Philly Fed Jumps Most In 9 Months As Employment Plunges To 9-Month Lows

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The Philly Fed Factory Index surge 15.3 points from February's plunge for its biggest jump in nine months. New Orders recovered most of last month's loss but the employment sub-index dropped to its lowest since June 2013. Perhaps even more troubling was the drop in the business outlook with the average workweek and new orders expected to drop.


Philly Fed jumpe most in 9 months recovering last month's plunge...


But employment is now at 9-month lows...

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Shorts taken to the woodshed...and anhilated

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"I will have more flexibility after the election."
Comrade Barack Hussein Obama

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does this mean "considerable period" means only 2 months now?

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Lack of a backbone enhances flexibility. Ask any worm.

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How many American got killed during all those American wars to have a president like Obama handing over the keys of the country to the Russians?

I don't know... but it's a lot.

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Being that the Philly Fed is almost always published on pre-options expiration date, it can be safely inferred that it is the most manipulated number released by the FED sheeple to appease their crony bank owners and their insanely enormous, government back-stopped futures and derivative bets.

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This is ridiculous.  

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Health insurance premiums will likely skyrocket next year, despite the Obama administration’s consistent assurance that consumers will not experience sticker shock under the president’s health care law.

That’s according to industry insiders who told The Hill that they are expecting the price of monthly premiums to increase significantly. In some states, rates could increase by as much as 300 percent.



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Damn weather.... hey wait.

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.... "Resilient" US stocks, dammit Janet. Lets just forget about that little slip of the tongue, and slip "the Market" some digital nitro.

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Improving outlook while, again, nobody gets hired.  I've seen this movie before.  Time to buy stawks.

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I worked so much during my lifetime that there is not much left to do.

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well... we're broke so it looks like you didn't work hard enough!


reminds me when our Account manager tell me "they pay my salary!"...


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Another year another convincing recovery that is 60% lite and taper ready. Everything is firing on all cylinders then its MAY and its gone! More please