Canadian Province Considers Russian Booze Ban

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Sanctions against billionaires - that's one (very much meaningless) thing. But halting sales of Russian vodka, now that could really cripple someone, just not clear who. And in an attempt to answer that question, the premier of Canada's Saskatchewan province, Brad Wall, says he is considering banning Russian booze in government-run liquor stores because of Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Wall says it’s a small measure, but sends a strong statement.

Yes, well, rhetoric is one thing. The realization that trade is bilateral (as both the EU and USA have realized in recent days), something completely different. Which is why despite the posturing, don't hold your breath. As Globanews reports, "Wall says trade issues have to be considered because Saskatchewan manufacturers sell shortline rail equipment into Russia.... the premier cautions that international trade can be complicated, so the province wants to work with the federal government to find out what trade sanctions are in the works." Here's the answer: none.

Still, this is a good marketing campaign for domestic booze makers nonetheless.

The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority carries Russian Standard Vodka.

Why Saskatchewan? "Political violence in Ukraine hits home for many people in Saskatchewan where about 13 per cent of the population has Ukrainian roots."

Finally, there would be nothing quite like sending the price of Russian booze soaring, leading to bumper profits for producers and bootleggers, if indeed someone were to arbtirarily halt such a "liquid" trade channel. Which is why it will never happen. Just like nobody will ever say no to that other "liquid" Russian exports, no matter tha posturing - crude oil.

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If they cut off imports of Russian wives, the'y really send a message.

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A former colleague married some russian bride. They never had sex, though seeing her about town, I'm sure she had with lots of other guys.

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Obama you stupid motherfucker, if you really wanted to fuck the rooskies good you'd inundate their country with free iphones, drones, and adjustable rate mortgages.  You'd give every banker in the country immunity from persecution for life, and support public programs that would result in a populace so fat, lazy, and stupid that we could send in a bunch of Haitian witch doctors to kick all their asses.  And then you'd make them all sign up for government mandated healthcare that they couldn't possibly afford, you dumbass lop-eared asshole.  C'mon, everyone knows that you know how to dole out punishment, now just grow some stones and get to work, jackass.

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This reminds me of the time when Fumarov and I were lost at sea in a tiny lifeboat.

After days of drifting, I shouted, "Look Fumarov, a bottle!"

We pulled it from the sea and opened it. Out popped a genie. "I will grant you one wish", the genie said.

Fumarov said, "I wish the sea was vodka! Bam! Instantly the sea was vodka and the genie had vanished.

"Idyot! I yelled at Fumarov. "Now, we have to piss in the boat!"

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Governments are useless, inefficient, and inexpedient.  They cause more problems than they fix and are responsible for 99% of the pain, misery, inequality, and death throughout history.  There is no such thing as a virtuous government.  Government must be kept as small as possible and limited in their power .  Fuck the libtards/socialists/statists and the RINOs who ask government to solve their problems and to fix the ills of society. 

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Brad Wall was randomly invited to Bilderburg a couple years back. They likely want to groom him to be a future Prime Minister. And now he's kissing the Anglo American empire's ass. To predictable. 

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Tear down this WALL - Mr. Putin !

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All I have to say about Saskatchewan is go on you tube and search Saskatchewan Bungee won't be disappointed (or arrested).....that just about sums up Saskatchewan



Disclaimer: unfortunately my kids are 1/4 Saskatchewanese from my wife's side

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"Government must be kept as small as possible and limited in their power.""

Been there. Done that. Bought the T-Shirt.

The former United States was the smallest government ever attempted. Now look what the former United States has become. The experiment in limited government is a story of abject failure.

If government is never virtuous, how can you ever expect it to obey the rules meant to keep it small? After all, government is granted the a monopoly right to initiate force, and to allowed make up rules up as it goes along.

Productive individuals do not need government. Government requires productive individuals.

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I don't expect government to willigly remain small. "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."  Americans failed in this respect.  We can try again.  It is the people's right to revolt, abolish government and replace it.

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I used to be a libertarian until I asked myself why we waste time and effort trying to control something that isn't needed.

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It's fun when people ask me if I'm depressed about the future because I don't vote and think it's useless and will not change anything significant in a positive way.

Then I facedesk thinking of them not being depressed about doing the same stupid thing over and over and expecting different results: worship statist democracy, vote, get pissed at the new guy. Rinse repeat, for generations.

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Government is like cancer, it's never a good idea to have a little bit of it.

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This reminds me of the days back in the mid 80's when US Defense Depot employees and those of their contractors were forbidden to drink Stolichnaya.

Ah, the good old days are back again!

I think I'll play some Van Halen !

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Do take note that Barry has not banned import of caviar. When he does that, I will know that he is damn serious about these economic sanctions. It would be a real bitch to do without tax payer funded fish eggs.

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A buddy used to have a Russian girl friend.  He was bragging how hot she was and showing off photos of her.  I asked is he had any naked photos of her.  He said no.  I asked would you like to see some I've got of her?  She didn't put out for him but put out for others.  She was seeking money and status and green card, not love.   She wanted green card with "no sex" until green card was obtained.  Fortunately, he figured it out before it got to far.

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I knew a guy back in the days who always went to russia on vacation to meet post order brides and he always said he wanted to test them and know how good they where in bed before he made a decision to marry them.

He even told them he was going to see other woman to test them also.

He met like 10 woman on every vacation and when he got back, he prepared his next vacation online :)

It was cheaper than paying hookers and they did whatever they could to please him :)

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If you like your kidneys, you can keep your kidneys.

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Herpes is for eva !!!

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If they cut off imports of Russian wives, the'y really send a message.


If they cut off those....we wouldn't need the alcohol.

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Two words: Freedom Fries

Thought Processor's picture



Freedom Fries.  Has to be the one of the all time 'most ironic' political PR campaigns.

French don't fall for the made up justification to 'take over', er sorry.....  liberate Iraq.  So the US renames French Fries and calls them 'Freedom Fries'.  That's ironic.


Of course there is even more irony in the fact that the French were the deciding factor in helping the US become a 'Free' nation to begin with.




Joe A's picture

I remember back in 2002/03 seeing on guy pooring down French wine down the side walk in NY saying 'what have the French ever done for freedom?'. Well, supporting you guys with nowadays billions worth of aid to fight the English. And then sent you a big statue.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Exactly. If it weren't for the French, we would be speaking "English"

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Freedom Roulette.  Coming soon, to a JPMorgan near you!

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this cannot stand

it will not stand

it must not be allowed to stand.

hot russian wives should not be allowed to stand

in high heals.

on backs with legs in the air screaming out harder ivan harder

da da da

Harrison's picture

The US government already imposed some pretty strict conditions on it that put men at a huge financial risk.

Bunga Bunga's picture

Bad idea, sooner or later young men get angry, look what happened in Tunesia.

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Russia can stop oil and gas production for a month and say F.U to all.

Sudden Debt's picture

It wouldn't take a month before europe would be on it's knees

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

Make them canucks drink shittier booze ... that'll teach those rooooskies!

Can these "sanctions" get anymore laughable?  Western leadership is anything but.  Just a load of spineless pussies.


By the way, cut the booze but send me those legs.  Fuck yeah.

Jstanley011's picture

This time 'round, gladly, the politicos are no longer able to use meaningless events in backwater European sh*t holes to gin up world wars. Thank goodness for thermonuclear weapons, and enjoy the kabuki theater.

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

You think nukes that cause the masses to suffer and die would stop these insulated tyrannical cunts in DC and Brussels?

Think again.

knukles's picture

You all just wait till Putin bans Black Label and Schlitz

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Don't take my Natty Light...

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Uhg. Drinking Nat Light is akin to banging a 300 lb heefer because she's happy just going out to Burger King.

actionjacksonbrownie's picture

So embarassing being a Kanustanian - the world is truly upside/down


(ajb agrees with the legs comment)

Toronto2011's picture

Honestly, what about Syria? It is funny what the politicians focus on.

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

yes, let's teach that evil Assad a lesson and deny Halvah sales in the west.  It will send a strong statement to him about trying to stop al qaeda from taking over his country and slaughtering christians and other infidels (a seeming goal of western leadership).

pods's picture

Locally here a guy got arrested for terrrrrism by training and wanting to go to Syria and fight for Al-CIA-duh.  

Made me laugh, cause weren't we supporting Al-CIA-duh in Syria?



Independent's picture

We are and its blatand but for those one neuron for a brain Americans it sends the message that we are against Al CIA duh