The Next One: Moldova's Transnistria Region Said To Seek Russian Accession

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Many had feared (or expected), fallout from Crimea's referendum and subsequent accession to Russia may embolden ethnic minorities in many bordering nations to seek self-determination. It appears that is taking place in Moldova where Vedomosti reports that Mikhail Burla, head of the Transnistria region's legislature, has asked Russia's Duma for draft laws on accession to Russia to be altered to allow the region to join. The timing of this move is surreal as headlines appeared this morning that Europe is looking to speed up its "association" with Moldova. In a 2006 referendum, over 97% of Transnistrians voted to join Russia...


Who is next?


And it appears #1 Transnistria is indeed next...

Moscow-based newspaper cites letter from Mikhail Burla, head of Transnistria’s legislature, to the head of Russia’s State Duma.


Letter asks for Russian draft law on accession to Russia to be altered to allow for Transnistria to join, says current draft bill would only allow for Crimea to join Russia


2006 referendum in Transnistria saw 97.2% vote to join Russia, Burla cited as saying in letter

The Moldovan Director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies had a few things to say...

What is the problem in the U.S.? They talk about the weakness of Russia, but still afraid of competition on our part. They do not want a competitor. China - a rival, but not a competitor. And the U.S. is not interested in what system in Russia - monarchical, feudal, communist. Only interested in how to relax, but better - to split. Yeltsin they liked - when it broke up the country. Putin does not like it - he wants to save Russia.




"It's been 60 years - not even changed a generation, if Crimea voted for reunification with Russia, the situation arises where any normal person would say, but what distinguishes the situation in Transnistria? - Says Leonid Reshetnikov. - The question becomes relevant than ever. Have to wait for the Americans attempt to deal with Transnistria. They have no other way to make a muck of Russia. They are afraid that gathered to fight with someone. Who will fight?




Russia, in my opinion, after the Crimea should recognize Transnistria Tiraspol and propose to hold another referendum on reunification with Russia. Differently protect Transnistria we can not.




We must not make concessions when we openly say that Russian world should be destroyed. I urge the show will. We must not become the new Bulgaria, the new Serbia. These and other countries have become dependent on the United States. Travel to Bulgaria, look - no minister in Sofia not be appointed without the consent of the U.S. ambassador.




Now we prepare for the dissemination of Russian legislation in Transnistria. It would be difficult without a strong methodological support. For this great help RISS - special thanks. Two years ago, our president assured the Russian expert community that we will conduct a Eurasian course. It took not much time to see all that we have taken the first steps in this direction. "

And then this...


Signing accord may be expedited because of situation in Transnistria, Crimea, Andrian Candu, Moldova parliament’s vice president, says in Bucharest.

  • Accord was expected to be signed by end-Aug.: Candu
  • Romanian Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean asked EU’s foreign affairs council yday to speed up signing of Moldova’s association agreement
  • Transnistria is Moldova’s secessionist region that borders Ukraine and has Russian military presence

And the Moldovan President believes it would be an "erroneous step":

Transdniestria's accession to Russia would be "an erroneous step," Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti said at a press conference in Chisinau on Tuesday.


"I've been informed that the speaker of the Tiraspol parliament has addressed Moscow on the matter. Such actions are counterproductive, and they would not favor either the Republic of Moldova or the Russian Federation. If Russia resorted to such a step, this would be an erroneous decision and would not improve Russia's authority on the international arena," Timofti said.


Timofti admitted that "there is a lot in common" between the situation in Ukraine and the events in Crimea and Transdniestria.

So to summarise - The EU is seeking a "close" association with Moldova and is attempting to speed up this process and a region of mostly-Russian-ethnicity (with 97% wishing to accede) is demanding that Russia draft a law allowing them to join Russia...


Ring any bells?

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Seize Mars's picture

Well I'd like Connecticut to secede also. But I don't want to join Russia, I just want to divorce the federal government.

cifo's picture

Pandora's box was opened with Kosovo, years ago.


Pure Evil's picture

Hopefully, Berkley in Calipornia will be next to want annexation by North Korea.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

"Come and Take It!" Texas is big enough to survive on its own.

gold-is-not-dead's picture

Transnistria only smuggles guns and drugs, lovely for Putin.

HoofHearted's picture

It's not that at all...they just want Snowden to have more places to vacation. Putin is trying to be a good host. 

wakablahh's picture

Berkeley* ; a few liberty movents like the Free Speech movement started in Berkeley.  Who's to say they wont be the ones protesting to end the war if WW3 does occur..

Againstthelie's picture

Nobody recognizing that the word "annexation" is totally wrong?

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Don't tell that to the West. The rules are, any secession or annexation they want is legal under any circumstances. Any one they don't want is illegal, immoral, an affront to self determination, and perhaps even the work of the lord of darkness directly.

HoofHearted's picture

Hell, Lincoln suspended habeus corpus to keep the secession of Maryland from happening. He couldn't very well have the capital of his country surrounded by another, so he threw several Maryland legislators into jail just to make it turn out the way he wanted.

And this is the guy so many look up to...he was an 1860s version of George the 43rd or of The Bamster. 

NotApplicable's picture

More like WWI.

Lines on paper guaranteed to provoke conflict as long as they exist.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Thats largely thanks to British style 'nation-building', post-colonialism.

They wanted the populations divided, even after British rule (which really was just a period of more indirect rule).  Look at Pakistan, India, Bangladesh (there were massive migrations when the countries were established, that resolved some issues, while causing new ones).

Look at Syria, Turkey and Iraq.  All w/ sizeable Kurdish population.  Just enough to destabilize each nation to an extent.  Look at Sudan. 

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

I don't know that in this case moldova is going to secede from anywhere, but doubtless this will be distorted by every MSM outlet in the western world ( especially the rabid folks at fox news - which for reasons unclear, I pollute my drive home with daily ) as Putin's overtly aggressive neo imperial land grab.


People use Putin's comment about the break up of the old Soviet Union as the great tragedy to fuel this. Fact is, there isn't much reason, outside of poor governance post collapse and perhaps international meddling why MOST of it didn't stay intact. The fact that the West is hell bent on putting the world under it's thumb or destroying it, we may just see that fact proven as people outside our hologram of lies generator clamor to circle the wagons and brace for their own attempted democratization via kinetic military action or death squad injection.


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Whats been great about this Crimea debacle is it has shown to all the world Western hypocrisy.  I mean, how many comments have you read where people complain about "soldiers on foreign soil", and yet, America has over 500+ bases  outside of the continental US!  In other words, on foreign soil!

In military tactics, the 'double envelopment' is considered extremely effective.  And its clear as day that NATO/City of London/Wall St have been trying to 'envelop' Iran and Russia for some time now.

Azannoth's picture

A record ~3000 Ex-Patriots renounced US citizenship in 2013!

Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

Such a small amount, yet it's enough to get TPTB here in the US to worry. "Who wouldn't be a citizen of Rome?" The very rich already have the luxury of affording to stay one or more places. It's when the wealthier middle class depart, either to their spouse's homeland or their ancestral homes. Probably the bigger game changer is the internet, where a lot of work/business can be conducted regardless of location. Many places have outstanding internet service, at a fraction of the cost I pay the evil death star AT&T. Bottom line, when the quality middle class leave in any detectable number, that could start some stampeding. Then watch for the "kinder, gentler" border issues, etc. My family already saw Bolshevism once and I can tell you it's creeping back again here in the US.

SAT 800's picture

Transnistria; where the good looking Russian Trannies live ! Whoo-who !

jerryj's picture

Oh no - the Domino Theory is back!!!

nuclearsquid's picture

Though in opposing it, i suppose we now lack the moral authority we had back then.


cifo's picture

Transnistria to Russia, Moldova to Romania.


Element's picture

Bulgarians seem kinda Russian don't they?

fooshorter's picture

In Russian monoply there is no get out of jail...

Element's picture



"Mr Putin!  Tear down this Democracy!"

- rose garden barry


Mercury's picture

Ha! The Kentucky/Illinois/Indiana neighborhood is a bit of a stretch. All that real estate belongs near Baltic Ave.


Better analogy is the Blues Brothers movie.

We're putting the band back together...

John Kerry can play Aretha Franklin. 


StychoKiller's picture

Meh, at least Aretha can spell "respect!"

SpanishGoop's picture

 "The timing of this move is surreal as headlines appeared this morning that Europe is looking to speed up its "association" with Moldova. In a 2006 referendum, over 97% of Transnistrians voted to join Russia..."

Well a referendum never stopped Europe before, so Putin does has to hurry.



Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

Double-secret irony, I think a couple of nations voted (or tried to) their way out of the Euro and EU. Democracy is what I stick into you, baby. The reality of two choices (west//EU or Russian) is that they both suck. The avg person will still be treated like a resource to be sucked dry. 

The other irony is that russians have gone to some of these other places in order to get EU residency-- we're not talking about some ethnic enclave that's been there since 1702. I do grant you that those do exist, which does have it's existential questions. Granted the weather's a little nicer in some of them, but still, it's not for a lack of space in Russia that they have left. Russia in CCCP times also "exported" populations to dilute the uppity locals so again there's chicanery on both sides. Avg person is willing to get along in most circumstances, regardless of the "official" govt. It's when shootings start happening on ethnic lines, that's when it gets bad. You'll do (or go along with) anyone to save your family.

SAT 800's picture

A feferendum would stop the Euro immediately; which is why nobody gets to vote on it. Are you any less dead if you get killed by a French Fighter Plane bombing you when you're shopping at the market in Libya ? It's really clear that we have two power and finance centers, ( rip-off control central), grinding out propaganda at top speed and weaseling all over the house trying to add victims on to their tax bases. Business as usual.

chaartist's picture

They better watch for Venice because then it is all done.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Catalonia is also having one in november. Then come the Basques...

I'd like to see that bitch Björk sing "Declare Independence" for Texas, Flanders etc. the way she sang it for Kosovo.

Independent's picture

This is a natural reaction of the people, when they see they have no voice in Zio controlled government that is bought out, they seek to bring the power structure to a local level where they can control it better.

Youri Carma's picture

All I can say to the U.S. is: "It's another fine mess you've got me into"

- Iraq - Mess!
- Libya - Mess!
- US - Mess!

Dr. Venkman's picture

Introducing: Transnistria Oblast


tony wilson's picture

this will not stand

this cannot be allowed to stand

we must do something not to allow this to stand.


it clearly states in the bible that this land belongs to the jewish people.

only those sacred folks can be allowed to rape and pillage.

russia and mad dog putin must be stopped.

this will be a walk in the park folks.


we can send seal team 6 into the borgo pass thus blocking spats and nats russian not so special cardboard forces.

freedonia,moldova,transnisea and the borgo pass regions need the freedom only zion can bring.

we let adolf kill all the jews all of them.

did you not see the spielberg and bbc shows?

we let putin kill freedom in crimea thus creating a million anne franks little girls trapped hiding in lofts.

we must draw a line peeple at the borgo pass

lets roll we can win this.

forward to the borgo pass .

uk usa all they way to a glorious pointless death.


FeralSerf's picture

Khazaria is the ancestral homeland of the Ashkenazim. If they can claim that Palestine is their property, then they can damn sure claim Khazaria is theirs.

Where is Khazaria? Well, the Crimea is part of it as is most of southeast Ukraine.

Element's picture

Remember how the Eastern Block fell over, one state at a time in 1989-90?

Variations on a theme.

FJ's picture

DAX jumps again...Ze German DAX badgers Russia for more annexations...MOAR Dawai Dawai...

pashley1411's picture

Its not domino's.    Nature, (and politics) abhors a vacuum.

The EU zone has been, and probably will always be, with its head up its arse sucking its population dry.    Now the US seems set to join the sociaist conga line to penury.

So the Russians, opportunist to their very core, are reestablishing their 500-year leadership of Greater Orthodoxy.

Besides, Putin Chess-player will give up "claims" to Moldovia in exchange for the recognizition of redrawing Ukrainian borders.   Win-Win, right?

Same ole, same ole. 

DeliciousSteak's picture

Moldova? Is that the country that's so poor it makes even most of Africa look like Manhattan? Yeah, let the Russians do what they want with that one.

layman_please's picture

indeed. transnistria is even worse. if they would have to pay for the NG from russia, they wouldn't have a budget. 

FeralSerf's picture

Transnistria is where most of the manufacturing in Moldova is located. The rest of Moldova is mostly agriculture, especially grapes.

Ratscam's picture

Chisinau is a real shithole. People are so poor, but so are they in romania, transnistria, bulgaria, ukraine, hence al that remains is hope that either side will help them out. Not sure that the EU is the better option than russia.

FeralSerf's picture

Access to the EU's agricultural markets would be very helpful for the Moldovan economy. But the French farmers wouldn't like it much.

Independent's picture

They go to work in Russia because the Russians have been handing out Russian passports to try to keep it from going to Romania.  In Soviet times the best wines came from Moldova, and they grow some pretty damn fine world class wines.  And to be honest with you given how shitty Romania is run they would be much better off with the Russians in my honest opinion.  Why become a Euro biatch.  Russia is trying to secure its great wine growing region.  Crimea is the naval superbase with gorgeous scenery and fine beaches.  But you have to have some classy wine to drink, and Moldova provided most of the wine for Russia since czarist times and actually since Roman times it has been into vinculture

tmosley's picture

Putin: Putin, the Scourge of Carpathia, the Sorrow of Moldovia, commands you!

Obama:  Oh, command me lord!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Like dominos falling....

ptoemmes's picture

Damn, I knew I should not have slept through High School Geography (or any of the other classes come to think of it).  Where-in-the-hell is Moldovia?  Ahh, Google knows...

Independent's picture

Moldova was one of the principalities of Latin peoples that inhabit the region that is todays Moldova and Romania.  Romania is made up of three regions, Wallachia the flat lands of the southeastern part of Romania, Transylvania the mountainous region, and Moldova, northeastern, which is broken up into two Moldovas, one is part of Romania the other was part of Russia, called Moldovan Republic, since it was liberated by the Russians from Turkish control.  Now the predominantly Russian part of the Republic is called Transnistria and it broke off from Moldova when they broke off from the Soviet Union.