Seer's picture

"McDonalds fed more hungry people than all the ideology in the world. "

Yup, an IRI-er fer sure!

"Take the ideology and shove it."

I don't suffer from any ideological blind spots.

economics9698's picture

"I don't suffer from any ideological blind spots."

No you do not it's all about the $$$$$ 

sessinpo's picture

Seer    "NO ideology works.  Period.  Go ahead, show me something that works with a government.   Waiting.." "I don't suffer from any ideological blind spots."


But that is an ideology. Thus you do suffer from ideological blind spots. No ideology is perfect. All have pros and cons.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture



fascism and nazism worked pretty well.


it just depends what do you mean with "work"?

GeorgeHayduke's picture

I thought you were talking about the US until I read the last line.

Folks in the US haven't reached the point of rioting yet, but the rest of it i

ronron's picture

but i get junked by assholes for poiting out that turd and the jackass junked PCR to sell subsciptions.

ArrestBobRubin's picture

I up-voted you. Turd's a dolt who's actually down with the "official story" of 9/11. Any more need to be said about his lack of ability to think critically? He's either an idiot or liar and coward, either way, what good is he? At least Willie has some really interesting ideas and a unique take on things.

Freddie's picture

I do not really like Turd.  He used to write columns here on ZH about Silver. I think he made some bad calls on silver aka the trend is your friend.  The trend changed and he could not figure it out.

Dr. Jim Willie is pretty good and Paul Craig Roberts is excellent.

Stuck on Zero's picture

They are clearly Venezuelan tea party terroristas.


Ifigenia's picture

Why didnt USA take the Venezuela case to UNSC?

22winmag's picture

It looks like there is no lack of dicktators that need to be strung up around the globe.



Seer's picture

"The United States on Friday brushed aside "absurd" accusations by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro that it was meddling in the country's internal affairs by intervening in anti-government protests."

Absurd?  It's already on the record that they had supported a failed coup against Chavez!

This has trademark US interventionism written all over it.  I don't give a fuck about others do in their own country, it's their damn business, not ours!

EatYourCornTakeyourPill's picture

Yeah, everything that happens in the world that doesn't go the way some dictators want it is the work of the U.S. Absolutely. The U.S is omnipotent. If someone farts in China, the U.S knows about it. Is the U.S also behind the protests in Greece, Italy and Spain? Let's see what the RT has to say about that one.

I read a study on the RT that 1 out of every 2 U.S citizens abroad is a CIA agitator stirring up trouble. Sounds like the CIA has unlimited funding. Someone call appropriations stat. 

Yeah, I'll take the word of a lunatic any day over that of politicians from the civilized world. woot woot.

gallistic's picture

You are foolish and ignorant in ways that are difficult to describe. I certainly am not going to waste my time trying to explain it to you.

It would take a sincere, unbiased, and sustained effort to plow through the enormous amount of declassified records that exist on Venezuela and are readily available. The facts tell a completely different story, but I am certain that you are not going to put forth the effort.

Anyone can throw their "opinion" out there. You have a right to your opinion, but it is a sorry-ass uninformed opinion that demonstrates your complete ignorance and is not worth any serious consideration.


EatYourCornTakeyourPill's picture

Let's ignore the fact that the CIA is definitely active in South America and has always been.

Do you truly believe that the Venezuelan people want Maduro? There is significant opposition to this guy and with good reason.

Same thing in Ukraine, the people overthrew that crook with good reason. Not everything is a master plot by the CIA. 

Nice try discrediting my "opinion" though.

Seer's picture

"Do you truly believe that the Venezuelan people want Maduro? There is significant opposition to this guy and with good reason."

That's NOT the question for us to decide now, is it?

Calmyourself's picture

Yes it is not for us to decide but it is certainly for us to opine.  You seem to fixate on outside influence never actually considering facts o nthe ground and true organic protest, your contention is no protests are legitimate or can we not discuss that?

Kaiser Doomheiser's picture

There can be no doubt that the US has special forces on the ground in Venezuala, committing economic sabotage and spreading terror, just like they do in dozens of other countries. Can you really be so naiive as to believe otherwise?

The Evil Empire is on the march throughout large swaths of the globe, but ignorant indoctrinated DFs like you will never understand the true nature of events until your ass in blown off in WW3. It won't be long at this rate.

Carl Popper's picture

If you have ever been in venezuela you know that active sabotage is unnecessary. Government and public utility employees do a great deal of sabotage just by accident.

I never saw a working metal detector in the Maracaibo airport. However they did have a couple of dogs sniff my asshole.

Edit. My friends told me if they think you have something up your ass they will make you do naked squats. I think that is actually more civilized than the TSA long finger.

Seer's picture

You think that it's much different in nearly all other countries in the world?

Like I managed to get my wife to understand, yeah, the govt in the Philippines (where she's from) is corrupt as hell, but in the US it's even worse.  Where there's more money there's more corruption.  In the US it's just better hidden/dressed up to look legit.

Personal anecdotes are just that.  ALL govts suck.

Again, people, especially of the libertarian bent, ought to stop fucking supporting propaganda even if it attacks socialists.  The truth is what matters.

Lastly, when you've started a fire the coals continue to burn long after the flames are gone.  The US's instigations in Latin America will burn for a long time even if it stops fanning the flames.  This means that many people down there are still charged with all the propaganda that was instilled in them.  People have memories and knocking off their elected leaders is no way to provide a firm basis for establishing a sound society.

abunusaybah's picture

+1 Philipinos are really cool some of the most humble happy people i ever met  even though the politicians bend them ova on a regular basis

Calmyourself's picture

Dogs obviously on the CIA payroll, their all asshole sniffers..