Presenting The Latest US Strategy To Counter "Russian Aggression"

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Seems a little cruel and unusual - that's certainly crossing a red line or two...

State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki's message to the world is not #trending

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Shill Bitch....Crony Socialist fucker!!!



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how flippin' sad has the USA become? 

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I don't approve of the bastardization of the pound sign (read that, you 'hash tag' fuckers).


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She missed some words that went around the back...

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Yellow Cunt! Is "yellow" raciss? ;-)


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I’d like to see a female Russian tank commander in camo tweet a selfie right back at her from the hatch of her T-90.

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I hope she's not a thespian.

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 No wonder Putin covers his mouth when speaking to Obama, perhaps to hide his laugh?

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I thought we rounded up all the libtards?

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Like omg #occupyukraine

Someone start a drum circle!

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The idiocy of virtual shit.
Obamagabalus will raise a virtual army (funded by bitcoin) and wage war on virtual world (or farmville).

Meanwhile, in the real world, NATO countries are already defeated from within.

Yet the sheeple dream with their Facebook/Occulus headgear and bitcoin.

A fool and his REAL wealth are easily parted.

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Do you think that would work against global could save a lot of needless taxation and regulation #UnitedAgainstWarming

Then when things cool again, naturally, we can claim it was our selfies

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Obama - "Are you sure we should be so aggressive John? I mean calling Vlad out on Twitter... that is a big move."

Kerry - "Trust me... this will make that commie basterd shit in his pants."

Chris Mathews - "Another brilliant move by our brilliant young leader. Does anyone mind if I suck him off on live TV?"

Puttin - Rolling on the floor holding his side because it hurts so much from laughter. "Those pussies! Quick someone take the queer in chief off my Facebook friends list. He'll be crying by night fall!"

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Oh, when will the tide of bureaucrat and politician suicides begin?

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Japanese WWII solider requested to be sent back to hideout...

Councillor: "World has advanced..."

Soldier: "I hid because I feared the enemy...But now I fear more, they write their talk."

Councillor: "We practice head in sand..."


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Who is the douche bag cocksucker that down voted me? Must have been Reggie.

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"Does the carpet match the curtains" - thus spaketh the Man Show Boy.

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Is it appropriate to call her a WHORE?

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The world "whore" has several meanings you know.

Whore-Someone who will do anyihtng for attention

Whore-someone who will do anything to get what they want (sell out)  They completely lack shame/guilt/morals.

Whore-someone who sleeps around.

To answer your question, she would prob, satisfy 2 out of 3 of the above definitions,  And I don't think she's gettin' any (toys don't count).  BTW, +1




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He must have been wearing jeans when he said that. He mentioned that he looks sharp in jeans. Kerry speaks French too.

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The other day I said he can't be that fucking I can say, he is that fucking stupid and so are the people he surrounds himslf with.  You can be the most articulate intellect in the world and sound very plausible, but when your reasoning is based on fantasy then you are dangerous.  Obama is dangerous.

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Unfortunately, I can only upvote you once. You deserve better.



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Disconnect much, Psaki?

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This is so fucking stupid! Someone should report the state dept to Tyler for making offensive statements.

Meanwhile Russia is amassing 100,000 laughing troops on the Ukraine boarder. I'm sure at this very moment a young scared private in the Russian Army is asking his sargent, "You don't think they will use Twitter on us... do you?"


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typo... some of us work and don't have time for proof reading.

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I was wondering how long until someone pointed that out.

Of course, that means it's even better. She likely held a meeting to discuss what to write on the sign, and who got to take her pic.

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Wtf does bitcoin have to do with this. I agree the west is effed and from within but what btc doesn't have as a store of wealth gold/pm doesn't have in portability. The real culprit is fiat. In any case, when food becomes scarce aota will save u from hunger to the same degree.

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"The idiocy of virtual shit."... this modern world is more real than the unreal shirt that happens or is acted out on the world stage by the leaderbird puppets and is then regurgatated as news in the lame stream media. Everybody is fed up, sick and tired, and just atrociously up-evened by the constant diarrhea of the mouth that is spat out all across the mind-kontrol tv boxes across the wastelands of America.

Oh and ah, here is a doozy of a distraction. Wowie!

It just bedazzles the ever confused tinker, in the face of this kind talk and everybody world-wide seeing the God forbid possibility, would those crazy banksters and underling plotters of evil deeds actually pull this off?



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WB7 should "enhance" that pic so she is saying "Fcuk the EU."

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Don't forget the pound sign... 'hash tag'... thingie.

That was my exact thaught when seeing the pic. I thought of Vicky Newland, and WB7...

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If only those breasts could be harnessed for good, and not evil...

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The lady does appear to have a consideable rack. In fact, I barely noticed the the sign.

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I miss hairstyles. Remember when ladies styled their hair?  Nowadays, it's a bonus if the horse tail is washed.

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What is it about Progressives that makes them all have halted emotional development at about the age of Jr High?  

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Santa Claus syndrome.

Though to be honest, it aflicts statists of every stripe. Progressives are merely the most visibly incoherent of the bunch (benevolent dictators saving the world).

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Just when I think things cannot get worse, they do.

Thanks Jen, you twit.

Why don't you go #sand.


(edit: Definitely wouldn't #her)

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Has there been any Pope 'pop' in the polls since One's meeting with #1 ?