It's 830ET, Do You Know Where Your Precious Metals Smackdown, USDJPY Ramp Is?

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In the glorious game of pin the 'explanation' tail on the 'manipulated market' tail, this morning, we suspect traders wil be hard-pressed to find a fun-durr-mental trigger for the 830ET trigger pull to dump gold and silver and buy USD against JPY in size... but then, since when did explanations matter?


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Didn't Yulia Timoshenko just suggest nuking Russia as well?

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Gold on special. I love discounts! 

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Looks like a good day to buy some silver!  And maybe some ASM, CROCF, or HL.  Decisions, decisions, ...thanks JPM.  Thanks Federal Reserve assholes.  Thanks China.  I appreciate your gifts.

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One would think they'd mix it up once in awhile. B-o-o-o-r-ing.

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On a regular basis ZH shows chartporn to prove Gold and Silver becomes smackdowned or monkeyhammered. That is misleading and I believe it is done on purpose.

Somebody sold a chunk of gold. Calm down.

We are not smarter then the other market-participants. Gold was a bargain in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Today it is not a bargain anymore. I'm not saying you shouldn't own or buy any. But you better be careful before you throw all eggs in one basket.


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Somebody sold a chunk of paper gold. Calm down.



just had to clarify it

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Dealers are flush with inventory. They even dropped premiums on some silver rounds and bars to just $0.49 over spot.

Perhaps they hedge. Or maybe they knew something?  In any event, great deal for those who buy the smackdowns!



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I prefer the "keep on stacking"-method. On a regular basis. In any asset-class.

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Protip: The Invisible Hand has been replaced by the Printing Press. Market participants???? Really????


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The Invisible Hand has been replaced by the Printing Press

That's true. However, to cite Jim Rogers: "Doesn't everybody know that?"

If you want to beat the market, you need to know (or bet on) something market-participants don't know (or believe in).

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It's gold that doesn't exist! Only on paper

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Precious metal smackdown days ending in "y."

From markets to "mark its."

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Long gold man. Long gold

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8:30 am is when NYFed logged into Bloomberg Terminal.  I assume.  "upon login, exceute program dump yen, dump gold".

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Options Expiry - Quelle Surprise!

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It's their ace in the hole for fixin's paper, easy to buy easy to sell and since it's used to prop currency, no one in authority cares...if anything it's job security.

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Ok, so buy more physical at 8:30 am. Got it.


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Good grief...  Time to get some more silver!  Doesn't seem like much a smack down to me...  Relatively to a year ago.

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What's the half life of this episode?

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Ah, the 8:30 PM smackdown.  The universal "all clear" sign indicating strong health and wellness in the world of central planning.  One more day they haven't lost control.

You may begin buying stawks.

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Auntie Janet's got the situation in hand - lever up, nothin to worry about now, the economy's on fire.

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Some day we're going to look back on this time as a bad dream.  Future generations will remember ours as the "corrupt" generation because we allowed this sort of thing to happen over and over and over again.


Patience, Grasshoppers.

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Hard to believe that we were up to 1392 pre-market last monday. I'm glad to see that the Crimea/Ukraine situation has been rectified, and that the global economy is back on indicated by the much lower price of gold. 

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If china growth stops and they crash hard we may see 900 gold.  


Buy the shit out of it if that happens. 

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If all those financing deals unwind, I agree.  I don't think the buying in the futures market that will require will make a dent in the overall selling pressure.  But if China's defaulting on its own internal debts, I wonder how keen they'll be to prop up even the short-end of the Treasury market - I mean if I had to choose between covering my own debts and covering those of my insolvent, belligerent neighbor (who had somehow gotten use to me paying his bills every month and assumed 'that's just how it works') I'd tell my neighbor to fuck off and look after myself.

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International Macro Economics:

"I'll buy yours if you buy mine".

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Get thy tubes.

Physical must really be getting scarce if they need to "frighten" everyone back. MSM will have articles on how gold is dead, not money, relic, etc., in five minutes. 

Death, by law, to Banksters and their stooges!

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If you think that is a fun ride, look at $NG trading from 7am to now.

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Right on time...


Same as it ever was.

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now we know china dumping paper on que to aquire phyzzz. copy the copycat-all is well at the well...

LawsofPhysics's picture

Yes, don't get mad, just say "thank you" and keep stacking...

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exactly! simple strategy even a dirt poor china man or woman can have wealth-true wealth along with happiness. direct ones anger at the sociopaths....

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It's not very green of the FED to kill all these digital trees to make all this digital paper.

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Someday future generations will look back at this period and lament that their forefathers did not have the foresight to buy precious metals and protect them from the enslavement and poverty that emerged for tens of millions of Americans in 2015.

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Are you implying that those who hold PM's will be slave owners?

Carl Popper's picture

Yes of course.  


Have you forgotten the Golden Rule?

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My bad, I almost forgot.

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Somedays it feels more like being a bagholder.........then I go and grab a walking liberty half and a mercury dime and listen to what they sound like in my pocket.

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hey china? how low are you going to bring it to? just curious...

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Meh.... I'm so used to it that it has become meaningless at this point. PMs won't go anywhere significant at this point until the whole system melts down.

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That is what they want you to think.  Gold rising is what will stop the meltdown, and they know it.

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Buy your PMS while the oligarchs wage war. Once they are finished I guarantee the victors will not be making the real deal available to the public at any price Joe Six could conceivably pay.

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Stop looking at the price, STFU, stock up while you still can and brace yourselves because the time of reckoning is getting closer.  Stop playing the up and down game because everything else is going to absolute zero.  This is not the time to chase profits and performance, it is the time to prepare for total collapse of historical proportions.

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"This is not the time to chase profits and performance, it is the time to prepare for total collapse of historical proportions...."


Total collapse will only come with extinction.  As long as there are humans, there will be trade.  It is encoded in our DNA...

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I doubt the trade will be in USD though.

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Stop playing the up and down game because everything else is going to absolute zero.  This is not the time to chase profits and performance, it is the time to prepare for total collapse of historical proportions.

Completely sane, rational, useful investment advice.

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China weakness is a good explanation. 


Any explanation will do.  How about animal spirits?


Keep the party going a while longer.  I ain't ready yet.