Ordinary Russians Also "Retaliate" To Obama's Sanctions

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As is widely known by now, Barack Obama, in an executive order, earlier this week as well as moments ago in a very dramatic follow up performance, decided to sanction a handful of Russian military leaders and Kremlinites close to Putin. He didn't touch Putin of course, that could be seen as too strong a signal one which may cut off German gas supplies for a day or two. Remember: there are "costs" and stuff. So while Russian official debate just how to retaliate best to US and European sanctions, as they said they would, ordinary Russians are taking matters into their own hands. And on twitter. Here are some examples in which the "Russian on the street" has some fun with Obama's sanctions, and prohibits the US president and people close to him to approach, enter and/or use the facilities.

A zoom up:

The poster prhibits from entering the abovementioned individuals, among which:

  • Barack Obama
  • John Kerry
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Bill Clinon
  • Samantha Power
  • Pussy Riot
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Benito Mussollini

and others.

It continues:

Here the offended Russian says the following:

  • Barack Obama is prohibited from entering the toilet in our office
  • Members of the US Congress are prohibited from using our cafeteria and toilet

and finally:

  • Barack Obama is forbidden from eating the bananas in our fridge.

Needless to say, Russians are hardly taking the US "escalation" very seriously.

In conclusion:

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God I am LOVIN' this!

And I am REALLY loving the Russians!

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Obama is dissapointing the free world 

/sarc. ;)

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I speak question mark fluently, if that's what you mean.

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Russian rebels against the Globalist New World Order. We are all Russians now....

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???/ ????? ???...?????????????????????...hahah!

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Send Bill and Hillary to Serbia...we will take proper care of them, no worries.

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Anybody seen my Captain Crunch decoder ring?

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Okay, she's cute.  Some girls can rock that "faux tramp" look.  If she isn't faking, well, all the better.

Mrs. pods always shakes her head when we pass a tramp and for some reason the saying "tramps rule" comes out of my piehole.

Oh well.


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Obama has shot himself in the foot and looks to keep shooting.

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the first boxing poster was WAY too kind to the muslim.

"my muslim religion"  BO

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Who, I ask, who keeps their bananas in the fridge?

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  • Barack Obama
  • John Kerry
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Bill Clinon
  • Samantha Power
  • Pussy Riot
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Benito Mussollin
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  • Barack Obama
  • John Kerry
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Bill Clinon
  • Samantha Power
  • Pussy Riot
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Benito Mussollin
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Translation is not correct, it says "from upon the fridge" and not "from the fridge".
"s" in this case - from surface and not from inside.

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warmest place in a Siberian house

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Back in the day - it was the cellar. Bananas not easy to come by back then.

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Bomb Yo Mama Barack Obama.  


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It's time for Sheriff Andy to take away Barney's one bullet before he hurts himself.

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You mean Deputy Obarney Fife?

It is perfectly acceptable for him to hurt himself, especially fatally.

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I've been a life long sucker for the Faux Tramp look. Drives me wild, and nobody does it like Moscow girls!

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What all of American guys should appreciate about Eastern European and Soviet ladies....is that, they've been taught that it's important to look good.   This is counter-culture to America's 'I should feel beautiful even if I need to loose 74 pounds - heck why don't I just become a lesbian" mentality.

Which is exactly why China sells every retailer in the US Victorica Secret (like) night garmets big enough fit a baby elephant.

 Personally, I'm tired of capitalism...these women should be prohibited from purchasing such attire and they all need to go to Moscow or Kiev to Dance School for summer camp.

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Where Boris for need translate

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Boris ashamed is American immigrant.

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Herro.  How bout fockuyu fo balack obama?  But no fockuyu fo her husband michelle.

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let me help. "why you think we ask for this jerk wad. America have hard bad time as prices go through roof and income collapse...now you blame too us?"

I type like above normally as everyone knows. "Just in hurry to go nowhere" like everyone else.

"Putin invade Crimea. Only thing funnier is Russian people get blamed. Perhaps move to Russia...try live like us? Enjoy cheap propane for change!"


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"dv" stand for "downvote" now...make dv sad.

dv just misunderstimated.
try transmutation but fail...

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I want that poster!

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i believe the lady's dead.  from what i hear she was probably fun to be around.  i give most of the credit for how badly her son turned out to columbia, harvard and the rest of the zionists he met in chicago.

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You mean SIBERIA right?

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"Russian rebels against the Globalist New World Order. We are all Russians now...."

AKA, one group of corrupt thugs against another...  There's nothing remotely approaching "angels" either side. I'm not cheering for either side.

jeff montanye's picture

the thugs from the u.s. have less excuse.  like israel.  cheer for the underdog.  cheer for gold.

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Actually the US is underdog in this situation. Even if he wanted to, Obungle can't now send troops overseas to fight someone else's war again. He doesn't have the political capital. Putin though, rules his land with an iron fist and has canon fodder galore for any type of ruckus. Mother Russia. Russian sheeple will die for it. Whether they want to or not.

Putin knows this and knows he can invade with impunity. Obungle has no way of explainng an escapade in Ukraine to the public while the US is in trillions of dollars of debt.

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Can we please get a qualified musician to get off their ass and make a decent parody of Ritchie Valens "La Bomba" into "O'bomba", or something similar.  All I can find is this:


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Yeah, Obama is a fucking MONKEY....no bananas for you asshole!

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im gonna start a Russian class starting today!

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Paging Boris... cum for translation.


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Hey Boris... I'll give you some 90% silver for a translation. Unless you would prefer bodily fluids.

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Vintovka Mosina.


Moose and squirrel 


Headbanger is learn speaking Russian on Amerikanski education television show:


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Rocky and Bullwinkle...best cartoon ever.

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da yo govarit pa russki! tu?


(it helps pick up russian chicks!)

Davidoff's picture

Privet, u menya mnogo deneg... (Hi, I got plenty of money)

will help you pick up Russian chicks much better :)

Davidoff's picture

Privet, u menya mnogo deneg... (Hi, I got plenty of money)

will help you pick up Russian chicks much better :)