Is This The Official Image Of The 2014 Market Top?

Tyler Durden's picture

The King is dead... long live the QEeen?



h/t @RudyHavenstein and @KelitoMaximus

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Boomberg's picture

He's playing Candy Crush in Facebook I bet,

StacksOnStacks's picture

It looks like it's taking his soul.  Huh?  Oh it is?  Well I'll be damned.

RevRex's picture

I glorify in my ignorance of modern gadgetry.

Almost Solvent's picture

I thought The Lawnmower Man was pure fiction - never gonna happen. 


Damn you Pierce Brosnan!

flacon's picture

Looks like he is having an orgasm. I don't think I want to know what he's watching inside those googly eyes. 

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Aw c'mon -- clearly the kid has a bloody nose.  

ps Either way he ain't getting laid.

JamesBond's picture

Throw him in a pod and use his body heat for electricity.  At least that way he has some benefit to society...




bitcoinbear's picture

Wow.. that is the new Oculus Facehugger!

Lore's picture

@ Tyler: You have an uncanny talent for finding images that amuse & unnerve.

I remember the first time I watched two Gen-Xers playing Guitar Hero.  One commented to the other: "Don't you love it when the audience cheers?"  The other replied, "Yeah!  That's such a rush."  Suddenly, there was a chill in the room, but neither player seemed to notice.

SilverIsKing's picture

In the future, sleep as we know it will be outlawed. The government will mandate that we all use a gadget that simulates a full 8 hours of sleep in a matter of minutes through virtual reality.

Gypsyducks's picture

Have you ever played CIV V multi-player and smoked a lot of kush?

Luckhasit's picture

No but I've smoked kush and played shogun 2.  It makes you appreciate long term expansion and logistics.  

BlackChicken's picture

But he's still in denial.

duo's picture

Thy already made a movie about that.  With Christopher Walken ....

cpnscarlet's picture

And if it is ever invented/perfected, the human race will come to an end.

Unprepared's picture

"Nobody cared who I was until I put on a mask"

TeamDepends's picture

No, he's Jacques Cousteau III, and what he's seeing ain't pretty.

Dickweed Wang's picture

The guy died of a stroke caused by a 12 hour erection from watching virtual reality porn all day.

ugmug's picture

The new liberal rose colored glasses -

Obama is telling me to suck his d...... but nothing is happening! Why????


MeMongo's picture

Freak looks like he has a face coming out of his neck, adams apple being the nose(:-(

Actually looked again and it's quite frickin nasty, cuz I think there might really be an alien in dudes neck!

Leto II's picture

Surgically implanted telepropter with built in 24/7 facetime with Valerie Jarret

MeMongo's picture

Will in your pic O looks as though he's having an hallucination of hisself as Robert Duvall......I love the smell of ------- in the morning.....zh'ers fill in the blanks! Smells like ------?

Tim Knight from Slope of Hope's picture

Looks like he's getting real time virtual images of Facebook's stock price today.

aVileRat's picture

Starting to think Carl Ichan is on to something when he questioned the strength of silicon valley's governance and board independence. Even John Carmack, the CTO said the tech is nothing more than a update to the VirtualBoy.

Facebook is starting to smell very Tyco. Acquisitions for the sake of obfuscating the "growth story" and a dubious method of accounting for revenue recognition & goodwill impairments.

Or maybe as Warren Buffett said in 1996, maybe I just don't get it anymore. God help us if we have to last 2 more years of this loony bin.


Terminus C's picture

You got more than two years I am afraid...

explosivo's picture

He's watching a watersports porno.

Cursive's picture


Wasn't this on "A Clockwork Orange?"

explosivo's picture

My pic? It's from the Shining. 

Cacete de Ouro's picture

Looks like Facialabuse to me. That guy has a severe case of virtual Bella Knox syndrome

The Limerick King's picture



A verse on the King IPO

Insanity's starting to show

I played Candy Crush

It wasn't a rush

Investors should Look Out Below!!!

Cacete de Ouro's picture

Our valuation is not that insane
Because we have more than one game
Papa Pear is a cash cow
We will soon be in the Dow
Until people realize all our games are the same

Luckhasit's picture

There you are, i wondered were you wandered off to.

remain calm's picture

Looks like he has a dildo up his ass, while he watches Obama explain the benefits of obamacare to our economy.

ebworthen's picture


Just wait until the first lawsuits by parents whose kids fell down the stairs or off the balcony using those silly things.

Aren't we "immersed" enough already?

Unprepared's picture

Nice sleeping goggles

starman's picture

Jerking off never felt "so real"!

prains's picture

......and we're the dominant species on this globe? WTF

Winston Churchill's picture

According too us.

The cockroaches may disagree.

McMolotov's picture

This dude + pajama boy = we're fucked.

jim249's picture

Looking up a ladys skirt for the first time.

infiniti's picture

It's a ZH commenter starting at the DXY chart waiting for it to crash.

Unprepared's picture

How are these things different from this?

DrunkenPleb's picture

Ok, now show the next pic where the rat has chewed its way out through the guy's face. 1984 +30.