President Obama Is "More Concerned About A Nuke In Manhattan Than Russia"

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Speaking in Holland, after asking for the world's trust back after being caught red-handed lying about the NSA's spying, President Obama calmly explained to the open-mouthed press conference that he continues to be "more concerned about a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan that Russia." Sleep well New York...


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well I guess that settles that.......time to move out

Keyser's picture

Broadcast alert for the next false flag? 

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Obama is more concerned about Hobbing Reggie Love's Cob, scoring more blow from Jay-Z, and his next tea time. He just read that shit from a teleprompter. He's here to sell the lies and tell the lies.....

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"Boy, that escalated quickly."


I wonder what handler told him to respond that way?  Keep the fear domestic, and people think domestically.

The Juggernaut's picture

The cue to mobilize for the next inside job.

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Reagan's legacy was ending the cold war.

Obama's will be starting it up again.  

Hopefully it only escalates to that.

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I know pretty much what president “my muslim faith” is out to do, but I don’t recall anything in the Cloward-Piven strategy that said “revive the nuclear threat”.

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A certain Senator could be of more value to his country if he was locked up in the brig..

of the Oriskany.

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The wheels on the bus go round and round, but this sob is running on cubes!  Scares the shit out of me.

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It's all PsyOp & False Narratives at this point. A dirty nuke implant was put into the subconscious minds of the American people during & right after 911. This Criminal is just bring out to the conscious minds one again.

False Empty threats from the Criminal UNITED STATES, CORP. INC. CEO once again.

It's become one big mind fuck.

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What's an effective tactic to defray scrutiny & anger over the shredding of the American Constitution every minute of every day?

Instill FEAR in the hearts of Americans in the most graphic manner possible.

That, in essence is what this pre-scripted statement was all about.

"If you want Big Brother to keep you safe, you must let us violate your Constitutional RIGHTS daily."

Control Through Fear:

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Fear and desire.

You'll feel better if you go shopping.

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Is he covertly talking about US$?

Firing Pin's picture

Good advice. I just ran up my charge card shopping. I feel better. Thanks.

Independent's picture

Maybe the Chinese should be also more concerned about nuclear weapons aboard Boeing airplanes coming out of Muslim countries with CIA ties.

Dr. Richard Head's picture the same time, no one in the room is buying Barry's bullshit.  Look at the crowd's reaction to Obama's platitudes about the nobel traits of America as it relates to individual liberty, privacy, etc.  -

No one in the room bought his line of smoldering poo.  They apparently need a little MSNBC and CNN to pull them into line with the rest of the sheep.

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in these parts, there are people who totally believe everything obama says... that is, to the best of their ability given the 'cog-dis'.

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Can he really be this stupid?

Who was that masked man's picture

With both hands tied behind his back, his eyes closed, and standing on one leg.

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Once they drink the koolaid, they become pod people who are not capable of indepedent thought. Of this I am convinced. 

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"Baffle 'em with bullshit" seems to work on American sheeple but not so much outside the U.S.S.A. shearing pen.

Notice he drops the "nuclear bomb in New York" fear mongering as justification for N.S.A. raping the Constitution and the militarization of police forces and Army units deployed domestically; then attempts to end with an abject lie about protecting liberty, rights, privacy, while enforcing the rule-of-law.  Epic fail.

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Not even the golf clap.

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The Czech Parliament did not support the EU move to impose economic sanctions against Russia, the Czech news agency CTK reported.

In Europe, a lot of people think the Vitoria Nulland adventure in Kiev is to control our economy with economic sanctions.

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Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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It is ****ing insane because a few months ago it was Syria and another McCain & State Dept terrorists little helper BS. 

Putin parked some Russian ships between the US Navy and Syria and essentially told them to go for it.  Lots of subs from the USSA, Russia and Israel were there along with a Chinese missile cruiser.  Another almost WW3.   McCain is like his evil old man who sold out the USS Liberty. 

McCain loves seeing other people's kids die for his overlords and MIC bosses.  Meanwhile Obam is all coked up or something.

daveO's picture

IMO, the last 3 Presidents have been coked up. 

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You take that back. Bush was a drunk. Remember when he fell choking on a pretzel and hit his head? Hah!

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nope. dont take that back.

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I stuck this in the wrong spot above  (hmm.. I recall hearing something like that in the wee hours before) anyway ..

A certain Senator could be of more value to his country if he was locked up in the brig..

of the Oriskany.

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Reagan did not end SHIT !

We outspent the Russians to an early breakup of the Soviet Empire.  The Cold War has NEVER ended.  It just went underground and smarter.

The best weapon the Russians have ALWAYS had against the West is patience.  And the Chinese are even better at it.  They know the score.  The time of the West is over.  America's time in the sunshine of world domination is over.  The chess pieces are being moved.  The expert players are lining up for checkmate against a checkers player....namely Obama and the West.

But all machinations of all these players will be brought low over the following years...particularly @ 2020 and beyond... as Peak Cheap Energy and the Magical Techno Lifestyle that it has wrought rears it's ugly head for ALL to see.  And still the Russians and the Chinese will be at a better position to get by because they have had thousands of years of deprivation to hone them to make it through lean times.

We here in the West and particularly America are a bunch of fat, tired, pampered narcissists who have little knowledge of hardship. 

I guess the young folks can keep warm by twerking and keep food on the table by selling meth, weed and their bodies.

Good times ahead.

new game's picture

well said! because o is our elected rep and what does that say about usa?

(never mind if he is a legal citizen or not, but that certainly applies to the rule of law which is all but gone unless you are not in the club)

Keyser's picture

I'll accept that Obama was elected fair and square in 2008. I mean really, anyone with a pulse would have beat McCain / Palin. But 2012, no phucking way. Question everything, even the validity of elections. FFS, remember 2000? 


dontgoforit's picture

Don't underestimate the American spirit.  We're tougher than that - even now.

Anusocracy's picture

Don't underestimate American arrogance and stupidity.

The self-reliant individualists that came here first have been replaced by control freaks and piglets sucking at the government teat.

The current population will never ever breed itself into what was lost.

jwoop66's picture

You can't honestly claim those are exclusively american traits!?   Ha!


europeans, russians, chinese, japanese, africans, south americans, mexicans!?  and you say americans are arrogant and stupid?  


Won't say they're not, but america's biggest downfall is the american elite emulate statist morons and their political and financial systems.

Anusocracy's picture

They're pretty much universal.

Brit_Abroad's picture

You forgot the sarc tag ! Right ?

In case you are serious, I would suggest you remember that even those tough Americans have stood by and watched the Bill of Rights and American Constitution get eviscerated before their very eyes.

KickIce's picture

Take down cell phone communications and 3/4 of teenagers go full comatose within a week.

Rockatanski's picture

maybe the older half of the of the country. not these young dorks and half the gen x crowed are brain dead.

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Reagan made us to powerful and set us up for empire building, whether it was his intention or not.  We now have satan worshipping scumbags in control of the most powerful military on earth.  A strong militaary used for defensive measures is a strong deterrent but used offensively is a whole new ballgame.

Jumbotron's picture

The Founding least the majority, most of all Jefferson....NEVER, EVER wanted the U.S. to be an empire.

That would only lead us to become just like the tyrannical powers we had previously defeated in the Revolution.

Those that crave empire are pychopaths and have no place being called Americans.....including Reagan and his handlers.

And nothing has changed even with Obama with the exception that empire has nothing to do with Americanism anymore.  It's the International New World Order of Banksters.

thatthingcanfly's picture


Insert "Lincoln" for "Reagan" and you have a more accurate rendering of U.S. history.

KickIce's picture

Yeah but the empire was about to fall apart and the industrial revolution was done by much of our own ingenuity and resources.  And yes, Lincoln certainly helped kickoff the industrial revolution with his emphasis on technology during the civil war.  Not his fault America could not handle its own success.

Jumbotron's picture

But the attainment of empire should never be considered a benchmark of success.

KickIce's picture

I thought maybe you were reading me wrong, I fully support what the Founders believe and I despise what we've become but that doesn't change the fact that we are an empire.  And yes I realize Reagan had handlers and maybe I should have stated that by winning the cold war we became to powerful and we now have evil people that are abusing that power.  I have always been under the impression that Reagan had decent intentions but the banking cartel knew exactly what it was doing but that's all a matter of opinion.

I see the company flowchart as follows:


Rothschild agents

MIC-Federal Reserve-NSA-CIA

United States

Europeon Union

Other countries with Rothschild CB

thatthingcanfly's picture

Kirk, I want to take you seriously. But you need to realize that a secession war is the precise polar opposite of a civil war, absloute power corrupts absolutely, regardless of its possessor, and that Reagan was possibly the best President of the 20th century because he didn't usurp what the neocons wanted him to usurp in the name of American hegemony overseas, ie. empire building.

Also, you need to learn the difference between "to," "too," and "two." You've misused these twice in this thread.

KickIce's picture

Well you've missed my name "two" times and just set up a strawman.  Where did I say Reagan was the best President in the 20th century and for that matter where did i claim he was a great President?  The "deficits don't matter" doctrine that came from his administration have been very destructive.

thatthingcanfly's picture

My apologies for the Star Trek inspired dyslexic moment with your chat handle.

You need to re-read my earlier comment. I did not say YOUR SAID Reagan was a great President. I SAID he was a great President.

I am loathe to strawman arguments. If you think I committed this fallacy, please specify where.

Reagan was not a "deficits don't matter" subscriber. Yeah, the defense budget increased under his term. This does not mean he saw no consequences for this. Volker was his Fed Chairman, FFS.