Air France Flight Diverted Over Russia, Forced To Land, Due To Last Minute Military Exercise

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Remember the "last minute" ICBM launch by Russia just as the Crimean tensions were peaking? Moments ago Russia revealed another such unexpected "military exercise" which resulted in a French Airbus380 airplane, with over 500 passengers and crew on board being diverted from Shanghai to Paris after Russia without a warning decided to shut down a part of its airspace.

From AP:

Air France says a plane carrying 495 passengers and 22 crew was diverted on its way from Shanghai to Paris after Russia announced at short notice that part of its airspace was closed for a military exercise.


The company said flight AF111 was forced to land in Hamburg, Germany, early Wednesday to refuel because the plane had too little fuel on board to complete the flight following its detour.


Hamburg Airport confirmed that the plane landed shortly after 6 a.m. (0500 GMT) and was able to take off for Paris again after an hour and a half.


It wasn't immediately clear if Russia's military exercise was linked to the increased troop activity on its western border with Ukraine.

Considering that Russia is the largest country in the world, and is located at a rather strategic position between the East and West, perhaps this is merely Putin's latest warning about just how Russia's "military drills" will respond to Europe should further sanctions be enacted. Because flights from Shanghai to Europe across the Pacific, and over the US, may not be quite an agreeable retaliation to the old continent.

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Oh this is getting interesting

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Here comes a new round of sanctions: in 3… 2… 1…

BTW, I can’t wait to see that Oculus thingy (which is basically an iPad Mini duct-taped to your face) to replace the TELEPROMPTER. ;-)


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Too cool.  So, one should not carry their cell phone anywhere near their body but you should plaster this and goolge glasses to your ugly-assed face.  Hmmmmmmm?  Malthus anyone?

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Speaking of ugly-assed faces... Kerry's face needs a LAPTOP to be duct-taped to to cover that ugliness ;-)


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Kerry.....the hippie from the 60's?

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Yeah, the Genie in the ketchup bottle Kerry… ;-)


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horsehead and blowface need to become extinct...

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who the hell wants to fly to paris anyway?

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Gosh. I hope they got their complimentary basket of Freedom Fries!

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Don't through stones at others if you live in a glass house.

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who the hell wants to fly to paris anyway?

For instance 32.3 million tourists ...




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Kerry gives us 60's hippies a bad name.

So many sellouts...

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With a face like Kerry's who needs an ass?

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They're darn lucky they weren't diverted to the South Indian Ocean.

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That only happens when the CIA diverts you.  The Russian diversion means an extra stop on dry ground for a nice glass of German Beer and a german sausage snack.  In the CIA stop you are the snack for the Sharks

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putin moves knight, cover two pawns, next move.

he is making the west look very silly, while buying gold-lol'g.

what is the cost of a home in russia in dollars?

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Depends where I guess,  Moscow can be insanely expensive, but Russia is sooo vast I imagine it has to be cheap in other places.  Nice cities would be like St Petes, Moscow, Ufa, Vladivostok ( the girl presenting Vladi is very cute )etc.  Here to give you an idea about russian cities and what they look like this guy has done a nice job, you can watch the video and wiki the city to learn more

Ufa is a nice city in the richest oblast (state) in Russia

This city is also where these guys did a Real Russia video blog, very cool collection of life in Russia videos...

But now with Crimea back in the scene, that is one attractive place to live, great weather and you are almost in middle of Black Sea with easy access to many Great European Cities in both the West and The East

here is a guy on his moped cruising around Crimea

A really nice tourist video of Crimea


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"with easy access to many Great European Cities in both the West and The East"

Assuming we don't continue down the path to cutting off visas for ordinary folks. Also, too old to learn Russian, and not sure they would like my 'mericun accent too much.

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Then kick it in Bulgaria, Varna has very nice beaches, Romania has Constanta, its right at same latitude as Sevastopol Crimea. Constanta has big international airport you can fly in and out of easily to any European big city (and is now home to a large US military base) and it also has coastal feel with some nice beaches.  Also I read that in Romania more young people speak English than in any other Eastern European country. Of course your money goes further in these places but things are getting expensive everywhere.  Lots of nice places in Italy, Croatia, Spain etc. you dont have to go to Eastern Europe.  To be honest all these Euro cities have the same feel to them.  The further East you go the more white people will make up the population of the country.

Oh here is a nice video of Gorky Park

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They could have just shut off the transponder and the ACARS, and shadowed, let's say, an Aeroflot jetliner. These things have been known to happen.

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LOL! A plane full of Chinese tourists traveling to Paris were diverted. I'm sure that "future reserve currency" China will be happy with this one. this was "totally a move" against Europe, lololol! What happens when Aeroflot flights start getting diverted worldwide. Guess the Aeroflot oligarchs don't have it in as well as the Gazprom guys did.

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we need some more semi-permanent red lines

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RED lines? This is raciss...  ;-)


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I remember that it was a pretty big savings for the U.S. military to be able to have overflight through Russia to Afganastan. Are they still doing that and would it be likely to be stopped soon as a next wave of anti-sanction sanctions?



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Flying home to NA from SEA is getting to be a challenge...... Singapore to ?? Flying through developing war zones in any direction ..... then again soon I'll be flying home to a war zone at the rate we're going......

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Agreed.  Sounds like there is much going on behind the scene here.


Not planning a trip to Asia any time soon.  Don't want to find myself on a plane that get's MH370'd.



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If European airlines are unable to fly the great circle route over Russia to reach Asia then they will have to fly some other longer route to reach the same destinations.

The longer route will require they burn more fuel.

Thier chief source of fuel is Russia.

Putin keeps collecting all the chips on the table while the G 4.5 yack in Brussels and draw more red lines.

I love the smell of Brussels in the morning. It smells like . . . victory

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That's some "regional power" you're dealing with there Obama.  /s

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Obozo never did well in geography, Chicago thugs only know the precincts in the city that is it.  I mean Almost half the way around the world is regional for Obummer, I guess the USA then would be local for him LOL.

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And no one in the west seems to mention the fact that the US is dependent on the Northern route though Russia to extract billions of dollars of war materiel from Afghanistan.

Strange US foreign policy - lets draw red lines and demonize the same state that we depend on to extract our military hardware from a failed expeditionary adventure in Af-PAK.

Obama could shoot himself in the other foot but I think he is running out of feet.


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Stranding war hardened soldiers and their materiel behind enemy lines without resupply sounds like a decision the American president might like to make.

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You need to know how to aim before you shoot yourself in the foot.

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It could be worse. It could have been an Malaysian Airlines flight 370

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Any response from the G5-1/2 yet?

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not yet.  obama just tee'd off.  but at 11am, you better believe he's going to pull out his red marker, draw some line and then wag his finger in putin's direction.  

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Strongly worded response please.

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If my Grandmother was still around, she would write it.  She was a master at writing "strongly worded letters".

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Remember the old telegraph:  "Fuck you - stop - strong letter follows - stop."

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Well at least this AF flight didn't suddenly vanish into thin air like MH370.

cossack55's picture

No one from Freescale was on board.

smacker's picture

Well spotted!.

And I'm still wondering -- quite apart from there possibly being gold or some other valuable stuff in the cargo hold -- whether Freescale's carry-on baggage contained sought after beta circuit boards of the new ultra secret device the company had developed and were taking to China for a demo etc.

And even if the debris finally located off the western coast of Australia (conveniently claimed to be one of the most remote areas of the world) is proven to be from MH370, there's still no certainty it actually went down there. The long delay in finding it and the obvious search chaos may have been caused by the act of dumping the parts there by unknown persons for the purpose of bringing closure to the plane's disappearance.

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Media still strongly speculating pilot suicide so convenient as dead men don't talk.Somerhing definately very very suss with this whole MH370 business.

Dugald's picture

What was to stop the pilot/s jumping the canopy, landing and going home to collect what should have gone into the hold but did not?????

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Media =  Disinfo.


Also part of the puzzle.  Notice how the MSM's don't cover the whole Diego Garcia connection at all.  But instead they come up with plausible explanations such as "it disapeared into a black hole".


This lends itself to being an Op.  Too much evidence external to the plane now (Spratly islands lost all cell coverage at the exact time of the incident, as well as Diego Garcia closing down it's runways during and after the event.  No disclosure of a full cargo manifest at all.  Suspect 20 passengers from Freescale, a known DOD contractor for military grade electronics.  

Real evidence and coincedence rarely line up so well.  

Plane was 'Extreme Renditioned' due to onboard occupants and or cargo.  Passengers / crew were collaterall damage.  Likely remoted to Diego Garcia which is a known clandestine base and has no native occupants.   Evidence 'salted' and deposited in South Indian Ocean in a remote and extremely deep area.  

Malaysia coming out and saying plane lost and everyone dead without any concrete evidence says they wanted to reach closure after finding out or realizing the above.


Which brings us to the final question 'what the hell was on that plane'?

optimator's picture

And this will be the fifth black box in history that couldn't be found.