Putin Grateful To China, India For "Support" Over Crimea

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While the most vocal mouthpieces of the western world's nations are loudly condemning Vladimir Putin's actions in Crimea - despite Ukraine itself suggesting he can keep it for a price - it appears the rest of the world is less voracious in its condemnation. As Putin noted this morning "we are grateful to all those who understood our actions in Crimea,” Putin said. “We are grateful to the people of China, whose leadership sees the situation in Crimea in all its historical and political integrity. We highly appreciate India’s restraint and objectivity.”

It would appear there are a number of nations that are "supportive" of Russia's actions...Via Voice of Russia,

We are grateful to all those who understood our actions in Crimea,”




Moscow vetoed the resolution, while Beijing abstained.


This step wasn’t seen by mass media as clear support for the Crimean reunification and even deemed as a ‘slap in the face’ for Russia by Western diplomats.


Yet, the step by Beijing was considered as clever and politically far-seeing.


China wasn’t able to veto the resolution on Crimea alongside Russia as it has its own domestic issues like Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan. But it has now deepened its relations with Moscow and gained a potential ally for the future when Beijing will have to make hard political decisions.


India also remembers the support Moscow showed in 1975 when New Delhi had the same situation with Sikkim, a landlocked state located in the Himalayan Mountains. At that time India was under heavy diplomatic pressure from the West, especially from the United States.


Sikkim became 22nd state of India, when 97.5 % of residents voted in favor of reunification with New Delhi.


Argentine leader Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner also showed her support for the Russian Federation recalling that “the UN Charter stipulates the right of people to self-determination, which means that this rule should be applied to all countries without any exception”.


She compared the situation in Crimea with the one around the Falkland Islands, where a referendum was also held a year ago. The UN did not question the legality of the vote at that time, Kirchner reminded.

While we would be surprised to see China or India take up sanction-retaliating arms against the west, they are powerful and large nations to have on your side if the rest of the world cuts off trade or economic ties.

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Angela Merkel can suck an egg.

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then what are they hangin' from her strap on??

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Leave the Crimea problem to the Europeans.  It's their backyard.  Bitches.

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Hehe, but Vitoria Nulland, the person responsible for the present crisis, is a jew from USA

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Criminal scum Nuland-Oligarch illegal govt in Kiev already disarming the populace.  Unreal.  Following the same pattern that they always follow.


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Boris is take moment of expression grateful to Yuri and Smyrna from Apartment Block 4A who is not say anything when Boris copper mine is go under fence and killing power on Apartment Block 5B.

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But obamao said that russia would isolated.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Russia is history of isolation between Ural Mountain and Siberia, what is Barry No-Ball to be doing for isolation of Russia!? Polease! What is pansy boy expect!?

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best question ever. "only thing missing Clint Eastwood dressed as preacher."

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Get off My Lawn....Can you HEAR ME LORD...GET OFF MY LAWN!......AMEN BRother


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obamao did mean that russia would be isolated by the usa-nato-eu grand holy sinister axis

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True but Nuland decided to fuck the EU.

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please tyler block this idiot.

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America will always be viewed as an unreliable aly worldwide in its vaning years.

It has got a massive debt, cannot keep up its military expediture and has a fucked up central planing.


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Yeah, it's called BRICS.

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There is one big difference between the U.S. and Russia when it comes to sending troops somewhere.  After a few years the U.S. gets tired and goes home.  Russia will stay hundreds of years.


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sure .....that's why we have 800 military bases in 200 countries......because we went home

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Sign near Wiesbaden, Germany, that lasted < 1 day, before the Polizei took it down: "RAUS, SCHEISS AMIS!"

roughly translated ~ Out, damn Yankees!

To this day, there are still ~ 60,000 DOD, NSA and CIA forces, helping to keep Germany safe and free from Soviet Communism and Neo-Nazism. 

As someone of EU roots, I can say that they are ALL a bunch of scared, whipped sheep.  All talk, no action.  Not one significant party or politician dares to have a platform of "No US bases".  Of course now it's all hidden under the "NATO" umbrella -- as if it's anything but a bunch of DOD Groupies, looking for scraps of MIC contracts.  Sad but ture.

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"save yourself while you still can! repent! the end of days is here!"

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Too late, Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps is dead.





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oh fuck. finally the ugly bastard is gone.

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Now the media will have to manufacture a new idiot to ridicule in order to avoid reporting the news. 

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close the military bases in Europe and you would see the real democracy in play around Europe.

After the commies demised, russian troops were out of eastern Europe, but 20 years later, US is still occupying Europe, even expand to the east.  

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Tell that to Georgia, Moldavia, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, to the Baltic states and to other neighbours Russia invaded and terrorized. Tell that to the millions of people dead in the Russian Gulag after being removed from territories that now Russia claims are "motherland".


One big question: what does Russia produces of high quality that is sought of by people in other countries?

Nothing (except vodka and AK)? So this is the main reason they are <strong>always</strong> looking for war: they need to invade and pillage countries in order to survive. They need to use threats in order to obtain something from other countries. Their natural resources are one way to obtain quality goods that they cannot produce because of vast corruption. The other ways are through robbing. With Russia one cannot reason until having enough tanks.

This is not to say that regular Russians are worst than other people. They are normal people. It's just that their leadership is strong handed because it doesn't have anything else to offer. Think Koreea.

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You just described the USA to a tee.


Oh wait.... The USA produced Lady GaGa and Miley Cyris.



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Heavy industrial presses for one. Trucks. There is a lot of heavy duty engineering from Russia. You really should recall they can build submarines and aircraft and rockets that keep the US honest.

"They need to use threats in order to obtain something from other countries."


Are you describing the USA by chance ?

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Stuck on zero must be your IQ if as the gentleman above mentioned something you seem to not have noticed

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Russia, China and India united...lotsa upside for them, not so much for the Banksters.

They would not need the USD.

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Putin is good.  Thanking China and India shows that he appreciates their friendship plus he rubs it in the noses of the IMF/NWO/ZATO/USAA-AmIsrael/EUSSR/Soros/Oligarch gangsters.

Here is a good one the other day on Ukraine with RT and Pepe Escobar.  Great stuff from Pepe. 


Jack Burton's picture

Pepe is a cool dude. I even friended him on facebook. He talks straight, not like the whore house sluts on CNN The Cable Nazi Network!

Freddie's picture

Pepe is awesome.  Check it out Jack. The Nuland-Oligarch illegal govt in Kiev is already trying to disarm the public especially the Nazis.  Yats says give up your guns.  I hope this shit starts to get real now and they go after the oligarchs.  Just like certain people always trying to disarm the serfs.



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if it is truth, than it would be a war between jews and nazis. Vitoria Nulland has sold her kins to topple a legitimate government.

The_Prisoner's picture

The Neo-nazi bosses were all given jobs in the new Ukrainian government security apparatus. They effectively hold the monopoly of violence.

So by illegal firearms they mean the firearms held by the non-neo-nazis.

I feel for the common people of the Ukraine, they will all wish they were Crimeans soon.

Arkadaba's picture

I agree. I'm sure  Nuland and all her supporters thought they could use the neo-nazis and then the 'moderates' would prevail. I don't think that is going to happen. These organizations are not going to be co-opted or fade away for a number of reasons including - as you noted - they have been given prominent roles in the interim gov. 

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Ever see "Patterns of Force" episode from the original Star Trek series?

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Cool dude, but it wouldn't hurt if he'd change his shirt.

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It also shuts off a PR escape route for them, in case they want to back-pedal -- after similar US pressure as the EU pussies encountered.

Great move at PR-front-running.

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     ...plus the fact that their combined population is near 2.8 billion is starting to worry  the west's bankster cartel !



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Barry Soetoro got this bro.

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This has been years in the making. Not just Barry's fault.

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Yeah, but he sure as shit finished it off in grand style.  The perfect loser to put the period on the end of the sentance.

Here, everyone, just take everything you want.  We're so evil we owe it to you to give you a Free Buffet voucher.  Have at it.  Everything you ever wanted.  It's all yours.

You know what happens when the Alpha resigns leadership?  A lot of chaos and death.  Followed by somebody else just as evil and corrupt being in charge.

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There are a lot of schizophrenics on ZH- they fucking hate O but at the same time  he has refused to start serious shit in Syria, Iran, Ukraine etc.- if nothing else give the guy credit for telling the Neocons to fuck off- for now. I'm sure all of you armchair badasses will be the first to join up and go overseas and fight when AIPAC raises Old Glory and the bullets start to fly. Jesus H - we have enough problems here w/o playing world cop.

Ifigenia's picture

but aipac merchants need to sell more bullets and arms

gallistic's picture

Yeah right! Saint Obama really deserves that Nobel Peace prize, right?

He did not "refuse" anything. His hand was forced toward "no war" by circumstance or better men than he in Iran, Syria, and Ukraine- big difference.

BTW, there was that whole Lybian ugliness (not war right?) and several ongoing dirty wars that you cannot even fathom and would vehemently deny exist, (think Colombia, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan etc.) on his record.

He has also planned and/or supported many successful and unsuccessful violent coups which you would also overlook and deny (Think Honduras, Bolivia, Ukraine, Ecuador, Egypt, Venezuela, etc...)

He certainly has not told neocons to fuck off. As a matter of fact, he employs neocons within his administration, That is patently false and he deserves no "credit" for anything.

He has drastically escalated unmanned strikes in several countries and has continued every despicable imperial practice, such as  taking over the internet, extraordinary rendition, espionage act convictions for whistleblowers, destroying the constitution etc...

Bonapartist wrote- "we have enough problems here w/o playing world cop"

Few people would disagree with that statement.

Unfortunately, Barak Obama is one of them.

Bonapartist's picture

Obammy is a front man- like the mafia you never see the real leadership- you guys keep blaming him all you want- but that is exactly what TPTB want you to do- your anger is misdirected- as long as sacrificial lambs are put forth and people are duped nothing will ever change. I loathe all pols but they are just actors on a stage.

gallistic's picture

I agree that sacrificial lambs as you call them, red/blue contests, and false differences are diversions frequently used.


"but at the same time  he has refused to start serious shit in Syria, Iran, Ukraine etc."

"if nothing else give the guy credit for telling the Neocons to fuck off- for now"

I do not agree with that.