Mapping Every "Vanished" Plane Since 1948

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Some 83 aircraft have been declared “missing” since 1948, according to data compiled by the Aviation Safety Network. The list includes planes capable of carrying more than 14 passengers and where no trace — bodies or debris — has ever been found.



Source: Bloomberg

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There are 3 possible service centers for BUAP in the Asian region

They are Singapore, Shanghai, and Merlbourne Australia.


Funny when you think about it, this means that say thailand, or malaysia would have no say, if somebody used this SW to grab their civilian airlines.

It would be really interesting to know the actual international controls of this shit, but my guess it was so fucking secret only the MIL was supposed to know.


Ok, to answer my own question above, if it came from Singapore/Shanhai, that means chinese brought their own plane in, ... that is a far fucking fetch of imagination, but doabl, ... as the CHINESE MSS is infested with zio's.

[ Would/Could the chinese send their own plane to Kazakhstan to make war and steal russian oil? Bigger than libya? Yes, .. but did they? ]

Second is Melbourne ran by CIA, brought the plane into the darwin base, the way BUAP is supposed to work is plane goes black, all SIG-COMM(cell phone/radio) goes dark, dark plane comes in at night into US-MIL base near darwin, nobody would have noticed shit.


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FYI, there are no "US MIL" bases in the whole of Australia, they are not allowed in Australia. What exists in a few places are joint facilities within pre-existing military bases, where US forces have been incorporated into AUSTRALIAN MILITARY BASES. The Yanks will not be getting their own separate autonomous military bases within this country any time soon, if ever again. Only countries who are invaded, or else who are expendable strategic pawns end up with US military bases within them.

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So your telling that the Kangaroo's are in charge of Pine Gap?

Element we're going to have to start calling your 'kangaroo jack'

CIA has their own Guantanamo in Austrailia

Pine Gap is the commonly used name for a satellite tracking station approximately 18 kilometres (11 mi) south-west of the town of Alice Springs, Northern Territory in the centre of Australia which is operated by both Australia and the United States. Since 1988 it has been officially called the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap; previously, it was known as Joint Defence Space Research Facility.[1]

Partly run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the U.S. National Security Agency, the station is a key contributor to the global surveillance network ECHELON

Over-Seen by Kangaroos, but RAN by CIA/NSA


I doubt the strip is long enough and paved enough for a 777, at alice springs, but fuck it could be. Me thinks near Darwin more logical.


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AUSTRALIA will carry some of the cost of housing a 2500-strong US marines ... as part of the US "rebalancing" of its military forces and other resources to the ... Barracks and RAAF Base Darwin to support the US deployment.


The Kangaroo's spend a whopping $1 AUD while the USA spent billions on these AUSSIE bases, who is whose bitch?

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It is an Australian base. So it is our asset. So yeah, we pay for our bases. Get it?

If your wife wants mother-in-law to come live with you, and you need to build a granny flat to accommodate her, does granny pay for it, or does the asset/RE owner pay for it?

If mother-in-law wants to spend a heap on furniture and fittings plus a new car to get to the shops, that's at her cost.

You can talk warped bullcrap all you want but Pine Gap was set up in the early cold war when Australia was a strategic pawn in a nascent Domino theory view of SEA. The Govts of that classic nuclear doomsday era allowed this to take place.

That changed when former Australian Govts and military said to the US that we either do things together, jointly, or you hit the road and we go nuclear instead - pick one.

Given the brainless mischief and drivel you constantly post there's not much danger of you presenting a valid counterpoint any time soon.

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Not USAF Base

Not USMC Base

Not USN Base

Not US Army Base


There aren't any US Bases idiot.

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The fact is the MAJORITY of Aussies (HUMANS) are NOT happy at all about the US-MARINE invasion of Darwin.

Secondly, this operation has been planned all along to run the war with IRAN out of this US MARINE base in DARWIN. FACT.

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So ~2,500 Marines (who are yet to arrive) are going to take the fight to Iran from Darwin?


Distance from Darwin To Tehran:

5,337nm, 6,142 statute miles or 9,884 km

Bring a cut-lunch and a thermos UNMC - this could take a bit of time.  :D


Mr Smith said the plan was to have rotations of up to 2500 Marines in Northern Australia in the northern dry season by 2016-17, but the government had not yet made any decisions about arrangements for larger US Marine Corps rotations.

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zionhead says: "But personally I would like to think the plane was sent toward KAZAKHSTAN to be 'found' and justify WW3."


I'm no christian, but i pray for you.  

i encourage you to seek the advice of a mental health professional.  all your posts are screaming schizoid personality disorder or a mild form of schizophrenia.  

and don't worry about treatment options.  

there is a lot of medical research ongoing into treating these mental illnesses with medicinal cannabis.  

stay positive.  there are brighter days ahead, my friend.

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I smell a rat.  The Malaysians have been dissembling from day one.  The MSM is dropping chaff.  They say a whole bunch of Asian countries turn off their military radars at night because nobody ever launched a bombing raid at night.  WTF.  They say there wasn't enough fuel to get to Diego Garcia, which is a flat-out lie as can be seen by looking at a globe.  CNN's Don Lemon is talking about black holes and the supernatural.  They don't talk about the Maersk Alabama and the SEALs who died after guarding a mysterious cargo which ended up on the flight.  They don't dig into Freescale Semiconductor either.  Charles Hugh-Smith is right that the last satellite ping eliminates Diego Garcia, but that could be faked... after landing the plane at Diego Garcia. 

To fake the satellite data, they would only need to adjust the timer which controls the satellite pings.  Probably an easy job for someone who knows exactly what he is doing.  They could have this technician waiting at Diego Garcia.  To get the satellite arcs, first figure out the difference between the timestamp on the ping and the time the signal hit the satellite.  Multiply by the speed of light to get the distance to the plane.  There will be a circle of points on the Earth which will be the right distance from the satellite.  Eliminate points on the circle which the plane could not have reached, and points on the circle which were already heavily searched.  Satellite arcs!  Plenty of space to keep the searchers busy in the wrong spots.  There are two main conditions which makes this faking easier: 

1) There must be only one satellite within line of sight of the plane.  Two satellites will narrow the search to two points, both of which will be quickly eliminated.  Three satellites will fail to triangulate it to the surface of the Earth.
2) The one satellite should be approximately over Diego Garcia at the time.  This makes the satellite arcs nowhere near Diego Garcia.  It also becomes impossible for the plane to refuel at Diego Garcia and still have enough time to get to any point on the circle.

Both conditions for plausible timestamp faking were met.

The reports mention other satellite pings but they only gave data for the last one.  Releasing the other pings would show a lot more data about the route, perhaps enough to roughly reconstruct it by eliminating impossible arc points at each step. Why do we only have the data from the last ping?  Because it's the only fake one.  They pulled the plug after that ping went out.  They will send it somewhere else, with fake colors, slightly below another airliner's tail with the transceiver turned off.  It could detonate a huge nuke without anyone even knowing it was there.

zionhead's picture

Malaysians have been reporting the truth as they know it since day one, it is the MSM that has been spreading rumors,

It's the FBI that wants Malaysia to give up its Soveriegnty,

All this cover, and bullshit,

There is a rat, and Charles Smith is on the list of names of rats.


Here read the Malaysia news and quit watching TV, or CNN, or CNBC, and just read

Malaysian News, and then compare that to the shit FED to you by the ZIO-MSM.



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Would you get a different avatar FFS

zionhead's picture

Hillary 2016 take a long hard look at your next president,

F 'HRC' Sawyer


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Were you Flak in your past life

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I've read other posts stating the cargo from the Alabama, with the dead Seals, was on MH 370.   Where is that info coming from?  How would it be public knowledge that cargo from Ship A ended up on Flight B?  Or is this just something rattling around on "Before It's News"?

New World Chaos's picture

It's not public knowledge, because the Malaysians aren't releasing the cargo manifest.  It's all coming from the conspiranoids at this point.  They say they tracked Maersk Alabama cargo to Kuala Lumpur.  This article might be a good place to start (don't know how reliable the source is, but there's no woowoo on the front page).

Let's hope this really is some act of bioterrorism averted and the passengers are in temporary quarantine.  But it all seems too planned, and we know the kind of people we are dealing with.

P.S.  To ensure only one satellite picks up the signal from Diego Garcia even if there are always a few satellites around, they could install a directional antenna, or they could have the plane in a metal hangar with a funnel shaped hole in the roof.

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eutimes is in fact one of the dingbat websites NWC, they made up a pile of silly crap back in Aug-Sept last year regarding Syrian gas attack as well, and it was totally fabricated krud and they presented it all as the real thing.

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@ New World Chaos

Just to point out that any General Aviation jet with enough international range can fly in a high-yield nuke. They all have more than enough payload to carry a 5 megaton nuke, a couple even. So there is no reason at all, nor incentive to steal an airliner full of people for such a purpose. Numerous GA jets or even civil cargo jets can do that. There are no searches prior to private international flight take-off there are only Customs searches at the destination, or else intel and interceptions by a fighter to prevent it. So any jet or long-range turbo prop can potentially deliver a high-yeild or low-yield nuke (behind sheilding) to any international city or military target (this is one of scores of shocking reasons why a missile defence is a dangerous grand delusion).

New World Chaos's picture

Too true.  Should have generalized as a false flag or maybe bioterror, if the Maersk connection is real.  But in my mind the nuke was the first example.  I think the puppetmasters already had other reasons to steal the plane and now they have a big piece of evidence that they need to dispose of without a trace.  If they crash it in the Indian Ocean someone will look for the cargo and realize it was stolen, then what?  But since the puppetmasters do need to start WWIII soon to shift the blame for the inevitable financial collapse, hey, might as well...

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Payne was suggesting in the previous thread (yesterday) that it may have landed in a remote sealed strip in Indonesia, been unloaded of whatever cargo that it carried, then took off again.

That would use up a lot of fuel in this second takeoff and climb out, but if it is also a lot lighter, it still might get the range to the southern ocean without refueling. That seems a viable option.

Not saying I accept it, just saying it could fit what we have.

I would also add the point that piracy was rife in the Strait of Malacca a few years back.

We need to explicitly take on board that the Strait of Malacca is where this jet went off the radar scopes. This could be a distraction created to allow a get-away with whatever the cargo was.

New World Chaos's picture

Corrections, for anyone coming here later:

If the timer is automatically updated by the GPS network, they might have needed to insert a delaying circuit somewhere between the timer and the antenna.  Still easy enough.

The gap between the satellite arcs includes some remote jungle, so the gap must be due to a blind spot of the satellite itself.

The satellite could have been west of Diego Garcia and still served their purposes (but too far southwest and the southern arc might have gone too close to Australia). 

It would be interesting to know if there were other satellites that should have picked up the plane at Diego Garcia or along the arcs.  This could be evidence of shenanigans.


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Would like to see a map of the missing private planes carrying politicians, financial leaders, military leaders, prosecutors, attny generals etc

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Three (very) speculative scenarios of what could have happened to MH370 where there are survivors. (true story; full documentary:

Or any combination of the above. Could be an accidental or deliberate landing on some remote island or mountain. And then they just stay there disconnected from the rest of the world for a long time.

Just some food for the imagination.

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WW3 GONE HOT - CHINA sends Warships to Austrailia

BEIJING: China is sending three warships to join the search for possible pieces of a missing Malaysia Airlines plane in the southern Indian Ocean, the government said Friday.

The ships are en route to the area where a satellite image showed two large objects floating about 2,300 kilometres (1,400 miles) west of Australia, the National Maritime Search and Rescue Centre said. 

It gave no indication when they might arrive at the remote site, but earlier Chinese news reports said the ships — the Kunlunshan, the Haikou and the Qiandaohu — were searching near the Indonesian island of Sumatra. 

The centre said a fourth Chinese vessel, the icebreaker Snow Dragon, is in the western Australian port of Perth following a trip to Antarctica and might join the search. --AP


BUAP "Service Center" that brought down the MH-370, may have been operating from Melbourne Austrialian; MIL base ran by US-MIL. Near Darwin is where Chinese Nazy will stand off.

Some 3+ years ago the USA set this up for WW3 (2500 troops), during WW2 this was the pacific theater beach-head.

[ Three service centers could have brought this plane 'home'; Melbourne Singapore, or Shanghai ]

If you believe that Singapore/Shanghai was in control, then your assuming CHINESE killed their own people, if you assume that Melbourne brought the plane home, then you can assume the CIA [zio-neo-cons] has set up Austrailia to get fucked hard by China.




are we there yet's picture

The reasonable theories have a common starting point. The plane flew in a controlled way to about 43 to 45 thousand feet long enough to drain off passenger oxygen mask capacity leading to suffocation if cabin pressure was opened. THe copilot sounded 'sleepy' or druged in his last pre contact before the piloting person (likely the pilot) flew unnaturally high to suffocate the passingers. The reinforced cabin door protected the pilot from the crew and passingers as the cabin pressure fell. Most likely the pilot killed the crew, and passingers for unknown reasons that required preplanning and presumibly he had an end goal or purpose, as well as a route. The rest is much less clear. A full load of passingers and their luggage limits the ammount of gold tonage as a motive, but the malasian government is overtly hiding the cargo manifest so that is a maby. Remember the pilot would have to really be super motivated to kill his entire crew and passenger load. His wife and family are safe. So what could motivate such an act? Religion? Money? Politics? A grudge? None are credible so far. But, it does appear the pilot suffocated everyone for unknown reasons and planned an escape to an unknown location. THe pilot would also have to know that there would be no place he could go to spend any money he got, and that the level of investigation efforts sould eventually find him for such an act. He would know that he could never see his family again, or spend any money in civilized place. So the mystery is the pilots possible motivation.

zionhead's picture

Bullshit theory running the plane up FL450 for what to burn fuel? WHy not just dump?  If you wanted to waste fuel.

The FL450 theory is only a model if you wanted to deplete fuel and oxygen, why murder the passengers? Once BUAP took control, they were fuck, as good as dead, and the goal was to fly low, ... fly up to FL450 for what when the goal was FL10

Occam's razor is most useful here.

Once under BUAP control the pilots would have the same status as passengers all CELL PHONE service would have been disabled.

First reports were the plane was going  north over myanmar.

777 had BUAP Singapore Service Center had control,... Kazakhstan was the destination,

Austrailia is participating in the klusterfuck to lead the MSM in the wrong direction.

zionhead's picture


AFDS-770 Autopilot Flight Director System


Put the proven standard autopilot flight director system of the Boeing 777 to work for you. The Rockwell Collins AFDS-770 incorporates technology advancements consistent with Boeing’s state-of-the-art design objectives. So you can trust it fully digital, fail operational autopilot, flight director and fly-by-wire backdrive system.

The triplex system provides multichannel cruise autopilot and flight director control functions for speed selection, altitude modes, heading/track modes, vertical speed/flight path angle modes, vertical/lateral flight management control selection, and fully automatic landing and go-around modes. The AFDS-770 also provides for backdrive of the captain's and first officer's control columns and control wheels during all phases of the flight envelope, and will also backdrive the rudder pedals during autoland and go-around. The backdrive system provides traditional wheel, column and pedal feedback for the 777 fly-by-wire system under autopilot control.

zionhead's picture

Our service centers in the Asia-Pacifc region like Singapore and particularly to our service center in Shanghai,”


So there you have it the BUAP control of MH-370 was either ran out of SHANGHAI, or SINGAPORE ( also under chinese control ).


So now we may ask, WHY WOULD CHINA want to take out FREESCALE patent holders? Take down their own citizens, like in KUNMING,

Who profits from this shit?

Who in CHINA wants WAR, WHO is requesting 3 battle-ships be sent to austrailia?


WHOOPS,... what if this thing was SETUP to blame AUSTRAILIA,... wow what a grab if CHINA could use this as pretext to GRAB AUSTRALIA?

yogibear's picture

So much for military rediness.  You have a huge plane like the 777 with no transponder flying back accross a country you would have thought military jets would be scrambled and escorted it or attempted to communicate  with while being escorted. 

zionhead's picture

AUSTRALIA 3 Chinese Battle Ships on the way to Melbourne? WHOOPS,... what if this thing was SETUP to blame AUSTRAILIA,... wow what a grab if CHINA could use this as pretext to GRAB AUSTRALIA?

Forget about UKRAINE,... if PUTIN can nab UKRAINE, ... why can't CHINESE nab Austrailia?

Fucking truth is always stranger than fiction.

Keep the CHINESE up north, when the real action is in SOUTH AUSTRAILIA?

But no way in the world would the CHINESE be this stupid right?

Well forget not that the CHINESE community in SYDNEY are KOUMINGTANG hold-outs like taiwanese, and they hate the PRC chinese.


zionhead's picture

Melbourne is a long way to go, but the airplane could have been sent home to Melbourne?

Australia: Services Boeing 777 BUAP

The Rockwell Collins service center in Melbourne provides world-class support that covers a wide range of equipment and systems used by Australian defence forces and others in the region. The center also provides significant support to commercial airlines—such as Qantas and Air New Zealand—and other carriers in the Asia-Pacific region. Because the service center supports both commercial and military customers, it offers a significant number of advantages, including greater surge capacity for defence customers and lower costs due to the ability to share test equipment.

With advanced test equipment in a facility covering 15,000 square feet, the Melbourne Service Center services Rockwell Collins avionics for business and regional airlines and defense customers throughout Australia. Over 40 factory-trained technicians specialize in maintenance and modification work on avionics onboard a full range of aircraft.

thamnosma's picture

Mt. Gox says it just found 200,000 bitcoins in an "old wallet".  Nothing like stumbling upon $116,000,000.

I'm having a difficult time holding onto reality, whatever that is.

Dr. Bonzo's picture

Cool article. Thanks for posting.

Kina's picture

Trouble with consipiracy theories now days is that they are quickly become conspiracy facts.

And it turns out in our conpsiracy theorising that we were often too timid.

Because we have now learned that TPTB everywhere are sytemically corrupt in every branch of government, market, finance and justice. And that the outrageous is normal for them.

If the USA and friends with little conscience are able to start rebelion and civil war in Syria, destroy a country cause many deaths...all for a selfish cause....then you know that they are capable of any subitfuge...and not just USA but many countries with the ability. They kill innocent people with easy if it suits some objective or other... and they need not fear being caught or prosecuted...which emboldens them be even  more outrageous.


Not too long ago everybody would have thought that this plane disapearance was simply bad luck of a suicide. But now days we know TPTB are easily capable of stealing a plane out of the air if there is something about it they really really want, or want to destroy...we know that they are capable of this.


So then this is why conspiracy theorise are now so prominent....because they have a real probabilty/likelihood.


The questioned to be asked up front is...what about an event offers and advantage to some power, agency or other. Having seen or discounted that then we can move on to normal theories.


So this plane until it is found in the water...could have also have been stolen.

zionhead's picture

I read yesterday that MSM says that now 55% of ameriKKKan's believe in conspriacy theory's,


That means 55% have thoughts they're not supposed to have, I would say the 'investors' and the thought-police that can resolve this problem will be the next billionaires.

The SPY shit like GOOGLE tell what they're thinking, but now we have to change those thoughts.

I always say "conspiracy' requires secrecy, and none of this shit is secret, ergo there are no conspiracy theory's, just unpopular opinions that our government will not tolerate.


zionhead's picture
Hawaii law lets police have sex with prostitutes USA TODAY  - ‎55 minutes ago‎ HONOLULU (AP) - Honolulu police officers have urged lawmakers to keep an exemption in state law that allows undercover officers to have sex with prostitutes during investigations, touching off a heated debate. * Now there what better proof than there are cop, and little people. The cop can fuck the whore, but if you or me fuck the whore, we lose our money, our ride, and are good name, the cop fucks the whore, ... he get's to keep going back for more until the 'investigation' is complete. I love ameriKKKa. Conspiracy theory my ass, truth is always stranger than ficiton in ZIO-LAND.
are we there yet's picture

IF they find the missing plane landed on an Island owned by Gilligan, Mary Ann, Ginger, the skipper, and the Howels, I have first claim on the movie rights.

Element's picture

I have a few issues with the following chronological events that have been supplied recently. This is what we're told occurred (extracts from a CNN page):


1:37 a.m.: Expected ACARS transmission doesn't happen
The ACARS was supposed to transmit a half-hour after it last did so. Therefore, it was supposed to transmit at 1:37 a.m. -- but it didn't, Yahya said,
So, the ACARS stopped communicating sometime between 1:07 and 1:37 a.m.
It's a significant event: Turning off ACARS takes know-how, Quest said.
If the flight were hijacked or a target of terrorism, cutting off ACARS would be a strategic move because the system reports to satellites anything being done to the aircraft, Quest said.

So if ACARS, which is a software system that is basically a text editor, link to in this case a SATCOM UHF radio modem datalink, was off at this point, how does the following occur? (and as I understand it there were 2x SATCOM datalinks on this jet, for ACARS redundancy, so if you disable one, why would you not also fully disable the other?)

This then happens immediately before it is estimated to run out of fuel reserves - the SATCOM suddenly becomes active again:

"8:11 a.m.: Satellite 'handshakes'
Najib revealed Saturday that a satellite tracked the plane at 8:11 a.m., more than seven hours after takeoff.
Najib didn't provide details on the satellite tracking, but it appears that orbiters high above the ocean detected the plane as the satellite or satellites attempted a series of "handshakes" -- or electronic connections -- with the plane below, Quest said.
It's likely that the plane didn't complete the handshake because its communication systems were disabled, Quest said.
Nevertheless, the satellites would have been able to trace a plane flying below them and would have extended an electronic message equivalent to a hailing: "There's a plane: Hello, hello, hello? Do you have anything for us?" Quest said.
The Malaysian Prime Minister said the "raw satellite data" confirms the plane was Flight 370. The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration, along with Britain's Air Accidents Investigation Branch, concur, Najib said.
"Due to the type of satellite data, we are unable to confirm the precise location of the plane when it last made contact with the satellite," Najib said.
Authorities believe the plane was in one of two flight "corridors": A northern route stretching to northern Thailand, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan or a southern route toward Indonesia and the southern Indian Ocean.

Which suggests the SATCOM itself was somehow reactivated, but no messages was being sent by ACARS, because neither the pilot nor the aircraft systems were trying to, or else were able to communicate further.

So why has the Satellite has suddenly seen the SATCOM datalink passively switched back on and announces itself to the satellite (as that's the ONLY way the satellite can know it's there adn will bother to interogate it) and then tries to login and interogate it for data, and there's no communications from it.

So why turn the SATCOM back on if there was no intention of sending a text message from the plane?

Or, alternatively, and this is possible, the SATCOM was either programmed or else placed on a timer to switch the power back on. So why do that? :

(1) So the plane's avionics or FMS could be accessed externally via an unknown satellite to manipulate the jet remotely.
(2) To externally activate systems or charges to help the aircraft to sink and/or destroy data within its databases.

I don't even know if that is possible.

Yes, there are 2006 patents regarding prototype capabilities to do that, but a patented prototype system is not and operational system the jet has been using since its manufacture and delivery date. So how old is the jet?

However, such flight decks are essentially computers and they do indeed receive incremental periodic firmware build updates, that can and do radically extend and mature the electronics/avionics capabilities of the aircraft throughout its lifetime in service.

So it is possible even an older aircraft that 2006 build could upgraded via firmware updates and a few hardware updates, to provide such external control of aircraft capability, from an unknown satellite operated by people who knew how to access the avionics systems remotely.

i.e. make it a drone

Sorry to speculate, but given the above quoted chronology, I see no adequate explanation for why the SATCOM has suddenly started working, at 8:11 AM, when it was supposed to have landed at 6:30 AM. Which means that the jet had then used 101 minutes of IFR fuel reserves, and the engines were probably cutting out from fuel starvation at that very time in which the SATCOM came back to life and announced itself (thus giving it's possible location away, as well ...).

See my comment on IFR fuel reserves that I made yesterday, where I pointed out that the practical required IFR fuel reserve is going to be in the range of about 90 mins to 120 mins of extra fuel, on board such a flight to get to its planned destination, implying the jet fuel should run dry by ~8:30 AM, at the latest.

So what's going on here with the SATCOM switching on right at the end? If there is a perfectly reasonable technical reason for why that happened I don't know what it is, yet.

So maybe someone else knows of a >TECHNICAL< reason for why this happened?

I ask as I want to account for this to try and eliminate the thesis stated above, that it may be to access the jet's systems, externally, via satellite. So I'm asking for a possible technical reasons for the SATCOM suddenly being seen by the satellite here, because a conspiracy speculation will in no way resolve that question or possibility, one way or another, to eliminate it, or else confirm i.


So I'm interested to hear from actual pilots, technicians or engineers who can shed light on why the SATCOM announced itself again like that?

zionhead's picture

"Due to the type of satellite data, we are unable to confirm the precise location of the plane when it last made contact with the satellite," Najib said.


What are they saying they only own 1 satellite? Shit what does GPS have 21+

You need 3 for an exact location, if the plane was still streaming data to the 'service centers' ( Melbourne, and Singapore, and Shanghai ), then you know for a fact that they knew were the plane was at all times. Because the service centers do have access to more than 3+ satellites.



zionhead's picture

The BUAP system is designed to completely BLACKOUT the aircraft JAM all COMM IN&OUT, so that way terrorists on the ground don't knwo where  its going, and on the plane can't communicate home.

Once a plane is taken over by BUAP, it is vectored to the nearest MIL-BASE that controls that 'service center'

The question is WHO controls the Melbourne service center? The CIA/NSA or the Kangaroos?


The BUAP black's out ALL outgoing COMM when triggered. All HUMAN-to-HUMAN COMM is blacked-out.

It can't black out the engine data, because it would be impossible for ground control the bring in the airplane to the MIL base.

New World Chaos's picture

Are you saying that SATCOM was disabled around the time it went off course, and only turned on for one last blip at the very end?  That would make sense in the context of my long comment above.  THEY needed that last (faked) data point to draw attention away from Diego Garcia.  It would mean the investigators/media didn't release the interim data because it didn't exist.  If it existed, reconstructing the flight path might have been possible.  They only had data from before the course change, which was irrelevant. 

Element's picture

Yeah, I think that is the implication.

btw, see the CNN link there were several radar contacts and tracks after the course change and that data (at least the Malaysian radar data) has now been fully shared with the Anglo states so they can cross-check it all.

That it occurred at the point of switching from Malaysian to Vietnamese controller is significant, for when switching controllers the new controller is informed (via electronic messaging) by the old controller that a flight is going to be switching to their control and to expect a call from that new flight in their air space.

What happens then is the pilot signs off from the old controller frequency (the last heard 'goodnight' message), and then changes frequency to the new controller's frequency, then announces the flight number, and maybe speed, heading and altitude, etc, so the new controller then confirms the aircraft is on the scope with a valid transponder code and if all is good, the new controller simply calls "Malaysian Heavy MH370 Identified", then will usually confirm its clearance.

But that swap over did not happen, the pilot used that change in controllers to turn the systems off, including at least one of the ACARS SATCOM systems.

And I don't know how the reported Rolls Royce ACARS engine data fits in unless one SATCOM was still on the entire period, but no one is saying a damned thing about that engine ACARS data anymore ... WHY?

But it appears at lest one SATCOM did turn back on, at the very end of the flight's fuel ... WHY?


I read your comment, it was interesting, I'm going to read it again.

thamnosma's picture

Australia now says they will keep the search going for "one more day" and that the spotted debris "may be at the bottom now".   Just more BS.  There's so much human garbage and industrial waste in the oceans now they could claim the plane parts are mixed in with the Fukushima floating island.

That plane is gone along with 239 expendables.

Element's picture

Actually Abbott said this afternoon that the search would continue for as long as it takes to find that jet, he was quite firm about that, and said he had phoned the Chinese Govt to say that directly to them.

The_Prisoner's picture

I'm not familiar with aircraft communication systems.

However, what you said above about the ACARS having being deactivated towards the end of the flight inficates whomever did it wanted the plane to be found.
This could be in order to misdirect from a stop-over or to focus a search away from such a waypoint.
As to the reasons for such a stopover one can but speculate. But it is difficut to argue any reasons other than nefarious ones.

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Ah, not deactivated at the end, but reactivated at the end, to get the satellite to see it once more.

The obvious question is WHY did they do that.

Was it to be seen, or was it to gain external control in the last minutes of flight for some reason?


It was originally deactivated in the swap over between ATC controllers, i.e. Malaysian to Vietnamese ATC control, early in the flight, not long after completing the climb to cleared cruising altitude. Have another read of it.

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I meant reactivated. I misspelt that.

It screams of "hey, look over here!"

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I figured you did, I knew you were smarter than that. ;-)