Soros Has A Modest Proposal For How To Punish Russia

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Having warned of Putin's blind-spot (and Merkel's position of potential leadership) in the Europe-US-Russia debacle, billionaire investor George Soros has some ideas on how to punish Russia (and some warnings on the consequences)...


Via Bloomberg,

Russian President Putin sought to prop up flagging support at home in a move that “turned him adventurous abroad and repressive at home,” billionaire investor and Chairman of the Open Society Institute George Soros said today during a podium discussion in Berlin.

Soros also said:

Putin “acting out of weakness” following sag in domestic popularity since beginning second term as president


On Merkel: Ukraine crisis “an opportunity for the chancellor to emerge as the leader of a united Europe, not just a chancellor preoccupied with the national interests of Germany.”

And added that the US still holds the biggest bazooka...

“Strongest sanction” against Russia “is in the hands of the United States” because U.S. could sell crude from the Strategic Oil Reserve and depress prices, investor George Soros says during panel discussion in Berlin.


Says Russia needs oil at $100/bbl “to balance the budget”

The problem, Soros notes, is...

“Task is to help Ukraine rather than just punishing Russia because just punishing Russia will push Putin further into a corner and as a wounded animal he would strike back and it would be a lose-lose proposition.”

So will Obama shoot himself in the foot?

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RacerX's picture

So do you trust Putin or Soros more?

Boy, talk about a dilemma. Is there another option?

quintago's picture

If you have that much money, and still feel compelled to profer geopolitical advice, you know he's conflicted.

john39's picture

Soros... Exhibit A that David Icke's mythical reptilians in fact exist.

idea_hamster's picture

"So will Obama shoot himself in the foot?"

Yes -- but he'll probably also shoot us all in the ass ... through the wallet.

wallstreetaposteriori's picture

Trust Soros...short oil.  He is giving you the chance to frontrun the trade.....  duh/!!!!!

Occident Mortal's picture

"Putin sought to prop up flagging support at home"

- what is Soros smoking?

Remind me of Putin's approval ratings again? 70%+

SWRichmond's picture

adventurous abroad and repressive at home

Geez, does that sound familiar or what?  Neocons looking in a mirror?

SMG's picture

Yes this is a great idea.  And then in retaliation Russia and maybe China start selling US Treasuries.  Or Russia decides anything but dollars are acceptable for oil and gas.

What could possibly go wrong?

 (We are so F*&%ED !!)

macholatte's picture


The Soros Open Society Project is nothing more than an intelligence network seeking to do the kind of shit that happened in Ukraine.  I won't be surprised if Soros' fingerprints are all over the Ukraine revolt.

SilverIsKing's picture

Doesn't Soros hold a big short position?  Sounds like he wants a war in order to bank some coin.

redpill's picture

Fuck Soros, who asked you anyway you prick.

pods's picture

I second that notion. Die in a fire you lowlife scumbag.

Soros is looking to profit no doubt from banking some oil and then reselling it later at a higher price when the next conflagration gets going.

I would get down on my knees and thank the good Lord above if he were to do a faceplant in the oatmeal or choke on a ballgag.

God, you listening?  Please?


BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

No point asking god for anything. The act of so called praying is to an adult what asking something of an adult is to a child. It is no different to wishing. Many adults need their hand held just like a child does. Most of us are just large children who happen to be defined as adult because we are older than 18. Soros will die in opulence as will many, many bad people. Keep I mind though that bad is an absolutely subjective term. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe if there is a god it's subjective view of bad is different to ours. Now wouldn't that be fucking ironic.

A Lunatic's picture

Your observations on the nature of man have didly squat to do with the nature of God......

FoolsAdvice's picture

Unless that nature is "all knowing, all powerful, and all loving," in which case he has a valid point, evidenced by "the problem of suffering."

J S Bach's picture

We could punish Russia by sending Soros there - permanently.

Mister Kitty's picture

I'd punish Russia by making them eat tater tots and drink Yoohoo.  Bitches.

Pinto Currency's picture

Soros has been a key player in the Ukraine coup which installed neo-nazis in Ukraine to confront Russia and destabilize the region.  Now he's worried about cornering Putin like a wounded animal.  Ahem.

Soros was booted out of Russia in the 1990s along with Jeffrey Sachs, formerly of Harvard, for looting Russia with the Oligarchs.

Now, like Sachs, he's simply a concerned citizen.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Has George ever made a public appearance where talking his book wasn't top priority?

Schmuck Raker's picture

? 4 Uzes.

"Pretend Russo h8r...

BIG black fur hat, HateS Tyler....


Where the F is he? Seen him? Obviousley not a dude.. bc dudes don't pretend to b chicks. ....










And never on the "company"'s clock.

Schmuck Raker's picture

Eyem soober!! Soap to Dog, farce my cart, n hoop two dice!

Lore's picture

Soros seems disconnected from reality.  Where does he think Obama is going to locate sufficient oil or gas to supply Europe?  America's strategic reserves are nearly empty. Shale natgas production is collapsing. One cold winter wiped out 40% of gas storage.  WHERE DOES HE THINK AMERICA IS GOING TO COME UP WITH SPARE CAPACITY?  

If Soros is taking drugs, he needs to stop, and if he isn't, he needs to start!

The longer stupid comments are directed at him, the more likely it becomes that Putin will start ratcheting the prices for his energy exports, and then watch people squawk in the ZioNazi-occupied territory. 

Schmuck Raker's picture

NO wait that was on TWTR!

Schmuck Raker's picture

P u s h i n g   t h e   e n v

e l  o  p    e     !  !    !        !

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

how many frigging accounts do you have to post this crap-link?


you have to understand nobody likes your stupid blog.

Headbanger's picture

No mention here  of Glen Beck's rant that Soros is the "Puppet Master"??

I thought Beck was a little looney (well more than a little) saying that.  But he's looking more right about it now!



Braverdave's picture

If your child is sick and suffering do you punish them for it or provide the means for them to be well again?


Tall Tom's picture

It is "Survival of the Fittest" in the Animal Kingdom. And if one does not believe in God, and the Kingdom of God, then one believes that we are all animals in the Animal Kingdom.


Good and Evil are therefore arbitrary and just a matter of subjective whim and preference. THe atheist ascribes to the writings on Nietsche and his epic classic, "Beyond Good and Evil", in which he promotes the abandonment of such concepts.


They are like the satanists in this sense (although satnists are theists) in that the only command is to "Do what thou will."

Quus Ant's picture

So my choices consist of your concept of god, which was given to you, or survival of the fittest- also gifted by the "ancients"?

The world starves for lack of imagination.


Ar-Pharazôn's picture

take a 1 year old kid, give him an ice cream, then take it away from him and slap him in the face.


then look him and notice how even if little he understands that what you did was not right.


good and bad are parts of the nature.

chapaev's ghost's picture

I got a reply to my application to the military academy- DENIED it said in ig red letters.

"Petka", I said, "What am I doing wrong? There was a question on the exam, 'Who is Soros?' I amswered , "Obama, because not onl;y is he a fag, bbut Putin just kicked his ass twice- that's a sore ass all right!' "

Petka said, "Don't worry Commander, it''s not fair that they ask you questions about paleontology."

old naughty's picture

I am hurt...Are you Putin me off (your sanction list).

Here, take these!


Lebensphilosoph's picture

Only if you erroneously regard the 'God' of monotheism as a man in the sky, rather than as the transcendent essence of traditional philosophy which acts purposefully in the physical world through the agency of those who have spiritually identified with it by coming to a realisation of the presence of its spirit within them. Never mind that your point of contention depends upon the idea of 'loving' employed and is strongly bound up with notions of morality, which I would just love to see an atheist like you try to establish as real as opposed to mere inventions of human congitive processes as conceived by naturalism.

ebear's picture

and yet, the only source we have for the "nature of god" are the words of man.

Lebensphilosoph's picture

That's not so much an outright falsehood for those who maintain that 'God' is an immediate object of the human experience, as a complete nonsense. How could you even even claim to be making meaningful pronouncements on the problem of 'God' if you maintain that knowledge of the nature of this 'God' is not really possible? Igtheist A.J. Ayer was perfectly right to point out th elogical holes in this sort of double-speak coming from your kind.

ebear's picture

Not a pronouncement, a statement of fact.   "An immediate object of the human experience" ???  Again, just a bunch of words spoken by a man.  Fact.

I have no experience of this "immediate object."  There's nothing objective you can point to as shared knowledge that proves the existence of this so-called god.   Anyway,  why are you arguing for the objective existence of god?   Isn't your faith enough?  Why do you need me to believe it as well?   You must know that will never happen, so what's the point?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, which "your kind" has never produced.  All you do is spin ever more elaborate arguments that are nothing more thant pure sophistry.

Bach's_bitch's picture

Most of us are just large children who happen to be defined as adult because we are older than 18.

Indeed. As evidenced by the fact that some of us attempt to start irrelevant philosophical discussions on news sites in order to appear intellectual.

Keep I mind though that bad is an absolutely subjective term.

So you have no problem with someone saying that "bad" is an absolutely objective term then...since the fact of its being absolutely subjective is absolutely subjective to you?

BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

Fuck me, that is deep. Yet you also propogated the philosophical discussion on a news site. Listen cunt, go after the god botherers will you and tell them to please keep their fantasies to themselves. I have enough problems maintaining faith in humanity without being constantly reminded that so many people are truly deluded.

Lore's picture

Wow. Somebody's in love with himself.

August's picture

Ray Kurzweil, please save us all.

And help us be more and more like you, every day.

merizobeach's picture

Keep up the good fight, man.  These fucking losers who spew their fictitious religion on our news site are relentless cunts, but it's still worthy to tell them so.

ebear's picture

"fictitious religion"

Redundancy Alert!!!

Philalethian's picture

After about five hours into the initiatory rite of Eleusis, one is overcome with an absolute overwhelming multidimensional ultra-sensual feeling of deep love. Everything the mind can conceive, is powerfully overcome by what is known in the heart. The greatest of all life's mysteries comes down to this one simple word. In fact, the whole world is actually as simple as this one word. To the brazen innerspace explorers, this is what God is in that moment. It is all Love.

Wasson, R. Gordon, Ruck, Carl, Hofmann, A., The Road to Eleusis: Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries. Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1978.

Of course, to have any kind of discussion about the word God, we must all be on the same page and know what we all embrace as a definition of God. Is it the same for all? Of course not. But there are some common ideals. What many men and women know is, there is something greater than we are by EXPERIENCING the many visions, epiphanies, and insights of that initiatory rite. Many will resonate with these words, especially the children of the 60's. Those who have been there across the funerary bridge and back, know.

Maybe the table would be more round if all present were to place their thoughts and knowledges on the table for all to discuss and to aim for common agreement. You could almost call it a business meeting on a news site in the Office of Christ. Your truthbaring servant will start by placing these ponderations of the word God on the table for all to ponderate on.

A. God might be the energy that is in every thing seen and unseen, even in a rock, that is called Love.

B. God may be a creator being from the Annunaki tribe that was a great geneticist and was able to use all of the brains capacity to think and create with, as opposed to the small percentage of the brains capabilities that man uses. Say this geneticist was so brilliant that they were able to produce the early human body from four basic elements of the earth(air water fire soil) and later after many millennia, we transformed throughout history and earth changes to be what is modern man today. Imagine that geneticist might have been a female Annunaki being too.

C. God is NOT money.



Darn deep.

How's a poor philosopher gonna dig some gold outta this one?


sleigher's picture

Noted, but we do need talk about your 17th year...  ;)