The Other March Madness Bracket

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While it appears no one has a perfect bracket left after this weekend's upsets in the NCAA Basketball, we suspect most are still perfect on the other March Madness bracket predictions...



Source: Sunday Funnies via Cagle

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Manthong's picture

Reality has rigged the game.

Manthong's picture

Were it not for discrimination, none of us would be here.

remain calm's picture

Putin has the two big men. Nukes and Oil. Oh yea he has the other most important factor to play the game, BALLS

N2OJoe's picture

Look it dat rayciss Putin shaming Black Jesus!!


Don he no dis man da firs black preseedent???

SafelyGraze's picture

the bankster bracket still inspires

got interrupted at the Final Four though

merger interruptus

oklaboy's picture

yo mo fo yo dissin ma bro? he got ma back, and yo fool ass 2

brown_hornet's picture

I picked "shame on you" for the cinderella upset...Oh well

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

A number one seed finally bracket busting there.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

"African golf" is so much more important than geopolitics.

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

Last summer Oblowhard - thinking it clever - insultingly called Putin the "slouching, bored kid in class."

Putin's since gone on to fully expose Obama as the "dorky dipshit kid in the back of the class with one finger up his nose and another up his ass."

Putin: kicking obama's ass from morning to night, 24/7, year after year.



Winston Churchill's picture

Embarassing to watch, bot great fun none the less.

Truly the best of affirmative action, in action.

Hobo Sapien's picture

"I have a strategy. If we want to do those Russian rascals in, bring’em lower than dirt, we ought to arrange to have the American public elect their government. You know, on some kind of contract. Then they’d be ruled, like us, by a nursery full of pansies, milquetoasts, ethno-picks, growly feather-weights, diesel dykes, and sorry rich kids who never got into a school-yard fight. Russia would never recover.

We won’t either."

Disenchanted's picture

Hell's bells, we could just sell em some Diebold and Sequoia electronic voting systems. That should do it...

BudFox2012's picture

So who's the "cinderella" of this tournament?  You better not say Michelle Obama...

skwid vacuous's picture

March Madness Mullahs - they have something for Israel up their sleeve if Iran is attacked...

exartizo's picture

lol... nice Tyler(s)... gives the concept of March Madness a much more interesting spin than the old boring basketball one.

pan's picture

Putin wins again!

Cacete de Ouro's picture

The other Obama: Shenzhen-based half-brother of US president sets record straight

IridiumRebel's picture

i half-assed a bracket. I got one final four team left. I'll check again in a few days. I watch the March to Madness on the daily here at ZH.

nmewn's picture

Dateline 3-15-14, Oval Office.

"Ahhh, errr, ok, here's the plan.

I'll send Biden over to get a feel for whats happening on the ground. Complete my basketball bracket. Then I'll send the Wookie and the kids over to communist China, in case Biden completely screws the pooch in europe and Putins decides to nuke us. Then I'll play another eighteen holes with P-Diddy. If Biden doesn't get sucked into the same black hole CNN's talking about and makes it back, I guess I'll have to find a posh place in europe (with a golf course...ahahaha) and a one bedroom suite close by for Reggie.

I think I'll call for a EU summit (with beer!) and invite Putin to be lectured by others besides meh, so I'm not the only one drawing the redline this time."

(The room breaks into applause) Brilliant Mr.President!

"Ahhh, errr, like I told Harry, I errr, have a gift!"

undertowed's picture

Shouldn't Obama take his ball and go home?  He doesn't want be in this game anymore. Just getting embarrassed day after day

ebworthen's picture

I'm betting against my own country because they spit, they cheat, and are bribed by gamblers.

Go Russia.

Rising Sun's picture

Putin is broke and has nothing to lose.


Why bother invading????  Russia will fuck itself like it did 25 years ago.


Round two of "watch me fuck myself" via Putin coming soon.

CCanuck's picture

I'd rather watch Putin Fuck himself, than feel Obombya, et al fuck'n me forward into hope and change.

I end up feeling like Ho..working for crack Change with the Forward crowd.

Hey RS...Putin was invited by the citizens, he did not need to invade.



oklaboy's picture

yepper and a Preezie with some balls will have to do it, but not today

stant's picture

theres a old saying in america about racing" the sun dont shine on the same dogs butt all the time" cant hedge that

NOZZLE's picture

Loose B-ball shoes, a surgically tightened hole for Reggie and a warm place to bracket. 

Cpl Hicks's picture

Ooooo, dat's raysiss!

Don't you be talkin' 'bout my boy like dat!!

NOZZLE's picture

Hicks, I forgot to give proper attribution to Earl Butz.  

Froman's picture

Earl Butz was the BEST Secretary of Agriculture eva!