Another Escalation: US Freezes Diplomatic Relations With Syria, Orders Non-US Personnel To Leave Country

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Putin 2 - Obama 0, which means it is time to go back to the one place where it all started last year, and where Putin had his most resounding victory over the US foreign policy apparatus (at least until the Ukraine, where we trampled not only over Obama's red line... again... but where nobody quite explained the "costs" to the ex-KGB leader): Syria.  Sure enough, with the US unable to respond in Crimea, has decided to take its fight back to where Europe's natgas reliance on Gazprom product was first truly exposed.

The US can order non-US personnel around? More from Reuters:

  • U.S.
  • U.S.

Regardless, if the bloodless Russian annexation of Crimea wasn't enough to push the S&P to new all time highs, this surely will.

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skwid vacuous's picture

Wow - al-qaeda uber alles!

WayBehind's picture

Syria was always owned by Russia. No surprise here ...

gmrpeabody's picture

" Orders non-US personnel to leave country"

So... then only US people are left in Syria and we win by default?


ndotken's picture

Sounds good to me ... fucking Syrians shouldn't be in America anyway

quintago's picture

This is going to be hilarious.

Russia knows that if it comes down to a fight between the US and Russia, whoever acts first is going to win because MAD doctrine will basically preclude the other from escalating to war. Obama was too stupid to realize this in Ukraine/Crimea, and now they're pre-announcing their plans for Syria by requesting US personnel to leave. The US is attempting to cut Russian resources thin by getting them to think we are going after Syria, and then we are going to light the fire between Ukraine & Russia.

Law of unintended consequences be damned, full steam ahead.

Mad Mohel's picture

I think it's more a case of, "OH FUCK! We can't fight that big kid Ralph, because he will beat the living shit out of us in front of all the other kids. Quick go get Marvin, so I can kick his ass to show how tough I am."

quintago's picture

U.S. special envoy to Syria Daniel Rubenstein said the order responds to a decision by the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad to suspend its own consular services.


Obama: I have a great idea, let's make a Rubenstein the special envoy to an arab country that Israel has repeatedly sent jets in to bomb.

MeMongo's picture

Hey maybe them Arabs will just think he's Amish:-)

Arius's picture

Kerry seems to have been over ruled by Obama.  People should get as many chances as possible, but at some point you got to say enough is enough! 

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milton bradley sales are going to soar with vallery, barry, karry et al playing battleship in their bathtubs

barry and karry are in tune with the script for vallery to gain more control of ukraine and other eastern territories

Mesquite's picture

Does this also apply to all those undocumented folks on the west coast...

That 'they' been making a political football out of..??


Freddie's picture

More dual citizens running the US Govt.   They lost in the Ukraine though they looted the gold.  Now back to Syria. Hopefully Putin will kick their ass again.

Ifigenia's picture

dual citizens are those in FED running american debts? or in state apartment selling american interests? or in Lollywood to brainwash the people? 

By the way, how could you americans manage to let 1% of your population dominate everything? In Weimar time, 0,8% of jews possess almost 40% of the country. Niall Ferguson said in his book "Cash Nexus".

  So, it is almost certain we would have a ww3 before sorting the things out.

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"In other news an Iranian ballistic missile test ended in tragedy today as it veered erratically off course and eventually plunged into the Yanbu oil loading terminal on the coast of the Red Sea. Teheran was reported to have said, "oops, sorry about that, they don't usually do that". Saudi Government officials were not answering our calls due to significant unrelated disruptions to telephone communications throughout the kingdom. Firsthand accounts from the Yanbu oil loading facility reported extensive damages, large fires and on-going secondary explosions."

Freddie's picture

Putin better have some Russian ships with their anti ship and anti aircraft missiles.  Plus some S-300 and S400's ready. 

nightshiftsucks's picture

Freddy you're so obvious,Russian cock is your favorite.

caShOnlY's picture

Russia announces no more USD for anything from Russia.  Game, set, match - Putin.

Andre's picture

All or nothing is WAY too simplistic.

Nuance and asymmetry count.

Azannoth's picture

I wonder does this include Syrians ?!

Aknownymouse's picture

Will you shut up now!!?? You are exposing Obama and Biden's plan to fool Putin. Damn!! Back to the drawing lined paper!

yrbmegr's picture

I think they mean that non-US personnel of the Syrian Embassy in Washington were ordered to leave the country.   Obviously, they can't order non-US personnel in Syria to leave Syria.

gmrpeabody's picture

Can't pull the wool over your ears...

yrbmegr's picture

Do I get the Captain Obvious award today?

gmrpeabody's picture

I did a double-take myself..., twice.

skwid vacuous's picture

think he meant CIA/Mossad shit disturbers should pack up and leave - for a few days... but they will be back like white on rice

JuliaS's picture

"While driving down the freeway pull up beside someone, roll down your window, and yell "Pull over! Pull over!" while waving frantically.  When they pull over, you keep on driving."

- George Carlin

grunk's picture

Does that include illegal aliens?

drendebe10's picture

Another foreign policy coup by Mr. Ed and the arrogant, narcissistic lying illegal alien kenyan muslim sociopathic ignoramus fudge packer in chief..... the sheeple must be proud of their great leadership...  good luck with that one...

Sudden Debt's picture

Or Obama just wants to cut some costs?

68 militairy deployments over seas costs a shitload of money.

And Syria also doesn't really have that many golf courses...


do the blackwater "consultants" also need to leave?

Chief KnocAHoma's picture

Soon we will read the following headlines:

Russia advances into East Ukraine and Poland. Putin has his eyes on the Protugal coast.

MH370 turns up - flown into Israel from Somalia - loaded with bio weapons and explosiuves.

House of Saud falls to rebellion.

Obama shoots par round with Reggie, and the Prez reminds everyone that Bin Laden is dead and Al Quadea is on the run.

Chief KnocAHoma's picture

Did we really elect this man over Romney? Wasn't a huge Mittens fan, but seriously... would he be this big of a pussy?

Bananamerican's picture

You're comparing two corporate turnips...

HungryPorkChop's picture

Mittens was bought and paid for so doubt the result would be much different.  The Repuby's whine and stamper their feet but when push comes to shove they try to elect Mr. Romneycare himself.  Anyone that can't see through this curtain needs to get an IQ.

El Vaquero's picture

Mittens may have made us look less stupid.  There likely would have been extreme continuity of policy, but he may not have been as embarrassing.  And no, that is not an endorsement.  I don't like anything the red team or the blue team has to offer.

swmnguy's picture

Maybe he'd have a different speechwriter or a different press secretary.  But he'd have the exact same personnel at State, other than perhaps Kerry, and only perhaps.  Maybe John (I am the Walrus) Bolton?

The policy would be the exact same Kissinger/Brzezinski psychopathy we've seen for the past 50 years.

yrbmegr's picture

Not Portugal, but I think he will send troops to Kiev.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Sudden Death,

Here, here. Assad just took control over another major city in Syria. The Criminal UNITED STATES, CORP. INC. are just cutting their losses short, doing an about face & getti g the fuck out with their tail between their legs.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Syria is in no way OWNED by Russia. Russia has provided a political back stop to the West's naked aggression and God bless them for that. I think that is what you meant to say.


Either way, this is not surprising. The SAA and Hezbollah just finished liberating a town called Yabroud during it's battle in the Qualamoon area. This is very important as Yabrood was a key place which is near the border of Lebanon and served as a supply line. Qualamoon was almost a "mini state" controlled by the satanic fake muslim terrorists who are backed by the west and funded by the bronze age monarchies in the Gulf.


Time is quickly running out for the Savage horde paid for by our tax dollars. Most if not all the key supply lines are toast, their ranks are withered, their safe harbors all but eliminated, momentum is against them. The West has to pull something big off or they are toast. Word is that the West is set to mount a push from the south ( something they've done several times and failed spectacularly at ) but there is purportedly some incendiary surprise waiting for them.


They need to ratchet up the axis of evil talk. THey have no choice. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia and Qatar are fighting like cats and dogs. The Fecal alchemy of the west is truly breathtaking. Everything they touch turns to shit.

slightlyskeptical's picture

When you take an action with bad intentions, you may get your way for a while, but eventually those you fooled will rally up against you.

Independent's picture

Can't Putin loan Assad a few neutron bombs, that clears the field mighty quick and leaves the buildings standing.  Just the perfect thing to blunt a Western offensive.

Zadig's picture

Starting the Iraqi "civil war" (in a heavily intermarried country that had no history of religious violence) was only possible with the occupation.  A similarly suspicious Syrian "civil war" seemed doomed to failure without direct intervention.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

The Russian Port at Tartous was always the key to the failure. Russia's only port in the Mediterranean ensured they would not be fooled again as per libya. This of course hasn't stopped them from Trying.


Regarding the hilarious notion of a sectarian civil war, let's not forget the majority of folks in the syrian army are, like it's populace Sunni. Who are fighting radical foreign fake Sunni's supported by the West.

Freddie's picture


The shit they caused in Syria is sickening.  The poor Syrian people and Assad were not bothering anyone and this vermin starts one of their fake proxy wars. 

I do love how the Saudis and Qatar are at each others throats.  The Saudis were demanding that Al Jeezera be shut down.  The scum Saudis must be in a panic.

PlusTic's picture

more talk and no's embarassing to be an american these days

Freddie's picture

Run/ruined by dual citizens.


Sudden Debt's picture

Obama's 3 step programm:



3. watch porn

gmrpeabody's picture

4. boss everybody around with ridiculous orders...