A Dark Cloud Of Disillusionment

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Submitted by James H. Kunstler of Kunstler.com,

Was it such a good thing in the post-cold-war decades that the US was regarded as the supreme sole super-power? Look what we did with that privilege: fumbled around like an overfed stumblebum, blundering from one foreign occupation to another, breaking a lot of things and killing a lot of people — under the clownishly-conceived rubric of a “war on terror.”

Why is it in our interest which way Ukraine tilts? It has been in the Russian orbit for hundreds of years under one administration or another. Are we disappointed now that Kiev won’t answer to the floundering Eurocrats of Brussels? Was that ever a realistic expectation? Really, the best outcome for western Europe would be a return to the prior condition of Ukraine as a mute bearskin rug with oil and gas pipelines running through it to the oil and gas starved West. The idea that the US could supply Europe with oil and gas instead of Russia is a preposterous fantasy. Anybody wondering whether Ukraine might turn its armed forces loose on Russian forces supposedly massing at its border should ask themselves how Ukrainian soldiers will get paid.

I’m sure Russia can’t afford to annex all of Ukraine. Russia can barely maintain its paved roads. But it obviously couldn’t afford to give up its rented warm water ports and naval bases in the Crimea, either, with the new Kiev government making so much anti-Russian noise since the “revolution.” The annexation of Crimea changes nothing materially about the disposition of Russian military force in the region. They were already there. Given the size of their navy compared to the other nations in the neighborhood, the Black Sea is Russia’s bathtub and has been as long as anyone can remember. Was the brass at the US State Department shocked to discover this two weeks ago?

The recognition that there are some places on the planet where the US can’t exert its influence has also come as a shock to the so-called American Deep State — that matrix of bureaucratic toxic sludge that labors to pretend to control everything and succeeds mainly in embarrassing itself in a world that is now deeply tending away from the centralized control of anything. Nations are breaking up everywhere and for the moment there is no coherent public discussion of the ramifications. Venice voted the other day to secede from Italy — that is, to not send anymore tax revenue to Rome. That should be interesting. How about Scotland’s independence vote scheduled for September? Judging by the British newspapers, there is next-to-zero concern about that. Then there is the list of failed states, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and probably half the manufactured nations of sub-Saharan Africa, places with no viable economy or polity and too many clamoring poor people. These are parts of the world that will neither develop nor redevelop. In a hundred years they could be no-go zones or just return to howling wilderness.

The US would be better served these days to literally mind its own business. With Detroit in bankruptcy, why would we send Kiev billions of dollars? American urban infrastructures — water, sewer, gas, and electric lines — are falling apart. We have no idea how we’re going to manage most of the crucial economic activities of daily life in ten years, when the illusions of shale gas and shale evaporate in a dark cloud of disenchantment, when we no longer have an airline industry, and most Americans won’t have the means to own automobiles, and there’s not enough diesel fuel to plow Iowa mega-farms, or enough oil and gas based fertilizers or herbicides to pour into the eroding topsoil, and not enough fossil water left in the Oglala aquifer or enough electricity to run the center-pivot sprinklers where the prairie meets the desert? How are Americans going to live and eat and get from Point A to Point B and keep a roof over our heads in this beat-down land?

We’re having no conversation about these things and the political landscape in this country is a wasteland of mirages and dust devils. That is the true weakness of the USA now. We’re incapable of seeing the disorder in our own house. Why should we even glance overseas at others?

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Pretty soon the egg will fall out of the tree and it wont be pretty.

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The US is controlled by Zionists who could give a rats ass about anything other than their global agenda. Detroit? Are you kidding, that place was sacrificed at the alter of global Zionism a long fucking time ago.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Exactly. I always wonder, are these people so lame and un-in-formed?

Speaking of formation or lack thereof, I gave a TEDx talk recently.

Get to know a fellow ZHer ;-)



Joe Davola's picture

Funny how the generation that spawned this has become the clueless oppressors:


666's picture

Russia has a budget surplus, natural resources and an economy that actually produces things of value, unlike the USSA, FaceBook and Candy Crush games. Perhaps this article was written more about the USSA than Russia.

Town Crier's picture

Detroit was not destroyed by "global Zionists."  It was destroyed by an abyss of corruption, hubris, theft, recklessness, substance abuse, crime and utterly berserk incompetency in every level of government.

7againstThebes's picture

Come on, get real about Detroit. The causa proxima of its destruction were colored folks.

    The causa remota of its destruction were white folks, especially those of liberal tendency.



new game's picture

and at the bottom-08, the corporations of gm and chrysler fell under the weight of its legacy costs-shit poor management!

why they were bailed out is beyond me, but suffice to say they are back for a three peat(maybe - fiat?) and most likely a repeat(gm).

new game's picture

ah, management couldn't say no to unsustainable for life healthcare? contracts that took into consideration that we aren't going to make 10k per suv with 50percent mix suv? many other issues-poor management-on a clear day u can (not) see gm (anymore), good ole john...

cmb's picture

If they didnt have to pay health benefits....#singlepayer universal medicine

manofthenorth's picture

"People do not like to think. When you think you must come to conclusions and conclusions are not always pleasant."

Ignatius's picture

Damn, ori, you're pretty good with that stick!

If we meet in an alley, you can have the alley....

Oh regional Indian's picture

Musical martial art instrument, what's not to like eh, Ignatius?

Ignatius's picture

Yes, an amazing and intriguing instrument.

Vivek, I've just completed the entire presentation and it was/is excellent.

Thanks for sharing.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Thanks Ignatius, really appreciate the appreciation :-) not often one gets an opportunity to be one-self on such a stage...

ori (Vivek)

Ignatius's picture

Questions:  Don't you think the discipline you 'rebelled' against was in some ways key to who you are today?  You've moved on without judging who you were?

Oh regional Indian's picture

Absolutely was Ignatius, no doubt. I give great thanks to all the tough taskmasters I found. I think I internalized some of the best of what I found, like the essence.

So self discipline is far better than external (Naval style) as an example.

This quote from Dune really sums it up:


Seek freedom and become slave to your desires. Find discipline and be free...

I am because they were.

How's that?






Ignatius's picture

Nailed it.

Centered people are a real treat.

Oh regional Indian's picture

No Balance No Life

Know Balance Know Life

manofthenorth's picture



Let your light shine humans


manofthenorth's picture

Thank you for taking the time to share your perspective commodore. I will be waiting for my "moreon" club membership card.

Oh regional Indian's picture

I will be broadcasting the membership call far and wide.

Captcha to entah. You can check out anytime you like....

Watch this space...


Tall Tom's picture



You know that to be uniformed (clothing is the outward manifestation) is to be uninformed.


For years when asked how I am doing I would respond, "Tired and retired."


Freedom is the outward expression of Love which is in opposition to control which is the expression of Fear.


That was an excellent nonperformance and I could not ever ask that you will ever perform. Thanks. That was great.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Thank you Tall Tom, I was hoping it would strike a chord with folks here.

And yes, Uniform, Collars, Ties, always shod.... very interesting.

Words are power and they have made sneaky physical manifestations of those traps...


manofthenorth's picture

Michael Tsarion speaks of the hidden power of words as well as symbols. He has some interesting perpective on the subject.

Oh regional Indian's picture

I heard him a lot early on, very interesting perspective.

Search for Sevan Bomar on youtube and listen to anything by him. Yet another fascinating perspective. 


my_nym's picture

I haven't watched this (Mark Passio - Occult Mockery Of Police & Military Personnel) yet but I noticed that police have been uniformed and wear stop signs on their heads.  In the UK they even wrapped the chessboard of "the base" where pawns are played around underneath the "stop thinking" sign most police wear on their heads. 


I guess it could be said that base things have been wrapped around their temples.  That's one way to subconsciously suggest that people follow orders in their chains of command, I guess. 


DanDaley's picture

Ori...glad you turned out to be who you turned out to be instead of someone else...you are a wildman...and that's good.

Oh regional Indian's picture

I got where you are going with that, DD, wildman indeed :-)

a common man's picture

What a wonder video. I loved the comment ..."Everybody looks for some excitement that somebody can bring to them..."


Oh regional Indian's picture

Thanks common man and yes, only the real can be fresh, paper roses, not so much...


Oh regional Indian's picture

Apropos Bollywood reference :-) Gracias ebear...

Inthemix96's picture

Ori, Vivek,

Just watched your presentation my friend.  Well played and fantastic you found inside you what needed be found.

I believe, from being a child, something different, not conformative, not willing to be part of something I wasnt, in myself I have always been un-played, un-performed, and never held a belief beyond myself, you've just put into context, something I could never explain.

You know what my friend?  Thousands of miles apart, cultures of difference we could never imagine, lives we will never cross.

We are all the same.

Thank you my friend.


Oh regional Indian's picture

Gracias 96 and yes, the real rebel is the one who has gone inward.

And I feel you brother, and am grateful to the net and ZH among other hang-outs to bring such synchonistic/synchromystic connections alive.


BLOTTO's picture

We are controlled by 'people' (if you want to call 'them' that) who think its their divine right to rule over us.


North America is just an experiment for them to create a new modern day slave.

Ariadne's picture

Kill them all. Follow their example and do it quietly. 

BLOTTO's picture

How? We've been outsmarted, out resourced, out financed - out everything. They control everything...even the damn calendar - masters of time and space. I mean, wtf are we going to do? We are dealing with the ancient occult; a powerful entity.


We dont even have a proper 'white wizard' anywhere today that i can see- yet they have fuckin scum sucking minions all over the place who would gladly sell their soul for $.


Anusocracy's picture

We are controlled through our morality with morals being cultural adaptations that help promote survival for you and your offspring.

They are motivational strings that are manipulated by our lords and masters to their benefit.

jaxville's picture

Nothing a few well placed 30-06 rounds could not sort out.

Ariadne's picture

Do what they do.

People are indoctrinated to revile & ridicule religion as a place for idiots to be beguiled. As it happens, the 'they' are the ones who have perpetuated this meme both by campaigning this view, and infiltrating and corrupting churches other than their own, making them the cartoonish mockery of the original basis for religion. This is significant because organized religion is the most formidable potential opposition the hidden church has; the functional extended family is second. They have conducted a covert war on religion in the USA since the monarchs launched the religious revival psyop to promote mysticism and ignorance.

The sole purpose of the western church is to transfer critical knowledge across generations, to ensure the survival of the culture. The structure of organized religion reflects millenia of preliterate; the oral tradition. When Charles Martel established himself as the supreme monarch of Gaul, one of the first things he did was sponsor the services of Irish monks to educate first the children of his officers, then the rest of the children. At the time Ireland emerged as a surviving repository of knowledge after the dark ages. This investment enabled the Franks to ward off muslim invaders and establish France.This is what church is supposed to do.

Universities and State education are recent perversions of this role of the western church. Throughout the medieval era the catecism was grade school, and the clerics were teachers. It was trade school and a place to go to network and get help with problems like agriculture. The arts were also important. The God trip was taught as philosophy. Like it or not, one's religious belief is one's world view. What you believe the world to be, it is - for you alone. These people left whole libraries about themeselves and their beliefs, and what we are sold daily by our enemies about these our ancestors is total bullshit.

We can't be outsmarted, but we can be psyched into believing this. The enemy are just people. Their foot soldiers are the best obedient trogs they could find. They have to compartmentalize their ops, so their foot soldiers don't know much above their rank beyond rumors. Thats a major weakness. Psych warfare is incredibly cheap and effective. We can create disinfo and psych them out too. 

We may be outresourced but they are big, cumbersome and wasteful. Their mgmt know they have huge blind spots, another area to screw with their heads. Their troops are motivated by money and fear, they compete for rank - they can be fucked with. The closet monster looks bigger in the dark. Pick your ponies right and a properly motivated team can raze an army.

Finance is interesting. This kleptocratic financial fraud is distant from responsible finance.  When all the lying and hustling is done, the tangible assets remain the same. No matter what the bust or boom says they are worth, they are only worth what they are worth to you, and thats only limited by the wisdom of your community to utilize the available resources - real market principles. With no law, ownership is possession - and the force to hold it. But there is one thing no force can take or hold: your ability to think, to invent, create, strategize, execute. This is one reason they want us afraid, because desperate people can hardly think, so they do not create or imagine solutions. 

They aren't more ancient than Henry Kissinger, thats all psych warfare to daunt potential challengers. What they do throttle is access to current knowledge, by dumbing down mandatory curriculum, advancing idiots to professorships and upper management, blocking contenders and stubbing potential, robbing the patent office, and classifying the cutting edge of science and medicine through the NSF, FDA and NIMH, and obstructing research by controlling the pursestrings.

You have to be your own white hat. Don't be a scum sucking minion, get yourself as free of their fetters as you can and find the others. Form a secret church. Network, form a real Fight Club. This is a battle of wits, not force. They would love you to attempt force, because they will use it to justify their stranglehold. Pranks are good for morale.

El Oregonian's picture

Hello, I've got some good news, and I've got some bad news. First the bad, you are going to experience terrible, terrible financial pain, to the point that you will be relegated to dumpster-diving as a new career choice.

Now the good news, you will have dibs on a choice public dumpster next to a Burger-King restaurant.

Good luck.