Russian Forces Storm Crimean Military Base In Belbek - Live Webcast

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As we reported earlier, while Ukraine military forces are either slowly leaving the Crimea or joining the Russian army, one outpost, that at the Crimean airforce base of Belbek, remains undaunted by Russian demands to hand over the premises as the Russian ultimatum to surrender has expired, and moments ago wire services reported that shots were fired as Russian forces stormed the front gate of the Crimean outpost. Watch a live webcast from the scene below as the Russian force take control of the last place of presence of Ukraine forces in the Crimea.



Update: Curiously, as soon as we put the live webcast on, this happened:

If we find a different live feed we will update. In the meantime, there is twitter:


The following LiveNews live news site has an occasional feed from Belbek:



Update 2: The situation is back to normal as Russian troops finally take control of the airbase

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I posted this in the other Ukraine article, so forgive me for posting again.

I don't do it often.

Sanity Check...


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Well,  There goes that neighborhood!

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In light of all the seized property, including land and battleships, the Ukraine could just assert a dollar value to those assets and claim they are at least partial payment, if not payment in full, for the gas contracts outstanding between Ukraine and Russia. (Thereby canceling some or all of the underlying bonds.) "You take our land and assets, we take your gas."  

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No, this is useless musings from simple minds AND worthless dribble typed in to bring attention to the ignorance of words that are added on to extend the pile on this stinking message. There, it is done.

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Just like this "new Jewish joke was coined at that time:

Israeli President Peres asks the Russian President:

-        Vladimir, are you of Jewish ancestry?

-        Putin: What makes you think so, Shimon?

-        Peres: You made the US pay five billion dollars to deliver Crimea to Russia. Even for a Jew, that is audacious!"

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Where is the Kenyan on this?   Back 9 or forward?   Can he not produce one piece of paper on this to guarantee peace for out time?

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LOL, the gas has already been taken and burned. But Ukraine has exactly zero bargaining power so Russia will simply take what it wants at this point. But what you suggest will probably happen as after-the-fact window dressing.

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Yeah, I'm not sure that deifying Putin is really the right way to go. He's a thinly-reconstructed KGB thug, after all.

Still, he is doing a MUCH better job at looking out for his country than Soetero and the gang is doing for ours. Credit where credit is due.

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Like it or not...

We sure as hell never saw the Russians use the KGB to infiltrate and subvert our federal, state and local government(s ) through "Orange" or Maidan Revolutions in such brazen and overt ways to force a banking system on us that we must use?...   Like it or not. Through the West's own action(s) you could argue Stalin was right not to trust us.  He put up an "Iron Curtain" which we tore down through "Liberty and Democratic principles" we gushed only to have it replaced with a "missile offense shield"! I think it's safe to say who the World should be down wind from at this point...
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You are right. Ukranians must sued Vitoria Nulland for what she did in Maidan Square. The cause of all this mess.

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VV Putin was administrative, degree in economics I think... he was considered mild cooperative and go with flow by Yelstin controlling....that is how miracle of his selection was allowed...

breakout was true love of country..and bond with new group of like thinkers...

began take country back from damage and real

is thin or thug?...or in fight to level required to overcome...

better worry about your country...which is thinner thug and millions more body counnt

123dobryden's picture

.... take country back from stealing ....


so  after his decade of taking back from stealing, there are not 100 people owning 1/3 of a country?

pot_and_kettle's picture




What I find sad is that the current ( fucked, corrupted, and corrupting ) condition of most goverrnments is such that when a gifted and strong leader appears somewhere ... people breathe such a sigh of relief that it gets mistaken for " deifying " him. 


It's not deifying anyone - it's recognizing that we're not quite yet over the falls.  And it feels pretty damn good

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Forgiven. Orlov is an excellent read. And most definitely a voice of sanity amidst an ocean of pwned media propaganda.

Gadfly's picture

This is brilliant and spot on.  Thanks for the post.  I will now go to his blog on a regular basis.

ebworthen's picture

"In Russian eyes, the US is neither sovereign nor a democracy; it is the festering corpse of a democracy being fed on by the world's fattest vultures."

Good stuff from Orlov, thanks.

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Phase 2:  Do russian bears poo in the forest?  Live feed.


Smegley Wanxalot's picture

Looks like the NSA is blocking that live webcast.


EDIT - now it is working (for now, at least)

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Doesn't look like a lot of "storming".

smlbizman's picture

swr....u are right not really storming but definetly snow flurrys...

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

I've seen Bumper Cars do more bumping.

Element's picture

Speaking of storming things, Canada and US middle and east are in for another frigid snap over the next few days and models indicate reappearance of the polar vortex in one week to cap it off. Welcome to Spring.


Jack Burton's picture

Hey Element, I am in extreme North East Minnesota, not far south of Thunder Bay. -10 below tonight, snow at my back door is 5 1/2 high, drifts 6-7 feet. Shoveled for an hour so the mail man can get in to my box this morning. The mangeled jet stream has kept polar vortex over us for many months, -30 common, snow every few days. Fucking nightmare. Meanwhile the high arctic is is a record heat wave for most of this winter. Siberia as of yesterday was seeing 30 degree above normal temps all the way out into the Kara Sea. The unlocking of the jet stream is now a fact, and I predict I will have much to post about as regards weather in the coming months. Stay tuned, Ukraine is an intersting story, by my guess is 2014 weather is what will get people's attention.

Element's picture

Yeah, it's going to get warmer in Siberia too by the look of the model forecast and cold down into the Urals area. The jetstream seems to be doing a mirror remake of the 1970s pattern. It's pretty clear within the decadal data there are half-century scale oscillations, apparently PDO driven. If so the next ten years ... well, ... keep the shovel handy. When this occurred to North America in the 1970s the Australian winters got real cold too. Hope this is not what we are seeing the beginning of. Keep warm mate.

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I live at the corner of KY, OH and WV and we've had a nice winter here. By nice I mean we had snow on the ground for a month, several snowstorms and more coming next week instead of the usual hihg 30s to 40s and rainy. 30 below is brutal, sorry man. I like a snowy winter and we've had it in spades this year.

Interesting about the decadal pattern. In the 50s it was global warming, 70s cooling now we're back to warming. Maybe we should all freak out about it?

new game's picture

jack burton; G marrais, my guess-ah, a voice of understandg! both the frigid cold and liberalism that casts its spell over the sheep of mn. at least u have to solitude of the great forests still devoid of humans and home of the wolf. i recently traveled to tx to vacate this fucked up cold for 6 months.  to no avail as humans have populated the south to an unacceptable number. and quality of life sucks in the south compared to up here. dont get me wrong, people suck everywhere! soouthern hosptality is guise for thanks before you spend money! if you are not spending the hospitality is gone. you are not a lone voice, because if you hear me houling isabella way i am visiting your area and have returned to my true roots...

Jam's picture

As a fellow Minnesotan I can attest to your facts about the weather here. Cheers.

Volkodav's picture

And the Volga is mild this winter....

kashey's picture

And here in Moscow we have spring one month ahead of schedule, it was +14 celcius today, first flowers are seen in the fields. It is something unprecedented, has never been before.

Independent's picture

Good thing the 1940's didn't have weather like this

JuliaS's picture

If the weather gets the blame for our crappy economy, I'm going to blame the weather on the Fed.

Few more QE's, and not only the jet stream will reverse, but the Earth's orbit will shift due to increasing planetary mass.

How come? From all that paper, of course! Since the Fed's supposedly capable of generating something out of nothing more printing ought to generate some extra weight!

That's banker physics for ya!

JR's picture

Seems like the facts on the ground are trumping the news reports and tweets. When the news reports include those ferocious words, "storm” and “seize,” one wonders what words can be used when there is an actual “onslaught.”

The problem is the video; you can describe things but when you show them and they are not happening, it makes one look a bit foolish or perhaps John McCainisch.

Jack Burton's picture

JR, We all know how Israel operates. They use force to create Facts on the Ground. Now Russia has learned to do what America's rulers do, create facts. Putin and Russia rescued the people of Crimea from the NATO arms and IMF bankers, and the western media is going insane with rage over it. Ha! Ha! Fuck you CNN. Crimeans are now dent free, owe the bankers nothing, and pensions and salaries are set to double to Russian Federation levels. Wonder why 96% vote to join Russia! Pocketbooks, and security. Fuck bankrupt rascist Ukraine, they are about to get IMF loans and their industry looted, fucking fools.

JR's picture

That covers it, Jack.

“The motto of Israel’s foreign intelligence service the Mossad translates as ‘By way of deception you shall make war.’" – Philip Giraldi,

lakecity55's picture

"Ahhhh, Anderson, it feels soooo gooood---why did you stop?"
"I have to do a broadcast, Bath House. I'll be back."
"You are the bestest teabagger evah! Hurry back. Promise!"
"I promise, baby."
"Come in the back way so Reggie doesn't see you. Here's my key."

new game's picture

this series of posts is all anyone needs to read and understand to be current as to wtf is going on in this world we live in.

stop, go align your life to this understanding and plan for a confrontation.  this is shaping up to polarize the world in two camps with many stuck on the wrong side...

McMolotov's picture

Hopefully the inevitable made-for-TV movie will have more excitement and violence and be called "The Crimea of the Century."

Oh wait, this is the made-for-TV movie.

tony wilson's picture


YHC-FTSE's picture

This one is straight forward, but when I first saw your posts I thought you were quite a bit weird. Now I think you must be a genius. You always crack me up with the broken stanzas you post that drips with irony.  -just to let you know you are appreciated. 

McMolotov's picture

Glad to know I'm not alone in thinking his posts are a kind of perverse poetry.

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a thinking man's Francis Sawyer

news printer's picture

as of 3/22/2014 11:18 Live cam is dead

what You see was recorded yesterday


Smegley Wanxalot's picture

Yup.  The fukkin NSA asshats are overlaying a video feed with about a 22 hour delay (idiots cant even get the time right).  Previously (when I first posted) it had a camera drawing with red circle and a line crossing it out.


news printer's picture

Another zerohedge user was watching stream and this is what he said:


Was just watching that live feed when there seemed to be some action happening with running around of the Russian troops outside the gate. A soldier looked up at the camera and then shortly afterwards the camera was pulled down with the last image of a camoflauged soldier closeup.

Things might be heating up at the airbase.