Ron Paul Warns US 'Democracy Promotion' Destroys Democracy Overseas

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Submitted by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute,

It was almost ten years ago when, before the House International Relations Committee, I objected to the US Government funding NGOs to meddle in the internal affairs of Ukraine. At the time the “Orange Revolution” had forced a regime change in Ukraine with the help of millions of dollars from Washington.

At that time I told the Committee:

We do not know exactly how many millions—or tens of millions—of dollars the United States government spent on the presidential election in Ukraine. We do know that much of that money was targeted to assist one particular candidate, and that through a series of cut-out non-governmental organizations (NGOs)—both American and Ukrainian—millions of dollars ended up in support of the presidential candidate...

I was worried about millions of dollars that the US government-funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and its various related organizations spent to meddle in Ukraine’s internal affairs. But it turns out that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Last December, US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland gave a speech in which she admitted that since 1991 the US government has:

[I]nvested more than 5 billion dollars to help the development of democratic institutions and skills in promoting civil society and a good form of government.

This is the same State Department official who was caught on tape just recently planning in detail the overthrow of the Ukrainian government.

That five billion dollars appears to have bought a revolution in Ukraine. But what do the US taxpayers get, who were forced to pay for this interventionism? Nothing good. Ukraine is a bankrupt country that will need tens of billions of dollars to survive the year. Already the US-selected prime minister has made a trip to Washington to ask for more money.

And what will the Ukrainians get? Their democracy has been undermined by the US-backed coup in Kiev. In democracies, power is transferred peacefully through elections, not seized by rebels in the streets. At least it used to be.

The IMF will descend on Ukraine to implement yet another of its failed rescue plans, which enrich the well-connected and international bankers at the expense of the local population. The IMF adds debt, organizes sweetheart deals for foreign corporations, and demands that the local population accept “austerity” in exchange for “reform” that never seems to produce the promised results.

The groundwork for this disaster has been laid by NED, USAID, and the army of NGOs they have funded over the years in Ukraine.

Supporters of NED and its related organizations will argue that nothing is wrong with sending US dollars to “promote democracy” overseas. The fact is, however, that NED, USAID, and the others have nothing to do with promoting democracy and everything to do with destroying democracy.

It is not democracy to send in billions of dollars to push regime change overseas. It isn’t democracy to send in the NGOs to re-write laws and the constitution in places like Ukraine. It is none of our business.

How should we promote democracy overseas? First, we should stop the real isolationists — those who seek to impose sanctions and blockades and restrictions that impede our engagement overseas. We can promote democracy with a US private sector that engages overseas. A society that prospers through increased trade ties with the US will be far more likely to adopt practices and policies that continue that prosperity and encourage peace.

In 2005, arguing against funding NED in the US foreign assistance authorization bill, I said:

The National Endowment for Democracy...has very little to do with democracy. It is an organization that uses US tax money to actually subvert democracy, by showering funding on favored political parties or movements overseas. It underwrites color-coded ‘people's revolutions’ overseas that look more like pages out of Lenin's writings on stealing power than genuine indigenous democratic movements.

Sadly, matters are even worse now. To promote democracy overseas, NED and all other meddling US government funded NGOs should be disbanded immediately.

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Central planning: save that water for the water cannons.

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Everything Paul says is correct, but leaves out important contextualization. Are Americans ready to pay far more for everything they buy, ready to cut back on energy consumption? Because if not nothing will change until it crashes. 

The way to render these anti-democractic institutions irrelevant is a radically new approach to energy consumption, but nobody has a real appetite for that. The last president to seriously bring up the issue was promptly booted from the white house.


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I wonder how eager the PTB would be to see foreign endowed Maidan Nezalezhnosti democracy on the Mall in DC?

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.....interesting MT.... very interesting ..... do our governments actions abroad represent an implied consent to creating such conditions at home..... after all since we are underwriting these activities, one could be forgiven for concluding that our governments policies expressed abroad through support for such actions in Syria, Libya, Egypt and Ukraine do in fact  imply consent to carry on such activities at home............. er......... don't they call that domestic terrorism?? 




It's 6 pm Have you bootfucked your politician today?

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That’s where it starts to unravel.

To the psychopathic elite here, a democrat in Maidan is a terrorist in the US.

It's a hypocrisy, greed, megalomania and narcissism thing.

It will not change until they are displaced.

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Here here Ron Paul...why do we have to be the worlds cops?  why do we have to inject, destabalize and subvert country after country...National Interest is one thing, but what is happening now is outragious!  Looks like all of the world is getting situated for something BIG!!!!


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"Promotion for Democracy" = "Meddling Expansion of USSA influence"

Success story:

- Afghanistan

- Iraq

- Nicaragua

- Tunisia

- Libya

- Egypt

- Granada

- Philipines

- Vietnam

- Laos

- Cambodia

- Cuba

- Haiti

- Hungary

- Czech Republic

- Iran

- Kosovo

Remember, all war is bankster war!

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New bumper sticker:

Think Smedley

Act Simo

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You missed a couple Boris, Indonesia, although perhaps technically not a war, more of a genocidal rampage supported by charitable foundations but relevant to our Boy Barry.......

and my favourite genocidal action perpetrated by the various administrations - the War on Drugs; while started as a price support mechanism for the CIA's alternate funding program one should not ignore the death toll ......... hmmmmmm also fosters environments conducive to the growth of community organizers .... Oh look there's Barry again.......


TahoeBilly2012's picture

Try telling my progressive friends Barry was anywhere near a CIA revolution in Indonesia, they will look at you with dolls eyes.

Rakshas's picture

Not sure revolution is the word I would use, more of a CIA instigated coup followed by a murderous reign financed by the Rokafucker frontmen supported by the intelligence gathering of the anthropoli-spies, like Stanley Ann with links to Papa Geithner, little Tims dad..... see the same names keep popping up over this little incestuous fraternity I guess when live on Olympus sooner or later you're gonna get it on with family members......

.....and all this time I thought the Manchurian Candidate was just a Book/movie....... boy don't I feel like the asshole now.....



from a while ago now.... Perhaps the ramblings of another "conspiracy nut" ..... but seems as plausible as anything coming out of DC these days..... 

and another hit piece

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We will bring you Demockracy. You will like it, and you will beg for Moar!

Berspankme's picture

You left out a couple of S. American countries like Chile and Brasil but I get your drift

Pairadimes's picture

...and don't forget Somalia, Panama, Korea, Lebanon, and our many and various hilarious paramilitary misadventures in the War on Drugs in Central and South America. The number of nations NOT on the list may actually be fewer.

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you left out:








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They are not promoting Democracy.   They are promoting debt serfdom to the IMF and banksters.

Don't let your kid fight and die for people who have dual citizenships.

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The US shouldn't even be promoting democracy.  Democracy means mob rule and it always leads to oppression of the minority.  We are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!  Too bad libtards and RINOs think otherwise.  They need a good civics lesson.  You won't get one in the indoctrination programs, I mean public schools. 

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The US shouldn't even be promoting democracy.  Democracy means mob rule and it always leads to oppression of the minority.  

You've nailed it lordy, the problem in the world today (and of course USA) is clearly too much democracy.

Gawddamn peons have taken over and dear leaders everywhere are powerless to stop these drooling lunatics!

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I think one of the greatest hoodwinks achieved by our government was to instill this thought about democracy. Try and argue the fact that we were founded as a Constitutional Republic and people look at you cross eyed and bewildered. I guess its no wonder civics classes have disappeared from our schools and now obombya and his libtards are pushing this damned common core standard crap. I just don't get how low we have to go before we wake up to the fact that we're getting screwed left and right.

lordylord's picture

I used to argue this point with liberals.  But then I learned that it is futile exercise because they don't understand the difference between a democracy and a republic.  Any argument with a liberal probably requires a few months of effort to explain to them basic economic theory, basic rational thinking, basic concepts of moral reasoning and ethics, and basic concepts in governance. 

Freddie's picture

"Democracy died tonight!"

Union boy in Wisconsin crying like a little bitch about democracy dying.  LOL!

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 So, oppression of the majority by a minority is so much better,  is it ??

Only if one desires to LORD it over others.

Democracy does NOT mean "mob rule".

Nor does being democratic rule out representative government.

What is needed is a LIMITED government that is democratic.

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Responses to Ron Paul's comments:

"Drone him!" —Barry O'Bomber

"Drone him!" —Hitlery Clitwart

"Drone him!" —John McStain

"Drone him!" —Bill Kristol-Meth

Fascism is a lot easier to implement when people are misled into believing there are two competing political parties instead of only one.

BigJim's picture

Yes, let the serfs keep toiling! And drone anyone who might threaten the status quo!

Here we see good old-fashioned, across-the-aisle, bi-partisan agreement.

layman_please's picture

IMF, exactly. as james rickards is suggesting, only clean balance-sheet left, opposed to all the major insolvent central banks when marked to market, is IMF's and soon they will start printing SDR-s which they have done already but to a relatively small extent. at the moment, major powers including usa and russia are proposing reforms to empower IMF so the financial control is shifting from elected governments and state central banks to supra-international technocrat ruled IMF in front our of our very eyes in real time.

James Rickards-Dollar Going to Collapse 80% or 90% or More


QQQBall's picture

Wring you hands over the past penny? Dollar purchasing pwoer has been collapsing sicne 1913. 



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The IMF and the BIS are indeed leading the charge to NWO ala Eurozone as the model. Mr. Paul is our Nigel Farage; but I wish he had Nigel's fire and brimstone.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Necessity being the mother of invention, how do you know prices would rise?

War is very expensive. Monoply is inefficient. We've lived off the most powerful, inefficient, war-making monoply the planet has ever seen. Perhaps prices are artificially high now?

Let's try using competition, rather than protectionism and coercive monopoly, for once. What do you say?

john39's picture

Democracy has turned out to be a bit of a failed experiment around the world... like most other forms of government.   The problem is that societies just have not been able to stand up to the truly evil among us, who will do anything and everything to ensure that they control the reigns of power, whatever appearances might be.   You don't need a single dictator if you can manipulate the ignorant masses to do your bidding...  better to hide in the shadows anyway in case the peasants do occainsonally fight back.


lordylord's picture

Democracy leads to oppression of the minority.  That is why the founding fathers instituted a constitutional republic.  Democracy means mob rule and the mob is usually composed of ignorant easily controlled people.  

Harbanger's picture

That only worked until the minority became the majority.  LBJ knew this, Obama knows this, we're making progress bitchez. Now they want a democracy. Where the new minority is not protected by the same laws which protected the new majority.

Pairadimes's picture

Doesn't seem to do much for it at home, either.

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Hey that's Ron Paul. That's my President. I voted for him. He's the only politician I ever donated money too. I gave him a portion of my FAFSA. I should've gave him more. He doesn't like them globalists and the FED none.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

"He's the only politician I ever donated money too."

I think I got audited because I donated to his campaign in 2012 and in 2008. It's still worth it.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

Going to see him speak in Orlando in a couple weeks, never seen him in person before. How cool is my wife for agreeing to do this on our wedding anniversary?

Der Wille Zur Macht's picture

Dr. Paul, insightful as usual. American Democracy, instated abroad, is anything but.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Dr Paul is the lone sane voice in an insane District of Criminals discourse.

ebworthen's picture

National Endowment for Democracy (NED)?

Funny, I always thought the aegis for democracy had to come from within.

Reminds me of the National Endowment for the Arts paying to display a crucifix in a jar of urine.

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

Sadly, the Constitution may as well be displayed in that same jar...

BlindMonkey's picture

That pretty much sums up the concept of imposed democracy.  Iraq fingers should have been urine yellow vs. purple after voting.



y3maxx's picture

...Obama's "Democracy" is really "Corporate Facism".

Potus Obama is hands down, the worst ever American President, and its best ever Golfer.

food for thought

wmbz's picture

I wish I could agree because I loath the ass-clown. However I believe Woodrow Wilson ranks number one in the worst President catagory. Obozo is possitively our greatest embarassment, punk, stooge, bad joke, fuck-up, America as it was founded hater ever.

Also a very poor golfer, basketball player, bike rider and on and on. Ike would have kicked his ass on a golf course on his worst day.

cossack55's picture

Ya just gotta throw old Teddy the Rough Rider in their for at least runner-up worst.  Pure psycho.

Harbanger's picture

And don't forget LBJ's Great Society.  It's coincidence that they're all demoncrats.  I know, it doesn't matter, They're all the same now.

trader1's picture

no, obama's not the worst. he's just very ineffective for whatever reason.  if it's because he can't keep his word, then he isn't the first president guilty of that crime...

if by worst, one means the presidents who top ticked the peak of pax americana, then the awards go to none other than clinton and bush i.

a dot com bubble to bust followed by a bloodlust for radical cavemen and fraudulent invasion of a sovereign.

are americans sure that's what they want to be remembered for?