Half Of Uninsured Say They Plan To Remain Uninsured

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With the hours counting down to the latest deadline for open enrollment for Obamacare coverage, it appears the administration needs more keg-standing bro's, easy women, and twerking Richard Simmons to get the message out. A new survey by Kaiser finds 6 out of 10 unaware of the deadline. When reminded of the mandate and the deadline, half of those without coverage as of mid-March say they think they will remain uninsured.



Some other key findings from the report include:

  • A stunning 67% of those uninsured between the ages of 18 and 64 say they have not tried to obtain healthcare insurance in the last six months
  • Unfavorable views of the law continue to outpace favorable ones, the gap between negative and positive views now stands at eight percentage points
  • A third of those who lack coverage as of mid-March are unaware that the law requires nearly all Americans to have health insurance or pay a fine

Perhaps this sums it up best...

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Obviously half of America doesn't know how to use a computah.

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Hey....how did I get here?

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Once you start to think like these asswipes, you realize from their point of view right now they fucked up from the get go.
Rather than the person having to affirmatively sign up, they should have automatically signed everyone up and just bill them annually in their tax return.

Someone in O’s circle of trust is thinking that right now and talking about how to make it happen.


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"If you want to keep your uninsurance, you can keep your uninsurance."

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I am in the majority-wow, that is a first...

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i just used my free healthcare-i wiped my ass with a frn...

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"Half Of Uninsured Say They Plan To Remain Uninsured"... Until the government starts a biological attack.
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Wait until the 40% who are uninsured figure out what their premiums will be. We'll see if they remain uninsured.....

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If I knew how to register I would have went to college. Was I supposed to do something? 

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Don't joke, its in the Emanual DNA. It has been discussed!

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You caught me!


My name is David Axlerod and I'm here to help!

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"Someone" is Hilary, post 2016 election if gets the chance.  The "how" will be "the ACA and former Pres Obama, made a huge mess, we've got to fix it for the poor suffering citizens", so the Gov't will insure and pay for everyone.  Voila, single payer, the end game realized.   Go back you say?...just like Czarist Russia, they murdered the Czar and entire family so there was no going back, same as US Health Care, totally trashed by ACA and no longer exists...  They think in decades while others think in days/weeks/months..or election cycles.... Its all been done historically elsewhere.

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This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife.

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Same as it ever was!

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This ain't no party, this ain't no disco

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I was using my Netscape browser and AOL account to look up on the interweb how to trim some hedges around my house and ended up on this site. Do I click on the back button or just exit my browser or do I have to reboot my computer? Zero Hedge? What a silly name for a website. Why would anyone want zero hedges when they can just pull them out by the roots?

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Hah, newbie.  I used my gopher net.

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Only half?  More like 80%.  Most Millennials even have a problem with computers.  You'd think, being weened on the Internet that they, at least, would know.  It is not true.

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None of the common folks have health insurance.  Some have "the illusion of health insurance", but no one really has health insurance.  


Get sick and you find out the only real insurance you have is it is "insured" that you will go broke trying to pay premiums, copays, deductables, etc.  Slaves forever...

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A surprising number of people think that HTML is an STD!

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I do know how to use a computer and it's a confusing mess....

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Internet is a great porn tool.



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Harry Reid needs help getting dressed every morning. Can't the mob in Nevada come up with somebody who doesn't drool?

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if you like your uninsured

you can keep your uninsured


somebody had to say it ..

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Fine, let's just get this over with and go nationalized single-payer already.  We all know it's coming, so let's just get this shit-show over with.

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And if you don't down-vote me for that comment, I will be very disappointed.

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Good morning Lone Junkster.

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That's the plan.  The gov needs a new revenue stream to raid now that Social insecurity has been bled dry.

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Yep the other streams were based on employment.  Now with ACA not having a job isn't an excuse.  You don't want insurance, uncle sam still says "Fuck you pay me".

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The next government revenue stream will be an asset tax.  Retirement accounts, real estate, personal property, whatever.  They're killing off any meaningful employment, so they only have one place left to go on the individual level- assets.  On the business level it will be a VAT tax.

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Exactly. It's pitifully, painfully obvious at this point. Entirely predictable, intentional, inevitable failure of ACA will be transmuted into justification AND impetus for single-payer. That was the plan, that remains the plan. Only a matter of time.

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I can't afford it - and I'm not going to pay for birth control and abortions.

I bought my own condoms and paid for my vasectomy, thank you very much.

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Generic birth control pills are $8 per month.  I don't understand why this is such a big deal for women.  I thought you liberated yourselves?  Now you go on the government dole over $8 a month?  Pretty pathetic.

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Too bad vasectomies were not covered over in Kenya, a while back.

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Too bad Obama's mom didn't practice what Obama does, swallowing.

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We may not know how to use the Internet, but at least we know identity theft is bad.

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Obama-doesnt-care is a real embarresment for libtards and government in general.  You would think people would learn by now...if you want to make a problem worse, get government involved.  Sadly,  the mindless voters will beg for more government after this completley fails.

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Well, the "How to cast your vote" cards passed out by the Unions will ensure a continuation of the same.

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""How to cast your vote" cards passed out by the Unions"

To be honest, as a member of the IBEW for the last 12 years, I have never gotten one of those.

There is a real conundrum with union membership though - as you improve your wage standings, you tend to become more conservative in your outlook - instead of more liberal.  Once you start making more money, you pay more taxes and realize that you really haven't gained much overall.  The truly fiscal conservative views of our local membership puzzles the snot out of the regional and national directors.

Oh, and since I am in a right-to-work state, you probably wonder why I am a member?  Well, I like to be able to vote on our contract.  Quibbling over tiny, insignificant points is a waste of time and money, and doesn't help our cause in the long run.  Just the basics for me.  You gotta pay if you want your say.  I guess that is why I am also in support of some type of poll tax.  If you get an earned income credit (more back than you pay in) you are not qualified to cast a vote on how to spend the tax money I send in.

On a more subtle note, it looks like my employer is mulling a bankruptcy.  Sure are a lot of frowny faces in the big boss offices!

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We don't actually get a vote on how our tax dollars are spent. We only get to vote on our representation. Our representatives do get to vote on how our tax dollars are spent - that is how it was set up in the constitution. Sadly, however, our elected representatives no longer represent their constituants, but are the bought and paid for property of other entities with interests that are often inimicable to the taxpayers. One of my senators, for instance, represents the interests of the State of Israel. That is not even the worst problem. They are also subject to the blackmail of the government alphabet agencies that spy on them relentlessly, appear to be involved in some sort of internicine struggle for dominance and are quite beyond the surly bonds of oversight. This is a cancer that battens on all branches of government. The interests of, lets say the NSA, as they seem to have the upper hand, are clearly not the interests of the people, and the needs of the NSA continue to grow and will continue to grow until all sustainance is diverted to maintaining the cancer in perfect health while the rest of the body politic is dying.

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there is no deadline.....all a person has to do is claim "hardship" and they get an extension. 

this admin is shiftier than oscar pretorias on a windy day.

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"...half of those without coverage as of mid-March say they think they will remain uninsured."

Resist (come on in, the water's fine).

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They will just get a bigger stick.

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insert comment about beating a dead horse here...

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Walk tall and carry a big...oh nevermind.

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They're making a Corvette into a go-cart.  The people that need health insurance can't afford health insurance, whether it's government sponsored or private.  Government sponsored just means it won't work and it will cost more - just all the other schmucks in the room have to pay for it.