Navy Seals Take Over North-Korea-Flagged Oil Tanker In Libya

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Tensions around the North-Korea-flagged tanker that "illegally" obtained oil from rebels who hold a Libyan port have been escalating for the last week. However, The BBC reports that overnight US forces, at the request of both the Libyan and Cypriot governments, boarded and took control of the commercial tanker Morning Glory. The raid by Navy Seals took place in international waters south of Cyprus, said spokesman Rear Adm John Kirby. The US Seals operated from the USS Roosevelt, a guided missile destroyer, which "provided helicopter support and served as a command and control and support platform" and are now in "full control" of the vessell carrying 234,000 barrels of illicity-obtained oil. The message is clear - don't mess with the Petrodollar.


Via AFP,

US Navy Seals boarded and took control of an oil tanker that had loaded crude at a rebel-held port in eastern Libya and escaped to sea, the Pentagon said Monday.



No one was hurt "when US forces, at the request of both the Libyan and Cypriot governments, boarded and took control of the commercial tanker Morning Glory, a stateless vessel seized earlier this month by three armed Libyans," Pentagon press secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby said in a statement.


The operation was approved by President Barack Obama and was conducted in the early hours of Monday (just after 0200 GMT) "in international waters southeast of Cyprus".


The Morning Glory's evasion of a naval blockade at the eastern port of Sidra prompted Libya's parliament to sack Prime Minister Ali Zeidan last week.




Adm Kirby said the operation had been authorised by President Barack Obama and that no-one had been hurt.


"The Morning Glory is carrying a cargo of oil owned by the Libyan government National Oil Company. The ship and its cargo were illicitly obtained," he said, adding that it would now be returned to a Libyan port.

North Korean?

The Morning Glory originally was a North Korean-flagged ship, but Pyongyang on Wednesday denied any responsibility.


The ship was operated by an Egypt-based company that was allowed to temporarily use the North Korean flag under a contract with Pyongyang, North Korean state news agency KCNA said.


Pyongyang had "cancelled and deleted" the ship's North Korean registry, as it violated its law "on the registry of ships and the contract that prohibited it from transporting contraband cargo".

Next Steps...

The loading of the Morning Glory and its escape to sea marked a major escalation in the struggle between Tripoli and the rebels, and triggered the ouster Tuesday of liberal-backed premier Ali Zeidan, who fled the country


...the US move is likely to act as a deterrent to any further attempts to illicitly buy oil from the rebel-controlled ports.

Don't mess with the Petrodollar...

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1stepcloser's picture

You're Welcome Kim

NotApplicable's picture

War is a Racket!

Good jorb, Navy Seals!

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

North Korea counterfeits our money.

We take their oil/ship/money back.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

LOL.  You mean they counterfit our counterfit fiat currency!

Why do you think the Fed came out with new $100 FRNs?

fockewulf190's picture

Expect nuclear detonations in a North Korean mountain in 3...2...1...

BigJim's picture

 The message is clear - don't mess with the Petrodollar.

Tyler, how was this an illustration of not messing with the petrodollar? Did the three Libyans controlling the ship pay for the oil with gold?

666's picture

I'm confused. I thought this vessel was hit by a missile shortly after leaving port. Was there little damage?

HarryWanqer's picture

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

We're the baddest pirates in the world m'f'ers!!!

0b1knob's picture

 The message is clear - Obama is like a monkey with a hand grenade.

I said several weeks ago that the Libya-North Korea flap was just the sort of unprdictable black swan event that could lead to WWIII.   Not so improbable now eh?

smlbizman's picture real sure onigger called the shots on this one

Lore's picture

Hoist the Jolly Roger (skull & crossbones). Extra rum rations for all. 

nope-1004's picture

This is proof that the only thing the USD is backed by is a commodity and military.  Pretty funny, actually, since gold and silver are given such bad press on the topic.

USD intrinsic value = 0



ParkAveFlasher's picture

When do they start handing out eye patches and shoulder parrots to our Navy SEALs as standard issue?

Renewable Life's picture

What's even more funny is, the navy seals I know (yes I do know some) wouldn't continue to take orders from Obama very long after their salary check, pension contribution, healthcare contribution for themselves and their family, their expenses contribution and their "benefits" packages didn't keep arriving on time and sadly in USD's!!!!

Not long at all! That might be keeping "the man" up at night too, or it damn well should be!

johnconnor's picture

so what's the difference between Somali Pirates and the US Navy, other than the second having bigger and more advanced ships?

maskone909's picture

And this whole time i thought NK was a subsidary of te fed, you know, like a primary dealer? With the funny money and all ;-)

Stoploss's picture

How the fuck can a US backed rebel group "steal" an oil tanker?




Oh, right..

balanced's picture

The only message here is that U.S. soldiers will still be put in harms way to protect Halliburton's profits. How can Halliburton profit from selling Libyan oil if the Libyans are selling it themselves?!

Pure Evil's picture

Now, once again, Americans can feel proud about their military.

We just need Tee Off Time Barry to fly in and give a speech with a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner waving so proudly behind him.

Word of caution, SEAL team members should be wary of flying in any Chinook's over the next 8 months.

European American's picture

"Good jorb, Navy Seals!"????? You gonna say that when the same fella's, now retired, and now working for the fascist american corporation, swoop down on you and your neighbor, after you just filled your gas tank in his garage with an "illegal" purchase on the black market using one half gram of gold?

Againstthelie's picture

Since there is no legal base for this hostile act of war, the Navy Seals in fact are terrorists.

USrael seems keen on tunring the world into Wild West where international laws have no meaning anymore.

I wish one day this will hit the self proclaimed chosen ones and their muppets as they deserve it.

XAU XAG's picture

If it was flying the Korean flag lagit this not an act of war??

BigJim's picture

 Since there is no legal base for this hostile act of war, the Navy Seals in fact are terrorists.

I guess anyone who is part of a death squad can fairly be labelled a terrorist. But this was more an act of piracy, surely? But is it piracy if you're seizing a ship that was itself seized by pirates?

*I'm so confused* 

Telemakhos's picture

No, there's plenty of legal basis for this.  NK revoked their flag, the possessors of the ship weren't actors for any legitimate state or commercial or private interest of any legitimate state and are in fact said to have seized the ship, and the ship ran a naval blockade put up by the legitimate (for what that's worth in the MENA) government.  It's not a clear-cut case of high-seas piracy, since the seizure took place in Libyan waters, but sailing a stolen boat without a legitimate flag past a naval blockade into international waters is pretty much guaranteed to get you declared some sort of hostis humani generis, if not specifically a pirate.  I don't think there's a lawyer around who could make a good case that this tanker wasn't subject to universal jurisdiction, the right (actually obligation, once Libya requested help) of any armed ship nearby to capture it.

You might not like US foreign policy, and you might not like whichever clowns are running Libya this week, but seizing this tanker was fully legal and in accordance with international law and custom going back to Hugo Grotius.  Sometimes cookies crumble that way.

fooshorter's picture

And to celebrate their achievement, all the seals will die in random helicopter crashes!

1stepcloser's picture

Kimchi from above!  I want the movie rights

rsnoble's picture

As much as I bitch about the US it's hard to have any sympathy whatsoever for that little bitch.

1stepcloser's picture

Feeding your uncle to staving dogs....Deserves a hot poker up the pooper

john39's picture

MSM said it happened, so it must be true.

maskone909's picture

We should be very very careful in this situation. Its been rumored that the NK's have become novice model rocketry enthusiasts. Hasbro does alot of business there we cant afford to lose another trade partner.

wtf1369's picture

Unless his uncle was a real asshole.

NotApplicable's picture

Why would anyone have any feelings concerning puppets of state?

You don't get mad at professional wrestlers, or unicorns do you?

I don't understand why people insist upon believing in Santa Claus.

Kim is a murdering puppet of the elite, just like every other head of state. To feel anything other than disgust at the existence of puppets is to further empower them as they latch onto your emotions.

Ham-bone's picture

and you know all this to be true because the propagnda machine tells you who to hate, loathe, kill, or bail out.  I lived in S. Korea and nobody there knows shit about what happens in the N.  He may be the devil or he may be simply another prop. 

Seems what we really "know" is pretty limited...

Oracle 911's picture

If I recall correctly, what the US Navy did is an act of piracy according the international law. Which US gov don't always respect,  just in cases, where it is fit to its needs.

patb's picture

Boarding a ship at sea, in international waters is a challenging issue of maritime law.

however, i'm not sure, if anyone has good authority here.


The Libyans lose jurisdiction at 12 miles, and the American's don't gain it.



Ham-bone's picture

Any ship likewise purchasing oil from Russia or her sphere in non-dollar payments can expect a request from an american puppet to be intercepted and "liberated"...

There is and will continue to be murder (soft "war") called interational police actions or international justice to maintain the petro-dollar.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Piracy, War, Independence or Money is what the US says it is. 


XAU XAG's picture

Poking the Russian the Korean Bear................who is next China?


wtf1369's picture

Would that be the Panda Bear?

Grinder74's picture

Hmm, is King Barry setting up his retirement?  $22mil worth of oil that will suddenly go missing?

Ignatius's picture

Jim sinclair in his current interview with Greg Hunter (USAWatchdog):

"They kill to protect the petro-dollar."

CrashisOptimistic's picture

This is not a petrodollar move.

This is a move to pressure the rebels and get oil flowing from Libya again.  Oil flow is everything.  Dollars, not so much.

NotApplicable's picture

Ummm.... this WAS the rebels getting oil flowing.

Zadok's picture

No, no, the other rebels...

Ignatius's picture

Sinclair was speaking generally, not about this incident.