Delta Boeing 757 Makes Emergency Landing After Wing Panel Tears Off Midflight

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It has not been a good month for Boeing: first one of its 777s disappears in the now infamous Malaysian Airlines MH370 heist, which is increasingly looking as a hijacking commited by the pilots, and yesterday, a Delta Airlines Boeing 757, Flight 2412 from Orlandon to Atlanta, saw an entire panel tear off from its wing forcing the plane to make an emergency landing. At least this time the plane was tracked for the duration of the flight, perhaps because there was nothing that would be considered extraordinary in its cargo manifest, speaking of which, perhaps it is time for Malaysia Airlines to reveal just what was held in flight MH370's cargo hold.

From NBC:

A panel on one of the wings on a Delta aircraft fell off during a flight from Orlando, Fla., to Atlanta, Ga., on Sunday, according to the airline.


The detached panel did not impact the aircraft's ability to fly or land, Delta spokesman Anthony Black said of Flight 2412.


"The crew, knowing that, followed procedure by declaring an emergency to air traffic control as they were landing, which gave them priority clearance to land and alerted ground crews," Black said.


The aircraft landed uneventfully at 7:30 p.m. Sunday and taxied to the gate. None of the 179 passengers and six crew members aboard the flight was injured. The airline is inspecting the plane to determine why the panel came off.

And the clip:

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fonzannoon's picture

If I was sitting there I would be too busy shitting my pants and screaming like a crazed woman to snap that picture.

Seasmoke's picture

Toughen up. Just think that wing, is your Silver. 

Independent's picture

You may be leaving on a jet plane but there is no guarantee you will be in one the whole length of your trip LOL

Slave's picture

US can't even make planes anymore. Fucking pathetic.

New England Patriot's picture

They don't make duct tape like they used to.

krispkritter's picture

At this point I'd rather be shot out of a cannon in the general direction of my destination rather than submit to the groping of the TSA thugs and the risk of the plane, or the pilot for that matter, coming apart in mid-air...

Pee Wee's picture

True that.  I used to fly 1-2 times per year since the early 1990's.

TSA ended that the first time I flew in 2002.  The entire family has ceased air travel since and will never go back. 

All Bush-loving Fascist US air carriers fending off ghosts of bullshit security can rot in hell - never touching them again.   I find other arrangements or don't go -- mostly the latter.

666's picture

On whom did the panel fall on? If only it could have been Obummer...

Pool Shark's picture



That photo was taken by William Shatner who was screaming something about a man out on the wing pulling off the panels...


Cadavre's picture

My dearest fellow terror suspects and to those 77% of the MIB snoops that are with us and have to pretend tow the neo liberal line by sniffing our content, good day.

A quick peruse of the search indexes indicates that Delta Air Lines and Malaysian Airlines both have maintenace contracts with Empire Aero, an Israeli (flase) flagged maintenance service provider. ANd, oh, BTW, Empire Aero was also the maintenance outfit that serviced the Air West plane Hilary Clinton passed to Obama when she withdrew from the 2008 "Prince of Peace Prizes" race, you remember, the one that took off with the future prez and press corp that farked up so bad it had to return to the departure port and make an emergency landing.

What kinds of action have other Israeli (false) flag shops been close to - like ICS - the WTC security contractor hired by stubby's brother after he embezzled an S&L to sh*t and set the the savings and loan crisis of Daddy Dearest's last reigning year as broccoli brafer queen bee `n chief, in motion - and - as well - all the 911 box cutter bandito departure airports ...

What did Stubby say, "You can fool me once, but, then you can fool me again, errr ... wait ... just .. a minute ... there's static in my head set .. and the damn tele-prompter guy must be snorting a line with old elephant thighs ... why did momma make me marry that women ... shit - I was a cheerleader at Yale ... and there was this cute tall blonde guy (ahhh ... Brad) that really caught my eye and put a dragon in my zipper"

If it looks like a turd. If it feels like a turd. If it smells like a turd and it tastes like a turd - then by golly - it's a fucking turd.


zerozulu's picture

Let me say," It was not a good month for USSA".

Shad_ow's picture

Add me to that list.  I do not fly anymore.  Will not stand for the groping or the fear of incompetents, often foreigners, who work for the airlines.

Handful of Dust's picture

"These things happen," the spokesperson told journalists.

MaggieL's picture

Oh, I'd say the chances are pretty good you'll be strapped into your seat all the way to the end of the trip. Wherever that turns out to be. 

That part'll happen pretty definately:

booboo's picture

Air travel has a perfect record, they have never left a plane up there yet.

Skin666's picture



Cut me some slack, jack...

TheGreenManalishi's picture

I can't keep up with this, I don't know what the bloody hell you're on about!!!! 

NoDebt's picture

I don't wanna know NOTHING from the minute the wheels leave the ground until they touch down again.  For flights to Germany and the Netherlands I used to do my "two Martinis and and an Ambien" routine.  I called it my time-travel cocktail.

Now would you please stop screaming, I'm trying to sleep here.


duo's picture

I wonder if the latest maintainence was done at one of the new offshore/central America facilities instead of an actual Delta repair facility.  Gotta save costs, you know.

Independent's picture

I always pack one of those emergency parachutes in my carry on, so far no one has said anything or maybe when its all folded up it just looks like clothing, oh well I will be one less screamer on the plane.

frenzic's picture

I'll keep that one in mind for next time. Thanks.

johnQpublic's picture

to do a long flight ,i  usually drink until they cut me off. every time actually. i liked flying ntil the night landing when the plane apeared level with the sea wall and was getting slapped back n forth by the wind. came up over the wal, bounced, touched a wing tip. hate flying. hate it.

fooshorter's picture

Airbus has been having a bad month too, those front leading problems have plagued the A320, and the latest incident reminded of when jetblue had to make that great landing in LAX with a busted gear a few years ago.  Boeing is off the hook for the tragedy in malaysia as the evidence is pointing it was human related.

geno-econ's picture

Another cheap job at Maaco

1stepcloser's picture

Orlandon, we have a problem!

Whoa Dammit's picture

They flew the thing all the way to Atlanta with that great bloody hole in its wing and landed at Hartsfield.

1stepcloser's picture

yeah cause no one was answering at the Orlandon tower....

Dr. Engali's picture

I'm sure that window seat has a shit stain on it right now too.

Seasmoke's picture

I still can't believe I allow myself to walk into these tin tubes.

Whoa Dammit's picture

Deferred maintenance can be a bitch. 

1stepcloser's picture

I bet they find that tiny piece of the wing before the entire flight 370!

BLOTTO's picture

A R2D2 unit would fix that wing up during the flight no problems...

1stepcloser's picture

or a competent maintence crew during pre-flight...

krispkritter's picture

Somewhere a maintenance guy is going 'I think I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue...'.  Guy that owns the land next to me works for Delta maintenance in Tampa...I'll have to ask him about this.

Cadavre's picture

Lame Stream Journalism is funnier than any Jon Stewart parody.

I clicked to a lame stream broad cast to get a quick look at the exchanges. There was a panel giving mouth to the ever fermenting fantastical hard hint (wink wink nod nod) of a rational in support of the Mockingbirds' bovex chirp job of the day, by pretending  Boeing never has problems with it's flying machines, so, and, therefore the Malaysian plane was another box cutter victim of some unfathomable connection of the dots that was linked Dead Bin's Son's trial for,I guess, being Davey Jones-ed Bin's son, 4-sure, has to be a constitutionally verifiable test for some kind of capital crime - or, maybe, it's the unwritten 11th commandment -


Err back to the Bin's Son's Trail link - superbly mapped by lame stream's chiding chimp face jobs (some them bitchez starting to look a little bloated for my taste) , implying that some other guy with a beard, knew another guy, with a beard,  that sold Richard Reid, the butt child oaf of an autistic male goat, aka, our very famous shoe bomber guy, Richar's Boom Boom Booming footwear.. And then, just before the coffee blasted out my nostrils, some limp dick on the panel reveals that the same guy who sold Reid the boom boom chucky boot, ALSO SOLD ONE TO SOME UNNAMED UNDEFINED MALAYSIAN AIR PILOT.

The coffee blew out both nostril like an inverted Mt. Helen.

So ... hmmm ... I guess the Malaysian Air pilot was cleaning up his basement for a weekend garage sale, and in an old duffel bag, he finds that boom boom chucky boot he bought from Boom Boom Footed Reid's shoe guy 13 years ago and says to self, " ... shit, I forgot all about this shoe - it's like . like ,, still like new - i mean heck, i paid seven bucks for it and i can't let this little jewel go at a garage sale, shit - i think i'll wear it to work. ...", and so on and so on.

Of course lame stream never mentioned the world's newest pink German helmeted caricature of a technocratic white dude at the Titanic-ish helm in Kiev, by the  divine force of dominion underwritten by fire bullet and murder, offered the world's Wal Mart Shabby Sheik Elite the most festive quip of the day by promising that the "ground would burn under the feet" of the separatists in Crimea and eastern Ukraine,

Who needs Jon when ya billy bob butt baby giving face shapes to a stream of pixels. At least the O-Bomber doesn't say or admit that, he just do it, now that's real Team America shit, jesus fucking titty christ, fuck yeah!


digitlman's picture

I just wanna tell you both: good luck. We're all counting on you.

Eastwood's picture

Not really Boeing issues, especially if missing Malaysian flight was to due to foul play. Most instances, like the one pictured here, it's a maintenance problem.

disabledvet's picture

"Perfect Crime." If there was a ton or two of gold on that plane "turn off the transponders, ditch the thing in the Ocean, everyone declared dead." Done.

Independent's picture

What better than a Fistfull of Dollars than a Plane Full of GOLD.  Terrorists need financing after all, what do you say Clint?

This plane belongs to the flight manifesto with NO NAME

Get three coffins ready or a plane full of Gold

digitlman's picture

Also, my money is on a maint crew that did not properly secure the panel after service.


Rule of thumb - if you still have screws left over after the work is done, then something is wrong.

Independent's picture

Really, I had that happen after i rebuilt my carburator, some extra screws left over, never had a problem.  Thought to myself I did a better job of redesigning it or they just have redundant screws just in cases like this LOL

Kina's picture

Talking to a Russian immigrant today about the Malaysian flight. Her Russia there are no coincidences.... everything is planned three moves ahead. Likewise strange events like the Malysian flight.... no coincidences.

With respect to this plane...she asks...why, what was on it.

And if somebody wanted to suicide by plane..why bother to unscrew the floor, get down underneath to flick the transponder circuit breaker off.. ffs. They did not want the plane tracked...which is irrelevant to suicide.... and bespeaks some detailed knowledge/research into the plane before hand.

The plane was hijacked...then turning off the Trasnponder isn't going to help them when the land somewhere unexpectedly and expect want to get off... the whole world would know at that time.


The only scenario that fits events as we know them....the most obvious and most bizarre and most that the plane was stolen.

Now if somebody wanted to suicide but didn't want people to know...they might turn off the Trasponder so the black box and voice recorder couldn't be for insurance purposes. Would have to be a pilot/crew in that case...and would have had to have disabled the flight crew first.  But that seems even more unlikely as he would have had to have been sure he could disable the remainder of the flight crew first...then set about the other stuff.

(something like this was attempted on a FedEx plane I think...the guy disconnected the voice recorder fuse...teh 1st officer noticed and turned it back on...then the guy attacked the flight crew with a hammer.....wanted to get insurance payout for family....he failed and is now doing life)


I am Jobe's picture

Duct tape bitchezz

Renew the Union Contract 

Screw the common man

ss123's picture

This is why they want your electronic devices shut off for as long as possible.

Fewer plane selfies that way...

NYPoke's picture

The bigger questions:


- Did anybody get a pic of the Gremlin?

- Did William Shattner take that pic?

Independent's picture

LOL no but the Gremlins always snap the pictures of the freaked out passenger looking through the little windows, and they have a blast posting them on the GremlinFlicker

Derezzed's picture

And this comes after 3 incidents on Delta Airlines this past week :

- Delta B763 near Atlanta on Mar 10th 2014, pressurization problems

- Delta B763 near Los Angeles on Mar 11th 2014, engine shut down in flight

- Delta B738 at Minneapolis on Mar 10th 2014, bird strike

Delta, I h8 the way you fly !