EURJPY Stop-Run Sparks Brief Bounce In Stocks

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Trading desks are awash with chatter over which FX desk just got a tap on the shoulder as it appears beaking 141.00 in EURJPY soon after the European close sparked a mini-avalanche of sell USD orders and sent stocks ramping briefly. Some talk of US term strcuture bets gone awry (as the EUR move occurred as 5s30s broke to 2009 lows) There is little if any fundamental news to pin to this move - but when has there ever been - and gold and bonds hardly budged on the ramp.



Some chatter that a 5s30s steepener bet finally unwound as the term structure broke to 2009 lows...


but no one is confirming.

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No end to this game!

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so, this time really is different?

i doubt it.

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The Venezuelan stock market will BE ON FIRE!

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As if there was any doubt it wouldn't happen at some point today...the same as every other FED-led day

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there r no markets...

just lines on a chart goin up in down in complete indifference to what is occuring in the REAL GLOBAL has reached the point i only monitor to see when the next phony paper price moves n the only 2 forms of real money offers yet another opportunity to add to my stack and rid my family of the MoneyChangers worthless debt coupon dollars...


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LOL! Just keep BTFD and selling PMs. The world is a wonderful and safe place. Open a MyRA and trust your governemnt. Take a flight on an Asian 777. Remember, those who prepare for disaster are inviting it and, therefore, enemies of the state.

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The unfortunate reality is that the only real solution to this insanity ends in a dust cloud...

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and dont forget to keep buying the all time highs...

"There are oodles of things Wal-Mart is fearful of, from Fed interest-rate policy to climate change, but here’s the specific language on benefits: “changes in the amount of payments made under the Supplement Nutrition Assistance Plan and other public assistance plans (and) changes in the eligibility requirements of public assistance plans.” (Yes, Wal-Mart’s lawyers got the name of the program wrong — it’s the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.)

The latter language could reflect both the change in the food-stamp program as well as the ongoing debate over whether Congress should renew extended jobless benefits that lapsed at the end of December.

This isn’t the first time Wal-Mart has commented on the business impact of the food-stamp program. On Jan. 31, Wal-Mart said the reduction in food-stamp benefits by as much 5.5% in November hurt its profits last quarter and were the reason the company’s comparable-store sales were negative (-0.4%) rather than flat at its Walmart stores.

Wal-Mart’s risk factors also reflect worries about a skills shortage, both to operate their new stores as well as to build them. The latter is an issue that the building industry is more broadly worried about as well."

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So look at the price of silver - Down 20% in 7 days. These crooks make me sick. What they'll do to breach any and all support levels - As if to say: "Even if we were caught, you would still pay for our lawyers!!!"

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its stupid aint it...

6 years of counterfeiting by the MoneyChangers at the Criminal Reserve and Silver is below $20 per oz???

i smiling while i type this cause it is nothing more than a sick fucking joke...maybe i should liquidate and get a CD or MoneyMarket acct...

or, or, or - buy Stawks!


yeah right

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NY Fed can't stand long rates going lower, JP Morgan likely can't too.  The invisible hand that wants to keep the 5s30s spread above 190bps at all costs is losing this game.


This spread should go down to 100bps or less - where it should be in this environment.  That will kill someone, one of the banksters will suffer.



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The good old days ? Ha the best days might be six foot under afterall.

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I commented about that a while ago Tinky. Many companies have those types of insurance polocies on their employees. It's disturbing, but it's not unique to JPM.

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Thanks fonz. Didn't mean to imply that is was solely JPM, nor that bankers are being knocked off in order to make insurance scores. However, it sure does fit right into the old "never a losing day" narrative.

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it's funny that was my thought exactly when i posted it. they literally never lose.

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Must close above 1850 or the con dies!

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    I found this interesting. The Fed. has a POMO of $2.25-2.75 billion listed for today, but have a look at the actual submitted amount for Monday March 24th 2014.'s picture

Isn't it:

Mon, Mar 24, 2014 Tue, Mar 25, 2014 Outright Treasury Coupon Purchases 11/15/2024 - 02/15/2031

$0.50 - $0.75 billion




Not saying you are wrong at all, just want to understand if I am missing or mis-understading something. 

Yen Cross's picture

  The actual amount submitted was just under $5 Billion. Per the link 


Here's the link to march POMO schedule  The echeduled amount for today was $2.25-2.75 billion Hope that helped.

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"Well off the lows."