Ukraine Demands Its "Seized Personnel" Be Released Shortly, Or Else

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Ukraine acting President Oleksandr Turchynov has some stern demands of his Russian occupying force neighbors:


Furthermore, he promisese to take "appropriate steps" unless Crimean authorities free all hostages within 3 hours. For now, Russian forces refuse to negotiate. Meanwhile, Russia is standing both militarily and now economically behind Crimea as it affirms it will cover the region's budget deficit.

Via Bloomberg,

Ukraine acting President Oleksandr Turchynov wants seized personnel including Navy Chief Serhiy Hayduk released by 9pm local time.

Ukraine to take “adequate measures” if personnel not released by deadline, Turchynov says in website statement

Russian forces refuse to negotiate in Crimea: Turchynov

Via Reuters,

Russia will cover Crimea's estimated 55 billion rouble ($1.53 billion) budget deficit with funds from the federal budget, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on Channel 1 state television on Tuesday.


"The volume of the (budget) deficit of Crimea and Sevastopol is about 55 billion roubles," Siluanov said in an interview televised by Channel 1.


"The whole sum will definitely be covered with federal budget."

So now we have another red-line at 3pmET...

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Mr Pink's picture

Who cares?! Obozo's  NCAA picks are done!

ParkAveFlasher's picture

So in backing the Ukrainians up, will Kerry threaten to release a terribly aggressive estimate of Russia's new carbon footprint that has been disasterously impacted by rolling huge dirty gas-guzzling tanks into the Crimea?  Because that might make Putin back off!

TerminalDebt's picture

dotted red line?

This Ukrainian idiot seems hell bent on starting WW3

Gringo Viejo's picture

The neocons in DC are in essence, forcing Putin to move on Ukraine. These sociopaths are foisting WW111 on us.

Gringo Viejo's picture

For the record and your personal edification....I'm a Roman Catholic, Ex Marine, to the right of Barry Goldwater,Constitutionalist Patriot.

There....fixed it for ya.

smlbizman's picture

exactly... the thugs from the west are going provoke putin into responding...terror attacks, etc...but they wont be attacking crimea...they will be attacking russia now....major difference...

matrix2012's picture

Gringo, you aren't alone!


Jim Stone said it clearly here:


"Events leading up to World War 3 are playing out. Flight MH370 was a major piece of the puzzle in this, but more importantly what is going on in Ukraine may be the trigger."


smlbizman's picture

1.53bil....i didnt know numbers went that low anymore

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This is why I think it's unlikely Putin will bite off much more (if any) of Ukraine: he would have the financial responsibility for it.

That's not a moral responsibility, like the Powell Doctrine of "you break it, you bought it." It's a practical responsibility: if occupied, nobody else will bail out the territory. Putin would have to do it because he can't afford to have a failed state on his border. That same logic applies to Ukraine proper, which is one reason he's trying to get the west to bail it out (trying successfully, I might add!)

The other reason is that he wants Gazprom to be paid.

Dollarmedes's picture

One caveat:

Putin may not want a territorial war, but the close proximity of troops and high emotions could result in an "accident" that forces his hand. With so many interested factions, who knows what will happen?

StychoKiller's picture

It's like having an alcoholic next-door neighbor that gets belligerent every time they tie one on, then expects someone to bail their @zz out of jail (again!)

zerozulu's picture

After Debriefing these personnel will refuse to go back any way.

Looney's picture

Turchynov: I demand!

Putin: This ain't Kansas, Dorothy... ;-)


P.S. McCain: Hello, my name is Dodo! My left turn signal has been blinking for 2 months now.

Bearwagon's picture

Turchynov: We're done here!

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Release the tree huggers.

That is a great idea. We don't want them here in the US. Send them to the Crimea.

Oh regional Indian's picture

The clown-show has gone full-retard and PT BArnum is two-stepping with Eddie Bernays in that special place reserved for them...

Baba, Black Sheep, why you such a tool?



IridiumRebel's picture

Dude, my bracket has Wichita State winning. Wait, what were we talking about? Ooohhh! Hotdogs!

El Vaquero's picture

Replace "SQUIRREL!" with "KARDASHIAN!" and you have the general populace:

666's picture

Let 'em go. Why would Russia want to keep them?

Itchy and Scratchy's picture

'Pleeaaaase release me let me go ... for I don't love u anymore .....'

Abitdodgie's picture

It would be a nice date of the 22 of March to start WW111, after all the Masonic temples are having there burnt offering to Satan on that day ( a month early).

ebworthen's picture

Turchynov chewing on the paper to make the spitballs as we speak.

RSloane's picture

Who the hell cares what the fuck they say? They had time to withdraw their troops from Crimean, and therefore, Russian soil. Someone posted over the weekend that Russia would have gladly escorted their troops to their border if they had cooperated. Why are they pretending the vote in Crimea never happened?

McMolotov's picture

They're pretending the vote never happened because Uncle Sam is standing behind them, pointing a gun at their backs, and telling them to pretend the vote never happened.

Mountainview's picture

In the meantime the guardian of free speech, member of parliament in Ukraine from Svoboda party, sacks the head of television:

Quinvarius's picture

Maybe they just don't want to leave.

JuliaS's picture

Watching a BBC segments on Crimea, I heard them mention that in order to gain Russian citizenship and stay on Crimean soil, Ukrainian soldiers had to submit personal identification (i.e. surrender Ukrainian passports) and apparently only about half the people who expressed the desire to stay had proper documentation on hand. Soldiers typically have army issued identification. Things like passports and birth certificates often remain in possession of family members. Some soldiers had to be escorted off site against their will in compliance with the ultimatum simply because they didn't have the papers.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Of else what? Will they will fart in their general direction?  My god, the puppet show in the west is getting really tired and old.

pods's picture

"No chance, English bed-wetting types. We burst our pimples at you, and call your door-opening request a silly thing. You tiny-brained wipers of other people's bottoms!"


Kaiser Sousa's picture

that monty python shit never gets tired man...

now, "run away!!!"


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Or they'll send in more to get captured or turn.


He's just a poor boy from a poor family. Spare him his life from this monstrosity.

Easy come, easy go, will you let me go? ... No, we will not let you go!
Kaiser Sousa's picture

Mr. Peabody has spoken...

now, all u dumb asses that started this stupid EU/US/MoneyChanger Overlords bullshit please make like good snagglepussy's and "EXIT STAGE LEFT"

b4 u get your asses shot off...


SilverRhino's picture

Talk about doing a walk of shame.   

Boomberg's picture

Why in the world would the Ukrainian Naval Chief want to be released? So he can die in glory a few weeks later? He's sitting pretty for a nice leadership position in the Russian Crimean fleet and a pension if he makes the right decisions. 

StychoKiller's picture

One of the few instances where "defect" is actually a good word...

Jack Burton's picture

Ukrianian government puppets say nothing that is not approved for release by the NATO command. Today NATO announced it would defend Poland and the Baltics against Russia aggression, as if there is any! We wonder what game NATO is playing at, this is all planned, we know that. So where is NATO headed? Threats are flying like mad while Putin says he will not invade anyone, NATO claims the whole Eastern front is at threat of Russian invasion.

Who is a liar here? Haver you followed the west's media narrative on this issue. It is bald faced lies and that is provable by a simple fact check. Putin keeps trying to talk the west down, but the west is talking like it is 1914 or 1939. God help us all, because Washington is now fully insane, mad fuckers drunk on their power. They don't give fuck all about you or me, they are out of control insane whores to banks and corporations and a crazed military industrial complex.

If NATO pushes Russia to the point that they put nuclear forces on high alert, then we are playing an end game of epic madness!

Winston Churchill's picture

Sadly, I agree Jack.

Our leaders, and their controllers, seem intent on a  war that will go nuclear.

Ghordius's picture

I disagree. The Baltic States are NATO members (Ukraine is not). And they need reassurance that their allies are ready to defend them. Then they have sizable Russian or at least Russian-speaking populations and they could be on the menu list of what Catherine II wants to grab additionally

you have no idea how depressing this Crimea invasion is for Estonians, Latvian, Lithuanians, Finns and yes, also for Poles and Swedes

Joe A's picture

We can send them some Prozac.

Tracerfan's picture

They shouldn't be depressed.  Ukraine (independent since only 1991) had no claim to Crimea but for Khrushchev giving it to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1954 as a gift.

Poland has more to fear from neo-Nazi Ukrainians who want to take parts of Poland for Ukraine, than Russia.