The Most Important Company In Europe

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There is a reason why in the past we have referred to Russia simply as Gazpromia. Here is why...



And a little more color on this soon-to-be-critical company... Pages 10-12 are of particular importance...


Gazprom Investor Day Presentation - Mar 3 2014

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Is that Ukraine % including or excluding Crimea?

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Ukraine is not a country you know, George. Soon it won't matter.

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I'm 100% confused about Belarus being 107% dependent...

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100% dependency = you need imports this very moment or you don't got shit.

107% dependency = you need imports this very moment or you don't got shit, and you've used up (1.07 x 365) - 365 = 25.5 days of next year's supply too.

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Sorry Morgan Stanley but your research is waaaaaay outdated. Do you want an example?


You show Poland 80% dependent.

Poland consumes 15 Bm3/yr. It has its own gas to the tune of 5 Bm3/yr. It is imports 10 Bm3. This is 66% dependency.

However, they opened a gigantic switch (10 pipes intersecting) and can import up to 5 Bm3 from Germany. This German gas maybe from Norway or Algeria or other non-Gazprom source. This would mean that in case SHTF Poland is only 33% dependent on Gazpromia. 

But wait, there is more. The new LNG terminal in Poland is nearly completed (end of 2014). It will be able to import 5-7.5 Bm3 from Qatar or Algeria. This means 0% dependency or even ability to re-export some gas to Baltics. Right now we enter spring and summer and they can cut off Gazprom completely if needed.

The energy infrastructure in Europe is changing rapidly - dear MS. You better check your facts frequently before broadcasting your 'research'. 


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LNG employees will be paid hazard pay because the work is so dangerous.  An explosion at a plant has a blast radius in the tens of miles squared.

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The most important company globally is Walmart.  That's where Joe Meatball gets his bargains.  Bitches.

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then those balls hanging from your sleepless eyelids will fetch a nice price at market.....sad desperate unpaid blogger

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is there not a train in your vicinity? if so, kindly think about stepping in front of it.....and for god sake it's



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Production capacity is key.

I doubt Poland is at the top of the queue to import any spare capacity?


FinalCollapse's picture

Why?  Any facts to support it?

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Exactly, they may have some gas fields, but the need good production and if you don't have that then it doesn't matter how many gas or oil fields you have.

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Wouldn´t that be wonderful to see?  Europe getting its energy import diversification act together.  I had read just a smidgeon before, thanks for your update.

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The energy infrastructure in Europe is changing rapidly


Where is all the drilling taking place at?

Too bad US is 3-5 years away from export readiness. Barry killed the energy sector in case no one has been paying attention, (which is the case).

See, all of our brand new export terminals are rotting in the sun, It will take years of maintenance to ready them for use.

Then, going have to evacuate the near by towns, because as standard procedure for any government run operation, one, or two, will surely fail rather spectacularly.

So, if yall weren't punching holes two years ago, well, you're pretty much fucked, and at the mercy of the bear.

Hey, it could be worse. You could be freezing your ass off right now,.

The polar vortex is dug in like a tick, hasn't moved in months.

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Most of Europe can live without any US LNG. It is only needed to diversify - but it does not impact Gazprom dependency. Baltics may be an exception here. I am sure EU will warmly welcome ability to import gas from US. Russia works overtime to destroy all EU efforts toward gas/oil independency.

To someone else who commented on my facts. No - this is not about production. The MS 'research' was about dependency on Gazprom. It is important to understand that there is ample of gas in Norway, Algeria and the Caspian region and what needs to be done is to upgrade the infrastructure to bring it in and distribute it - like reversing gas flows on demand. There  is gas flowing  from Turkey (from Caspian region) and there is gas piped into Italy and Spain from Algeria (four undersea pipes). The connection between Spain and France is a weak one and will be upgraded soon but the Italian network is very strong and this Algerian gas flows from south to north nicely and just needs to be redistributed around.

All in all, EU still depends on Gazpromia but much, much less than it looks on the surface. There is a lot of subprime research junk floating around the blogosphere. All it takes is to drill a little bit deeper into all sources of gas and the infrustructure to distribute it around EU. If country imports x from Gazprom it does not mean that it cannot overnight switch to import x amount of gas from another source.


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Shonuff , in an emergency they can all exploit every little shithole that has something flammable but ar what cost? Quick, get the IMF on the phone!

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Swinouijscie LNG terminal won't be near 7.5B til 2017, if then.

The 5B portion was quoted as 75% complete 20 days ago.  Started in 2011.  They won't be done this year.

Note also Poland's consumption is growing sharply and domestic production flat at best. . . . click on the gas option

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'In May 2013 the project was almost 60% complete, and its commissioning is scheduled for 2014.[4][5]'

I don't know what these mazamascience guys that you quoted are smoking but I like how it works.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

mazama is just a plotting site, data from BP.  Noted as the source for statement domestic consumption is growing and domestic production is not.

The 75% quote not from them.  It was from the relevant Poland minister last month.  Particularly worrisome if they were 60% in May last year and only 75% Feb this year.

Call it 30 days, not 20.

Posted on Feb 14th, 2014

Poland’s first LNG import terminal, which is being built by Polskie LNG at the Port of ?winouj?cie, is about 75 percent complete, a statement by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland said.

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As an ex-Gazprom shareholder and invested&working in renewable energy venture capital, I concur. Europe's energy landscape is evolving extremely fast. If Russia tries to use its energy resources for political blackmail, the more incentive there is to look for (and find) alternative sources - whatever they may be. Using Gazprom for political reasons will backfire spectacularly in the long run, but definitely cause serious damage on Europe in the short run. A reason neither side is keen on using the energy market as a political playball.

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A Nation State is a handy sized area with a population that's not too big to control easily.

Nation States are just lines on maps.

Imagine if the guys on the ISS started brawling.

Everyone would say they were nuts, as they have nowhere else to go.

Just multiply by approximately a billion and replace ISS with earth.

If we cooperate, we all win.

If we fight, nearly everyone loses.

A few benefit.

Why do you think the 'few' start all the wars?

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To get aboard the ISS, you have to be highly educated and intelligent to begin with.  You already had to demonstrate your abilities and earn your way up there.  I'm sure there are also extensive psychological tests.  So, they would have to literally go crazy for some reason.

Getting on to earth is not difficult at all; there are no apparent qualifications.  Many don't even believe that the earth has limits.  Bringing another life into the world doesn't require space ships, mathematics, physics, etc., either.

What about the people who don't care to cooperate or work?  Certainly they'll never make it to the ISS; however, they're already here on earth and can bring others here too.

What about people who would rather exchange freedom by voting in a politician in exchange for promises of free health care and free this and free that?

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"I will have more flexibility after the election"


"I will have more flexibility after the election for more Golf"
Barrack "Tiger" Obama

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Close. "I will have more flexibility after the elections in my club shafts because I'm buying a set of ladies clubs."

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Where can I buy that cute little bear/panda couple??? Holy Shit that's awesome marketing, whose daughter doesn't want those two "little buddy's" as friends in the future! 

Skipping paw in paw into the future, holding our colors!

Hey Bammer, who's hand will WE be holding as we skip into the future? France, Poland, Italy, Spain??????

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You have young kids? This stuff (Russian) is genius.

Don't worry about the language.

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"Hey Bammer, who's hand will WE be holding as we skip into the future? France, Poland, Italy, Spain??????"

Israel of course. Duh!


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the most important part is that Belgium will not be affected.
So, don't worry, fals alarm, let's bully the russians a bit more!

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Dupe me, Peru!  Dupe me again!  May I have another, señor?

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That´s right, Belgium!  Don´t take any crap from Russia!  GAZPROM give you any lip, pop ´em one!

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Interesting, maybe.

Meet The Brand New, And Shocking, Third Largest Foreign Holder Of US Treasurys.

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Fascinating. Belarus, Czech Republic and Finland all get more than 100% of their supplies from Russia.  I smell corruption.

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Finland doesn't have any gas storage capacity and less than 10% of energy is natural gas.

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When it comes to valves - righty tighty, lefty loosey. Europe should beware of righty tighty.

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You want gas? pay the fuck up bitchezz. Otherwise, bend over...

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You want gas? eat more beans!

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You're spot on. Instead of pumping human effluent into the ocean, they could "digest" it and produce methane.

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Ohhh lord, don't get intellectual with these savages!!! Our job is just to feed their wants and needs to them slowly but consistently, without stirring shit up too much!!!

They want no responsibilities or accountability for their own survival or "place in life", just rewarded for "being"! Any "crazy" talk of alternatives to this current status quo, will NOT be looked upon kindly by ANYONE!!!!

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It's "Pay up, bitchez, or meet Mssrs. Ben Dover and Goldmember."

"I knew you'd be surprised!" - F.Zappa.

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

Ukraine owes China grain. Grain takes fertilizer. Fertilizer takes gas.

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Belarus?  There is no way imports can excede consumption unless there is a natural gas black hole there.

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Yes there is, the gas is held in resevoir tanks and that is used to feed internal usage so as gas passes through only some goes into the tanks and the rest keeps transiting through into Eastern Europe. Transiting gas = import to export immediately + reservoir gas (import and internal consumption only). Or simply put you import more you consume you store or export the excess.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

More like re-re-export. They had this problem with Tymoshenko when she was prime minister in the Ukraine back in 2009 I believe during the last gas dispute. Ukraine was taking gas for domestic use bought at the discounted rate from their reservoirs and reselling it to the EU for cheaper than what Russia was charging. That was one of the reasons Gazprom shut off the gas to Europe through the Ukraine at the time once they found out what was going on.