Russian Hyperinflation Deja Vu?

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Presented with little comment aside to ask... just how many lives does a Russian Ruble have?



Note: The Russian Ruble has devalued against the USD over 11% in the last few weeks (at an annualized pace of 91%)...


h/t Steve Hanke and @Not_Jim_Cramer

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Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Where's the US when Russia retaliates with "GAS FOR GOLD, OIL FOR GOLD"?

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Fucked. Fucked right in the ass. That's where. Barry loves getting fucked in the ass! Fuck you Obama!

LetThemEatRand's picture

I tend to think "oil for gold" is when the CIA and its ilk make the world believe that Russia started WWIII with a false flag.  And I think Putin knows this.  I heard a great interview of Paul Craig Roberts today (linked by someone here -- can't remember who but thanks), and he thinks the neocons will back down before actually starting a hot war.  I'm not so sure he's right if their fiat based dollar system is threatened overtly.

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Oil for gold is when that Malaysian jet takes off from the Maldives or wherever towards Russia with an EMP

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Marx/Lenin were right about the West hanging themselves with their own rope.

nmewn's picture

Which would be true, if the west weren't currently run by socialists.

zionhead's picture

"socialists" care about people,

the west is ran by NATIONAL-SOCIALISTS, NAZI's

NAZI's are big corporations and socialism for the corporation


Socialism for  the PEOPLE has NEVER existed in the USA, ever.


The Vineyard's picture

The Russian economy will be crushed.  America has a lot of power.  People forget that because most of us are overweight and shop at Walmart.  Bitches.

kashey's picture

Who in Russia cares about it? For last 23 post-Soviet years we had been through so many defaults, hyperinflations and in general hard times so one more time is not a problem. Crimea is Russian land with Russian people and it is worth any sanctions.

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NAZI is an acronym with the word socialist in it. You didn't really just try to say nazi's are bad but socialists are good, did you?

merizobeach's picture

Time for you to get banned again, spambot.

kashey's picture

Time to you to stop talking to yourself.

merizobeach's picture

What's the matter, did somebody kick you in the pussy?

Yellowhoard's picture

Like North Korean Socialism?

Cuban Socialism?

Cambodian Socialism?

Cultural Revolution Socialism?

If we get the "good" Peoples Socialism, I'm long mass graves.

GoinFawr's picture

And T.Douglas' eyes just rolled over in his grave (again)

"They had built up a straw man and now they were knocking it down"-TD


A greenie for Knuks, for whom the penny has finally dropped:


Mad_max's picture

Socialist hate people. They despise people. They think people are stupid, malign and evil, and that why you need a state to overthrow the rule of law, make economic choices for them and control them. As Hayek made abundently clear in 'the road to serfdom' Nazism is socialism. Not whatever fantasy you have in your head.

Cap Matifou's picture

The greatest "socialists" are and were always the millionaires and billionaires.
Collectivism and hand steered world revolution is the hot dream of these nwo-fuckers.

Looky what happens when a millionaire is not playing ball.

Emails Reveal Deceased Hedge Fund Manager Refused To Join Bill Gates’ "Worthless" Giving Pledge

Freewheelin Franklin's picture

I guess that's why the Nazis showed up at Ludwig von Mises's door the morning after he fled to Switzerland. And fearing for his safety even in Switzerland, he fled to the US. 


You want Socialism for the people? Go to Venezuela and wait in line for toilet paper and other basic necessities, if you can even get them. 





kaiserhoff's picture

If Barry thinks Russia will leave the Crimea over money, he is blowing smoke up his own ass.

The Russkies don't worry about food.  They have wodka.

(Come to think of it, we could make some righteous change selling tickets to that show.)

nmewn's picture

When you get right down to it, oligarchs (whether socialist or capitalist) care little for the concerns of the "little people".

One side will exploit their emotions to keep them on the EBT plantation, the other will exploit their labor to keep them on the treadmill grasping for the golden ring.

I'm sure both varieties get a real kick out of this theater of the absurd, of having gala's and balls for the poor & infirmed, of starting wars of distraction, of prying into our lives to see what else can be "mined"...but make no mistake, a day of reckoning is coming.

I'll pull the lever on all of them with a ;-)

economics9698's picture

"I'm sure both varieties get a real kick out of this theater of the absurd, of having gala's and balls for the poor & infirmed, of starting wars of distraction, of prying into our lives to see what else can be "mined"...but make no mistake, a day of reckoning is coming."


I'am positive.  These sick bastards enjoy the theater.

Volkodav's picture

VV Putin was never about money.

wolves are always offended when kept from sheep.

Freewheelin Franklin's picture

he is blowing smoke up his own ass. 


That's where 90% of the man-made global warming is coming from.  


zorba THE GREEK's picture

Knuckles...for whatever it's worth, the last world dynasty mentioned in the bible is the west.

When our gig is up, so is the world's.

zionhead's picture

The west  could all implode, and the rest of the world would be just fine.


biblical history, was still written by the assholes who  won prior war's, like all history,

Religion, is great example of bullshit, ... while Religion has its purpose to pacificy morons inclined to violence, calling the the MOSSAD "Jewish" is a crock  of shit.

It would be lik calling "CHARLIE MANSION" a Christian.


In all human history there will always be good place to live and bad places, ..

Some of us have the 10 commandments hard-wired in our hearts, others need to have them pounded into them,... the latter need religion, the prior do not.

BlindMonkey's picture

That is because the prior are hard wired to live by natural law as defined by God

Quus Ant's picture

Grown-ass folks are still setting their clocks by a 2000 year old fairy tale.

Christ on a stick, folks, it's a little late in the game for this shit.

TheReplacement's picture

All the people who've brought us to this point cannot be believers to have behaved the way they have.  How is faith in man working for ya there pal?

GoinFawr's picture

Sure they 'believe', in Mammon. 'Turning the other cheek' hasn't had much of an effect, in case you hadn't noticed.

"What Jesus fails to appreciate is that the meek are part of the problem."-Reg of the  PFJ

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Both the US and the Russians have had air-burst EMP devices since the 60s.  Not like the EMP pulse of a nuke designed to do physical damage, they pop WAY up in the atmospere.  They cover a HUGE diameter and can fry any unshielded electronics instantly.  Not just integrated circuit boards.  They can fry some pretty stout electro-mechanical components, too, like electric motors, generators, etc.

I'm told about the only thing safe from them are electro-chemical systems.  Like batteries and human beings.

Just repeating what has been told to me by family who claim to have military knowlege in this area.


seek's picture

EMP damage depends on a few factors, but the two main things are wire length and shielding. A basic handheld radio, cellphone, flashlight, or other small electronics simply doesn't have enough length for a meaningful voltage gradient to develop over it and cause problems. At distances where an EMP would cause issues with small electronics or integrated circuits, well, trust me, you got bigger problems than the ipad not working, like finding some replacement skin.

Anything with a long enough wire -- power grid and anything atttached to it, wireline telephones, cable TV/internet, large antennas -- will get smoked by high altitude EMP. This pretty much terminates a developed economy.

There's an in-depth study of vehicles that wasn't done too long ago, and an EMP only stopped about half of them, and all but one was back with just a power cycle of the ignition switch. Fixing the grid won't be so easy, I doubt it'd be back to where it was before an EMP in a lifetime.

Ranger4564's picture

Agreed re restoration in a lifetime... the biggest issue would be that so many components would need to be replaced, and the manufacture of those replacement parts would be near impossible without machinery... so we'd be sitting there rebuilding all sorts of machines to create more powerful machines, so we could recreate some of the components used in the industrial systems.

I'll trust you on the rest. If I was not on the upper floors of my apartment building, I'd build a faraday cage maybe for some useful electronics. - some of the comments are pretty critical of the article... it was just a quick link i found.



TuPhat's picture

Ranger, I read the article.  It isn't totally correct as some of the comments stated.  He confuses electrical potential such as lightning with electromagnetic radiation such as in an EMP.  They aren't the same.  The electric grid and anything with long wires will be fried.  Things connected to the grid, cable or telephone wires will probably be fried as well.  Other stuff not so much.  I agree with the long timeline for restoration.

kito's picture

seek, what odds do you place on an emp being utilized against the u.s.?

seek's picture

Pretty low odds IMO. I'm no gambler nor an expert on geopolitics, but it needs to be realized that an EMP is an all-or-nothing commitment to WW3.

In a nutshell, anyone that triggers a EMP against the US is detonating a nuclear weapon on/above US soil, and destroying infrastructure on a national scale. The response to such an attack would be apocalyptic.

TheReplacement's picture

Suppose, if you will, there are already nukes orbiting the earth above the US.  An attack could be initiated via a missile on a false flagged freighter in the Gulf of Mexico, carried in by a civilian airliner like a 777, or dropped from orbit.  In theory, it would be awfully hard to figure out who did it.  And so what if we did?  Would we really initiate the end of the world by retaliating with a world ending strike for an attack that didn't actually kill anyone?  Yes, the majority of the population would die but that would be on us for being unprepared. 

It would be risky.  But if it were pulled off the puller(s) would own the world.

dirtscratcher's picture


"Would we really initiate the end of the world by retaliating with a world ending strike for an attack that didn't actually kill anyone?  Yes, the majority of the population would die......." ------TheReplacement


Wha...? Huh? If the attack didn't kill anyone then how did the majority of the population die? Old age??

Champie's picture

You didn't really read the whole thread, did you? Keep up, this shit ain't gonna wait on your slow ass

seek's picture

"Would we really initiate the end of the world by retaliating with a world ending strike for an attack that didn't actually kill anyone?"

Yes, we would. The whole game theory of nukes requires that it happen.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Barry would call for a beer summit first, followed by talking through, while Putin annexes Delaware.

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

I'm not sure that EMPs would be used in quite the way many think.  A few rental trucks in Langley, Manhattan, Silicon Valley and some other spots would achieve quite a lot, no matter what happened with the electrical grid.

Anyway, take or leave that, of course, but another point is that people also think far, far too much in terms of electronics and not nearly enough in terms of biological agents.  Water, air... 


I think the ability to control the situation in a war with a nation like Russia would deteriorate much more swiftly than the old fucks in charge truly realize.  I may be and hope I am wrong.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

An EMP that brought down the power grid would be a global extinction level event.

The Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster is all anyone needs to realize this. Even if reactors could be shut down safely, which is questionable, there are dozens of plants in the US with on-site spent fuel storage pools. Without electricity to run the cooling systems, the water boils off and then the spent fuel rods start to burn.

For those who have seen the film Dr. Strangelove, you can consider nuclear power plants to be the equivalent, in terms of end results, of the doomsday device.

zionhead's picture

Neocon's are insane, your giving them credit much,

They have already killed 100 million too get the money-tree where it is today, they're NOT going to walk away from this kind of power.

Besides the entire CIA/mossad pension system is dependent upon this free fiat to infinity, ... millions of people have a vested interest in MURDER.

Where is RM? Did he get deleted?

In the last Century the NEO-CON's killed 100 Million, I say in this century they will kill a BILLION.

War is coming LTR.


seek's picture

I agree with you, and I don't think PCR is right on that call. The neocons are insane in the clinical sense -- completely detatched from reality. Listen to McCain sometime, he really believes most of the shit he's spewing. The left has their own version of this, but it seems to be limited to the nanny-state-cures-all mentality. Don't forget the neocons have more than a few of the religious right who think it's a duty to bring about the end times as well.

You touch on a key point, though -- if the fiat system is threatened, both sides of the one party lose all their power. Even worse, there's more than enough evidence floating about in files within the government that would allow specific people to be blamed and identified as major enablers of the banking-based takeover (and subsequent collapse) of the US. If the system collapses a lot of the people responsible will be at best wishing for an event that obliterates records, and at worst doing their most to bring that to fruition.

zionhead's picture

All files are kept by IRON-MOUNTAIN and all facilitys are pre-wired for incineration.

All file(s) today of course could mean NSA HQ in UTAH, ... but it will still burn, ..

Just like when the Berlin Wall fell, the cockroaches MUST cover their tracks.


Ranger4564's picture

I was just reading today that most parts of the gov parts of DC are wired with explosives, in the event they need to be blown up to keep them out of prying hands / eyes. I don't know if any of that is true, but it seemed plausible... Military installations, I assume the military would just blow them up manually... bomb them to smithereens.

Tall Tom's picture

Like WTC #7 ??? Was it prewired for Demolition to keep the Enron case, and other scandals, from being discovered and prosecuted?


You sound like a Conspiracy Theorist...