This Pretty Much Sums Up The Sad State Of The US Constitution

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Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog,

My research team recently passed along a piece of legislation they were looking at called the “ENFORCE the Law Act of 2014.”

It immediately piqued my interest… because anytime you see all CAPS in government documents, it signifies some absurd acronym. And the ‘ENFORCE the Law Act’ did not disappoint.

ENFORCE stands for “Executive Needs to Faithfully Observe and Respect Congressional Enactments”.

And the stated objective of the legislation is “to protect the separation of powers in the Constitution of the United States by ensuring that the President takes care that the laws be faithfully executed. . .”

The bill goes on with specific language to authorize Congress bringing civil legal action against the President of the United States, or any cabinet secretary, for implementing some rule or executive order that does not conform with Article II of the Constitution.

This pretty much sums up the sad state of affairs in the Land of the Free.

When Congress has to pass a new law just to get the President of the United States to, you know, follow the Constitution that he swore to ‘support and defend’, you can be certain that the system has become broken beyond all repair.

This isn’t a commentary on the current POTUS; the disturbing trend of rapidly expanding executive abuse has been increasing for years.

It has nothing to do with Mr. Obama, or Mr. Bush before him, or future Presidents that will continue to expand their offices.

It’s the system itself that is fundamentally flawed. The model is simply no longer valid. Having an election and voting in a new commander-in-chief won’t fix the problem. All you’re doing is changing the players. It’s time to change the game.

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The sheeple are just as guilty for the tearing up of the Constitution

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Good thing the repubs were so vigilant about 'enforce'ing the constitution under their presidents.

For added comedy, here's a guy who’s shown through his voting record he doesn't give two fucks about the constitution again going on about how important / immutable it is:


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I wonder how long it would take Obama to delay implementation of that law beyond the end of his second term.

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Any document that calls into existence an entity that is wholly evil can in no way be considered good or desirable.

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And to any of the down voters capable of thinking this through: YOU DON'T NEED GOVERNMENT, YOUR LORDS AND MASTERS DO.

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Instead of “separation of powers” we should be using the proper term “separation of ABUSE”. I think? ;-)


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I've always liked the idea of making Washington, DC a separate country.

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That separate country would need a very strong border control - to keep all those assholes in...  ;-)


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“when once we have made our fellow men the objects of our enlightened interest, to go on to make them objects of our pity, then of our wisdom, ultimately of our coercion”

Lionel Trilling, “The Liberal Imagination” 1950


Professor Trilling (Columbia) was actually cautioning liberals not to go there.

They obviously ignored his admonition.


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Boris favorite Rushian rock band:


We are take good care of every thing 

Word you are hear, song you are sing 

Picture that is give pleasure to your eye

Is one for all and all is for one 

We work together, common son 

Never need to wonder how or why 


We are the Priest of the Temple of Syrinx 

Our great computer is fill hallowed hall

We are the Priest of Temple of Syrinx 

All gift of life are held within our wall 


Look around at world we are make 

Equality our stock in trade

Come and join Brotherhood of Man 

Oh, what is nice, contenting world 

Let banner is be unfurled 

Hold Red Star is proudly high in hand 

We are Priest of Temple of Syrinx 

Our great computer is filling up hallowed hall

We are Priest of Temple of Syrinx 

All gift of life are held within our wall


We are assume control, we are assume control, we are assume control,...

Resistance is futile...


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Damn Boris, that is some piece of work.  Took a moment to catch the 'Rushian' connotation.

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I want the Kool-Aid concession at the temple.

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I know that song, "White House Rocks".

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It is I thought.  Or at least a separate corporation...

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like the origional deed says...........ROME 

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I prefer seperation of heads via guillotine.

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I'm not sure you thought this through Anu, without law or enforcement of law you would very quickly become my bitch.  I'm no saint.

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That's why we need to RESTORE the RULE OF LAW.

The "Common Law" Grand Jury process is the way.

Today, CT, and RI consituted, but we need more people in those States to be FULLY CONSTITUTED.

Florida is very close to being FULLY CONSTITUTED.


We have members in every state now.

Saw a lot of poverty in Providence today.

Most people have no idea REALLY WHY.

We do.



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I'll read it when I have some time but anything citing
NY state in it's modern form as an example of national liberty is questionable.

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you may want to identify a country to live in that the major power folks dont care about. there you could have a period of time where representative govt could work. north america is fully owned and controlled by families you dont like, and there is no getting any power for some previous dream. perhaps new zealand? some part of it? you will not be making any headway on this continent certainly. why be unrealistic?    

scrappy's picture

I like to try.

I like our people.

Regarding families I supposedly do not like, not true, just what some of them do, and they can change, that's we have Mercy as one of our three tenents. Also I suspect within those families some of the new generation is questioning things.

Like this one on Mish's site.

We shall see.

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That was so spot on scrappy.

And what a sort.

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What enforcement, of what law? So the worst possible outcome, that you can imagine as a result of anarchy, is that government would just re-establish itself? When do we get started with the whole anarchy thing?

For those who want to make other people their bytch there is the RTBA. Why would you want to make anybody your bytch? What is the logic?

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Ok then.  Let us all govern ourselves.  But first, I get the nukes.  Have fun with your impossible dream.

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You know, under the Bush administration a lot of conservatives were worried about those expanded executive powers falling into the hands of Democrats. (Not that there's a whole lot of difference, really). But the warpath neo-con idiocy of Bill O'Reilly won the day. Why should we expect any President, from any party, to roll back his own powers now? The short-sightedness and greed of the Republican Party -- in their firm belief that no Democrat would ever be elected again -- was stunning. They got what they deserved; a Democrat in office who can interpret any law any way he sees fit, secretly and by fiat, just like ol' Junior used to. Unfortunately, the rest of us got it too.

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no they are not, the guilty would love to blame them
though. put it this way, there are people, not sheeple,
and they can be maligned for being forced into
slavery and believing their educators and masters
but they are not guilty of the fundamental crime of
perpetuating financial and monetary fraud on the
modern world. they are not guilty of the disease or
defect of "negritude" as was ascribed to those dissatisfied
slaves who sought to run away from the plantation.

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Most of the American people can be accused of ignorance. But that is much better than willfully violating one's oath, willfully waging war against the American people, terrorizing most of the world, killing indiscriminately wherever they go, etc.

No, the American people should and will answer to themselves for their ignorance, but the criminals of the DC US will one day have to answer to the American people.

"My guillotine is just trying to get ahead."

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Have you heard they will switch partners on "Dancing with the Stars" this season? 

Gotta go take my constitutional now - but I'll be back later - with Cheetos.

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Yep, the sheeple of America didn't get to where they're at without a lot of help. The non-stop deluge of mind control in education, entertainment, news media, and music is highly effective. There are opportunities to wake up now, but just sayin' that there's no reason to beat the sheep. They're getting plenty of abuse as it is.

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It might be deleted here, on ZH, but General Alex keeps all un-deleted and/or edited copies forevah...  ;-)


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The USA PATRIOT Act is the same thing, it's an acronym for: Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001.

George Orwell would have appreciated the language.


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The assertion that the sheeple are guilty is based on the assumption that voting actually does something.  Do you think voting does something other than appease the people into a stupor of self satisfaction?

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The electoral system is dominated by the twin party. The twin party, and their candidates, are bought and paid for by a (relatively) small group of wealthy people -- the wealth primary. They and their rich friends control the media (and profit handsomely from the arrangement). 

Thus, third party candidates cannot get equal media exposure, since they lost the wealth primary. Even when a third party candidate beats these long odds, they are politically isolated in the legislature unless they play ball with one, or the other, twin party.

There is nothing sacrosanct about the twin party "system". Moreover, it now makes mockery of our democratic process -- discovery of our political will by voting -- turning it into a tyrannical farce. But elections must be held to maintain the illusion of governance of, for and by the people -- to maintain the legitimacy of TPTB's ruling order.

What we need is a common point of political agreement, outside the twin party paradigm, that seeks to discover and quantify our political will. A point that clarifies the political voice of those of us whom think red team / blue team politics and politicians corrupt... and unfit for office.

Do you consent to what the US government is doing?

If not, in the next election mark No Consent on your ballot and tender it...

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Sorry dude. Can't take any responsibility here. I obey the law.

-A Sheeple

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There is a constitution in the United States?  The President is suppose to follow it?  

blindman's picture

good point. comprehend, follow and defend that
understanding. but we have the con artists who like
to play it like defense council, for the ....
wait for it ......
fucking federal reserve notes!
"god help the beast in me." n.l.

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Excellent question, chinoslims. Yes, there is this all powerful governing document called the Constitution. It looks like it is written in English but that is a common fallacy. It is actually written in a mystical language similar to English but only nine mystics in black robes can actually tell us what it means. Even though the words of the document never really seem to change, the meaning of it does. It is really quite supernatural. Normally to say and mean something new and different a document must be rewritten or amended. Not the Constitution! In the hands of the nine mystics it's meaning and intent can change without a single letter being altered.

I am not expert in this document but if I had to sum it up from recent rulings, it says the U.S. Government can do whatever it wants to. Those things that look like limitations, restrictions and enumerations really are not. Who knew?

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That's funny, the 9 mystics in black robes.  Who would have thought that the US supreme court would become the Oracle of Delphi.  Pretty sad

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Mark Levin calls them "Men In Black", in the book he wrote with that title. Their fucked up reading of the commerce clause laid a lot of the groundwork for this long slide into tyranny under the unaccountable administrative state sucking the life out of everything now.

A Nanny Moose's picture

you mean FORMER United States. Untied seems for appropriate.

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Time to Change the Game. 

Before the Game bursts into flame.

Time to Change the Game.

Before the Game bursts into flame.

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It's called impeachment. Use it, you elected pussies!

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When Congress has to pass a new law just to get the President of the United States to, you know, follow the Constitution that he swore to ‘support and defend’, you can be certain that the system has become broken beyond all repair.


The legislature(s) don't have the votes for impeachment, because that would be the most effective pathway to end this farce!

lunaticfringe's picture

They will never impeach the POS. He is black. The race war that would follow would make the LA riots look like a high school wrestling match.