Russian Stocks, Ruble Respond To Obama's Sanctions By Extending Gains

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Despite no move in gold, silver, or US Treasuries, US equities (and JPY crosses) remain bid. But perhaps the most intriguing reaction to Obama's escalation is the surge higher in Russian stocks and rally in the Ruble... Putin and his oligarch friends must be pleased...


Charts: Bloomberg

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LawsofPhysics's picture

It's long been a "debt as money" system folks, and trillion upon trillion of debt is held in different fiat around the world.

Will this matter if the majority of debt and assets are not in dollars or in countries that already trade outside of the dollar?

Go ahead piss of the BRIICs (that is a lot of natural resources that won't be availanble to your "markets")

Just imagine if the "evaporation" of all debt held in dollars could inadvertantly be blamed on Putin...

how convenient would that be...

tick tock motherfuckers...

lordylord's picture

In other news, gold is down $10 from today's high.  Nothing says sell gold like the possibility of a financial war with Russia and WWIII.

SilverIsKing's picture

If I were Putin, I would place a one time tax/assessment on the oil and gas sold to the EU by an amount equal to the amounts that have been frozen.

gold-is-not-dead's picture

Too much vodka for russian cb governor.

Jurassic's picture

In Putin's Russia, bear markets ride bulls.

hugovanderbubble's picture

Oh man, Another Venezuela Stock Index xd:)

NoDebt's picture

Nah, nah, nah.  This is a rise in their stock market while their currency is going UP (appreciating, not depreciating).  I know the line is going down, but it's UP for the Ruble relative to the dollar.  I.e. it takes fewer Rubles to buy one US doallar.

SWCroaker's picture

This is apparently really good for the markets.   Everybody's markets.    Can we arrange to have a country defect to Russia on a monthly basis going forward?   Economic problems solved!

1stepcloser's picture

Obummer to imposed ACA sanctions on every wonder the stock markets are unstopable..

LeisureSmith's picture

The Russian kid says screw you guys, takes the ball and goes home.

PlusTic's picture

Russians, check.

NDXTrader's picture

This is what happens when the markets are nothing but computerized carry traders. There is no thought here, only yen crosses. Any sentient being would say - hey, if the US is going to freeze assets every time they have a problem in a country...maybe I want fewer assets in the US. Rich Chinese and Middle Easterners might decide to take everything home before the next showdown. This computerized trading will lead to the mother of all meltdowns and prob an end to the stock market

Johnny Cocknballs's picture

just wait until the EU gets their sanctions regime up and running...

those fuckin' idiots....

kashey's picture

Money stolen from Russia by Jewish oligarkhs are coming backto Russia, where they belong to.
Thank you, Obama, could you sanction all Russian capitals abroad? Sincerely yours....

youngman's picture

That is actually hitting the nail on the head...most of the monies the oligarkhs made..they took out of Russia and the Ukraine and never invested anything neither country had very good growth...maybe this will start a new reinvestment trend in Russia and the Ukraine

LawsofPhysics's picture

Indeed, either way, I see inflation potential for anyone who depends on rubles or dollars.

BeetleBailey's picture


Good News: BULLISH


Rising Unemployment: BULLISH

Global Governmental Mis-management: BULLISH








SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Missed one:


Increasing safe haven demand: BULLISH

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

Maybe the shorts as this market continues going up at a 45 degree angle? 

SheepDog-One's picture

You'd sure think somethins gotta give....but the farce is strong, these people will fight to the death for their phoney-baloney posions of uber control.

El Hosel's picture

... Don't forget - Earthquake: BULLISH, SANCTIONS: BULLISH, Green Beer: Bullish.

Go Bears

...out of space's picture

looks like Russian sell US bonds 

wonder what TIC will show

disabledvet's picture

Those look like REALLY pissed of Syrians to me.

SheepDog-One's picture

All markets are now double secret full retard, but have not yet quite gone full triple stamp no-takies retard.....never go full triple stamp no takies retard!

SteveNYC's picture

Makes sense: Russian billionaires and companies pull money from abroad, transfer to Rubles, park in bonds/cash/stock market. No mystery there.

Anybody who thinks Putin did not anticipate "sanctions" before this whole thing got underway, well, there's a bridge in Brooklyn for sale......

Rising Sun's picture

Hey Barry, it's Putin, you know, the guy you gave a handjob to at the last G8 meetings????


We have the staged Ukraine/Crimea bullshit ready to go - let me know when you are bought into the markets here and then I will push the button for the invasion.


This will be the easiest $50M in offshore money you will ever make.


Next time you are in Moscow Barry, the vodka and handjob is on me.


Love, Putin

insanelysane's picture

The latest way to keep people from selling Treasuries, sanction them.