Australian PM Says May (Or May Not) Have Found Objects Belonging To Flight MH370

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has some interesting comments in the dreadful disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. While addressing parliament today, he stated:


There is not much color yet but it appears that 2 objects have been found and the Aussies are diverting more aircraft to search the area.




Via AP,

Australia's prime minister says objects possibly related to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight have been spotted on satellite imagery.


Prime Minister Tony Abbott told Parliament in Canberra on Thursday that a Royal Australian Airforce Orion has been diverted to the area to attempt to locate the objects. The Orion is expected to arrive in the area Thursday afternoon. Three additional aircraft are expected to follow for a more intensive search.

Via Sydney Morning Herald,

Mr Abbott described the breakthrough as "new and credible information."

"The Australian maritime safety authority has received information based on satellite imagery of objects possibly  related to the search," Mr Abbott said.

"Following specialist analysis of this satellite imagery, two possible objects related to the search have been identified."


Mr Abbott said he had informed his Malaysian counterpart, Prime Minister Najib Razak, and promised to keep him updated.


Abbott cautioned, however, that the task of locating these objects will be extremely difficult and "it may turn out that they are not related to the search for flight MH370."

Via Bloomberg,

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Australian search effort in Indian Ocean has new, credible information in relation to missing Malaysian Airline plane.


Abbott addresses lawmakers in parliament


Australian Maritime Safety Authority has received information based on satellite imagery: Abbott


NOTE: AMSA to hold 3:30pm Sydney time briefing

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They did, however, find an $80B dildo belonging to Janet Yellen.

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And the real killers of Nicole Brown Simpson!  OJ is having a press conference right now celebrating his exoneration.

I am Chumbawamba.

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CNN sending Piers Morgan to the scene now with a one way ticket

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Here is a theory, for what it's worth.

Malaysian Airlines flight goes dark due to suspected hijacking. Shortly after no response from crew or transponder, all military assets within a possible flight radius are put on alert. An AWACS hunter spots the jetliner, and fighters are scrambled. Upon intercept, crew does not respond to fighter pilot commands and the order is given to splash the plane.

Plane is splashed, all aboard perish and no government in their right mind admits to it for fear of the backlash for killing innocent people.

It isn't without precedent. We all remember the 9/11 flight that "crashed" in Pennsylvania.

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Bird stike. Whatcha gonna do? 

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Satellite data?? Since when does Australia have satellites?? Who's satellite info are they looking at?

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It will be very interesting to see now if they spot bits of wreckage but just can't, despite best efforts, find the ELT before it expires 30 days after the crash.

Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper is all over this story like a 3 dollar polyester suit, so wondering what the twist will be.

A non existent 777 could be a very valuable tool.

We will see.

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Anderson Cooper, one of the famed alum of the Dalton School.

School of hard knocks tuition....0. 

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JIM249 posted this link further down:

and there is also this

"Officially, Jindalee has a range of 3,000 km (1,900 mi.), about 1,500 km less than the distance to the point where MH370 disappeared, but the Royal Australian Air Force system is reputed to be able to reach the South China Sea, depending on atmospheric conditions."

The Aussies (probably with the US ) would have tracked flight 370 in real time with their Jindalee Over-The-Horizon-Radar.

Why releasing speculative satellite imagery info about this so late?

Or do they turn the Jindalee radar off at night too?

C'mon now.

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in other australian news - mick jagger just cancelled the aussie tour. 

apparently his girlfriend was a JPMorgan executive

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Yeah, they want us to believe they didn't know exactly where it was?


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I suppose there may be HAM radio operators around the region who know when one part of it or all of JORN is broadcasting, and what pulse-schedule and frequencies it uses.

Just guessing but as it would cost a lot to keep it operating (it is a huge series of arrays, lots of wattage), they probably schedule a regular snapshot ping of the region say once every 10 or 15 minutes as a tripwire, and mix in some random pings to detect movements trying to avoid detection. They'd only operate and focus it continuously on an area when something interesting was taking place, like air combat training or warship movements, it sees both, plus civil shipping as well. As I understand it all object contacts are tracked and identified and a track history going back for years on the same ship, or same aircraft, is available, so these can reveal changes in tactics or patrol paths and routines, etc. Interesting contacts that can not be identified from marine and air based flight plans and/or radio transmission interactions, can then be investigated by patrol aircraft or a UAV. This info is shared with US, NZ and others for that purpose.

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It's US satellite data, shared with Australia, UK, Canada and NZ as part of the long-term intelligence agreement between those 5 countries.

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It's commercial satellite imagery, according to the announcement.

How deep can the P8 Poseidon's radar penetrate under the surface?

Element's picture

I'm having doubts about this, could be anything from a dead whale in the sat images, or a split boat hull part with some buoyancy tanks still intact.

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Are the objects about the same size as those that were found on the Pentagon lawn?

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Think magnetic anomoly detector + MK1 eyeball

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Australia has numerous satellite comms and tracking arrays which use and control US military satellites, and has access to the imagery. My guess is the ADF could see the JORN track of the flight when they finally went back and looked for it, and have now gone back through the recorded SAT images to the day the aircraft disappeared, to see if the objects they are now tracking on SAT images, appeared in the ocean on that day.

It they did then that would make you fairly confident this might be part of the wreckage.

The question is, do they routinely monitor all parts of the ocean like that?

The scale of satellite control and data reception facilities in Australia and the numbers of such facilities suggests they probably do routinely take continuous imagery of everything, everywhere, so that it's available for such cross-checks, at a later time.

I strongly suspect they have been doing this ever since the mystery VELA nuclear test in 1979.

Named after these satellites:

Element's picture

I'll listen to that, thanks. btw, love the avatar.

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OK, I'm not endorsing just sharing, not much in Aust that challenges the brain though is interesting... I've done some stuff with them - v.basic econ/cashless stuff - but otherwise the site has some decent interviews on a range of topics and I'd enjoy hearing you -Leon the host is a solid trucky punching above his weight always on the look for an interview guest.

Element's picture

Well I listened to it and can't find anything to disagree with there. Perhaps the "Infrastructure Man" might find their advice useful. ;-)  I'm a nobody as an interview guest. Frankly that interview covered all topics pretty well.

Would just have added that the West already has copious satellite imagery of the area and knows exactly the disposition of Russian forces near the border, so the flyover request is melodrama and otherwise unnecessary. Putin knows that too. So yes, Putin is just playing the game, knowing the flight is irrelevant, in order to accommodate a partial deescalation mechanism.

I'm not surprised NATO is exercising in the Black Sea and patrolling Poland etc., it's a deterrent and a bluff (talk of deploying Iskander to threaten US missile defenses in Poland lead to this) and is also a requirement for diplomacy as a bargaining chip.

Europe is actually nervous because Ukraine needs to also understand that cutting-off the gas to spite Vlad, is not an option NATO will accept from Kiev.

There are several dynamics in there and I think the net effect is that Russia is in a position, for the first time since WWII, to sideline the US in European foreign affairs. If you had that capacity, and you were a guy who speaks and thinks like Vlad, would you not try to gently ease PAX-Americana into the grave and make the US roll-up their tents and go home? Like the Soviet Union did.

I sure would, if it could be carefully done, and that is what I expect to occur. The US is going to not want to step into its grave, and the reaction of Cheney is the tell-tale admission that they know this is the trajectory of Russia's geostrategic development.

It's US greed that is on exhibit. The US doesn't need such strategic control, it only wants it, and it shouldn't have it as clearly it can not be trusted, and is a hair's breath away from act far worse than Hitler ever dreamed of. In that sense at least, I hope Putin does do just that. Whether he can pull it off we will soon see, but I think he will quietly go for it.  The financial collapse will turn the tide too, and at least a recession is coming, Just look at that 4 year macro trend. 2015 will be soft to negative.

Note that Obama said just today (article on RT) that the US will not go into Ukraine, and that a military involvement there will not be occurring.

China became very hegemonic in diplomatic and economic attitude in mid-2009, and we can expect them to do that again if the US gradually collapses back and is shunted out of the Eurosphere. They will also try to make sure the US remains weakened and can not easily rise again (which is exactly what Beijing tried to do to Japan in 2009 via trying to force Australia to sell iron-ore to China @$30 per ton cheaper than the Japanese's contract price).

Both speakers are obviously sharp and honest, no weird stuff, so thanks for passing that link I'll keep track of them.

UselessEater's picture

CEC has some interesting perspectives - born of Lyndon LaRoche (from my mixed journey starting with CEC then Catherin Austin Fitts leading to John Rapport interviews with PR insiders like Ellis Medavoy they are admantant LaRouche was a man targeted for disdain).

The CEC seems to be the most active at attempting to force political discourse, the ad in the papers with 'leaders' calling for glass-stegall type legislation however went no where??? Some of their headlines are too much IMO but its good to hear things from various points of view.......brain sleep now.


Element's picture

Funny you should mention Lyndon LaRoche, he's a guy I've never explicitly read (don't remember ever doing so, and don't know much about him) but first thing this morning I stumbled into this article, which I read, when surfing the news updates on Crimea:

Obama, US gov't must be removed to save mankind - presidential candidate LaRouche

Damn these coincidences! I've read John Rapport, he's a bit uptight (many American's are) but real sharp guy with the technicolor overview. And Paul Craig Roberts has also gone in swinging lately, really firing on all cylinders about Washington and FED/Wall-Street.

Anyway thanks for the chat, all the best.

The_Prisoner's picture

Those guys provide honest commentary. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely check them from time-to-time.

The truth of the matter is that Russia has not invaded Crimea any more than the US Marines have invaded Darwin. Russia has a treaty which allow up to 25000 troops in Crimea. So the troop movements were allowed under that treaty.

Everything else is propaganda by Westerm media. And we know who controls that


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"My guess is the ADF could see the JORN track of the flight when they finally went back and looked for it, and have now gone back through the recorded SAT images to the day the aircraft disappeared, to see if the objects they are now tracking on SAT images, appeared in the ocean on that day."

I would say your guess is spot on. US military which has close ties to JORN, has been trying to nudge the Insane Clown Posse, a.k. Malaysian Govt., in the right direction for some time.

First it was "Golly, the Indian Ocean might be interesting, even though its well away from where the Clowns are looking, hint hint". The Clowns didn't take the hint, because they're clowns.

Then it was " Gee we'd like to help, but we need to be invited, we just can't take over the investigation, hint hint." No takers.

Then it was "The southern track, deep off the Australian coast, is more interesting than the northern track, hint hint". The Clowns start to get a clue.

Then the next nudge was from the Aussies. "Thanks for inviting us to lead the southwards search. The Indian Ocean is vast, but we're going to focus on this particular area south-west of Perth, hint hint."

Another nudge from the Aussies. "Hey look at this GEOINT we just happen to have. My goodness, is that plane wreckage perchance? What say we take a closer look, eh?."

The problem for the Aussies and US was how to guide the Clowns without giving anything away about JORN's capabilities, and preferably not even mentioning it. The Five Eyes do not want another story about mass surveillance, this time of ships and planes in SE Asia.

Two things made me suspicious early on about this story and its management. First was the steady stream of subtle leaks from the NY Times which were ahead of the Clowns, and accurate. The next was the parade of "experts" saying how hard it was to track planes flying at low altitudes.

What the shit-for-brains experts didn't say was that this flight was smack in the sight of JORN's #2 radar, and if it's flying, then there is no hiding - even terrain-hugging stealth bombers stick out like dogs' balls when JORN is looking.

Element's picture

That may be so, I wrote this a few days ago, when lookin at the proposed search area (see third page of referenced link if you want to see it):

"Interesting, as about half of that area given for the 18th's search area falls just south of the (official) operational arc of the observational view area of the JORN OTHR. Emphasis on officially, the real performance and scan volume addressed is something else entirely. That official area is just the original design mid-1990s area that was assured to have reliable coverage, even in poor ionospheric conditions, that degraded transmission and bounce-return path reception. In other words, beyond this area the reception of contacts only BEGINS to degrade, but the actual useful routine scan area and volume is about three times larger, than the initial claimed early operational range of the JORN system. We know that system has been extensively expanded and upgraded ever since that initial operational range at time of delivery acceptance by the ADF, was established. That OTHR system now sees everything in South East Asia and the central and northern Indian oceans, plus well into southern China, and almost as far as Japan and Hawaii in good ionosheric conditions.

The question is, did the JORN system of today, see something down there, or are they just following the geostationary satellite reception's arc, across the ocean?

Well that area depicted seems to fall to the south of the arc line on this image:


So why are they looking that far south?


My question from that time was that this proposed location made no clear sense unless they saw something in that direction, and think it's down there there.

I also wrote within this very page, below, that ABC said this wreckage was actually even further south than that article for the 18th's search area indicated. It is south of its southernmost boundary. This is way south of what the arc image above suggested! So they were deliberately looking down in that direction, for what they knew must be down there.

Or will it turn out to be a dead whale?

Probably not, for as on commenter above said, the sat images given are COMMERCIAL, not military grade, so the military are looking at imagery that we aren't seeing, and they think it is the wreckage, which is why it has been announced.

So now we have the heroic mission to find out. ;-)


btw, JORN was a 100% Australian developed. The US came in after it was operating, to see if it could be used as the basis for the missile defense tripwire and tracking system, once SATs spotted any initial launches from the closest nuclear powers. It was at about that time the US said it was going to treat Australia as a 'strategic equal' partner, and provide full data and intel access. So JORN and also SILEX were a part of the quid-pro-quo arrangement with the Washington NWO in 1999. Given Australia had both these technologies, the US had to elevate Australia from pawn to a country that actually had to 'defended'. I took this to further mean that without that elevation, and given what was happening with proliferation in 1998, that Howard's Govt was going to go nuclear if it was not provided. And as we now found out last month the US, in the Japanese case, even went so far as to give Tokyo 300 kg of weapon grade plutonium, apparently as the strategic assurance and means to guarantee allied trust and cooperation to hold the Pacific, and not give an inch to any other power. It's all about the PNAC agenda for Washington, so it had to secure its vital allies.

Payne's picture

I have never heard of JORN prior to this coversation.  Reading about it was very informative.  Goes way beyond my experiences.  So looks like your conjecture might be spot on.  The aussies saw the track and know where the plane stopped.  Even wierder now.  The middle of the ocean, no ships, no landing fields, he suicided by plane running out of gas in the middle of the briny blue.  What did the islanders see again ?  


Aircraft lands in Indonesia , aircraft take off again on remote to dump in isolated area of the IO.  Possible right ?  It would be difficult for the Radar operators to distinguish and interpret.  They would want to examine the wreck, next.

Element's picture

I answered your comment in the newer thread, basically agree with you that it's possible and makes some sense if the cargo is all the pilot, or whoever engaged their services, wanted. Problem is you are a mass murderer, and you will be hunted. Unless the guy is a religious nutter I can't see anyone doing that, going from an airline career to a mass murderer and on the run?

That part makes no sense to me is all but see my reply.

Regarding wreckage there's none and may not be. This is all conjecture, every bit. I'm getting uncomfortable with doing any more of it as there's a better than even chance of all of it being wrong, I'll see what comes of the search, I don't think I understand this any better than the first time we talked. 

Oleander's picture

I think they took it down also. I just think they have been tying up loose ends and clearing up the mess. 

fonestar's picture

It was a fire, killed the transponders and became a ghost plane flying into the ocean.

Pinto Currency's picture


Burning planes don't fly for 7+ hours.

thamnosma's picture

In the digital world of fonestar they do

UselessEater's picture

if he understood spooks he'd understand BTC (well he'd atleast accept the possibility BTC wasn't all liberty peaches)

Quus Ant's picture

So wouldn't they have said the same thing they said with the Penn. flight?  Terrorists flew it into the ocean after a struggle

or something?  The wreckage would be.... somewhere.

Why the big delay? 

Because the plane isn't there.  There isn't any wreckage.  

And the beat goes on. 

actionjacksonbrownie's picture

Oh the plane may be there alright... but it stopped in Diego Garcia to refuel and lighten its load first.

Payne's picture

Alternate theory someone successfully hijacked the airplane with the help of the Captain due to an extremely dangerous cargo onboard the aircraft.  Same group of people that is helping Bankers with flying lessons from roof tops.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

Depression will soon set in for the millions of people that were hoping for something more exciting. No aliens! Shadow cabal controlled remote landing or movie plot worthy gold theft! What the fuck! Oh well, another juicy conspiracy event will happen within a week or two.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Psy-op written all over this.

International flying is not safe.

Stay home and cower...


TruthInSunshine's picture

Whatever you do, do NOT travel by boat with precious metals, firearms, ammunition, etc.

Statistically speaking, that is the highest risk way of losing possession - forever - of those items, as a result of a tragic accident.

I have a great many friends, acquaintances & neighbors who lost ALL such possessions in said tragic boating accidents.

It's almost a cursed exercise in transport from the outset.

UselessEater's picture

bet their boats weren't headed to Aust, that woulda saved 'em (and replenished our PM stocks a former nitwit sold for pennies on our behalf).... so please do advise them in the future to head our way and we'll keep their PMs safe at the Perth Mint.

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Alrighty then, people of Maldives saw plane flying low at roughly the right time.  Possibly landed?