Ebola Virus Outbreak Spreads To Canada

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The last few days has seen a sudden jump in the news headlines about one of the deadliest viruses known to man. Ebola haemorrhagic fever has prung up in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone but now, as BBC reports, a man is in hospital in Canada with symptoms of a haemorrhagic fever resembling the Ebola virus, a health official has said.

"Ebola" is in the news again...




And that is definitley not a good thing...


As The BBC reports, Canada is now the latest nation to have a potential case...

The man had recently returned from Liberia in the west African region, currently suffering a deadly outbreak of an unidentified haemorrhagic fever.


He is in isolation in critical condition in Saskatoon, the largest city in Saskatchewan province.




Dr Denise Werker, the province's deputy chief medical officer, declined to say how long the man had been in Africa but said he only fell ill after returning to Canada.


She said that was in line with the profile of common deadly haemorrhagic fever viruses Lassa fever and Ebola, which have an incubation period of up to 21 days.


She said the people most at risk were healthcare workers who do not protect themselves from contact with the patient's bodily secretions.


"There is no risk to the general public," she said. "We recognise that there is going to be a fair amount of concern and that is why we wanted to go public with this as soon as possible."


A virus resembling Ebola has struck in Guinea, with cases also reported in Liberia.


As many as 61 people have died of the disease in the remote forests of southern Guinea.

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I thought Canada already had a central bank?

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Tylers you actually need to read the articles you link, per the report:

A Canadian man in hospital with symptoms of a haemorrhagic fever resembling Ebola has tested negative for the virus, a health official says.

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Lacking in editorial oversight, I think.

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Ebola is just one of many different strains of viral hemorrhagic fever. Read The Hot Zone by Richard Preston. Scariest book I ever read.

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The ebola outbreak in Guinea is very real, and it's not confined to a few remote villages in the SE (near the diamond fields) and the Liberia/Sierra Leone/Cote d'Ivoire borders- this outbreak has spread to the capital, which has population of over 2 million (and poor sanitation even by African standards).

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Ebola has been ruled out in regards to the patient in Canada, but this makes for sensational "reporting".

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The MoH in Conakry came out with an announcement this morning that two of the deaths due to hemorrhagic fever in recent days in Conakry "tested negative" for whatever specific Ebola strains that the Pasteur institute in Dakar tested for, and put this gem as to cause of death in their press release "haemorrhagic fever whose nature remains to be determined"

Which do you trust more- the growing pile of corpses or the health department spokes-bitches?

What are the implications if there actually are simultaneous outbreaks of distinct highly lethal (>60%) hemorrhagic fever variants?

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Lax immigration laws and forcing moar "diversity" on everyone has a few disadvantages.

This is one of them.

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"haemorrhagic fever whose nature remains to be determined"

What ?   When ?   How ?   Why ?    Looks like a duck ?

Maybe this is the new under the radar strain ?  that takes 20 days to incubate ?

Two victims in Conakry, Canada ?

Whew it stinks !!!  not good.

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Maybe we will all get lucky and it is an airborne strain created by a Biological Weapons Laboratory at Plum Island.


Don't worry. The Center for Disease CONTROL will come up with 800 Million Doses of vaccine to be distributed globally to the chosen


They might have spent too much on developing that virus and they sure would not want to ERADICATE the virus.


But as for the other 6.2 Billion consumers of Global resources...DESTROYERS of resources...well....

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Great.  It's not Ebola.  It's something that presents symptoms of hemorrhagic fever; something we don't know anything about; bullish.

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There are still worse ways to go. You could die of suffocation from Hillary Clinton sitting naked on your face, for example.

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awawaaww, the horror!!!!!!

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oh well, just to add a little color and animation to the conversation..


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To paraphrase another ZHer; "Mucus boarded by the dreaded Hillary."

indeed, the horror!!!!

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she's an obvious case of the dreaded chubola virus, it's in the thighs, the thighs don't lie

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Add in that ugly Chelsea creature and double the fun!!! Uggggggggg I am going to puke.

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You're a guy.  You're safe.

No risk to your McPounder.  ;-)

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Oy! I can't un-read that comment. And now I have to eat my dinner.

Well played sir.

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....maybe this new variant can be spread by sneezing??? Glad to hear it is not the ebola we know about....

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Ebola/rabies hybrid

Zombie Apocalypse, bitchez

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Hopefully, these "offishuls" are more competent than other "offishuls" that stated that the subprime crisis was contained (On March 28, 2007 in fact)


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ybnguy, tyler very much reads the articles, he even quoted the article about the suspicion of ebola,  zh just banks on sensational, misleading headlines to stir up the emotion pot. it seems its all about clicks these days, and reads, and comments. but hey, we are all here, so there must be something to zh.................... for me, its simon black, and doug casey, and michael synder, and mark faber. i cant go a day without knowing their advice.......

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What is wrong with click bait on this site? It is one thing to mention that an article might be clickbait, but on this site what difference does it make?


The fact that someone's insides are melting into bile and pestulance means others are at risk. I fear less about these kinds of fevers than the flus. 


These fevers incubate in very short amounts of time. When one is spreading active virii and asymptomatic, I fear. The reason these types of virii never killed off Africa is that villages would melt into goo before they could travel to the next village. That speed of active infection with symptoms (vomitting, defecating, pain, fever) alerts others of the need to quarantine. So even if a whole plane got ebola, their families and taxi drivers might get it and spread it. But we don't have personal privacy for medical records for these kind of diseases. The spread would stop before a city disappeared into goo. 


Unless it was militarized...

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Now, now, you know its forbidden to mention the military and Ebola or AIDS in the same...  Uuuh, there's a knock at the door,  I'll just be a second.

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I think Ebola probably outranks BSE (mad cow) in the Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Just Baffle Them with Bullshit manual


National Meat Association v. Harris


Creekstone Farms Premium Beef v. USDA


Ag Gag laws at the state level


Moving the Plum Island research lab to Kansas 


Anything to protect the TPTB's interests...

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My momma in law lives down the street. The nuke reactor is more scary, until I see the future fortress. The current wrought iron fencing with cameras isn't impressive. How'd the Russians get in that Ukrainian base they built? Oh yeah a big truck. Hmmm. Hope there aren't any big trucks on any of those farms that are Kansas. 

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No worries...we just have to find that cute little monkey and everything will be fine

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So, just where is our President?

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Said that he's worried about a nuke hitting Manhattan. Wonder why he would say that?

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Fonestar was visiting his Uncle the Archbishop who sent him a letter about his BitCoin inheritence sitting in a mine......

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If you can't hold your Ebola you don't own it.

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Even on a page about Ebola, the prattle turns to Bitcoins?  REALLY?

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Clearly a sign of peak Bitcoin

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fonestar has no shame about hijacking threads.

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'fonestar has no shame about hijacking threads.'

No worries fonestar. If you want your ebola thread, you can keep your ebola thread.

(walks out of thread, crosses the street, walks down the block, enters another building, locks front door)

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The antici.................................................................pation really got to me. 

Very apt use of the joke. The best part of ebola is the death rate is way less than it seems. Don't know what is better though, death or living through ebola. 

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Ebola virus.....another benefit of DIVERSITEEEE.

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wait until americans come down with "petrolla", the end of petrodollar.  Suddenly the urge to eat out, buy new car and mall shop is greatly reduced.

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So strange that there would be cases in Liberia considering they use US Naval standards for their ports...

Possibly could this be the result of human trafficking? Not really sure how else it could get to those ports, and it certainly would not get across the Atlantic without having a bunch of people to carry it. 

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The two countries share a border.

I have been there, it's very African.

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IMHO it's the worst country in Africa.  And that's saying something.  And by the way, it was never colonised by the Wicked West.

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Sure the heroin might be cheaper in Liberia than the booze is in Uganda but the booze in Uganda is made on every street corner. So maybe the price differential swings the other way. 


At least on heroin they just fall asleep in their corner.

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Liberia was colonized by the west, the freed slaves in America after the Civil War decided to celebrate freedom by going back to Africa and, get this, enslaving Africans.

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this is bullish for Dustin Hoffman and Cuba Gooding Jr.