Spanish 'Anti-Austerity' Protesters "Sick Of This System They Call Democracy"

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"I'm here to fight for my children's future," exclaims one father as Spaniards rallied in Madrid against poverty and EU-imposed austerity. As Reuters reports, the largely peaceful protest later marred by violent clashes in which police fired rubber bullets. The so-called "Dignity Marches" brought hundreds of thousands to the capital with banners making it clear what their feelings about record 26% unemployment were - "Bread, jobs and housing for everyone" and "Corruption and robbery, Spain's trademark." One protester summed up the people's views of the government, "I'm sick of this system they call democracy... I want things to change."




Via Reuters,

The so-called "Dignity Marches" brought hundreds of thousands to the capital, according to estimates of Reuters witnesses. Travelling from all over Spain, they were protesting in support of more than 160 different causes, including jobs, housing, health, education and an end to poverty.



...Spaniards rallied in Madrid on Saturday against poverty and EU-imposed austerity in a largely peaceful protest later marred by violent clashes in which police fired rubber bullets.



Some protesters started to throw stones and bottles at the large numbers of riot police present and attacked cashpoints and hoardings. The police fired rubber bullets to disperse them, according to video footage seen by Reuters.


Central government representative Cristina Cifuentes said 19 protesters had been arrested and 50 police officers had been injured, one of them very badly, in the clashes.

Once again the issue is government corruption combined with austerity (or at least slowing growth in spending to be perfectly clear) - a combination that we have discussed numerous times tends to end in social unrest...

A housing bubble burst more than five years ago, forcing a 41-billion euro ($56 billion) bailout of Spain's banks, squeezing homeowners and throwing millions out of work.



The government introduced public sector austerity to whittle down the deficit, provoking widespread anger amongst middle- and low-income families as dozens of cases of corruption in the ruling class are investigated by judges.

The people's feelings were clear as the OECD says the economic crisis has hit Spain's poor harder than in any other country in the euro region.

Banners urged the conservative government not to pay its international debts and to tackle Spain's chronically high unemployment of 26 percent.


"Bread, jobs and housing for everyone", read one banner, "Corruption and robbery, Spain's trademark," said another.


"I'm here to fight for my children's future," said Michael Nadeau, a 44-year-old entrepreneur.


"For those who are in power we're just numbers. They value money more than they value people," he said, shouting to be heard above the din of chanting, whistling and drumming.


"(I'm here because) I'm sick of this system they call democracy," said Jose Luis Arteaga, a 58-year-old teacher whose wage has been cut 20 percent. "I want things to change."

It seems that almost record low bond yields and high stock market levels did not appease the people of Spain either...Time for that IMG income inequality equalizing wealth redsitriburion it would seem...

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  • Between 1983 and 2009, over 40 percent of all wealth gains flowed to the 1 percent and 82 percent of wealth gains went to the top 5 percent. The bottom 60 percent lost wealth over this same period.
  • The world’s 1 percent, almost entirely millionaires and billionaires, own $42.7 trillion, more than the bottom 3 billion residents of earth.
  • While the middle-class standard of living implodes, sales of luxury items such as $10,000 wristwatches and Lamborghini sports cars are skyrocketing.

"This radical upward redistribution of wealth was not a weather event but a human-created disaster. Segments of the organized 1 percent lobbied politicians and pressed for changes in the rules, rules governing such areas as trade, taxes, workers, and corporations.  


In a nutshell: (1) the rules of the economy have been changed to benefit asset owners at the expense of wage earners, and (2) these rule changes have benefited global corporations at the expense of local businesses. There has been a triumph of capital and a betrayal of work.""


More stolen stuff for the 1% you surely mean, I will call you Shirley.

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Thank you.  Free shit army indeed.

MillionDollarBoner_'s picture
I am a Private in the Free Shit Army
FSA!!! FSA!!!
   I'm fighting for my human right to go to bed at three each night
A 15 year-old single mum but don't call me a welfare bum
Its not my fault I got knocked up, the father doesn't give a fuck
At least not now I've put on weight from alcopops and too much cake
But don't you dare to doubt my rights to housing, booze and Marlboro Lights
My toilet's bust - its getting me down so the council's sending someone round


I am a Sergeant in the Free Shit Army
FSA!!! FSA!!!   Driving in my council van, if something's broken I'm your man
I've got my tools and my Hi-Viz - in all my kit I look the biz
But I don't start 'til half past ten. I go look at the job and then
Sit in the van and drink my tea, text my mates and have a pee
Fill out my time sheet, read the paper, tell the client I'll be back later.
I get sixteen weeks off a year, fuck off to Spain, smoke fags, drink beer,
And moan about those council twats, always wanting this and that
You should get fuckall you yob, get off your arse and get a job
The only thing that's giving me tension is my hard-earned gold-plate pension
But once those big boys in the City fix it I'll be sitting pretty ;o)

  I am a Colonel in the Free Shit Army
FSA!!! FSA!!!
  Working on the pensions scam, fucking your retirement plans,
I hit the desk around eleven and work right through 'til half past seven
At least that's what I tell the wife - I've never done it in my life
By ten to two I'm in the bar with Cristal and a fat cigar,
A sexy blonde and caviar. A Bentley is my week-day car . You think I'm smart - you must be rambling - all I do is fancy gambling
You have to laugh 'cos win or lose, I get to keep my hard-earned dues
A big fat bonus is my right. I sleep sound in bed at night
Once I've come down off all that coke and finished laughing at the joke
That joke's on you you welfare bums, you council twats and working scum
What makes the whole thing so obscene is I'M THE BIGGEST WELFARE QUEEN!
You pay me millions to do fuck all and while I'm having such a ball
Your pension's going down the shitter but cheer up mate and don't be bitter
When all my gambling comes to now't you fuckers get to bail me out!
But I won't ever go to jail 'cos I'm Too-fucking-Big-To-Fail
And you're too dumb to get the joke - without your handouts I'd be broke !:O)

  Long Live the Free Shit Army
FSA!!! FSA!!!
Long Live the Free Shit Army
FSA!!! FSA!!!

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This is blowback for creating the FSA. 

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Get the EU flag out and play the anthem, that will calm these people down. Maybe an appearance from that child molestor EU President, what's his face?

pods's picture

This is what happens when credit stops expanding.

Notice the bankers are being paid.

Austerity is slang for "Fuck you, pay me."

Remember that the nex tine you hear that term.


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This empire without her colonies...Long since the apex of Spanish powers centuries ago, Spaniards still think good times can roll without working like the Chinese.


Take away the exploited masses you have bunch of entitle decendents whose largest export is golf carts.


Austerity is reality without government welfare. The truth.



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Someone's gagging on the big cock of bullshit here. Spaniards know now, and knew then, that Spain is the ingrate bitch that eats her own brethren. They knew it when they rowed in the Mediterranean (mostly political prisoners) - "Bogan las galeras contra el Turco Suleimán!". They knew it when they ate natives feet and hands. They knew it in the wars in Flandes. They knew it against the French, and almost would have loved Pepe Botella if they weren't so fucking idiotic nationalistic. They hated their country, but hated everyone else a lot more. They knew how ingrate Spain and king was during that May when Madrid rebelled against the French, yet they did it anyway. They knew it in the war in Morocco, when they were massacred at Buru Buru (my great grandfather was there - only 3 survived in his company, the general died from a shot to the head - , my other one flew from Spain to avoid getting conscripted).

Spaniards are extremely proud of their regions, then their country as a whole. But they also hate the country and mistrust it. It's a real paradox, yet happens a lot around the world.

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Maybe the Spaniards don't think ol' Franco was so bad now?

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Looking at all the big media they are totally ignoring this, more protesters here than Maidan and nothing.  Looked at yahoo and google news feeds and NOTHING.  Guess its business as usual. Fuck this Kleptocracy in the Western world. Putin should send some high ranking dude to hand out cookies to the protesters and play it up.  Actually forget cookies they should hand out entire loaves of bread to show the world how much more the need sustenance in the Euro capitals lol

Also can see these protesters dont have five billion in funding, no militar fatigues, and protective body cladding and bullet proof vests underneath. Heck you can outfit a few divisions with modern military weapons for that much, what the hell did JULAND do with the rest of the money?

AldousHuxley's picture

media is controlled by the governments who work just like the religion....99% truth, 1% lies or truth untold.


government allowed banks to create real estate bubble, so of course they are going to cover themselves.


but where were all these protesters when bubble was being blown?



AchtungAffen's picture

Wrong. Spain was a middle age country until Franco died. The only ones who can still have some nostalgia about him are conservative catholics in Galicia.

A Nanny Moose's picture

No, austerity is austerity. What these fucktards are doing is anything but.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

In order to get a leadership position in the EU you must molest a child in front of all the current members. It is a requirement. Sorta like some gangs only allow membership after you murder a rival gang member first. Although the EU pedophiles just want to make sure that new members feel comfortable at the dinner parties where children are the main course. Check out Belgium and child torture.

They are evil and not human beings.

TheReplacement's picture

There is no creating it.  The FSA is all volunteer.  People who are genuinely disabled, for example, are not part of the FSA.  More likely the FSA is going to end up hurting the genuinely disabled more than anyone else.  This illustrates just how vile the FSA really is.

EconomicGenocide's picture

The problem is not the free shyte army, but people like you who have what you have because of the governmnet yet feel you deserve it. The banks and corps have taken trillions more in free shyte than the poor, and a good portion of that went to YOU!!

Of course you mini parasites dont quite get the same vig as the banks and Z iionist!! But if you own a home, have job that past 6 figures and have ANY type of investments than you have taken more from the country than any free shyte member.


2008 should havve created a period were production and labor ruled. That would mean a contraction in all assets by at least 50%. But the FED printed and saved YOUR arz!! Faqing hypocrite.

nmewn's picture

"But if you own a home, have job that past 6 figures and have ANY type of investments than you have taken more from the country than any free shyte member." thats interesting.

How does working, saving a little, buying a house with your earnings or investing...take anything FROM the country? Was it the countrys/the governments to begin with...and he stole it by working?

Anusocracy's picture

Sad that the host doesn't even know what the real parasite is.

nmewn's picture

Sure is.

They have a monarch (a hereditary king, by birth/bloodline, a parasite by any normal definition) who gets to select the prime minister, and they have joined that form of governance (parasitical by its very nature) with an even larger blood sucking organism (the EU) and some idiot "on the street" is saying something about "democracy".

My brain isn't large enough to overcome the contradiction of

Independent's picture

What about the dual citizens, they have been parasites since time immortal, they should be kicked out of Spain and the rest of the EU.

HEY how come VICTORIA NULAND is not handing out MATZO COOKIES here.  Oh by the way did you know Anne Frank loved to bake Cookies also?  She also kind of looked like Victoria Nuland when Vicki was younger.

Independent's picture

Sometimes Monarchs can have some insight.  Frederick the Great on of Europe's greatest statesmen had great foresight...

Frederick wrote in his Testament politique that:

We have too many Jews in the towns. They are needed on the Polish border because in these areas Hebrews alone perform trade. As soon as you get away from the frontier, the Jews become a disadvantage, they form cliques, they deal in contraband and get up to all manner of rascally tricks which are detrimental to Christian burghers and merchants. I have never persecuted anyone from this or any other sect; I think, however, it would be prudent to pay attention, so that their numbers do not increase.

AchtungAffen's picture

Wrong. Prime ministers are selected through parliament. The king has mostly a decorative function at most. Considering he's drunk driving all the time...

GoBadgers's picture

"Was it the countrys/the governments to begin with...and he stole it by working?"


Exactly 100%.

nmewn's picture

A lot of people walk by false choices & "premises" like that and never spit on them.

I never will ;-)

Cpl Hicks's picture

You, sir, have no place in Obama's America.

nmewn's picture

And he knows well over half now know it too. Sometimes ya just gotta let those dogs leashed up in the backyard run till the chain snaps tight around their neck.

They learn quicker that way...and never forget it ;-)

GoBadgers's picture

"But if you own a home, have job that past 6 figures and have ANY type of investments than you have taken more from the country than any free shyte member."


Yep, this is socialist bullshit. I grew up in the lower middle class, or upper lower class, what have you. I paid my own way through college, decided to get a degree in Engineering instead of the various degrees of worthlessness. Now 20 years of savings and I have a home, investments and *horror* a job that pays six figures, and I've taken from the country? With all due respect, fuck you sir.


As for the Fed saving me, if this is true, why do I agree with you that it should be eliminated? Money printing has done me no good and my investments are in short-term vechicles exactly because I don't believe this Fed-fueled market is real. The Fed is the root cause of most of the financial disasters we've seen the last 30-40 years, good riddance when the country finally figures that out and we return to sound money.


Oh and by the way, I'm not Jewish, in case you were thinking that......and we know that's a big part of your life.

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He may be referring to class and the various steps on the ladder. Many middle class people are awakening to truth or 'revolutionary' ideas only because they are now feeling the strains of a failing economy. They are upset at the loss of their standard of living or the fact they have become working class, they live pay to pay, and may lose everything if they are short a week. Many of these people also believe there needs to be a return to 'real capitalism' and an end to 'crony capitalism'.

Unfortunately though, the way cities are set up there simply cannot be millions of people involved in productive work. We know quite well what that looks like in the old drawings of industrial cities. People are consumed by the pollution. Industrial societies require people who do nothing, that's just how it is, much of the labour is unnecessary, it is constructed by a false need. The options for the 'Free Shit Army' is to give them free shit or to let them starve.

However, no one is really producing anything themselves. The US is in some 20 to 100 trillion dollars in debt, depending on what type of economic figures you use, maybe 250 trillion. The world is itself in debt. So the house you have is afforded based on credit set in your favour, that's all. It is unlikely that what the middle class person worked towards to gain their credit has benefitted humanity in anyway, instead they've contributed to management within a system headed towards a cliff. The material you have accumulated is your own share of value that the system deemed you are worth, and much of that value is taken from the future. Not everyone can have an American-size house, a vehicle, or food for two people. While democratic theories of capitalism think that it's just a self-propulsion mechanism there is really waste involved, and frictions that are rarely discussed in the economic texts.

People will react to that negatively no doubt. However, it's not meant to be a judgment against people. That's just how it is. The capitalist system is an abstract form of slavery, nothing more. And if people want to return to a better society these are questions that must be asked. When were we free? Did things go wrong before I think they did? What if the very foundational concepts of freedom are wrong? There are levels to the blue and red pills, and guess what, there's certainly a third pill that's a mixture between the other two. Don't be so certain you're out of the system of the pills yet, as there's always withdrawal to deal with as well.

TheReplacement's picture

Sorry pal but history directly contradicts you on this.  The people of this country built the nation and the government, not the other way around.  People first, country and government second.  Get it?

rbg81's picture

They should immigrate to Venezula and experience a socialist paradise firsthand.

Ifigenia's picture

 (1) the rules of the economy have been changed to benefit asset owners at the expense of wage earners, and (2) these rule changes have benefited global corporations at the expense of local businesses. There has been a triumph of capital and a betrayal of work.""

"wage earners"? nowaday, the spin doctor change it to "consumers", a cute concept. In this way, the sheeps identify better with the corporations interests. In every strike for improving workers wages or conditions, the msm focus on the consumers interests, dwarfing out the workers interests. v.g., in every airlines workers strikes, BBC focus on passengers rights and incoveniance caused, but little is shown about the causes of the strikes. In australian Qantas case, some of the strikes was due to the outsourcings of mantainance jobs to India hubs (sound familiar?) Even BBC jobs, irony for their workers, are outsourcing to third world journalists (no ofence intended) reducing the opportunity of the locals.

Unfortunately, the masters of universes forgot that consumers without jobs are no longer consumers. This is what happening in USA and Europe. Now those masters just  try to abandon the ex-consumers and go to greener pastures.


MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

You make a very good point.

In order to consume we must first be allowed to produce.

If we cannot produce, how can we earn the means to consume?

Well, tell me, how?!?

Ifigenia's picture

In the 90s, it could be by tariffs and no free trade outside EU, USA. Now, is too late, our big corporations are out there and technology too, even the capital, golds, etc.

In my humble opinion, the only way are trade war as far as possible, club the big multinationals that need the country political clout to earn money in others turfs, stamp the imigration flux,  and copy China sweatshops modus operandis and so on. If China and Russia could rise again from utter poverty and adverse political conditions, why couldnt we (still in better shape)? Unfortunately, no sheeps nor 1% would accept this, because we still are too hubris and it take a generation or 2 to understand that we are not superior nor our system are superior to the others as the msm said..

It take much much time to learn to be humble again. Samantha Power, Susan Rice, David Cameron, Durão Barroso, Bibi or Hillary Clinton are the best contra-example for everyone to learn from how not to threat others humans beings.

And to win back credibility of the system, isnt it good to simulate China, which from time to time take out a big shot politican, giving him a long jail sentence or even death sentence? It could be by vote or quota in Parliament, doesnt matter, what is important is put some big shot from time to time in jail (WS subprime ponzi without criminals sound his own death knell, so the later taper ponzi didnt work). And, by the way, every politicians are criminals in principle, so it would not be afraid of a miscarriage of Justice. And the politican must accept this as a professional risk. USA could begin with McCain, anyway, he is near expire date.


Rafferty's picture

If we cannot produce, how can we earn the means to consume?


Print, baby, PRINT!

rbg81's picture

Unfortunately, the masters of universes forgot that consumers without jobs are no longer consumers. 

Sorry, but you are wrong about that.  If you are breathing, you are a "consumer" of some kind.  Now-a-daze, if you don't earn your keep, the Gubermint will be happy to give you enough of a stipend so you can eat, shit, watch TV, and (most importantly) vote.

GoBadgers's picture

"Between 1983 and 2009, over 40 percent of all wealth gains flowed to the 1 percent and 82 percent of wealth gains went to the top 5 percent. The bottom 60 percent lost wealth over this same period."


Flowed. What exactly does this mean? The assumption here is that something dark and sinister happened, that somehow the rich caused the river of money, which would originally have flowed to the middle and lower class, to the rich. Now if you're claim is that some of the rich, in conjunction with politicans, created subsidies and particular tax policies that favored them, in that I would agree. In my opinion, tax policy should drive a tax rate that is low as possible for all entities, poor, rich, coporations, etc. A simplified flat tax (either via income or consumption) with no deductions should be what we strive for.


But I'm pretty sure that's not what's being advocated above. This is straight up socialist, class-warfare claptrap. 







TheReplacement's picture

If deliberately taking from the poor and middle classes, present and future, in order to subsidize the 1% is not some form of dark and sinister occurance then would you please describe to us what exactly it would take to rate as dark and sinister?

Edit:  Judging by Badger's upvotes, it would appear TPTB's intel public opinion influencers are out in force tonight.

GoBadgers's picture

Again, this talk of taking from the poor and middle class. Taking what? And how? Subsidies? If so, you are correct, they should be eliminated. Specific tax breaks for corporations (like Facebook)? Hell no, that should not happen. But we sure as hell had better have low tax rate tables for ALL. But that's not what we're talking about here. You know exactly what you're getting at. You want income and wealth redistribution. 


And fuck you all to hell on this TPTB bullshit. No one in my position is for crony capitalism or the rich not making their money honestly. I want true, free market capitalism. When the Goldman Sachs and JP Morgans of the world were saved via TARP, I was against it from the start. That was the true "theft". Saving banks on the taxpayer dime, creating more debt, printing more dollars, was wrong. And it sure as hell wasn't capitalism.


But again, I know EXACTLY where you are coming from. You're the type that wants to take advantage of the situation to stoke up the class warfare angle. You're the modern day Stuart Chase, Rexford Tugwell, et al.. after the Russian boat tour in 1927, telling us of the virtues and accolades of Soviet style socialism. As much as you want to believe it, that's never what this country has been about. 

AndrewJacksonsGhost's picture

The wage earners should have purchased assets.

Maybe these "wage earners" should have done what Ghandi did and peacefully non complied with that taxation scheme that taxes 50-75% of their wages from the start.

But hey, OTHER PEOPLE HAVE STUFF! So I want the government to steal their stuff NOW!


North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba have the solution, they have reached their utopia, so why not implement their model? Oh right........


Anusocracy's picture

They are ahead of us on the road to kakotopia.

a state in which the worst possible conditions exist in government, society, law, etc. Cf. Utopia.

frank650's picture

Exactly.   It mystifies me how people have throughout history traded their freedom for a pretense of security then appear surprised when they are robbed of not only their freedom but the fruits of their labor.

What % of taxation constitutes slavery?   


Rafferty's picture

Yes, the 1% are the real thieves.  But there's a huge free shit army out there as well who in most countries have suffered a lot less of a hit than the productive coping middle classes.

Jack Burton's picture

An economy that does not work for most people is an economy that many believe is right and just. Money flows to the hard workers and the lazy fall by the road side. If this was but true. Do not be deluded by todays fake corporate crony banker capitalism. It ain't free market, it ain't competition, it ain't capitalism. It is fucking rigged by political whores owned by the 1%. The game is over, all it is now is wealth stripping. Henry Ford had it right, when men can earn enough to buy, they make good customers and drive business and trade. An army of fucking minimum wage slaves and unemployed can't drive shit, except the drug trade and food banks. Wake Up! This isn't text book capitalism, it is, in fact, the end of free market competition and fair trade. Wake up to reality. Goldman Sachs is not capitalist, they are a criminal operation using political cover to steal. Fuck Sachs. Fuck Washington whore politicians. Wankers and cunts.

general ambivalent's picture

Unfortunately, however, this is the contradiction of capitalism. Not every man can be a seller, not every man can be an industrialist. If it comes down to such a system there is everything to sell and no one to buy. The system ends with endless accumulation and waste. Few want to admit it, but what we see today is precisely what capitalism will always look like in the end.

Independent's picture

Fuck Nulands Matzo cookies and her baking crew.

frank650's picture

To the extent that someone acquires wealth via crony capitalism, yes.   



Independent's picture

You mean like all the dual-citizens that made sure the last five or so fed chairs were members of the same synagogue in Manhattan

frank650's picture

Statistics can be customized for any outcome you desire.