Ukraine Only Has Enough Gasoline For A Month

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Nothing to see here, move along. While it appears the Russians are willing to pay the price of modest sanctions from the west to 'liberate' their fellow countrymen, the fallout from further tension with Ukraine could "boomerang" once again on the divided nation. As RBC Ukraine reports, the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Yuriy Prodan said at a press conference today that "oil reserves will last for 28-29 days" in Ukraine. After that, the negotiation begins as Ukraine already owes billions for previously delivered gas - as Ukraine's storage levels more than halved in the last 3 months.

Via RBC Ukraine,

Stocks of petroleum products in Ukraine will last for 28-29 days, said at today's press conference, the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Yuriy Prodan.


"Speaking on the situation with oil, then ensure there is quite stable. Today oil reserves will last for 28-29 days," - he said, the " RBC-Ukraine . "


At the same time, the Minister noted the significant risk reduction in the supply and rising gas prices. As of March 25, 2014 in Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities located 7 billion cubic meters of gas.


"Up there can be about 2 billion is not the quantity that scares experts, it would be possible to hold only a week. It all depends on what kind of regime will be whether we can take about 20 million cubic meters. Meters of gas to reverse and so on "- said Prodan.


According to the company "Ukrtransgaz" abnormally warm winter 2013 2014. has reduced gas extraction from underground storage by an average of 37% compared to the same period last year: it was 60 million cubic meters per day.


In late December 2013. occupied at the time the post of Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Edward Stawicki reported that Ukrainian gas reserves in underground storage is 16.5 billion cubic meters.

We suspect any further military intervention will only crimp this supply even faster.

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Ifigenia's picture

After cookies, Vitoria Nulland could begin to operate a gas station in Kiev to gave those fool free gasoline.

machineh's picture

Drive 90, freeze a Ukrainian.

Actually I have nothing against Ukrainians.

But I hate the traitorous Depublicrat KongressKlowns that want to send them a billion of OUR dollars.

For fucking what?

SWRichmond's picture

For fucking what?

To pay to American corporations, that's what.

Manthong's picture

RUMSFELD: 'A Trained Ape' Could Manage War Better Than Obama...

He probably feels that applies to coups as well.

..and he should know.

Carpenter1's picture

Now come on, insulting trained apes all over the world by comparing them to Obama. Not nice!

Independent's picture

Easy to take over a country when they run out of gas and cant mobilize or move around their forces lol.  The Russians only need wait.

Why dont the Euros give them some gas, lol.  What they are getting short on supplies too, guess they need all gas stocks for the summer drive to the beaches of Spain.

Saw Yani doing an interview on PBS with Margaret Warner the Neanderthal, that lad-y has a brow thicker than Arnold. Cant stand that little prick Yani.  Wanted to punch him in his glasses, looking forward when he gets pulled over side of road and gets tapped with two bullets to the back of the head. Back to Margaret, that BIATCHE is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations like Judy Woodruff, damn PBS is another snake head of the Medusa

No wonder Putin is not moving in, what we are seeing is slow motion collapse, and all he has to do is let NATO and EU take the blame.  Expect to see mass starvation in Ukraine courtesy of dual-citizen coups like now and like with the bolsheviks at the turn of the last century lol.  Who says history doesnt repeat itself.  Dual Citizens starving millions of Europeans.  Wonder how much gold they stole the last time they starved Ukraine, must of gone into a lot of dual citizen gold fillings for many generations, I hear the frosted Matzo cookies can really chew up your teeth.

The Vineyard's picture

America needs to loan the Ukraine more money.  Bastards.

TruthInSunshine's picture

OT - Anyone who claims China is NOT headed for a crash landing is delusional:

News Headline Summary

An industry official says more steel makers, particularly private ones, may follow Haixin Iron and Steel into default

Print 01:02 - Asian News - Source: China Securities Journal

Independent's picture

I hear all of Nuland's kids and grandkids, are sporting big fat gold GRILLZ besides all their gold fillings.  Word has it her GOLD BUT PLUG had doubled in size since that gold was flown out of Kiev, Destination Unknown LOL

I dont think the starving Ukrainians need all that Gold, the dual citizens need it more.  Look at what they eat in the above link, definitely will need some Gold Fillings with that Diet.  LOL look at the PIC with the Donuts, I think I see Ukraines missing gold on that table LOL.

Bet you the stale cookies Vicki bought from the Babuska Brand Five and Dime Hryvnia store down Bandera St. didnt taste one fifth as good as the food at that party, guess the woman knows where to spend her Five Billion Dollars.  Wonder what kind of handbag she bought to match the Mediterranean Island she bought with part of that money.

Why are the dual citizen dentists voting me down?

mrmister's picture

When China crashes they got nothing left to loose. They will tell America to pay up.

Ifigenia's picture

The chinks have already arrange a bitch to defend their rights:

"WASHINGTON, March 25 (Xinhua) -- The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde Tuesday urged U.S. Congress to support the much-delayed IMF quota and governance reform package which would boost the global institution's resources and give emerging economies a bigger say.

The IMF has been an "international first responder" in global economy, "but to meet tomorrow's challenges, the IMF needs to adapt," Lagarde said in an op-ed on The Wall Street Journal.

"A large majority of the member countries have approved reforms to strengthen the resources and governance of the IMF. These reforms await approval of the U.S. Congress. The IMF's continued ability to fight economic and financial crises rests on its approval," she added.

"The IMF reforms come at no additional cost or risk to the American taxpayer. Money that Congress already appropriated five years ago will simply be transferred from a temporary fund at the IMF into its permanent resources," said Lagarde.

The U.S. quota contribution to the 188-member IMF is set to increase by 63 billion U.S. dollars. The Obama administration has pushed the Congress several times to approve a shift of 63 billion dollars from an IMF crisis fund to its general lending fund to give a green light to the reform package, but efforts stalled in the Congress due to political dispute...."

Why didnt the bitch speak in a msm media?

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Now come on, insulting trained apes all over the world by comparing them to Obama. Not nice!

I think what Rummy meant is that, during the Cheney administration, trained ape is the level they all aspired to, and that there's nothing wrong with setting lofty goals for yourself.

666's picture

I thought it'll be used to pay Russia or China. I'd rather see my tax dollars go to those two countries instead of the USSA war machine.

BlindMonkey's picture

You got me thinking. Do you think he was referring to George?

comrade rally monkey's picture

its a LOAN. and since we dont need reserves to issue a loan...its free.

quit your complainin....your getting a dollar in value for every 50cents you pay in taxes. thats what the deficit and china ponying up to buy bonds does for you. bout time you appreciate it.

Buck Johnson's picture

I hope this was a plan by people in govt. to make Obama look bad on a international stage, because if not I can't believe he would have did what he did knowing the history of Russia and US conflict.

silvermail's picture

Fascists who committed an armed rebellion in Kiev finishes petrol? Oh, it's not a problem. They can be used instead of gasoline russophobia and cookies from Ms. Nuland.

johngaltfla's picture

That will pretty much make any counteroffensive well, sort of short lived.

CPL's picture

Remember that's based on government information, which means they ran out last week.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

A profoundly important observation.

Glorious swashbuckling warfare is a thing of oil abundance.

When there is oil scarcity, you don't get great sweeping big arrows on maps showing troop movement.  All you get is bombed or interdicted tankers.

Then starvation sets in and surrender soon after.

This was why it was so amusing to hear that the Ukrainian troops leaving the Crimea were to be re-deployed to the other borders.  Russia must love that.  All those trucks bringing food out to them . . . just more oil consumption.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


When there is oil scarcity, you don't get great sweeping big arrows on maps showing troop movement.  All you get is bombed or interdicted tankers.

Then starvation sets in and surrender soon after.

It kind of makes me wonder if the plan all along by Nuland and the neocons was to put goosestepping idiots in charge, let the oil run out, and then let things go to hell. The horrors and violence resulting from the chaotic mix of starvation and hatred would be of immense propaganda value (bonus points because they're white Europeans).

In the future, if things start to seriously unravel in the rest of Europe and the US, the news media will all be asking if what happened to the Ukrainians could happen to us. Repeat as necessary until people beg for a preventative authoritarian crackdown and demand war to seize the world's oil fields.

Naaaaahhh, that's too far fetched. They wouldn't do that.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

They wouldn't do that unless they were stupid.  Having the oil fields "seized" doesn't do you any good when the tankers can still be torpedoed.

When you start using force, you don't use it to "secure supply".  You use it to kill the enemy (and his consumption).  You do that by torpedoing the tankers going to him.  Then he starves and dies and so does his oil consumption.

It's an unusual form of warfare.  You want him dead, but you don't want to kill him, because if you kill him his oil storage depletes slower.  You want him alive to deplete his storage, and then let him starve when it's gone.


Ifigenia's picture

here is why wars in Iraq and libya, to deny the chinks to have oil, by destroying everything.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

fuck those EU/US ponds...

bundle up assholes and enjoy your MoneyChanger sponsered Demoncracy....

Cursive's picture

bundle up assholes and enjoy your MoneyChanger sponsered Demoncracy....

TahoeBilly2012's picture

"paging Victoria Nudleman to the white courtesy phone..."

Ifigenia's picture

Is pity after all those wars, subprime ponzis, QE ad infinitum to destroy USA, there are still people believe in wall street jews bankers and their kins in Kiev.

If only the ordinary ukranians know who stole their 40 tons gold.

Independent's picture

Fools and their money and gold are easily parted.  Lots of pension funds have been cannablized by these mofos.  The stealing is easy when its not face to face but rather a few keyboard strokes, those pension funds are really Bonus Funds for the dual citizens on wall street.

Manthong's picture

Coup, coup. coup

Coup, coup, coup, coup



sushi's picture

No reason to worry. Within two years the US will have completed the LNG trains required to export NG to Ukraine.

Watch what happens two months from now as the heavyily industrialized eastern Ukraine suddenly finds itself without the energy to run their industrial plant. Plus they begin to be aware of the austerity program to be imposed by IMF.

My bet - an increasing number of Ukranian regions, states, cities all begin to vote to be annexed by Russia.

US foreign policy in Ukraine will be studied for years into the future with the same close attention given to the charge of the Light Brigade at Balaklava. Different century. Same outcome. Priceless.


Volkodav's picture

Nearly ready... fill another freezer tomorrow and painting my Porsche digital camo..

Wait...need run to Samara for 10 case load of Rodnik...

tonyw's picture

"Within two years the US will have completed the LNG trains required to export NG"

Well maybe, but there's the small matter of the import side re-gassing plants.

And do you think Ukraine will be able to out-bid the rest of the world?

Given they're a basket case my guess would be no way Jose.


WTFRLY's picture

The vultures will have ordinary Ukrainians begging for Russian assistance to get away from the anchor loans.

HardlyZero's picture

and...the ECB or IMF will demand their loans paid back so will DEMAND Ukraine have a WAR with Russia to ensure the ECB/IMF/BIS get paid back their loans.  If Ukraine goes Russian then ECB/IMF/BIS will not get any money back.

It might be glory.

jjsilver's picture

Just print your own money without the bankers and pay them off, just like what they do, they create credit out of nothing and then loan it to you at ample interest.

Quantum Nucleonics's picture

Uh, the US has about 24 days of gasoline supply in inventory currently... so what's your point?   (ZH offers some salient, insightful views, but many times it takes a ordinary statistic and tries to make it something apocalyptic.)

By the way, you want to avoid using gasoline too much older a month as it degrades over time.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

"By the way, you want to avoid using gasoline too much older a month as it degrades over time."

Especially with ethanol added which absorbs moisture. Fuel stabilizers are your friend.

Volkodav's picture

PRI is far best long term fuel preservation. PRI G for gasoline. PRI D for diesel fuel.

Forget Stabil, and others intended for long term....they do not compare

I don't know about additives trying to make ethanol better than it is...inefficient and destructive.

Better to avoid ethanol completely.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Thanks for the tip. The few gas stations around here that had ethanol free gas can't get it anymore. Going to 15% Ethanol will probably cause major problems for older equipment with carburetors.

Volkodav's picture

Contact PRI and ask their thinking on ethanol...

They are good people. Might have knowledge that could save you some grief...

Ethanol is really bad in small engine, especially 2 cycle...

More diesels in Russia. We even have diesel AWD Toyota Van.

Independent's picture

Dont waste your money on this crap, normal cars are fine.  It only becomes an issue if you leave your car sitting for months on end.  If you do that just drain your tank out and you will be fine.  Over long time ethanol can attract moisture but it takes months and I assume you fill up your car once in a while lol.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Yer a fine arts major. WTF do you know about cars? Sure, drain your tank and fill it up with air and moisture so it can rust. Everything you said is wrong, completely wrong. You can't get away with shooting from the hip here.

Independent's picture

@Ralph Spoilsport you gotta be kidding me your name is one step below that of Snakeoil Sam on the SlimShady shaddiness index.  Listen Mr used car salesman with the slicked back pubes on his head in a fuschia polyester button down suit with a chest full of ingrown hairs and zits, I ain't no dumb broad bringing in her car for a trade in.  You dont need this crap so stop hocking your merchandise here. Fap Fap Fap Fap.... Ugh... there  and I just shot you between the eyes with a load of my cum, I guess I do shoot from the hip, use the lube I just shot at you to slick back your eyebrows, your eyebrow hairs are looking like pin cushions.  Oh and get the Hell out of Zerohedge DODGE city.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

You're dumber than a box of rocks. I'll leave ZH when I feel like it or I get banned by the Tylers. Why don't you report me for an abusive post?

I'm going to report you for being too stupid to post here.

Independent's picture

And I was starting to like you Ralphy, but you just had to act like a little playground tattle tale just now and ruin my climax as I was thinking of you.  Ok Spoilsport you got the prize, here pull my finger Ralphy....

Oh and by the way Ralphsters, the Durdens don't take kindly to people hocking products on their stories. Nobody likes a salesman that doesn't pay for the retail space, get my drift Snakey.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

What products am I "hocking" genius?