Gold Completes Golden Cross

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For the first time in 13 months, gold's 50-day moving-average is above its 200-day moving-average. This so-called "golden cross" occurred in Feb 09 before gold surged over 100% in the following years (but also occurred 'falsely' in September 2012.



Some technicians are reflcting on the last big run that gold had...

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Badabing's picture

Charts mean nothing as long as the price fixing goes on!


Is that air your breathing?

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Exactly! Since when do chart fundamentals matter in a completely contrived market? I recall ZH banging the drum on the 35 hindenburg omens this last winter. Complete and total nonsense! Get a job Tyler!

knukles's picture

Cut me a break, people!
Lemme roll in my poop for just a moment of solitary bliss.
Anything to brighten my picture is good.
The Real News Sucks
The MSM Propaganda is Befuddlingly Bad
The People Who Believe the MSM Propaganda are Worse (and yes, I spent 4 hours in a meeting with several of them the other day... I thought I was on a different planet and these were powerful folks, too... dispiriting)
The Manipulations are Torturous
World Leadership Sucks (As an aside, you all see where the head dude in South Africa's being asked to repay some portion of $23 Million in personal household improvements?  $23 Million.  Yeah, the very same folks who had that interpreter who waved his hands all about nonsensically... staunch allies and protectors of human rights)
This is painful, folks!
And then over half the country has what appears to be a man crush on Vlad just because they want some ignominy to befall Barack and it sounds like we're all headed to Concentration camps, cheering people worse leaders than our own, singing how Work Makes Us Free all the way with Big Smiles, or something like that...
Please. just let us have a momentary Blue Pill Illusion.

cifo's picture

I am sure that TPTB are working, as we speak, on "falsifying" this cross too.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Short summary: 

Stack on!

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I hope it keeps getting monkey hammered until the bitter end.

Stack on bitchez!

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Two important issues to consider with ¨the Golden Cross¨

1. The Golden Cross metric is much more valid when the 200 DMA is also on a definite uptrend, while getting closer its not the case quite yet.

2. At least to a certain extent, the high level of PM manipulation makes all technical analysis (including that expressed in #1) difficult or even irrelevant.

actionjacksonbrownie's picture

ummm... you people DO realise that the last time this identical scenario occured, gold prices FELL 30%, and HUI, GDX FELL 60%


Keep your stops tight, or better yet, wait for confirmation.

Thomas's picture

Yup. Turned it into a golden shower.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Right on, knuks!  Reality, it´s ugly, but a little but of humor makes the medicine go down...

Badabing's picture



After doing a thorough analysis using OHLC charts overlaying Elliott wave principle, Fibonacci ratios, momentum rate, the 200 and 50 DMA, crossover and resistance break out trending I have come to the conclusion that the in-depth analyses just preformed is for SHIT because the market is counterfeit!

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OK, I'm convinced. I just sold all my PMs and went into bitcoin!



toothpicker's picture

You forgot the midget tranny 666 moving average!

FinalEvent's picture

Nice avatar!

Very original idea!

You stole mine 

I should have +1001

Badabing's picture

Hey pal
I've been around for more than 29 weeks.
And so has my avatar!

I still love you

chiswickcat's picture

Price fixing can only work in some market situations, reality is often too rigours to be manipulated...

BadDog's picture

that means lucky, or something. anyways i think it's a good word

Manthong's picture

Go with “favorable” or “encouraging”..  it might mean the lid is starting to come off.

Got stacks?  .. maybe a few diggers?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

"Technical Analysis" never worked for me when I tried it, although I know a couple of guys who swear by it.

But, the main point (ex. for traders) is that gold at ANYWHERE near these levels is a bargain.

If you have very little (or no) gold, and you have children, you have no excuses but to get out and buy gold ASAP!  There are very few stores of value (none?) that are better.


Peru is No. 6 in gold production now (just behind S. Africa (!)).  If they get and keep their act together (OK, big "if"), they may become No. 5 soon.  There is a lot of gold in Peru, they have only really just started exploring this country.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ ((9 * 365) + (a couple or so of leaps)) !!

538 days for moi, fewer than the rats running Congress...

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Peru must LOVE ZH, they keep dupe-ing my comments...

cifo's picture

Buy it even if you don't have children. Make it a hobby.

fijisailor's picture

Just like Bolivia.  The locals are still panning for it in streams and making a living.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

If they slam it real good can the "uncross" it, maybe it was only a copper cross from far away.

knukles's picture

William Jennings Bryant invented that for gold, didn't he?

TahoeBilly2012's picture

I am long SLW calls, a glutton for punishment. Cross had better work.

EatYourCornTakeyourPill's picture

To retard "lawsofretardness" wherever he may be hiding.

Ever heard of a catch 22? If the U.S currency inflates, those countries reserves wither away. I don't think you understand the monster that is the USD. Either that or you're simply choosing to ignore the reality of how dependent the world economy is on the U.S and it's currency. If the world lost faith in USD they would be shitting away their own money. Over 50% of world reserves are in USD. If they try to dump USD, they will be dumping their own money. Case and point China.

maskone909's picture

If there is 50% usd global holdings, and the fed tripples m2, isnt that incentive to flee the dollar?

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Uh, and what is China buying its gold with?  USD.  Are their dollar holdings going up or down?  Treasury holdings going up or down?  Get rid of your dollars, then pull the rug out on them.

EatYourCornTakeyourPill's picture

Except they import trillions of dollars yearly. How much gold is there in the entire world? Probably not even one trillions worth.


Yes, I agree, it's reason enough to diversify away from it. It's a lengthy process though, very lengthy. This guy was saying that it's an overnight thing, but it isn't. If countries abandon the dollar they will effectively destroy their own economies. The world economy is extremely dependant on the U.S, extremely.

maskone909's picture

Who ever is first out the door wins. Once velocity picks up usd holdings will lose 75% value in a short amount of time. The glue that is holding it together is the american military.

EatYourCornTakeyourPill's picture

To some degree it is the U.S military. NATO largely funded by the US protects Europe, which we rebuilt from scratch after WW2. Then US bases protecting Japan from China. Then more adventuristic bases across the middle east protecting our oil interests.

I wouldn't discredit the monster that is the U.S economy though. Which you all seem to do. Where'd you get 75% btw? Random stats based on nothing are always my favorite. Gold lost 40% in like a month, what alternatives are there to USD? You think China wants a bilateral agreement with Russia and get paid in RUBLES? What are they gonna do with those? No one wants that shit. No one wants RMB. USD, Euros, those are stable currencies, that's what people want.

Soul Glow's picture

Blah blah blah.

Look, all fiat is worthless, ok?

Move along.

FuzzyDunlop21's picture

Oh please, take this American exceptionalist bullshit somewhere else. Just like everything else in the world, the world will abandon USD slowly at first, then all at once. The very reason you cite why it will be a slow process is the same reason why it wont be. When people see their USD holdings declining in value, will they A) stand around with their thumbs in their arse, like you suggest, or B) sell, Mortimer, sell!. It only takes one big player to say fuck it, one player to say no we dont want your Monopoly money 

EatYourCornTakeyourPill's picture

Right, and when the USD is declining, which alternative currency or commodity will replace it in world trade? lol! you have to answer that question first before you say everything you said. Will countries leave the USD even if it's inflating at 7% year over year and go to rRMB or ruble? Euro? Will then send shipments of gold across seas in exchange for goods? I don't see any realistic alternatives. Bitcoin was the most promising but you can't ignore the fact that the internet is cyberspace at the end of the day.

The U.S is exceptional, people even in Western Europe don't have the opportunity we have here. All you need here is a good education adn you can make good money. In Europe, you don't really move up classes.

LongBalls's picture

Your whole US hypothesis is based on the "petro dollar" standard. America has little to no exports when compaired to consumption. US consumption is based on consumer credit so then so is corporation consumption. The only thing that allows this to happen is the fact that oil is priced in dollars thus forcing the world to retain them if they want to make an oil purchase. When we print, we export our inflation. This "petro dollar" is under attack as we speak because the rest of the world is sick of us exchanging our worthless pieces of paper for their hard assets. Avoid gold at your peril. A shift is coming!!

fattail's picture

Alternative currency or bilateral trade agreements.  How about saudi crude for chinese manufacturing, or chinese ag products from africa.  Russian gas for chinese goods.  iranian crude for chinese goods.  Supply and demand for any commodity or currency stays in balance but it is the last small percentage that tips the equilibrium.  And it is not the small shift in demand for the dollar that will be noticed.  It is the shift in supply of cheap energy from west to east , feeding the chinese economy and sucking the life out of the US economy.  As the demand for the dollar goes down the supply of crude dips and will require more devalued dollars to buy crude.  Double whammy.

A little cost push inflation will  be hedonically adjusted away, oh wait food and energy isn't considered anyway.  As our economy continues its death swirl, the FED will have their excuse to untaper and print more.  The stock market will recover and every thing will be OK again for awhile, until it isnt.  It is getting harder and harder to keep fooling the sheeple, and it will go on a lot longer than everyone believes but it will end...

Mr Pink's picture

Chart reading and technicals in a manipulated market....Like masturbation without the payoff

maskone909's picture

Charts never lie...

"Fundamentals" on the other hand......

1stepcloser's picture

Thanks for that visual...

Dr. Richard Head's picture

I like to call that masturbating with whiskey dick.

de3de8's picture

Dog gone it, wanted suppressed prices until at least until my 2014 Eagles are purchased..
Oh well.......