Turkey Set To Block YouTube Momentarily, After Google Refuses To Yank Clips Exposing Prime Minister

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As was reported earlier, the Turkish premier, embroiled in what increasingly appears a career terminating corruption and embezzlement scandal (it is not exactly clear yet just how involved the CIA is in this particular upcoming government overthrow), blocked Turkey's access to Twitter last night, hours after vowing to "destroy twitter." The idiocy of this escalation against dissemination of information in the internet age needs no comment. Well maybe one. This is what we said in our post from this morning: "since Turkey will certainly not stop at just Twitter, here is what is coming next: "Last week, Erdogan said the country could also block Facebook and YouTube." It now appears that at least half of this threat is about to materialize because moments ago Google just announced that it would not remove a previously uploaded video, one in which Erdogan tells his son to hide money from investigators (one which can be seen here), and which Erdogan demanded be pulled from Google (seemingly unaware that by doing so he simply made sure that everyone saw it). This means that within days, if not hours, Turkey will likely block Google-owned YouTube, if not Google itself.

From the WSJ:

Google Inc. has declined Turkish government requests to remove YouTube videos alleging government corruption, people familiar with the matter said, the latest sign of resistance to a crackdown against social media led by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


Turkish authorities have in recent weeks asked Google to block the videos from YouTube's Turkish website, the people familiar with the matter said. But amid a national scandal over corruption allegations, Google refused to comply because it believes the requests to be legally invalid, the people added.


Google's refusal to remove videos raises the specter that Turkey could move to block access to YouTube within the country, after blocking the microblogging service Twitter Inc. late Thursday night. Both sites have been central conduits for allegations of corruption against Mr. Erdogan's government and faced public threats of a blackout by Mr. Erdogan. 


Some people within Google had feared a YouTube blackout could be imminent, after the Twitter takedown, the people familiar with the matter said. "We feel an immediate threat," one of the people said.

Sadly in Erodgan's berserk regime, this is not only possible but very probable.

Still, one wonders why Google would not relent in this particular case, after recent revelations that the major internet companies have cooperated over the years with the NSA, contrary to their vocal denials in public. Surely, compromising with its principles and ethics would be nothing new to a company which once swore to "do no evil." Especially since Google realizes quite well by not complying with the government's demand it is making the overthrow of Erdogan's regime, violent or otherwise, that much more likely.

Either way, even without Google's aid it already appeared that Erdogan's days are numbered when not only the opposition but the figurehead president himself condemned the Twitter blockage.

Opposition politicians decried the move as that of a dictatorship. Turkish President Abdullah Gul, who has a largely symbolic role, also came down against the blackout, using Twitter to write that "wholesale shuttering of social media platforms cannot be approved."

Alas, with the government in full out despotic mode, however one which would work in the 1970s but certainly not in an age of instant information exchange, further escalations of locking out internet provides will certainly accelerate until finally the information and entertainment starved country says enough.

We eagerly look forward to see which particular pro-Western agent is groomed to take Erdogan's place. After all remember: those Qatari gas pipelines that in a parallel universe, one without Putin, would have already been transporting nat gas under Syria, would enter Europe under Turkey.

Which makes one wonder - just what is the real goal here?

As for Turkey, we urge the population, largely removed from all Machiavellian moves behind the scenes, to catch up on their favorite YouTube clips: they will shortly disappear for good.

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DoChenRollingBearing's picture

OMG!  Turkey is going to take on Twitter and Google!  Head for the hills!

fonestar's picture

fonestar is hiding out already!

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Beat me to it!  I was just going to say Bitcoin is next!

Then gold.  Oh, wait, they need the gold to pay Iran.  Never mind, carry on.

zionhead's picture

There's that PC word "HATE"

Does the shark hate the little fish?

Does the bank robber hate the bank?

I think this thought of hate never enters the mind of a predator.

Do Zionists hate their sheep (GOYIM), normally you take care of the sheep well prior to slaughter, of course of you have 'conspiracy' sheep whining about an impending slaughter you removed them from the farm.


Soul Glow's picture

Hate isn't a PC word.  It is one of emotion, which is subjective. 

Does the CIA want everthing to die?

Is that more accurate?

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Hey, Zionhead...
You avatar, if you put a $10 spot under your chin, would look like Steven Hawking at a strip club.

zionhead's picture

I would prefer to imagine Hillary Clinton at a funeral for the Branch Davidian Children, and she watches the incineration everyday over&over.

Did you know that it was Hillary that told Bill and Reno to get on with killing the children, she felt that if it dragged on it could hurt bill.

Did you also know that RENO would host party's at the Florida capitol and they would have all night party's watching child-porn and snuff films all confiscated from real criminals.


Nope Hillary is one sick bitch, I  don't see her at a strip club, I only see her at funerals worshipping death.

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Silly Muslims.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.  Bitches.

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= until he's gone (soon).

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Our Ambassador to Turkey will now be safe....good job!


Those muslim Youtube video protests can be deadly.

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This story just illuminates how scared governments are of the internet, social media, P2P, Bitcoin.

It's more powerful than government, than your fake "laws", than your fake society.  Computational power trumps delusional power each and every time.  There's nothing they can do about the internet, about people sharing information by word of mouth or by protocol.  There's nothing they can do about .torrent technology.  There's nothing they can do about money-laundering anymore.  There's nothing they can do about Bitcoin.  There's nothing they can do about people writing whatever code they want.

Government is a complete and total joke.  Government is completely powerless.  Those fake libertarians who believe in any form of government censorship and limitation of the internet will go down with the government ship.

palmereldritch's picture


InQtel meets Social Media meets Nuland meets Google meets NSA meets State Department meets Incredulous meets Twitter meets YouTube meets NGO meets George Soros’ short position meets Faux Transparency/Investigative Journalism meets CIA meets Regime Change meets Fuck-Me-I Can’t-Believe-How Brazen-These Assholes-Are-Getting

I can overthrow this pipeline obstruction in 3 posts or less...

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Only the clueless are stuck behind the censure firewall.

For a head start go to this 8 year old article


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Zionhead! Aesthetic right. The neck thing. It was meant to be aesthetic like to draw the viewer into interaction; like a modernist's work of art. I had a Labradoodle that  would first play romper room with other dogs that my wife and I used watch for clients. Then the doodle would go into the back room and bring out a toy and drop it in front of him. When one of the young playful dogs would go to get the toy the Labradoodle would attack with full force.

The goddamn NECK is not aesthetic it is viscious..Probably worse for you though. Maybe that thing is real.

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My only question about Hawking, is where the hell does he find the time to announce the trains coming and going ???

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The CIA  and their team before them has murdered +100 MILLION humans on earth to make the USD what it is,...

But like always on ZH, DEATH is tertiary symptom of the game, and not first order,

First order is to take out any country that doesn't trade their heroin,cocaine, blood, oil, fetuses in US Dollar.


Of course the CIA doesn't hate, of course the CIA doesn't want everyone to die,...

The CIA exists as a MOB ENFORCER as a PROTECTOR so that world over every child-sex slavery mobster is protected so long as he sells 5 year old girls for USD, but should that businessman ask for EURO's or GOLD, he will be taken out.

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And, of course, the CIA is the only organization doing such things.  Nobody else.

zionhead's picture

CIA can be thought as an offshore arm of the US Treasury, abroad they are the MAFIA that makes sure that every criminal enterprise uses the USD to trade, when you trade in USD you are protected. If you fail to trade in USD, then you go to jail.

CIA is the only one with a license to kill, in the name of US Dollar reserve black-market status.


Sure many party's engage in child slavery traffic, but only the CIA ( world policeman ) goes after those selling children in curreny 'other than USD'.

DeadFred's picture

How will the NSA keep track of what going on in Turkey if the cut off Google?

nmewn's picture

Microsoft patches baby...lol.

knukles's picture

So Cass Sunbeamstream works for the evil Enddragon, now?
And no, the CIA only hates you.

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Best place in the world to be when all hell breaks loose is with your brethren freedom fighters.  Get your ass back in the states, hold down the fort and man the guillotines.  We don't need the bearings failing.

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I dunno, might be a good idea to have reliable overseas source for 7.62x39 ;-)

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Zero Hedge may buy a boat and it would be a good place to dock.

Harbanger's picture

It won't take long.  Besides, we have our right of self defense here, there's more ammo stocked by US citizens than people could ever imagine. 

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I feel very inadequate with but 4500 rounds.  But, I will be back in the USSA very soon!  All BUSINESS matters have been concluded succesfully.

@ nmewn

Fellow FL boy has mostly Korean (duh!) and Hungarian ammo in 7.62 x 39.  Need moar ammo...

Independent's picture

Dochen with the margins getting thin for the Chinese because of inflation its only a matter of time before they cut you out as the middle man in the Roller Bearing Market buddy.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

They would have to set up their own companies to do that.  Which, yes, they could do, but Chinese owned shops and dsitributors (ours is completely Peruvian except for me as an owner and buying assistant) might not be popular and would require their own capital.

Bearings are just one of MANY products China successfully exports to distributors like us.

Good thinking though, + 1 for keeping me thinking...

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True EUSSR believers like Guy Verhofstadt, Barroso and Von Rompuy probably can't wait for Turkey to become the next EUSSR member!

nmewn's picture

Its like...democroceeeee, libarteeeee, fraterniteeeee, arab springeeeee...or sumpin.

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He must own stock in Vimeo

prains's picture

another failed gangster running a country, that makes two this month......only about 6000 more to go. Wonder who will replace them?

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"The Revolution will be televised..."


disabledvet's picture

unfortunately his ban was wrongly translated to "banning you boob"

this caused an immediate and massive uproar among the general population as this truly was seen an afront to civilization itself and of course meant "no, Mr. Prime Minister...you can't blame the CIA for this one. They would never ban You Boob." The ceremonial President then ordered the Prime Minister be immediately stripped of his clothing and demanded a complete regurgitation.

Needless to say "vox populii was impressed."

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Has ZH covered Venice's vote to secede this week?

prains's picture

I thought Venice Beach seceded in the 80's?

fonzannoon's picture

did zh at least cover that?

prains's picture

Not sure but I think Kito was there, that was high waisted pant/fanny pack mecca.....


OT, what happened to Kito?

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no internet at the kibbutz

prains's picture

the pedal must have broke on the bike used to power the modem....that or Applebee's is holding him for ransom, damn Al CIAda is everywhere

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Will the aristocracy elect a new Doge?

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Soon to come to Russia.

There shall be no dissent, no opposition to Putin! Ever!

Putinistas go eff yourselves.

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Careful there, you'll upset the swooning Putin sycophants eager to see his man-boobs again ;-)

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But they are the majority here on ZH! The majority is always right. See Obama 2x. TPTB never have to worry.

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+ 1 to you guys up there in Gringolandia, but I shall return soon.

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Hey do your cow sounds always come out as meows or you got something up your rear end like a but plug

Listen lay off of Putin. Man is a saint.

He kicked out the Tribe oligarchs and took the money and payed salaries and pensions and saved the military from becoming just like Ukraine's, where the Tribe Oligarchs are still in control look at Yani and Tymoshenko, Putin also made sure recovered money went into the healthcare system. Apparently you can get a surgery in Russia and it costs you nothing, now how would that go down in the USA? I really recommend surfing through this dude's youtube channel, it will open your eyes about Russia.


I think the man has tons of integrity but maybe you like your leaders dont.

Here are you men of integrity in Ukraine for example


here is the old Tribal crowd from Russia in this older article when they were running rampant stealing and looting


where ukraine's money went


Everywhere on tribal mass media there is a constant attack on Putin and Russia, the word is demonizes the man that stopped the Greatest Jewish Mafia Heist of the World's Greatest Natural Resources.


nmewn's picture

Gazprom (state controlled) is stopping a heist is it?

The Russian media (again, state controlled) is the voice of truth & wisdom for all mankind? The oligarchs who run these "ventures" (lets just go ahead and say it, billionaires) are completely altruistic and saintly...and through no fault of their own, have had all these billions of rubles just dumped into their laps.

Mmmkay, sure.