Malaysia Airlines Says "Beyond Any Reasonable Doubt" Plane Crashed Into Indian Ocean, None Survived

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The latest in the 2+ week search for the missing Boeing 777 MH370 plane is just out, via SkyNews:



We assume this means that the search for the missing plane is now over, even though there is so far no evidence to substantiate the lack of "any reasonable doubt" behind the Malaysia Airlines claim.

More from the FT:

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 crashed into the southern Indian Ocean, Najib Razak, Malaysia’s prime minister, announced at 10pm local time on Monday evening.


The news comes sixteen days after the Boeing 777 passenger jet vanished without trace in the early hours of March 8 after taking off from Kuala Lumpur on a routine red-eye flight to Beijing.


For the past two weeks, more than two dozen countries have been helping Malaysia look for the jet, in the most intensive search for a missing aeroplane in history.


Australian and Chinese aircraft on Monday spotted several objects floating in the southern Indian Ocean where international teams are searching for the missing airliner.


Mr Najib said that based on new analysis from Inmarsat, the British satellite company, and UK investigators, the Malaysia Airlines flight had flown to a part of the Indian Ocean where there are no places to land.

And now we look forward to a comparable "never before used" analysis that refutes the "beyonad a reasonable doubt" conclusion offered by Malaysian Airlines.

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Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

Someone knows where this plane be.

Along w/ death and taxes ...

Event Horizon's picture

Distraction or ???

Lt. Gen. Mcinerney theory Flight 370 hijacked to Pakistan for use as a weapon

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The fact that there were mainstream reports of Israel hysterically talking about raising their alert system to defcon googolplex as a result of this plane going missing ( it was an existential threat ) was about all I could stomach of that theory but in this day and age anything is possible.

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Multinational black opp according to Veterans Today
Malaysia convicts Israel of genocide dec 2012

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I don't give a flying F about this broked*ck plane anymore!




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Chinese planes a spotting. Chinese sats a spotting. I suspect we won't know the truth - ever.


What if the Chinese accidentally (or deliberately) shot it down in the China seas, picked up the biggest parts and hoiked them over to the southern Indian ocean by transporter plane or ship (to be 'found' there - it would explain the time delay) and scooped up all the remaining floating wreckage and bodies etc. ?? some others would know about it but they can easily be bribed to shut up.






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Someone clearly didn't interrogate Mrs. Peacock.  She obviously did it with a candlestick in the conservatory!

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Mr. Battery in the cargo hold with lithium.

johnQpublic's picture

dont modern phones have GPS?

werent some of the phones live for days?

and where did their gps' put them during those days?

dont the police use this type of information to find 'last known location'?

SamAdams's picture

ASSUME WITHOUT DOUBT - The Government....

I assume the Malaysian President sucks Zionist cock.  So it must be true.  (actually could be true based on Aangirfan's reporting)....

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With all the MSM disinfo surrounding this event, it is practically screaming intelligence op.  

Oh and anyone find it odd that the Malaysian authorities didn't notify anyone of the disapearing plane until after 7:00am (at which time it could have landed in Diego Garcia and been put in a hanger)?

Me neither.


Plus the fact that Diego Garcia has over the horizon radar tracking and is also a major satallite relay point.  They know where this thing was / is.

We are also hearing reports that Diego Garcia had closed their main runway to all traffic at around the time of the flight disapearance.  And it remained closed to all traffic for some time.


Somthin don't smell right.


Good link for those who would like to read more into the strangeness of MH370:

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Given the recent news conference by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, and on the assumption that what he said was accurate (big assumption, that), then all the aviation data and satellite data presented to us, indicating a northern route taken by MH 370, was wrong, and we must therefore arrive at the conclusion that everybody involved was highly unqualified and/or something really strange is going on?

Now, if that information was purposely wrong, or misleading, and the 777 didn't make a turn either to the north or south, and continued on the flight path it was heading, then the airliner would have arrived exactly at Diego Garcia.

One must infer either at this point it really is where they claim it to be, or else it is hangared on Diego Garcia. (Reports indicate that at the predicted time MH370 would have arrived on the rock, the airspace was closed for several hours before and after, but since notamns (Notice To Airmen) aren't routinely transmitted from Diego, we have no way of verifying this?)

It is highly unlikely that all the information conveyed was wrong, unless there was some purpose to insuring it was incorrect.

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Here is an interesting thread with technical discussions that are consistent with conspiracy theories about TPTB disappearing the plane to Diego Garcia.  Hat tip to Element, and also Cacete de Ouro.  Start reading at Cacete de Ouro's first post here:

Main points:

-America has microphones in the area to listen for explosions, subs, etc.  Any kind of crash would have been heard.  Maybe the government doesn't want to reveal its capabilities but they can still arrange for the right search area to leak out in other ways.  If they want to. One might naievely think they would want to because terrorism was suspected.

-The satellite arcs are based on a single ping which came when the plane was at the very end of its plausible flying time.  But the engine monitoring system that supposedly can't be turned off was supposedly turned off over the Gulf of Thailand.  The one ping is a misdirection.

-It would have been easy to fake the satellite arcs by fiddling with the timer or timestamping software on the plane.  This could have been done at Diego Garcia if a technician was put there in advance.

-The plane had a backdoor which allowed it to be taken over by remote control.  This system was sold as preventing terrorism.  Typical duplicity.

-The Malaysians are still not releasing the cargo manifest.  Not even a fake one.

-The puppetmasters stole the plane for some other reason (Freescale tech+employees? Gold?) but now they need to dispose of the evidence, including bodies.  Can't risk anyone finding the plane on the bottom of the ocean minus its cargo and black box.  OK, I guess the box could be fake, gold could be tungsten and empty clothes could be in the Freescale seats.  But there is an easier way to dispose of everything.  Hint:  There are a few wars they are itching to start.  Stay tuned...

lordylord's picture

MSM has been playing this story NON-STOP.  They wildly speculate ANY and ALL possible theories..except one.  One apsect they never discuss is the fact that 20 people contracted by the DoD were on the flight.  Why is MSM ignoring this???  Why won't they play this angle to boost their ratings?  The reason is that the real reason for the disappearance of the plane is related to these 20 men and their work.  MSM must hide this fact with their speculative nonsense.  BOOM!

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Whats interesting to me, the people I talk to all want to talk about MOTIVE right off the bat.  Even though we know fuck-all for sure, they want to start with motive (preferably involving religious fanatics, because that is easy on the palate).

So I say, "Well, the USAF has the technological capability to hijack the plane and make it disappear from civilian ATC."

And then the response is, "But why would America do that?"

By keeping  critical information out of the news, while bombarding people with speculation, they have basically engineered the desired response from the public.  "Its a mystery!  Trust the experts!"

johnQpublic's picture


the mother of all fuckups


see federal reserve for other examples of same

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"The Malaysian officials admitted they saw Big Foot holding onto some debris of the flight and Elvis in a life raft not far off."



blackhand's picture

If there ain't no body, nobody is dead.

When someone is standing at a press conference with a chuck of this thing, then we can talk about being "beyond a reasonable doubt".

detached.amusement's picture

I wonder if anyone told that to the "parents" of sandy hook that werent allowed to see their dead kids...

Hobbleknee's picture

The plane went off course and was shot down according to SOP. They will never admit this because then people will ask why planes weren't shot down on 9-11.

Dr. Sandi's picture

The 911 planes weren't off their official course.

Dimons jock's picture

Do they have any physical proof or are they too tired of looking & wasting money on this sham?

Dr. Sandi's picture

Nobody collects insurance until the plane is officially crashed. Or so I'm guessing.

achmachat's picture

whoa Tylers... very misleading typo in your title:


Plane Lost And Anyone On Board Survived


and fixed.

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I smell a rat. Speaking of rats... a fucking text? WTF? 

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Hello patient, I know you've been waiting patiently on the test results. We are sorry to say that your cancer is stage 4. Oh, and you have cancer. Do not reply to this text as we have no mechanism to retrieve your text. All the best.

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Hello teenage daughter, so how is your first phone treating you? Remember, we are on a family data plan and can't go over 4MB/month, so use wifi whenever you can. Speaking of family plan, your mother and I are getting a divorce. We both still love you, but I've always loved you more than your bitch mother. - Dad

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I know your family went missing a few weeks ago. They're prolly dead :) Please follow the link in order to redeem your free frequent flier miles........

Ratscam's picture

I smell, see and hear a rat. What a scam!
airplane was in souther corridor. The engines flew in another direction towards the maldives, according to their last signal. Makes sense, sure.

Dr. Sandi's picture

Maybe the plane and the engines had a trial separation.

Quus Ant's picture

Same reason you break up with your crazy girlfriend by text.

String her along for a couple months with insane stories about where you are and who you're with

and then try to break up in person- she'll rearrange your face and gift wrap your balls for you.  After removing them of course.


No way were officials going into a closed room with family members and dropping this on them.

No one knows this is bullshit more than the families and friends there on the ground.

pods's picture

Thanks for the text assholes.  WTF? 

Reasonable doubt?  How about where the fuck is the plane?  That is reasonable doubt right there.


SilverIsKing's picture

They have now confirmed that the plane was hijacked and it landed...somewhere.

fredquimby's picture

Which does not discount remote hijacking.

Cacete de Ouro's picture

You mean, by rushing out with this nonsense, the Malaysian government has inadvertently signalled that the plane was hijacked and landed (intact) somewhere (on land)?
At least, that's what I think you mean.... I would agree

dogismycopilot's picture

Mugatu in ZOOLANDER: "the prime minister of malaysia is a bad man."

with even horrible grammer and even fucking worse manners

i still feel guilty about breaking up with a chick in Las Vegas 8 years ago by text - and she only wanted me to marry her - let alone telling a few hundred families their loves are dead by text. what a douche bag.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

She obviously lost out, you being such a high quality person. Someday maybe you can grow a pair and not hide behind a phone. Why bother with guilt when it's easier to just accept what you are?


Tall Tom's picture

Wow...That was a loaded response. We did not have Text Messaging when we were growing up. So of course we did that face to face in a restaurant usually.


I have done many things which I regret in my close to 55 Years. Nobody is perfect.  I am sure that you have some regrets too.


He expressed that he felt poorly and it still bothers him. He needs to forgive himself. 


But you really rubbed it in.


So what is going on? Did someone close to you get hurt in this "new fangaled fashion"? Your response was loaded with emotion.


Of course I do not like the new fashion. I am not supporting that at all. But the kids learn the hard way when growing up. It happened Eight years ago and I am sure that he is wiser now.


So what is going on?

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I asked Mr about this one and he does agree with me. This type of personal interaction must be done face to face. If he was young and dumb as we all were at some point, than reparations are in order. I have done plenty of that myself because, yes I fully admit, I hurt many people in my life and regret it all. Guilt remains when you don't have the ability or courage to deal with the past. And the only way is to address it head on, not run to safety. But I may be speaking to you too personally. Your response has some emotion as well. Perhaps I'm inadvertently touching on something.


Blano's picture

I think this is the first time I've seen Miffed really irritated, yikes!!

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Blano and Tom,
I don't have a problem with someone not marrying someone whom they have no interest. I turned down many offers of marriage myself. But I told them I was sorry but I didn't love them to their face. Not by fax or phone. I got no joy doing this, in fact I felt terrible. Two of them still "carry a torch for me" and we can no longer associate. It's the cowardice that angers me really.


RevRex's picture

Leave his Grammer out of this, she had nothing to do with it.

buzzsaw99's picture

thanks for the news flash a-holz

magpie's picture

Texts are standard operating procedure in that part of the world.

zionhead's picture

Well we sort of know they off-loaded the GOLD and most of the passengers on Diego-Garcia,

So maybe for once its correct, "That nobody that was on the aircraft survived, cuz nobody was on aircraft".

This should be interesting if it is found, and seeing everybody fight over the corpses to find cause of death, cuz you know if the USA gets their first,...

It appears that CHINA (AUSSIE) got their first, ... you never know,... maybe they knew what they were looking for?

Well if the AUSSIES got their first, and the BUAP was being ran out of MELBOURNE, ...

Too bad a credible party doesn't find the body's first, ...easy to tell if someone drowned, or died before the plane hit the drink.


Tidbits of INFO are going to trickle out for months,...

We can only hope that all party's get some stuff to collect, so that its impossible for CLUB-ZIO to create ONE SINGLE NARRATIVE.

Mentaliusanything's picture

well Its 9 pm in Western Australia, Nothing found yet and you will be waiting at least another 14 hrs. So what they said was just a pressured assumption based on loose reco and image. Still no release of the full Manifest and that is puzzling because it makes positive identification of floating goods possible. No bodies will be recovered at this late stage, even if they have bloated up, the fish, sharks and surface preds will have disposed of the edible stuff.

Grosvenor Pkwy's picture

"they off-loaded the GOLD and most of the passengers on Diego-Garcia"

I thought you were totally opposed to the Diego Garcia hypothesis???

NoDebt's picture

NOW the lawsuits can commence.  Finally.