Russian Retaliation Continues? Government Dumps iPads, Switches To Samsung

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A week after the White House appeared to shun Blackberry (and ignored Apple's iPhones) as the WSJ reported it was testing Android-based smartphone replacements from LG and Samsung, it seems the Russians have the same idea. Whether this is another swing of the sanctions "boomerang" is unclear but ITAR-TASS reports that, because South Korean tablets have better information security, the Russian government is switching from iPads to Samsung. Communications Minister Nikiforov added this "isn't related to politics." We are sure...


Via Bloomberg,

South Korean tablets have better information security; Russian govt’s switch from iPad isn’t related to politics, Itar-Tass cites Communications Minister Nikolay Nikiforov as saying.


Samsung was first to certify products with Russia’s Federal Security Service, or FSB, state news wire reports, citing Samsung press service




Govt calling for greater scrutiny of foreign IT partners; no plans to ban or place sanctions on foreign high-tech products, state-run news service RIA Novosti says, citing Nikiforov


Nikiforov says comments by U.S. officials raise concerns of increased intelligence gathering, interception of digital information: RIA

Too bad Russia doesn't make smartphones for the US to retaliate against...

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And WTF did I tell you mooks this morning!!??


Kim Jong Fucktard should also make them all wear those retarded hipster white sunglasses!

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Samsung should Ed Snowden a commission check

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Just wondering… Is it possible that, instead of having their own PRIZM (TM) to snoop on all GLOBAL communications, them pesky Rooskies just unobstructedly hack General Alex’ pooter? ;-)


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Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, the US federal government put work into various open source operating system projects like Linux and some BSD code.  Mandatory Access Control (MAC) was offered and since been integrated into Linux kernels since 2003ish is just one of them.  Who knows how much the NSA introduced to the community by third party fronts.

No one but Apple knows if the NSA has a backdoor into OSX/iOS but we do know they have code inside most modern Linux kernels; they've managed to break elliptical encryption based on NIST standards widely used on the internet for just abuot everything.  Lord only knows how they've introduced backdoors people will easily miss, especially the lazy "we want everything for free but make horrible interfaces because 'we r l33t'" FOSS community.  It's beginning to make me look at my OpenBSD server in a different light now too.  I guess it's my fault for "trusting" any computing device.

I can definitely understand why Russia wouldn't trust Apple products, given that it's an American for-profit company that could be cowered in the face of overt government bullying, but one shouldn't trust anything built on Linux or BSD either, especially Android, which has horrible security history and major flaws that Google can't/won't fix.  Literally leaves no choice except to start from scratch and make your own...

A classic "pick your poison" moment.

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You need to get just a bit more in the weeds with your post

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The NSA managed to break encryption without introducting software into systems to monitor communications.  They found a way to create a relationship inside the NIST standard in order to read people's email and communications.  So, the NSA doesn't have to introduce backdoors into systems that could potentially be discovered by the FOSS community.

Going from iOS which is malware free and more secure to Android cannot be explained as an effort to enhance security, it's more about sending a message to the USA and Apple that they are taking Russian money elsewhere.  Which is the absolute best message they could ever send, actually.


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."Going from iOS which is malware free and more secure... " - riiiiiight

"it's more about sending a message to the USA and Apple that they are taking Russian money elsewhere.  Which is the absolute best message they could ever send, actually." - agree

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"...Going from iOS which is malware free..."

Are you an NSA troll, or do you simply not consider it malware because it's NSA-approved?

Crapple is nothing but what was once a good Linux distro with a huge layer closed source of big brother bloatware thrown on top.

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American companies will suffer big time for their collusion with the Security State.

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 Da, Fuck ??????


Edit, that is wierd, I can cuss but I cannot use the russian writing of Apple?

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Apple, Microshaft, Gurgle, Facebook, Tweeter, Crisco, Orafice and the rest are all spy crap and shit technology for retards.

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How you say "Fut you!" in Korean?

"Imagine the possibilities" - Samsung motto

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<--- Natalia Poklonskaya Wanted* by ZHers also

<--- Natalia Poklonskaya Not wanted* by ZHers

* Ukraine's security service 'wants' the Crimean Chief Prosecutor, Natalia Poklonskaya

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I only want her for approximately 10 minutes

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I will give her asylum, I have voted and unanimously seceded from my state and county.

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"Information security"

Translation: Apple is in bed with the NSA, S. Korea is not.

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South Korea? Maybe not but Android is. But worldwide communications are compromised anyway. The NSA has access to everything. This is a purely political move but no one will care. Russians still love Apple products, i have my cousins asking me to send them apple shit all the time because over there everyhthing is 4-5x as expensive.

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Android is the most obnoxiously controlled OS I've ever encountered. My tablet barely runs anymore due to the fact that you have no control over which apps run.

If it wasn't for the fact it belongs to my employer, I would've rooted it long ago.

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Totally agree. Android is maddening.

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custom rom patched to run PDroid would help a little: allows you to control what apps have access to.

That's the best I could think of without giving up mobile phone usage altogether.

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Android is a fork off of the Linux kernal.  If the FSB were trying to do things right, they'd use some of their homegrown scriptmonkeys to build their own fork.  Problem solved.

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Taiga Bear Code...ongoing project

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South Korea is an owned and operated "subsidiary" of while I agree "they're no Apple"...they are Android.

This is "no bullshit Putin" now and if you watched CNN "pre-crash" you have seen Spetnasz in person, no mask. A rare sighting indeed.

They're now gonna get the gang and "take it to the man" "Gangam Style."
I was part of that Mafia once...and that ain't no Band of Brothers.

The "op for" is the Mask of Command. I recommend the book as well.

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"Apple is in bed with the NSA, S. Korea is not"

They're in bed with someone. 4579309

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I love my Kaspersky anti virus suite


Cursive's picture


Kaspersky is compromised.  If you have to use anti-virus, you are using the wrong software.

Theta_Burn's picture


For PC use, windows 7/XP

Been using it for yrs, countless saves logged..

There was 1 problem it took awhile to root out, this bitcoinminernode thing that Kaspersk could see but had to be manually deleted,... 3 times..

I've always been more of a hardware guy.

Would appreciate any extra input..

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Get Virtualbox on your windose, install a linux distro (try Linux Mint) and try to use it for all your everyday stuff for a month. If you still can run the programs you need, get rid of windowse and put the linux on the hardware. M$ is dead end in operating systems.

Volkodav's picture

dup...Latest Linux Mint

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If you are happy with it, then fine.  But realize that any anitvirus program that you use is like handing of the keys to your car - they can drive it anywhere they want.  I prefer to drive my own car and I also prefer monitor my own house rather than pay ADT to do it.  The Russian v. American angle speaks well of Kaspersky, but you can believe that these OS backdoors are coded at the level that Kaspersky would not be able to detect.  I just don't want anyone to get a false sense of security.  Also, check this out:


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I love Kaspersky on my Samsung Galaxy tablet.

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I used Kaspersky about 4 years ago and quickly got a virus.

Although it may of been related to the letter I wrote Putin when he invaded Georgia (and 0 went golfing)


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OT, sorry, but could not resist that Iceland is also repudiating the fiat banksters...  AURORACOIN

p.s. Don't tell phone star... or you'll never hear the end of it.

seek's picture

It probably isn't related to politics. Security, on the other hand... Android is open source and you can use stuff like cyanogenmod to go back to a OS you can demonstrably inspect.

iOS... not so much.

It's still no accident the Kremlin is using mechanical typewriters...

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The Waffen SS made the Russians pay "beyond all measure" for their lack of ""

World War II didn't end..but it did stop.
And as America's only Six Star General (Pershing...the Missouri school teacher) wanted Berlin...and had he gotten it would have prevented World War Patton wanted Moscow.

Both lost their Commands of promoted, the other transferred. "The rest they say is History."

No singing or display of "Charm Offensive" gonna change that.
You wanna deal with a school yard bully? Get in his space and see if he hits you. No words need be spoken at all...that's the training at least.

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Dude.  You have been gone a while.  Glad to see that you are back and as coherent as EVAR!!


Cheers mate.

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LOL, you are disabled that. is. for. sure.

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Except that Cyanogenmod don't have a policy of excluding manufacturer binary blobs so you can't inspect everything unless you can reverse engineer the blobs and besides, who's got time to audit the 12 million lines of code for Android itself except, maybe, the black budget hackers at the NSA.

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Note 3 is a tool for business, S5 is a tool for business.

Any apple product is a toy for stupid immature girls who spend their time taking selfies of themselves, texting their idiot friends over nonsense, updating their FakePuke pages, twittering (try inserting it in your slash instead, you might get more pleasure from that than your metrosexual boyfriend)

Anyone who downarrows this comment is a girlieman who uses apple products because he ovulates.

Go Putin

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My daughter has an $100 Ipod, she "facetimes" with her 11yo friends with just a wifi connection.

I'm no apple fan, but that tech. is pretty cool...

i_call_you_my_base's picture

Defining yourself through a consumer product is really lame, in either direction.

Meant for NOZZLE.

redpill's picture

I don't define myself by my Note 3 but it is a pretty bad-ass phablet.

Bill of Rights's picture

I just got the Glaxy Maga, bad ass indeed.

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You had me agreeing until your 'Go Putin'.

He is a communist and a ruthless one at that. I admire the fact that he does not hide it like all the whiney bitches in our US government but you would not want to live under that pricks thumb.

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Switch from a product made in China to another product made in China. Good to know.